Chapter 612 Fishing

  The sea is gloomy, because I don’t know where it is on land, so Mu Yu has lost her way in the sea.

  "If Joe Snow is here."Xiaoshuai said with a grin.

  When Mu Yu escaped yesterday, he did not go to Qiao Xue. He knew that Long Xingyi would not start with Qiao Xue. Otherwise, he would not have to separate Qiao Xue from him. He should worry about himself.

  "Less nonsense, hurry to catch the ink demon."Mu Yu said.

  The ink of the ink can be used to trace the smell. Mu Yu intends to let Xiao Shuai go fishing, so that he can use the atmosphere of the deer boss to find the demon island.

  Mu Linghua made a leaf boat, and they are drifting in the sea at this moment. This small boat is not simple. There is a tall linden tree in the middle. The bodhi branches are leafy and the wood feathers are lying under the bodhi trees. It is very leisurely by the sea breeze.

  "The ink demon is not a normal monster, it is hard to find."The little handsome big tail was soaked in the sea water, and it was swaying. In the words of Xiaoshuai, it was fishing with the tail.

  "Little mouse, you have been fishing for a few hours, is it not reliable?"The dragon vine hovered over the bodhi tree and yawned.

  "Would you like to come!"

  Xiaoshuai doesn't like this errand, but here he learns a lot of talents, knows some things that others don't know, such as it can change some form of aura, let the aura become the smell of the sorcerer's courtship, once the ink demon smells This smell will come over.

  What Xiao Shuai is currently worried about is that once the ink monster is attracted to it, what if he really likes it and wants to be born with it?

  Although Mu Yu cried and laughed to Xiaoshuai, the demon must not like it, but Xiaoshuai insisted that this possibility is very large.

  "When you go straight to someone, you can't do it. Anyway, you are not doing this for the first time."Mu Yu remembered that when he was in the second heaven, Xiao Shuai was very heartily rejecting the courtship of the sixth-order konjac who had just lost his love. At that time, Xiao Shuai still seemed very indifferent.

  "The ink demon is not the same as other monsters. They are very special. Once they fall in love, they will stalk."Xiaoshuai said very seriously.

  "It's okay, I will lick it for you twice, scared it down!"Longteng said indifferently.

  "As far as your useless arrogance is concerned, you can only lie to the ignorant little demon. When the sorcerer is courting, he is not afraid of fear!"Xiaoshuai said with annoyance.

  Mu Yu suddenly remembered one thing. He curiously asked: "Is it true that you are not a powerful dragon?" Why is it still the fifth-order strength? ”

  When Long Tenggang became a dragon, he only had the strength of the Yuan Ying period. At that time, because it was still in a period of weakness, after the restoration, it was upgraded to the expiration period. However, after so long, it has been sleeping in bed every day, and it is still in its infancy.

  "It's lazy and doesn't practice seriously every day."Xiaoshuai said casually.

  Long Teng stunned Xiao Shuai: "Hey, I am very diligent, okay?" Every day, I secretly suck the power of wood feathers…"

  Mu Yu's face is black: "Do I have a parasite?"

  Long Tengdi smashed the huge faucet toward Mu Yu’s hand and said, “I can’t look down on any humans and monsters, but you are exceptional.”

  Mu Yu reluctantly touched the head of Long Teng: "Should I be proud?"

  Long Teng said indifferently: "I don't think you will be right anyway.

Having said that, I don't know where the problem is. I feel that there is a lot of spiritual power in the body, but it is difficult to become a sixth-order monster. It seems that there is a lack of opportunity, or that our dragon is not the same as other monsters. I have not found the right way to cultivate. ”

  Xiaoshuai laughed: "Dayu is stupid. The way of the dragon practice is like sleeping like it. It has no ability to turn into a human form. You look at those counterfeit goods, and all of them are much more powerful than it. It is because they are pointing, and no one is pointing. ”

  "Why do I want to be a person? Where do people have my prestige? You will not turn into a human form, but you can say me! ”Longtan refutes.

  Xiaoshuai is not happy: "Who said that I will not be transformed into a human form?"

  "You will become a human figure?"Mu Yu asked in surprise. He never treated Xiao Shuai as a Yaozu, and always thought that this was just a snack food, and occasionally he knew strange knowledge.

  "It will be long! It’s just that I don’t think that human beings are not handsome, so they don’t. Also, I am not a demon, nor a monster. ”Xiaoshuai proudly said.

  "What are you? A bowel movement? ”Longtan sneered.

  "You are the stool! I am God……God…God beast! ”The little handsome screamed at the dragon vine.

  "Where is the neurotic monster?"Long Teng said disdainfully.

  Mu Yu looked at the two guys with a headache and found that they had been with the two guys for so long, and they had little understanding of the two.

  Xiaoshuai, this food can obviously be turned into a human form, but he sleeps in his pocket every day. The dragon dragon, the second true dragon, has such a strong potential, but does not know how to cultivate, it always feels very funny.

  "Little handsome, or do you become a human figure for me?"Mu Yu is very curious that Xiao Shuai has become a human leader.

  Xiaoshuai bit his finger and looked up for a moment: "I haven’t thought about which human being is better.
It has not changed. ”

  "You can make me look so handsome."Mu Yu touched his face.

  "Become like you? That's still it! ”Xiaoshuai rolled his eyes.

  "Oh shit! I am not handsome! ”

  "No, I am handsome."

  Mu Yu resisted the urge to kill Xiao Shuai, and Long Teng yawned indifferently. It had no clear concept of "handsome" because it felt that any "handsome" thing did not have a prestige.

  In short, the three guys are very satisfied with what they are now, the three narcissistic guys are drifting in the sea, and the young handsome is still reluctantly fishing with his tail. Anyway, I have lost in the sea, and they are all road idiots. Everyone is not anxious. They begin to discuss the definition of "handsome" in a hot day. No one can convince anyone.

  But at this time, the sea suddenly inexplicably set off a storm, then a horrible breath rushed out from under the sea, and instantly turned their boat over! This breath is so huge that Mu Yu feels a guilty heart!

  Mu Yu quickly caught Xiaoshuai and Longteng, and the wooden spirit sword fell to the foot of Mu Yu to help him stabilize his body shape.

  Numerous pillars of thick blue tentacles stretched out from the bottom of the sea. The suction cup on the top of the basin had a thorn that was trembled, followed by a huge head from the bottom of the sea. It turned out to be a gorilla. Wicked beast!

  The upper body of this gorilla is more than ten meters high, and the lower body is sixteen horrible tentacles. It is strong and strong, standing on the waves, powerful and overbearing.

  Mu Yu swallowed his mouth: "Little handsome, the ink demon is a few-stage monsters?"

  Xiaoshuai said with annoyance: "Generally, it is a fourth-order monster!"

  "So, is this just a few monsters?"

  "Seven steps."


  Mu Yu squats Xiaoshuai: "I let you go fishing for a normal ink demon, what do you do with a seventh-order monster?"

  "Who is falling in love with me is I able to decide?" I am so handsome, who will fall in love with me! ”Xiaoshuai shouted dissatisfied.

  This is no longer a demon, it is more like a gorilla. Such a terrible breath far exceeds Mu Yu’s imagination. He originally thought of grabbing the other side to squeeze out the ink, but then friendlyly released the people. Now it seems that the situation cannot be held.

  However, the ink demon does not immediately attack the meaning of Mu Yu, and even does not look at Mu Yu, but his eyes are eager to see that there is no big sucker. This kind of look appears on a fierce monster, how to see how weird.

  Xiaoshuai was also stared at it very uncomfortable. Its mouth made a "squeaky" voice, and the ink demon wolf began to "snap and slap" and began to talk eloquently. The ink-eyed gorillas brought their faces together, and the big eyes were close to the young and handsome half-body. In the horrified eyes of Mu Yu, the ink-eyed gorillas still had a shy look!

  That's right! It’s a shy look! That kind of look with that look is absolutely shy like a little girl!

  Mu Yu is almost vomiting blood, who can think of Xiao Shuai this guy really caught the hearts of others!

  "Oh my God! Are these monsters fools? They don't look at their size and can make a small handsome together with Xiaoshuai? Actually, I really fell in love with Xiaoshuai? The brain is missing the root string! ”Mu Yu felt involuntarily.

  "She said that because she was too strong and violent, many public ink monsters did not like her, but I released a courtship signal to her, God! Is it a mistake to be handsome? ”Xiaoshuai sighed in the sky. UU reading www.

  Mu Yu once again resisted the urge to kill Xiao Shuai.

  "Call it to squeeze the ink, hurry!"Mu Yu urged the road.

  Xiaoshuai shook his head: "It said that it can take us directly to the demon island, it knows the road, but…"

  "But what?"Longtan asked curiously.

  "But when I come back from the demon island, I want to be ashamed of it."Xiaoshuai used his small claws to lick his own temple, feeling a little headache.

  "it is good! no problem! ”Longteng nodded, but it wasn't it anyway.

  "No problem, your sister!"Xiaoshuai shouted.

  Mu Yu cast a encouraging eye on Xiao Shuai: "Little handsome, we must focus on the overall situation!"

  "That is, someone has to make a sacrifice. I am quite you this time! Besides, I also want to see what the little boy looks like. ”Long Teng said very derogatoryly.

  "I reject!"

  "Give the mermaid crown of the milk to you!"


  "Plus 30 chicken legs!"


  Xiaoshuai and Longteng jumped onto the shoulders of Mu Yu, and the ink demon gave a brisk "squeaky" sound, then extended a huge tentacle, rolled the wooden feathers onto his wide shoulders, and then happily took them. They went to the demon island.

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