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Chapter 611 Crown

  "Kid, steal the things of my demon people, you can smash your hands!"Long Xing said, his eyes have been walking up the dragon's body.

  "Mu Yu, we fight with them! This little bastard is getting worse! ”Said the Dragon Vine with exasperation.

  "You don't move! We are not their opponents at all. ”Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

  I thought that the biggest enemy of this trip to the sea was Ghost Night, but where did he think he could escape the ghost night claws, but he was framed by the treacherous villain of Long Xing.

  "No, then what shall we do now?" ”Longtan asked.

  Xiaoshuai sniffed his nose and said with amazement: "Mu Yu, the mermaid's crown looks delicious!"

  Mu Yu turned his eyes, he was quickly defeated by Xiaoshuai. At this time, he still thought about eating, and he simply said: "Then you go to eat the crown of the mermaid!"

  The mermaid's crown was made into a huge enchantment that trapped him inside. He didn't know how to get out!

  "it is good! You cover me! There is a crack in the north of the crown, I can open it from there! ”Xiaoshuai’s figure flashed and he pulled out directly from Mu Yu’s arms.

  The speed of eating goods is fast to the extreme, it is simply staggering!

  Mu Yu immediately stepped on without hesitation, and the surrounding patterns have already flashed frequently. At the same time, the branches of the sky are centered on the foot of the wooden feathers, and they are scattered around, and the wood feathers are covered in the blink of an eye. The figure also disappeared into the trees.

  "Glyphs! Take him! ”The dragon star screamed coldly, and at the same time his hands had turned into sharp and unparalleled dragon claws. He crossed the black mans in the air and directly broke the oncoming branches.

  But after the broken branches seem to be vulnerable, more branches are growing in the debris, and they are rolling toward the dragon star!

  The branches are spreading in the sea, like a green island in the sea.

  The dragon star frowned. He still looked down on the branches. Although it looked soft, it could not be shattered, and even with a strange death, he felt very impatient.

  Both the dragon leaf and the crocodile Wenmao are the repairs of the fit period. They directly form a vacuum zone around the strong spiritual force to keep the endless branches out.

  "Where did he go?"Long Xingyi found himself missing the trace of Mu Yu, which made him very angry.

  Dragon Leaf opened the branch from the palm of his hand and said: "He didn't go anywhere. Like Joe Snow's ability to control water, he can blend in with these branches."

  "Then we will completely destroy these branches!"Long Xingyu said.

  The dragon leaves and the crocodile Wenmao look at each other, and then the majestic spirits pour out, slamming on the trees, where their spiritual powers go, the branches can't resist, they are directly squeezed open. . All the branches grow no longer near their certain distance, and the distance is gradually narrowing, and the branches are quickly destroyed so fast that they are untenable.

  Mu Yu does not expect to defeat these people by the branches. He just uses the life of the branches to delay the time, and Xiaoshuai has already reached the crack of the crown.

  There is a gap in the size of the fingernail. If you don't look carefully, you can't find it, but Xiaoshuai said that this small entrance leaked the breath inside.

  This crown is very hard everywhere, but this small crack has become a weakness.

I was discovered by Xiaoshuai. The smell of the food can not be underestimated. Xiaoshuai’s small hand has popped out the thin claws of the wings, directly into the cracks, and slowly cut the cracks.

  Xiaoshuai's claws are usually not used very often, and occasionally used to cut food, but this does not mean that its small claws are not sharp, but it is comparable to the existence of the weapon of the gods, how many self-skinned thick in the double heavens The monsters are defeated under its claws!

  "go! Take me in! ”Xiao Shuai’s claws groped for a long time inside, and said cheerfully.

  Mu Yu pulled Xiao Shuai into Mu Ling, and then followed the path of Xiao Shuai's claws and used the roots to drill into the crown.

  "Little handsome, you are driving faster."Mu Yu urged that the trees outside have been bombarded by Long Xing and others, and have become less and less.

  "I know, my god's claws are amazing!"Xiao Shuai’s claws stick out from Muling and cleverly cut in the huge crown, which is like a bamboo.

  Soon Xiaoshuai shouted excitedly: "Okay, Lingji!" Wow! ”

  Ample aura in front of me, Mu Yu feels like they are entering a white lake, surrounded by a thick aura that turns into a liquid.

  "Ling milk? That is a rare good baby! ”Mu Yu said with surprise.

  Ling Milk is another form of aura that forms a milk in a very special case. After the formation, this milk will constantly absorb the surrounding aura to strengthen itself. This crown will surely wrap the spirits, but because the spirits need to constantly absorb the spiritual power, there will be a small mouth.

  "Of course, baby!"Xiaoshuai is so happy that he is going to heaven.

  "What happens when I eat all these milks?"Mu Yu asked.

  "Eat? Then this crown is scrapped! The power of enchantment comes from these milkies! ”Xiaoshuai exists in the form of trees in Muling. It can't drink the milk, so he is anxious to jump up and down.

  "I want to try too."Longtan said curiously.

  Muling originally encountered these good things and began to absorb, but was blocked by Mu Yu.
Then, let Mu Ling snatch the milk, Xiao Shuai will definitely fight with Muling. He made Muling a lot of straws, inhaled all the milk, and stored them.

  Outside the crown, all the trees have been opened by the dragon leaves and the crocodile Wenmao, but all the trees have disappeared, but the wood feathers have disappeared!

  "what happened? What about the kid? Has it escaped? ”Long Xingyu asked in agony.

  Fish cold shook his head, but he was proud to say: "No, they can't escape, my crown is indestructible!" Once my ancestors followed the baby that the Siren King was playing in the world, it contained a powerful spiritual power. The Master of the Kraken King said that he wants to break directly and need to spend a certain amount of effort. With them, they can't break. My crown escaped…"


  The fish cold has not finished, the huge crown suddenly appeared a shocking crack!


  Fish cold instantly turned wild! He just praised the greatness of his crown in front of everyone! The result is a direct face!

  Everyone is stunned. They all know the value of this crown. It is the treasure that the mermaid passed down from generation to generation. It has a very powerful ability and symbolizes the dignity of the mermaid king. But such an "unbreakable" baby has appeared. A crack!

  "Hey!"Oh! ”

  After several bursts of cracking sounds, the crown appeared as a piece of silk cracks in the porcelain. Then the crack became bigger and bigger. The whole crown was originally aura, sparkling with a white luster, but suddenly decayed quickly, just like the rotten dead skin. It became very ugly.

  "Do not! My crown! ”

  The fish chilled and angered and wanted to take back his crown. However, it was too late. With a loud bang, the crown had blasted open and shattered into thousands of miles, and the sea was floating in the wind.

  "You still want to trap me!"

  Mu Yu stepped out in one step and has already appeared outside Baizhang. At this moment, Xiaoshuai sat on the shoulder of Mu Yu, Muling became a coconut shape, and also brought a straw, Xiaoshuai is holding the coconut and sucking it! Needless to say, I know that the spiritual milk in the crown has been taken away by Mu Yu!

  Things that are indestructible, starting with weaknesses, are all vulnerable!


  Fish cold feels his heart is bleeding, he not only lost the triangle of the mermaid, but this time even the crown symbolizing the glory of the mermaid was destroyed by others, which has greatly stimulated his nerves. !

  Mu Yu had no sympathy. He did not give him the opportunity to explain it. He also listened to the rumors of the villain. The destruction of the crown was a recovery of interest.

  The fish cold has been rushed over with murderousness, and a triangular fork in his hand tore the sky, set off a violent wind and waves, want to give the wooden feather to the corpse!

  "You really thought you were lawless, right?"

  Mu Yu did not move in the raging wind and waves, and a handful of swords in his hand seemed to be like a sea god needle. The swords and spirits surged, and all the swaying seawater was instantly suppressed. All the waves were even in front of Jianqi. They all bowed their heads with interest.

  The shadow of a sword stabbed out, the illusion of thousands, thousands of thousands of swords!

  The fierce sword slashed through the sky, bringing out the eternal rainbow, and stunned, and instantly caught up with the triangular fork of the fish cold-


  A soft sound, the shadow sword in the air and the triangular fork against each other, seemingly fluttering, without any strength, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com only swayed a little at the tip of the sword, and gradually spread out to the fish's triangular fork.


  The eyes of the fish cold could not help but widen. The triangular fork in his hand broke down in an inch, and turned into a piece of debris. The sword of the wooden feather was still unstoppable, and it came straight to the cold arm of the fish.

  The dragon leaves appeared beside him, and the palm of the hand greeted the sword of the shadow sword, and solved the sword that was enough to kill the fish cold, and led the sword to the sea.


  Sword gas blasted openly on the sea surface, splashing a hundred feet high waves, the waves were assimilated by the sword gas as a shadow sword, and they rushed around, and the swordsmanship was spattered in the air. Both the dragon and the dragon star felt the horror of this sword, and immediately retreated hundreds of meters.

  The sword gas slowly dissipated, and the sea water returned to calm. However, everyone changed his face slightly, because the figure of the wood feather had disappeared.

  "Where did he go?"Long Xing screamed in horror.

  He quickly glanced around the sea, but only a few mermaids in the sea were floating in horror, apparently also scared by the horrible sword of Mu Yu.

  Dragon leaves are also very ugly from the face, their two seductive demon people combined with the mermaid king, designed to deal with Mu Yu, but still let the wood feathers escape, this is a naked mockery.

  "I will definitely catch the dragon vine."The dragon star sullenly clenched his fist.

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