Chapter 616 Town Demon Tower

  "So your life in the demon island is that there is nothing to do every day to fight a few bones?"Mu Yu when really feel the world's great wonders, there is such a play.

  "We are all the people who died in the repair of the real, dead on this island can not be reborn, as the soul, can only continue to fight with the soul of the Demon clan, this is our mission!" ”Said Helian proudly.

  "So you really don't mind if you're adapting your bones for a fight?" ”Mu Yu It's hard to imagine that they would have such a strange idea.

  Bohong nodded and nodded: "We thought about it at the beginning, but later found that the Yao people always used their bones to drive us away. The souls could not kill each other, but they found a special kind of sea monster blood. On the bones, it will cause an uncontrollable pain to the soul. Although this demon island is very large, it also pushes our human soul to the point where there is no way to go, so we can only begin to resist! ”

  "How many Terran souls and demon souls are there on the island?"

  Mu Yu touched his chin and felt that they couldn’t say anything about this kind of bone war. Everyone was imprisoned on this demon island by some mysterious power. It’s really boring for 5,000 years. Play with your own bone solution. It is understandable to understand the boring, although it is very strange to think of that situation.

  "The soul of the Terran is 19,371, and the soul of the demon is 18,535."Mu Mengfei said.

  According to the explanations of the three of them, the soul will not be destroyed on the island because there is a mysterious force protecting it.

  After the death of the self-cultivator, the higher the life is, the stronger the soul power is, and the greater the power that can be exerted when controlling the bones.

  Here, He Liankong, Bohong, Mu Mengfei and Ghost Domain are all in the process of the robbery period, so they continue to fight as the leader of the human soul, the leader and the demon.

  For thousands of years, conflicts have continued, often as a fierce battle. Later, after negotiations between the two races, they decided to decide the territory with a relatively fair battle.

  Each of them controls a bone-war battle, and the opponent’s bone warrior is completely dismantled and wins.

  The island was divided into two halves by a dividing line, and one of the convenient ones was moved out of the one-meter territory. The Terran has lost more than 60,000 games, which is about to lose 60 kilometers of territory.

  When they explained with Mu Yu, Mu Yu saw that the wings behind the giant bone warrior on the side of the Terran had been ripped off by the Yao people, and the bones were broken.

  "Do you feel tired when you call me every day? I have never thought about getting along with the Yao people? Anyway, you can't fight each other. ”Mu Yu said helplessly.

  He Liankong said very solemnly: "This is related to the honor of the Terran, there is no tired or tired problem, only the problem of winning and losing."

  Mu Yu touched his forehead. He didn't know how to correct these souls. But he still has a lot of things that he doesn't understand: "Every time you hit a frame, there are a lot of bones broken. Where are you coming from so many bones? ?"

  Bo Hong explained: "We only screen out those bones that are very strong and have strong bones to assemble the battle. We don't need to be fragile. If the bones we screened are broken, at night the town demon tower will help repair the bones. The town demon tower has a strong atmosphere to warm the bones, and it takes one night to re-aggregate the bones. ”

  Mu Yu opened his mouth,

He feels that he seems to have accidentally discovered a new world. What is the strange place here, and there is such a counter-attack operation?

  "What is the town demon tower?"Mu Yu asked.

  The Terran Bone Warrior in the basin broke out again with a horrible ghost, and it was hard to unload a bone arm of the Yaozu, and it paid the price of a broken leg.

  "The town demon tower is a very powerful magic weapon. When the Terran and the Yaozu battled in the past, a human being named Xuanjizi real person used the town demon tower to live in the seven demon guards of the sea demon king. The Siren King himself was also sealed in the town demon tower!"He even said with admiration.

  "The Kraken King is also in the town demon tower? Where is the town demon tower? ”Mu Yu also thought that the Siren King will be sealed to other places! The result was sealed on the territory of his own dynasty.

  He Liankong reveals a sly look, saying: "The town demon tower has been guarded by our human race for 5,000 years ago, but just a few hundred years ago, the Yao people gradually eroded our territory and repelled us, and the town The land of the demon tower is now in the hands of the demon."

  "Do not worry! The soul is unable to get close to the town demon tower, there is a very strong guardian array outside, and it is useless to grab the past. ”Mu Mengfei said.

  On the demon island, it has become a place where two soul races compete with each other. However, according to the current situation, the human race is gradually inferior in the struggles of so many years because its bone diversity is not as good as that of the demon people.

  Mu Yu did not understand: "Since the town demon tower is in the hands of the Yao people, what should you do if your bones are damaged?"

  "The town demon tower will absorb a moonlight every night, and it will emit a strange atmosphere, covering the entire demon island, so even if we do not get the territory of the town demon tower, we can also be the Fuze of the town demon tower. Shrouded."Mu Mengfei said.

  Bohong said seriously: "Even so, we also have the responsibility to guard the town demon tower. Now that the town demon tower is in the hands of the demon people, we must regain the lost land! Otherwise, the outside world will be
His Yaozu people found it here, they tried to enter the town demon tower, and it was not good to release the Kraken King! ”

  The human bone soldiers in the basin suddenly jumped in fury, fighting the cost of losing their heads, the hands of the bone blade mercilessly toward the Demon Clan bone war, but suddenly a sudden leap out of a number of large bone tail, the human race will be trapped, and then a few tentacles out, all of a sudden the human bone soldiers to tear!


  The bones of the sky are splashing, and the bone warriors of the Terran have been torn apart and scattered.

  The Terran lost another game.

  The faces of three people, such as He Liankong, are very unsightly. They can only look angrily at the arrogant couples who are laughing and watching the dividing line and moving one meter to the Terran territory.

  The Terran was very angry, but because the rules have been set, the Terran is not good at saying anything. Many of the onlookers' souls and human souls hold a bone blade, and the bones are covered with something that can make the soul feel painful. However, everyone did not do it, the rules have been fixed, there is no need to break.

  The fourth leader of the human soul, Ghostland, who was a ghost man, walked back gloomyly. He Liankong said the arrival of Mu Yu and the ghost domain. The ghost domain only looked at Mu Yu with a faint look. Even the greetings were too lazy to say.

  Mu Yu does not like ghost gates, and ghost gates do things that hurt the world. Even if the ghost domain is a soul, Mu Yu does not think that the other party is a good guy.

  He Liankong said that Mu Yu was the first person to go to the demon island, which means that Ghost Nights may have some accidents in the middle of the journey. Once they come here, the wood feathers are dangerous.

  Because of Mu Yu, who was a disciple of Dan Ding, He Liankong was very kind to Mu Yu and could not help but ask about the situation of Dan Ding. When he heard that Danding’s seventh-order alchemy teacher was about to extinction, Helian was a little dissatisfied, because in his time, Dan Ding sent at least twenty seven-level alchemists.

  Mu Yu also knows the current situation of the demon island, and also understands some of the island's bans, such as the island can not fly too high, because the island has a strong force to block the entire island. The town demon tower is very tall, it is invisible during the day, and it will only be visible under the moonlight. It will be seen throughout the island.

  In addition to Heliankong is a Danding party, the ghost domain is a ghost doorman, the animal husbandry Philippine is the person of the black spirit door, and Bo Hong was a repaired very superbly, no door and no faction.

  Mu Yu thought for a moment, he glanced at the ghost field, and then found a chance to be alone with He Lian, telling the story of the ghost doorman coming to the island.

  "Predecessors, you also know that the ghosts of the ghosts are very strange. By cultivating the souls, the ghosts will come to the island soon. The purpose of their coming to the island is probably directed at you."Mu Yu said seriously.

  He Liankong smiled and reached out and took a shot of Mu Yu’s shoulder. The soul with soul power was able to touch the body, but Helian’s hand was very ice, and Mu Yu felt like he was attacked by a piece of ice. .

  "Don't worry, we are not pure souls, but the ghosts can't help us." You have to know that Ghost Domain was once a very powerful ghost, but after he died on this island, even his twins were directly scattered. The power of this island severely restrains the practice of the ghost gates and protects the souls of all of us from dissipating, so even if the ghosts come here, it is useless. ”

  Mu Yu looked at He Liankong’s face with confidence and he couldn’t refute anything. UU read but he knows that this time to the demon island, but the ghost door guards the night, he is not a simple item.

  According to He Liankong, when Mu Yu used Muling, he could not cause any harm to these souls. This is very weird. The purest dead wood spirit in the world can’t help but have these souls. The mysterious power here is indeed Very powerful.

  Mu Yu pondered for a moment and continued to ask: "Predecessors, the masters of the younger generation, Evergreen Evergreen was once a powerful alchemy teacher, but he was killed by the people of the Triple Palace. Now the soul is damaged and has been unconscious. The seniors have Is there no way to fix the soul?"

  "How can your master get into the Sangong Palace?"Helen asked seriously.

  Mu Yu sighed, he did not know how to explain. Even 5,000 years ago, the Mie Palace ruled the entire triple continent, and the comprehension did not discover the true face of the Mie Palace.

  "Predecessors, things are very complicated, but my master is the pulse of Qingzhufeng. His accident is a huge blow to the Danding School. Can you fix the wounds on the soul?Mu Yu said earnestly, he told He Liankong about the matter of the soul.

  In order to prove his identity, he also took out the main token of Qingzhufeng's veins, and He Liankong recognized the main token of this vein.

  With this token, He Liankong has no doubt about the identity of Mu Yu. After all, the main thing of the pulse is not able to falsify at will.

  He Liankong pondered for a moment: "There is, but…"

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