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Chapter 613 Maelstrom

  The sea is sparkling, occasionally seabirds flying over, and sometimes some submarine demon Beast jumped out of the sea and fell back into the sea.

  At this moment, however, all the demon beasts and seabirds seemed to perceive something, and sound so agitated to flee, and a hill-like figure galloped from afar.

  The seven-order Demon Beast of the ape-like gorilla, it has more than 10 meters high, shoulder than the table is also wide, and at the moment Mu Yu is limited to sit on the shoulders of the ink demon, his shoulders and then sit on the small handsome and dragon cane, looks majestic.

  Mu Yu and Longto are very satisfied, only small handsome is very unhappy, because the ink Demon Ape always turn his head, the intimacy of the small handsome to wink.

  "It really fell in love with me. ”Xiaoshuai said with annoyance.

  "When we reach our destination, you will break up with her!" ”Said Long Teng.

  "Am I such a unfeeling child?" This is playing with people's feelings! That is a very shameful slag man! ”Xiao Shuai said in words.

  Mu Yu feels very strange: "Little handsome, last time you did not reject the courtship of the sixth-order konjac? At that time, I didn’t see what you said to play with emotions. ”

  "The konjac is not the same as the ink demon. If I renege, it will chase me to the ends of the earth!"Xiao Shuai whispered.

  "Nothing, when we return to the triple continent, it will not catch up."Longtan comforted.

  "Then I haven't been back in the sea forever?"Xiaoshuai asked.

  "What are you going to do back in the sea?"Mu Yu asked strangely.

  "Yes."Xiaoshuai holds a coconut palm and sucks a sip of milk.

  Mu Yu thought for a moment: "But I still suggest that you fulfill your promise. After all, be a good boy who is upright and responsible!" You are so handsome, the little boy who gave birth must be like you. ”

  "Do not!"Xiaoshuai took another sip of milk.

  Mu Yu shrugged helplessly. Just now it said that the ruin was abandoned by the beginning of the chaos, and now he refused.

  They have been racing on the sea for a day and a night, and yesterday they were completely drifting away from the demon island. The speed of the ink demon is even faster, and it takes a long time. At noon the next day, the speed of the ink demon has finally stopped.

  Mu Yu also felt that there was something wrong with it. The sea here was unusually calm and there was no wave. Like the water in the pond, there was no fluctuation. The sea should not be like this.

  There is still a faint mist on the sea, and there are no seabirds and sea monsters around. It seems to have come to a restricted area of ​​life.


  The ink demon began to call, and it seemed that he did not want to move on.

  "what happened?"Mu Yu asked.

  "It said that the front is the holy island of the Yaozu, but today it is terrible, and it does not want to move on."Xiao Shuai translated.

  "It's terrible? Even the seventh-order monsters are afraid to become like this? ”Mu Yu frowned.

  The demon island was forced to attack by the human race practitioners thousands of years ago, and a bloody battle with the Kraken. The Kraken people were all destroyed, and the demon island became a horrible ghost island and was blocked.

  The route to the demon island for thousands of years has been forgotten.

The Yaozu people have a strong sense of protection for their territory. The islands of the Kraken Kings are not even known to the Qinglong Demon King, let alone the Terran Comprehension.

  Today's demon islands do not even want to go to the seventh-order monsters, and do not know what happened above.

  "Where is that demon island?"Mu Yu looked up, not to mention the island, and even a ghost did not see.

  "Small ink ink says that the sea water will sail in the past, and the sea will gradually change. Let us not resist anything, and let it pass."Xiaoshuai said.

  "Hey, it’s still a little ink, so called relatives."Longtan laughed.

  "It says that you are a little ink, are you brain-dead?"Xiaoshuai shouted.

  Mu Yu held back his smile and quickly made Mu Ling a boat and jumped from the shoulders of the ink demon to the boat. The ink demon stalked the big tentacle behind him, and his eyes were still reluctant, and he was still talking about something.

  This does not need Xiaoshuai translation Mu Yu knows what the other party is saying, it must be to let Xiaoshuai go back soon, it is waiting for Xiaoshuai here.

  Xiaoshuai is very frustrated because it doesn't like small inks and inks. It may be that the little ink is not handsome enough.

  By the way, Mu Yu made two oars and began to slant toward the direction of the small ink on the calm sea. The sea began to calm down. After half a hour of woody feathers, the waves began to rise gradually, and at this time the sea began to flow in one direction.

  The water gradually became very anxious, and the wood feathers did not need to paddle again. So they drifted along the sea, and there was no sound other than the sound of the waves. The drifting speed of the boat is getting faster and faster, and in the end it doesn't feel like drifting, but flying.

  Then the boat suddenly trembled, and the hull began to violently shake up, then rotated with the sea. Mu Yu was surprised to see that the front turned out to be a maelstrom about 100 meters in diameter, and they were now inhaled into the whirlpool.

  Mu Yu was worried. He was not worried about the disintegration of the boat. He was worried that he would be submerged by the sea again. He would rush out of the monsters and ghosts, and he would be caught off guard.
However, Xiao Momo said that he did not resist anything when he encountered something. He had to go with the flow, so Mu Yu did not control Muling to leave the whirlpool, but let the boat circle around the edge of the vortex. Going to the center of the whirlpool.

  The center of the whirlpool is like a huge hollow. It seems to be a funnel. I don't know where this vortex will take them. Soon the boat approached the center of the whirlpool, and the bottom was like a wellhead, and all the water was poured into the center hole.

  Mu Yu’s boat was also caught in the hole with the whirlpool of rush, and began to fall quickly. Muling extended two canes to tie his waist before he could fall out. It's like falling into an abyss, surrounded by sea water, and not knowing where to fall.

  It was about a quarter of an hour after the fall, a wave of waves rolled over, completely covered them, and then the hull trembled again, and with the "plop" sound, they actually landed on the sea.

  At this time, they are still in the whirlpool. The only difference is that the whirlpool turned around in turn. They are now circling from the center of the whirlpool. They are back to the sea!

  But at this time everything changed, because the water here is black!

  "How come so surprised? Is the whirlpool a channel? How can we still rotate up from the center of the vortex? Didn't it come to the opposite side of the sea? ”

  Mu Yu looked around cautiously, and there was still a hazy fog around him. He just fell into the channel of the whirlpool, and then fell out of the passage and came to another sea area, very strange.

  But when he looked back at the sea, he suddenly found a demon island in the distance! The island is very strange. It is located a few tens of meters higher than the sea surface, but the sea water flows like a river from the sea to the island.

  After coming to this sea area, the flow of sea water seems to have undergone some changes, no longer from top to bottom, but from bottom to top.

  The island is quite strange, with flashing red lights on it, and from time to time there is a ray of light sweeping out, swaying, accompanied by bursts of ghosts and wolverines. At the same time, the island exudes a very heavy atmosphere, like a Fuhu will be saved, and there are strange white lights, so that Mu Yu has to be alert.

  The boat gradually progressed toward the demon island along the current, but the wood feather did not come directly to it, but stopped on a black reef.

  If it is correct, then this towering island is bound to be the residence of the Kraken King, but Mu Yu remembers that the ghost doorman has been here once, but for the first time it seems to have encountered some accidents, and some ghosts have No return, no success to achieve their purpose. Then this shows that there is a certain crisis on this island.

  Specifically, what kind of dangerous wood feathers do not know, but since it is a mysterious island with a lot of souls, even the people who are dealing with the souls of the ghosts can be broken, and even if they have wood spirit, they don’t dare to care.

  He began to observe the law of the light of the demon island in the distance. About every two breaths, there will be a strong breath on the demon island, sweeping out. This breath is very strong, comparable to the master of the fit period.

  Mu Yu remembered that when he was in the Mouyun Mountain Range, UU read www.uukanshu. Com Chi Longgong once said this to Jiuhua real people.

  At that time, Chi Longgong and two companions came to this place. Chi Longgong fell behind for a moment because of something, and the two companions couldn’t wait to go to the demon island to see it. The result was directly swept by a red light, flesh and blood. Exploded, turned into a bloody fog, and was sucked in by the demon island.

  What Chi Longgong said should be the red light in front of him. The two companions of Chi Longgong only had the cultivation of the Golden Age, and they could not survive under this red light.

  And Mu Yu is not sure to fight against the red light that is comparable to the one-shot hit. He must observe it for a while.

  When the red fascinating light swept out, the whole island seemed to be blurred, and the island became real when the red light dissipated. The island is full of brilliance, just like what treasures you have.

  However, I thought that here thousands of years ago, the battlefields of the Terran cultivators and the Yaozu people, the dead comprehensions and the Yaozu people countless, there must be many magic weapons. Mu Yu is not directed at these magic weapons, he is coming to the ghost door.

  If you haven't guessed it, the ghost gatekeeper should have gone up. Maybe he is already busy picking up the soul on the demon island, but he doesn't know that the deer boss has arrived.

  At this moment, the island once again issued a strong red light, and at this time a fierce explosion suddenly came out of the demon island, and it echoed over the sea for a long time, I don't know what happened above.

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