NO. 610 Chapter Mermaid

  Although the mermaid demon looks so ugly, the sound is very beautiful. They seem to be talking about the song that the two fans can't understand.

  Mu Yu and Qiao Xue both looked at each other. Qiao Xue whispered: "These mermaids are only monsters, not demon people. I have seen mermaids in the demon's books. The wise mermaid looks very beautiful. ."

  At present, these mermaids have four sixth-order monsters, and they are surrounded by them. On the battlefield of the sea, the advantage of mermaids is obviously greater. Every mermaid seems to be very angry, singing in the voice of Yue Yu in the opposite of Mu Yu, as if reprimanding something.

  At least Mu Yu feels that they are angry, which can be seen from the expression and eyes.

  "Little handsome, give me a honest translation, don't allow them to learn to sing."Mu Yu said.

  Xiaoshuai had also imagined that the mermaid demon looked very good. As a result, he grew up in such a way that he was sorry for the heavens and the earth, and he was not in the mood to learn to sing: "They said that the two of you invaded the dignity of the Siren King, and they will go back to them with their hands. Send off."

  "Where do we invade the Kraken King?"Mu Yu asked strangely.

  They have come to this way, even the fart of the Siren King has not seen, it is ridiculously invading the dignity of the Siren King?

  "They said that we not only invaded the dignity of the Kraken king, but also stole the holy things of the mermaid!"Xiaoshuai translated.

  "Stolen the sacred objects of the mermaid?"

  Mu Yu felt that the dirty water was really splashing, but it was a thief when he passed by. This year, in the sea, another round, the pot can be buckled out of the water, so far from a distant door!

  "What is the sacred object of the mermaid?"Longtan asked curiously.

  Mu Yu and Qiao Xue shook their heads, and Mu Yu let Xiao Shuai explain it clearly, but these mermaids seemed to be very violent, and they didn't want to listen to the explanation. They directly rushed over with a triangular harpoon. The sea was covered with violent winds and waves. They stepped on the waves, and the shape was swift and incomparable. The triangular harpoons were sharp and sharp, and they undulated in the air.

  "We didn't steal anything!"

  Mu Yu and Qiao Xue have been dodging, no counterattack, if they killed a few mermaids, I am afraid it will be more unclear. Xiaoshuai is also explained in accordance with the requirements of Mu Yu, but the IQ of the monster is not high, and he does not listen to the words of Xiaoshuai.

  Mu Yu has been dodging, and his heart has accumulated an inexplicable anger. These mermaids are very embarrassed, and they are not at all merciless. They clearly want to put them to death.

  "The clay figurine still has three points of fire!"

  When Mu Yu’s eyes glanced, the whole body emerged from the road, and the shadow sword was drawn from the void. He crossed an arc in the spray, and the fierce sword gas instantly sputtered out in the spray. A mermaid “splashed” Dropped down.

  Qiao Xue knows that these wild and unscented monsters are difficult to explain. Her water spirits are also floating out directly, turning into a mist of water, instantly covering a few mermaids, and the cold rushes into the air and puts a few mermaids. Directly frozen into a popsicle, broke into the sea.

  Except for the four mermaid who have reached the sixth-order strength, the other mermaid have no threat to them at all. The combination of Mu Yu and Qiao Xue quickly picked up half of the mermaid monsters.

  The strength of Muyu's distraction period could not be accommodated, and several fifth-order mermaids were directly injured. This also caused the mermaid to become more and more violent and furious.

  It is worth mentioning that the sounds of these mermaids in the battle are very pleasant.

Even the angry roar is so charming, it is indeed a very strange creature. If these mermaids are not unreasonable, Mu Yu does not want to hurt them.

  However, at this time, the sea was once again exploding with huge waves, and then the two strong breaths were far and near at the bottom of the sea, bursting out from the waves of water, standing above the towering water waves.

  Mu Yu looked up and saw the two shadows above the high waves, not shrinking by the pupils. These two shadows turned out to be two male and one female, two beautiful and beautiful mermaids. Unlike other mermaids, these two upper bodies are completely human bodies, and the fish tails are below the waist.

  The male fish head bears a white crown, a strong muscle, a uniform line, a bronzed body, a national character face, looks very resolute and handsome, from the appearance of the age is about forty years old.

  The woman grows up in the country, the slender hair is scattered on the back, the skin is fair, and the two peaks are covered with a green water grass on the chest, and the slender waist sets off a charming curve.

  These two mermaids are obviously not monsters, but open the wise demon!

  "It’s two mermaids, what do we do now?"Qiao Xue Shen Shen.

  The two mermaids that appear in the air seem to be the heads of these mermaids, but they are at least distracted by their temperament.

  "Don't you say there are no demon people in the sea? How do mermaid have two open minds? ”Mu Yu asked strangely.

  It stands to reason that if there are two mermaids to open the saga into the demon, then they know how to help other mermaids to open their saga, but it is clear that other mermaids who besieged Muyu are still ugly.

  Qiao Xue kicked the mermaid and smashed the mermaid. He said with amazement: "The smell of the two of them is unstable, and they are just starting the smart demon!"

  “Just started smart?”The idea of ​​Mu Yu’s brain is turning rapidly, and I always feel that something is wrong.

  "In fact, it is not as difficult to open the intellect, as long as a certain demon person spends his own demon power to help the eligible demon.
The beast is very easy to open the other's intelligence. It is still difficult for the beast to communicate when they first open their minds, because they have not had time to adapt to this change. But their strength will rise a lot, we have to be careful! ”Qiao Xue said seriously.

  Sure enough, the two mermaid who had just opened the savvy still sang the song of the mermaid. Finally, the mermaid king and the mermaid stepped on the waves, and turned to the eyes of Mu Yu, glaring at them.

  The mermaid king and the mermaid queen sang songs in their voices, as if they were warning Muyu.

  "Give us the triangular gods!"Xiao Shuai translated.

  "You told them that we didn't take any triangle gods!"Mu Yu is not timid in the face of the mermaid king of the nine-day god, and it is not necessarily who wins.

  "That said, but they insisted that we took it."Xiaoshuai reluctantly licked his tail.

  Mu Yu tried to let Xiaoshuai communicate with them for a long time. However, their attitude was very firm. Finally, the mermaid king never wanted to explain it. With a single order, all the mermaids once again rushed toward Muyu!

  The wood feathers are also on fire. These fifth-order mermaids are always rushing over and coming to the ground. Muyu has tried not to kill them, but they have intensified their efforts, plus there are two sixth-order mermaids, and the wooden feathers. If you are merciful, I am afraid I will put myself in.

  And now the Mermaid King and the Queen of the Mermaid rushed over to two of them, the king of the Mermaid plucked the white crown, the crown under the impact of the waves directly into the hundred Zhang Long of the instruments, all of a sudden the Mu Yu alone in his crown, and Choshe is separated, the Mermaid Queen is specifically against her, In the distance came the roar of the waves.

  "Give us the triangular gods!"The mermaid king fell in the crown and finally said the language that Mu Yu could understand, but they were awkward when they spoke, which made people feel awkward.

  "I didn't take your things."Mu Yu looked alertly at the enchantment surrounded by the crown of the ceremonial device. This weird enchantment had a very powerful demon power, which made Mu Yu feel a threat. At this time, he could not see Qiao Xue, and he was not sure about the current situation of Qiao Xue.

  "You, take it!"The mermaid king said annoyedly that he was no longer talking in a singing manner when he spoke.

  Longtan roared and ran out directly, yelling: "Are you finished?" Which of your eyes saw us taking your things? We don’t know what the triangle god looks like, you said that we took it, are you sick? ”

  When the mermaid king saw the appearance of the dragon vine, his face was also slightly changed. Obviously, the majesty of the dragon vine made him stunned, but he quickly recovered and said bluntly: "There are people who have seen you take it!"

  "The demon people? Which Yaozu? ”Mu Yu asked.

  "Of course it is us."The dragon's triumphant figure slowly appeared next to the mermaid king, and he appeared together, as well as the dragon leaves and the crocodile Wenmao. UU reading

  The three people have just disappeared. They have suddenly appeared here, and they have brought a large number of mermaids. I don’t even want to know that this thing is probably caused by the dragon star.

  "I thought you were swallowed up by the Haiyan beast!"Mu Yu said coldly.

  "Fish King, the three of us have just followed them and watched this kid steal your holy things."Dragon Star said insidiously.

  The wood feathers snorted, and it really turned out to be a ghost in the dark! I am afraid I just tracked them from the moment of the volcanic eruption. Then when Mu Yu and Qiao Xue were stopped by the hippocampus, they ran to steal the treasures of the mermaid and then blame it for Mu Yu. By the way, they also helped the mermaid king to open. The wisdom.

  In order to start with Long Teng, they are so expensive, even the demon island does not want to go. I am afraid that Josh and Mu Yu will be separated at this moment in order not to find their plot by Qiao Xue.

  "Give me the triangle gods!"The mermaid king fish cold repeats again.

  Mu Yu does not want to explain, and there is no need to explain. He is a comprehension person. The three dragons are the demon people who have the true dragon blood, or the demon people who help the fish cold to open the spirit. You don’t have to think that the defense at this moment is invalid. The fish cold must have believed the dragon star. Awkward words.

  The most terrible thing at the moment is that the crocodile Wenmao and Longye are separated from each other. The cultivation of the fish cold and the dragon star is not weaker than the wood feather. Qiao Xue is now entangled by the mermaid queen. I don’t know the situation at all, and it’s troublesome.

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