Chapter 620 Xiaoshuai’s doll

  He Liankong generously handed a white-glossy leg bone to Mu Yu and said: "This is first used for your use. This is my precious leg bones, a very powerful Horcrux. Ghost domain has always wanted to use my soul device to fight, I refused it! ”

  Mu Yu took over the skull of Helian, and always felt that something was wrong. The situation is too strange to hold the other's leg bones in the hand and the other side is still full of seriousness.

  According to Heliankong, he was a powerful eighth-order alchemy teacher during his lifetime. The higher the human bones, surrounded by powerful spiritual power, would become very hard.

  Because the bones of the alchemists refine all kinds of rare herbs all the year round, their bones are harder than others, so when they are used as a Horcrux, they are also very powerful.

  This is also the reason why Ghost Domain has been smashing the Horcruxes.

  Mu Yu swallowed a sip, waved his leg bones and asked: "Predecessors, if I accidentally interrupted your leg, what should I do?"

  "Then you be careful, the old man's legs can't be interrupted casually."Helen said seriously.

  Mu Yu is more and more surprised, and it is too weird to hold He Lian’s leg bones to fight. However, he also felt a different breath from the legs of Heliankong. The leg bones looked like a jade. The hand was very cold, and there was a strong wave of ripples. I am very worried.

  Mu Yu can be sure that if this thing is put into the realm of cultivation, it will definitely be a precious magic weapon. As long as it is a little sacrificed, it will exert a terrible fighting power, and I am afraid it will cause many comprehensions to rob!

  "Every joint in the bone warfare is made up of Horcruxes, and the other parts are ordinary bones, so a bone warrior needs hundreds of souls to coordinate." Usually, the four of us have a round of war, as the chief commander of the bone warfare, to maximize the combat effectiveness of the bone warriors. ”

  He Liankong began to introduce the situation of the bone warrior to Mu Yu, and basically told Mu Yu about the usual combat experience. The bone warfare of the Yao people also said something about it, let the wood feather There is a number in my heart.

  The bone warrior is not directly controlled by one person, but each soul obeys the command of the chief commander to make action. This is very demanding on the commander, because they must analyze the damage of various joints at the same time while fighting. Make timely adjustments.

  But each soul responds differently, so the bone warrior will be very clumsy. Once a soul has made a mistake, it will cause the whole bone warrior to stop the food, so the training of the bone warrior is very strict.

  Mu Yu has been indulging for a moment. He needs the soul device of other souls as the assembly part of the bone warrior, but he is a squad. The most powerful convenience of the squad is that he can use the mysterious array method to control each of the arrays. One thing.

  As long as the array is applied to the bone warrior, and the array method is used to control the operation of each part of the bone warrior, there is no need for the soul to control the joint, and it can be done by one person and can be more flexible.

  "Go, I will bring you familiar with my men!"Heliankong said.

  The soul of the island is divided into four teams, each training with four people in Helian, each of whom has his own training methods. Heliankong is very familiar with his subordinates, so they can coordinate the movements of the bone warriors. Every soul knows how to control the operation of the bone warriors in the battle.

  Mu Yu shook his head: "No,

I only need everyone's soul device, without any soul. ”

  "Without the soul, how do you control the Horcrux?"He Liankong frowned.

  There was a road in the hand of Mu Yu, and the pattern fluttered around him: "I am not only an alchemy teacher, I am still a singer."

  "Matrix? I know that some of our Dandings will go to research, but what about your formation? ”Heliankong asked in surprise.

  "Should it be good?"Mu Yu feels that modesty is a good character.

  "It's not the answer I want. There isn't a squad on this island, but I know that if you don't reach the level of the innate strategist, it's hard to control an entire bone warrior."Heliankong said.

  Mu Yu touched his forehead, he is the door of the door, should be better than a congenital array?

  "In any case, if you talk to them first, you will send the Horcruxes and other bones to me. I will ponder for a while. You have been playing for so many years, and it is not bad."Wood feathers said in a straight line.

  Helian looked suspiciously at Mu Yu, but thought that he had already used Mu Yu as a bet, so he could only helplessly transfer some of his team's subordinates. Soon, Mu Yu was filled with hill-like bones. , human bones, hand bones, leg bones, everything.

  To be honest, Mu Yu looked at the bones that were piled up and felt like they were in the predecessors, but thought that these bones did not mind the fights, and they didn’t need any psychological burden. It is.

  "Little handsome, has your draft been drawn?" What bone warrior do you want to assemble? ”Mu Yu asked.

  "OK OK!"Xiaoshuai excitedly handed a piece of paper to Mu Yu.

  This paper was originally used to wrap chicken legs, but the young handsome is holding a tree branch with the juice of red berries on it to paint its bone warriors.

  Mu Yu looked at the dense pattern, and could not help but admire Xiao Shuai, this guy really has talent, this guy is usually confused, and it’s delicious and fun.
It’s almost impossible.

  At the moment, the drawings are drawn with four different forms of drawings, which are marked with various forms. They also annotate what is used for what and what works, although the grass is very simple, but in this way It is enough in a short time.

  Mu Yu naturally can't understand Xiao Shuai's masterpiece. If you want to listen to Xiaoshuai to explain every part of it, I don't know if I want to go to the Year of the Monkey, so he directly puts the wind and the heart out to connect, and connects Xiaoshuai's thoughts with his thoughts. Together.

  At this time, Mu Yu also understood Xiao Shuai’s plan. Xiao Shuai usually used Mu Yu to learn the array, so it understood what kind of surgery the bone warrior used every place. On the basis of controlling the bone warfare. Even smarter than wood feathers.

  "Here is a picture of a lightning-remnant snake, and I see if I can power the dead Demon tribe, the arm can portray a thousand-June formation, chest can also portray a water ridge extradition matrix, used for defense, oh right, we can use the shadow puppet array to firmly absorb the bones of the house, so that can change the body of bone soldiers at any time, By the time you follow my method, absolutely invincible …

  Xiaoshuai continually explained his bone warrior and named it Transformers! Deliberately for King Kong to come up with two forms, with the wind and the heart, Mu Yu is very easy to understand the meaning of Xiaoshuai.

  Xiaoshuai is simply treating the bone warrior as a dangerous doll full of body surgery. With the help of the array, the combat capability of the bone warrior can be raised to the maximum level.

  Xiaoshuai is very happy in design, but all of this is done by Mu Yu. He has to calculate the amount of spiritual power that the bone warriors spend. When they have just played two tricks, they will be beaten by others.

  "The hand can not be the wind of the Sunda shadow, to decorate it to the legs, because the wind of the Sunda Shadow will allow the display of the place to withstand great oppression, then I fear that other horcrux can not withstand, but Helian should be able to leg bones, and I need to decorate a downwind of the first day of the array, just in case, At the same time, I would like to add other forms …

  Mu Yu began to modify Xiao Shuai’s dangerous doll King Kong. He has more brilliant ideas to perfect Xiaogang’s King Kong. Longtan wants to join, but Mu Yu’s fear that Longtan’s appearance will make the soul of the family Hostility, so did not let Longteng play.

  All the souls were serious and looked around and watched that Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai were discussing each other around a design. However, none of the people present was a strategist. Even if they learned some souls before the life, they could not understand the wood. Yu and Xiao Shuai’s conversation.

  "Herking, do you really believe in wood?"Meng Mengfei couldn't help but float to the side of He Liankong and asked.

  He Liankong spread his hand: "The bone warriors of our Terran have tried to defeat the bone warriors of the Yaozu. It has become more and more difficult. Our bone warfare is assembled and assembled, and there are several sets of means. The soldier's plasticity is too strong. Mu Yu is the only living person. His spiritual power can make the bones exert more powerful power, and maybe you can defeat the demon's bone warriors unexpectedly! ”

  "But why do I always feel unreliable? He does not use a soul soldier, can the soul device control freely? ”Mu Mengfei asked

  "The soul soldier is only to coordinate the battle, UU reading Mu Yu Xue method, he should know to use the array to replace the soul. It’s hard to come to a junior of my Danding school, of course I have to believe him! Besides, anyway, we have lost so many games, and it is not bad for Mu Yu to lose a few games, so that Mu Yu’s long experience is not bad. ”He was proud to say.

  "I'm afraid it's not just a long experience!" I know your plan, you are going to use him to do that…"Mu Mengfei sighed.

  He Liankong's face faded down, glanced at the wood feather, and nodded slightly.

  Did not find out the strength of Mu Yu, put the precious Horcrux as a bet, so unconditionally believe in Mu Yu, to say that there is no abnormal place inside it will be strange.

  Mu Mengfei did not say anything more.

  Mu Yu also knows that He Liankong is certainly not that simple, but he is now on the demon island, without any dependence, the ghost domain and the ghost gates who have not yet reached him have to be careful. Even if there is any unspeakable plan on the wooden feathers, He Yukang must cater to it.

  Mu Yu’s hands have begun to depict the formations, and the cyan lines are swept out of his hands, covering all the bones in an instant, followed by a burst of spurs, and the hill-like bones all float under the action of the formations. In midair.

  "Little handsome, started work."The pattern in the hands of Mu Yu regularly controls the movement of the bones.

  "Roger that!"Xiaoshuai happily slammed his shoulders and his tail began to move.

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