Chapter 615 Soul

  The war between the Terran and the Yaozu ended with the demise of the Yaozu.

  But this demon island is very weird. Those dead souls can't escape this demon island. They are always trapped here. All the souls have become ghosts and ghosts for a long time.

  To the surprise of Mu Yu, these resentful spirits exude a powerful soul, and the whole body has a white light, which is different from the souls that Mu Yu had seen before.

  When fighting with the ghost gates, those grievances are more like unconscious beasts. They only know how to slam, and the grievances on the island are just flashing white light. They don’t rush to the wood feathers, but stare at the wood feathers. .

  Mu Yu was stared at some creeps. If these souls rushed over and struggled with him, he could at least take out Muling directly to solve them, but now there is no soul to come to him, but instead let him Some are overwhelmed.

  "Strange, these souls…They are conscious! ”Xiaoshuai is very surprised!

  "Is conscious?"

  Mu Yu feels incredible. If there is no such tyrannical special method after death, such as the dead soul of the dead wood and the special practice of the ghost gate, there is no way to preserve the consciousness of the soul. Once the time is long, the consciousness of the soul will be swallowed up, but the young handsome said that these souls still retain consciousness.

  "Finally saw a comprehension on the island!"A white shadow suddenly floated in front of Muyu, and said in a very ethereal voice.

  This awkward soul will really speak!

  "Hello there?"Mu Yu made a very polite way to say hello, where the courtesy will make a good impression, even if the other party is not a person.

  He looked at the white soul in front of him. Anyway, he had seen all sorts of strange things. In the underground palace of the Shaying Demon King, he also saw the lively and sinister corpses. These thousands of dead souls can still retain consciousness and speak. So unacceptable.

  How do you say that when you met the deer boss and the turtle in the second day, the two of them were also preserved by special methods.

  The soul who speaks in front of her eyes is a middle-aged monk who still wears the costumes that died before her life. It looks like a monk of a certain sect, but Mu Yu does not know this martial art. As soon as this middle-aged monk appeared, many white shadows turned into the appearance of their real people, and began to appear around the wood feathers, looking at the wood feathers.

  "Five thousand years, finally there are living people coming to this island!"The middle-aged monk spoke up and looked very embarrassed and excited. Seeing Mu Yu was like seeing a rare baby.

  "Yes! I didn't expect anyone to find it here after so many years. ”A fat old man sighed.

  "Finding this is also a fate. I don't know if I can help us."A young woman stared at the wood feathers as if to see something from Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu was seen in the heart of a few hairs, a group of souls only saw him for the first time, they each published a mess of emotions, this scene is too strange.

  "I just passed a soy sauce and didn't want to disturb you. Can I leave?"Mu Yu asked tentatively.

  He did not feel hostility from these souls. In the spirit of "people do not commit me, I do not commit crimes", he does not need to take out Muling to drive these souls.

  The middle-aged monk laughed: "This island is divided into two factions. You leave our site.

Will be killed by the Yaozu, are you going to go to the Yaozu? ”


  Mu Yu can't quite understand, the soul of this island is still not gang?

  "My name is Bo Hong. This is He Liankong and Mu Mengfei. What is your name?"The middle-aged man Bo Hong introduced the fat old man and the young woman to Mu Yu.

  Other souls Bo Hong did not introduce, obviously these souls are led by these three people. Mu Yu hesitated for a moment, and felt that there was nothing to hide. He said: "You are good, my name is Mu Yu, from – from Ding Ding!"

  Mu Yu wanted to say that the dust party, but thought that the dust party had no one heard, so simply say Dan Ding. The Danding faction has been inherited for thousands of years, and its reputation is also loud. These people should know that after all, the alchemy teacher is still very popular in the realm of cultivation.

  The fat old man named He Liankong, he said with surprise: "You are from Dan Ding? That is my next generation! How many years are you alchemy? ”

  Mu Yu reluctantly spread his hand, which can find the Danding predecessors, what else can he say?

  "I am a few-level alchemy teacher? This one……let me see……"

  Mu Yu touched his chin and told him that he had never considered this problem. He felt that he was a semi-tethered alchemy teacher, or that he was not an alchemy teacher at all, but because of his special ability, he was able to eat it firmly. Set each alchemy division.

  "When you are so young, do you have a distraction? Isn't it a sixth-order alchemy? ”He asked in amazement.

  Sixth-level alchemy teacher? Mu Yu nodded. Anyway, the poison he learned from the dead woods was enough to make him comparable to the sixth-order alchemy teacher, so he admitted that this was completely guilty.

  "I didn't expect that my Danding party would have the talents of your talents! it is good! it is good! ”He Liankong could not help but praise.

  "How do you get an alchemy teacher to go to the demon island alone? Are there other people coming? ”Asked the young woman, Meng Mengfei.

  She said this, Mu Yu suddenly remembered the existence of ghosts on the island, he quickly said: "This does not matter, the ghost gates also enter the demon island, they are directed at you
Have you seen these souls, have you not seen the ghosts? ”

  "Ghost door people? No, there is no second person on the island except you. If the ghosts come, we will know. ”Bo Hong said with confidence.

  "Are you so sure?"Mu Yu looked at Bo Hong with a puzzled look, because he remembered very clearly that when he was outside the island, he felt a strong ghost from the monster island.


  The third explosion sounded again, and then in the distance again, a sigh of sorrow!

  "This is the breath of the ghosts!"Mu Yu pointed to the ghost in the distance.

  He Liankong laughed: "You misunderstood, this is the ghost domain who is fighting the Yaozu people. The ghost domain is a ghost gate before the birth, but there is no living ghost on this island."

  Ghost domain? When Mu Yu remembered that when she was in the Mouyun Mountain Range, when Master was framed by Ghost Xuan Yue, he once mentioned a person, that person is a ghost domain!

  Feng Haochen once said that the technique of the ghost domain has hurt the heavens. This is the reason for the destruction of the ghost domain. I didn’t expect the ghost domain to be trapped on this island!

  "Fighting with the Yao people? Are the demons still alive? ”Mu Yu asked in surprise.

  Bohong shook his head: "The island has no living people, only you. Five thousand years ago, our Terran and the Yaozu fought bravely, and there were countless deaths and injuries. The dead Terran and the Yaozu were turned into souls, but we still competed for each other in the form of souls. ”

  "No one can touch anyone between the soul and the soul. How do you fight each other? Stone scissors cloth guessing? ”Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

  Mu Yu held back his smile and he knew some limitations of the soul. The soul is imaginary, can hurt the living, but can not kill each other, this is a very strange rule of heaven.

  "You will know when you come with me."He Liankong didn't care about Xiaoshuai's ridicule. On the other hand, the big hand, the majestic soul force rolled up the wood feather, and the ghost in the distance swept away.

  Mu Yu was surprised to see the soul force that He Liankong exudes. Everyone will produce soul power after death. This is what he knows, but this kind of soul force will be separated from the body, dissipated in the human world, and taken away by the Triple Palace. Turn into the power of the Triple Palace.

  However, after He Liankong and others, it seems that the soul is still intact. Is this why they have not lost their consciousness?

  He Lianfei flew with a wooden feather for a moment, bypassing the gravel-filled hills, stopped at the summit of a hill, and then the expression of Mu Yu became very shocked.

  "This -" Mu Yu was shocked, and he finally knew how these souls fought.

  Looking down from the summit, it is a huge basin. At this moment, there are two large and odd-shaped skeletons in the basin. These two skeletons are all made up of different bones and look very strange.

  One of the skeletons is about ten meters high and looks like a person. The huge head is made up of small human skulls. The whole body is inlaid with cool Reuters, and the left hand is various rib legs. A sharp big bone knife composed of bones, the right hand is a huge shield composed of various pelvis.

  There are also a pair of huge wings behind, but the wings are assembled by the shoulder blades. It is not so much a wing, but rather a weapon to attack the enemy. Each joint is made up of a human skull.

  A closer look reveals that those gimmicks are attached to the soul of a human monk, and the huge skulls of the head also stand two smaller versions of the soul, which seem to be manipulating this huge skeleton, with another skeleton It’s hard to beat.

  The opposite skeletons are all composed of the bones of various monsters. Obviously this is controlled by the soul of the Yao people.

  The Yaozu people use the bones to form a more selective skeleton, and the UU reading is more abundant, because they have a variety of monsters, and there are all kinds of climbing in the sky, and the human race can only use the human race. The skeleton is pieced together and looks a lot more monotonous.

  Under the control of their respective souls, the two skeletons are fiercely smashed. The hard bones collide with each other, and the dull percussion sounds endlessly, just like watching two giants fight, very barbaric.

  "You brought your bones to fight?"

  Mu Yu swallowed a sip, this scene is too ridiculous, the soul can not kill each other, so they put together the bones of their own life and the Yao people killed?

  "Yes! We call these huge skeletons assembled as 'bone warriors'! So far, our Terran has won seven hundred and eighty-seven hundred and sixty-one in this fight! ”Heliankong said.

  "What about the Yao people?"

  "They certainly lost 748,916, and 61 games!"

  "How many games did they win?"Mu Yu asked again.

  He was snoring heavily and seemed to be annoyed with this issue.

  "After the death of the Yao people, they will re-form as a monster, so their bones can be made much stronger than us. Now they have won eighty-nine thousand and twenty-seven."Pastoral Fatih said in a row.

  Mu Yu opened his mouth, and the soul on this island is really a painful egg!

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