The No. 614 Chapter is respectful

  The explosion came so loudly that it was like the sound of the explosion. As the explosion spread, the sky above the demon island was shattered, and there were strange black marks that looked like cracks.

  At this time, the center of the demon island appeared a ghost of the yin!

  It is a ghost door!

  The ghost gates apparently came to the demon island long ago. Mu Yu did not know whether the road they came here was consistent with him. However, at this moment, the ghost doormen have already started to act, and Mu Yu can no longer wait.

  He had just calculated the interval between these red mans, and every two breaths would have a very strong breath swept out, so the wood plume must be within two breaths of time to enter the island.

  But two breathing time from here directly, to Mu Yu ability can not do, Mu Yu from the red light from the periphery to the Demon Island will take at least four breaths of time.

  The red spread of the scope of the Demon Island as the center of the surrounding distribution, there is no corner, now want to enter the demon Island peacefully, you must rely on the help of wood spirit.

  Muling is hard and hard, and there is absolutely no problem in the fight against the next period.

  Mu Yu was integrated into Mu Ling, and at the moment when the red light disappeared, Mu Ling had already rushed in quickly. He intends to use the toughness of Muling to directly rush into the past!

  After he has raised the speed to the limit, the two breaths passed by, the enchanting red light swept out again, and the powerful impact instantly slammed on Muling.

  However, although there was no sign of collapse, Muling was directly rolled out by the powerful atmosphere and fell directly at the end of the red light.

  "Mom, this power is too strong. Even if Muling can not be destroyed, it will be rolled out, so there is no way to get close."The wood feathers came out and re-focused on the fleeting demon red mans.

  He continued to observe for a moment, began to pay attention to the law of red awns, and soon found that when the enchanting red awns swept out, it was a layer of similar enchantment that spread out. It is impossible to enchant this kind of thing. To achieve this, we must resort to other methods.

  "Little handsome, what advice do you have?"Mu Yu asked.

  Xiaoshuai is still covering his mouth, his face is not happy, and he is still thinking about its little ink and ink.

  "This is the enchantment that the Yaozu people made themselves to prevent outsiders from invading. Where do I know this?"Xiaoshuai said.

  Long Teng smashed his tail: "Can't you go from the bottom of the water?"

  Mu Yu shook his head, the demon island was in midair, and the enchantment spread out in a spherical shape with the demon island as the center. Entering from the bottom of the sea would also encounter the blocking of the enchantment.

  "So how did the ghost door come in?"Longtan asked.

  Mu Yu is also thinking about this problem. The power of this enchantment is equivalent to a full-strength strike in a fit period. It is impossible to resist the normal fit period. If Mu Yu did not think wrong, the ghost doorman failed for the first time, it should be because of this enchantment.

  This enchantment must have killed a few hard-hitting ghosts, blocking their pace on the island, and then they have to go back to Ghost Night to personally go into battle.

  This enchantment can block the person in the fit period, but the repair of Ghost Night is at least during the robbery period. He must directly rush in with everyone. With his cultivation, this enchantment can't stop him. Mu Yu does not have the ghost night, that kind of cultivation,

It would be a bit difficult to get on the island.

  At this moment, there was another loud noise on the demon island. The explosion was only weaker than the first time. There was another ghost from the ghost island. I don’t know if the ghost door is in the air. What to do on the island.

  "If Joe Snow is in the house, then you will not find that the enchantment is emitting, the sea water has not moved, and Joe Snow should be able to take us into the sea and directly through this enchantment."Xiaoshuai said with regret.

  Mu Yu fell on the outermost side of the red awning enchantment, feeling the red awn that disappeared in front of his eyes, thinking about how to enter the demon island.

  He extended Muling forward by one inch, and when the red enchantment came in, he pushed the wood spirit away.

  But Xiao Shuai suddenly thought of something, took a look at his head and said: "How did you forget this? I know how to pass this enchantment! ”

  When Mu Yu’s eyes lit up, he quickly asked: “How to pass this enchantment?”

  Xiaoshuai cleared his throat and then began to sing again: "Ah~ Aru–"

  "Let you answer what you learn to do with the mermaid demon singing?"Mu Yu almost wants to block Xiao Shuai's mouth, sing so ugly and likes to be self-indulgent.

  "You didn't hear how the mermaid sang?" In fact, the mermaid demon has long told us how to enter the demon island. I sing to you -" Xiaoshuai insisted on singing.

  Mu Yu touched his forehead and listened to Xiaoshuai singing. He really had a headache.

  "Ah~ beautiful little handsome – you are the paradise of my king, with respect to get my glimpse of…"Xiaoshuai sang this sentence.

  "Is there a respect?"

  Mu Yu also suddenly remembered one thing. When they were in the underground palace of the double-dark white demon king, they were stopped by a blue barrier. Xiaoshuai told everyone that they could only pass without showing any bad thoughts.

  It seems that it seems that a similar approach is needed to pass this enchantment.

  "Let me pay tribute to them, it is unlikely."Longteng raised his head proudly.

  Mu Yu no
Nai shrugged her shoulders: "Little handsome, you should try it first."

  Xiao Shuai spread his limbs and began to sing a bad song, then slowly flew toward the enchantment.

  Mu Yu is not worried that Xiao Shuai will be settled by the enchantment. Xiao Shuai’s skin thickness is notorious, and the enchantment is so strong that he can’t help Xiao Shuai.

  "Great little handsome! You are my pride, I am proud of you…"Xiaoshuai sang in his voice and was drunk in his own voice. When the red enchantment swept over it, he really didn't bounce it!

  "Little handsome, what are you thinking about at the moment?"Shouted Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu dares to ensure that Xiao Shuai’s mind is definitely not respectful to the Siren King. It must be thinking about eating things.

  "As long as you don't think about the purpose of coming here! Don't think about robbing anything on the island, and don't be hostile to the Yao people. The best way to empty your mind is to sing! If you focus on singing, you won't think about anything. ”Xiaoshuai said that he continued to sing high songs.

  A red enchantment sweeps over Xiao Shuai, and the young handsome is still safe.

  "What are the devils made by the Yao people!"Mu Yu glanced at the dragon vine and grabbed the dragon vine into the wood spirit.

  The more he doesn't think about it, the more his mind thinks about his purpose here, so Wood has been swept away several times in a row. And Long Teng is yawning, simply sleeping, and sleeping will not be cranky.

  Mu Yu tried to calm himself down. He was working several times to get rid of the dust, and gradually calmed down his heart. Then he focused on the song of Xiaoshuai and found that Xiaoshuai’s singing is really unpleasant. Not all that is said is it, but this guy narcissistic skin also likes to sing, I really don't know which gluten is wrong…

  Mu Yu thought about Xiao Shuai's business, and at that time the red enchantment did not attack him any more, passing directly through Mu Ling. At this time, Xiaoshuai has begun to sing the song "Little Shuai": "I am your little, small and handsome, how to love me is not too much, handsome handsome handsome warm your heart, light your life Fire, hip hop…"

  Mu Yu found that he couldn't help but pick up the little handsome. This song is too brainwashing, but when this brainwashing song hovered in Mu Yu's mind, he really turned his attention directly.

  In this way, Mu Yu finally landed on the demon island accompanied by the singer of the singer, and a fascinating breath rushed to the front. Mu Yu stood on a reef, and the red enchantment at his feet was no longer able to hurt them.

  Mu Yu grabbed Xiao Shuai's tail and pulled out a chicken leg to plug his mouth, so that it would not sing again. He glanced around, didn't see any plants, but saw the bones of the earth!

  The forest bones have been washed away by the years, and there are cracks. These skeletons are also ethnic, there are also demons, and even powerful high-order monsters and bones!

  Many bones have countless wounds, and some of the skull bones are separated from the body. There are many holes in the skull, and even a sharp sword is found in the eye sockets!

  These flying swords are obviously the magic weapon of the comprehensible. Many swords have disappeared after thousands of years of ruin. UU reads www. looks dilapidated, and it is a good thing to be able to save it completely!

  "Mu Yu, we collect these magic weapons! Selling can buy a lot of chicken legs! ”Xiaoshuai said cheerfully.

  Mu Yu knows that many magic weapons are worth a lot of money. Although they can't match their own swords, these magic weapons can definitely sell a good price if they are sold. This opportunity can't be missed!

  Xiaoshuai jumped onto the skull of a monster, and an axe just fell on the skull. It struggled to pull out the axe.

  The axe is orange, and it has a very strong atmosphere. According to the estimation of the wood feather, it is at least a seventh-order magic weapon. That is, the repairer of the fit period is raised with his own spiritual strength.

  As for the height of these skeletons, the quality of the main life is very well recognized. Those who are crushed by Xiaoshuai are relatively low in strength, and those who are not broken are mostly high. At least there is a distraction period.

  Mu Yu looked at the bones and bones, and could imagine in his mind how cruel the war was. Although the Terran had destroyed the Yaozu, it also paid a painful price.


  At this moment, Xiaoshuai suddenly stepped on a huge black skeleton, and then countless white shadows rushed out of the skeleton and uttered strange noises in the air.

  Mu Yu looked at it, these white shadows turned out to be the remains of the soul!

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