Chapter 621: The Bone Warrior (Part 1)

  The latent shadow puppetry is a kind of array that is specially used to manipulate objects. It can move the things covered by the array as required. It is no stranger to this array of wood feathers.

  When Mu Yu was in the first time, when he was in the third place, the third one was a piece of broken star. Wood feather used his mind to control the star points to form different shapes with each other. Starpoint combat, this array is based on the submarine puppetry.

  Mu Yu uses the latent shadow puppetry on the bones, and it is easy to control the bones to form the shape they want.

  The bones floating in midair are pulled by a thin line of streaks, like the lead of a puppet. The only difference is that these patterns are extremely regular and will not be entangled under the control of the wood feathers.

  The bones of the sky began to be combined in an orderly manner according to Xiaoshuai’s expectations, and soon a five-meter-high bone warrior was formed.

  This bone warrior is quite wonderful, the head is quite small, the proportion of the body is obviously asymmetrical, and the body is still cylindrical. It is like a thick trunk that grows hands and feet and looks very weird.

  When Mu Yu’s bone warriors appeared, including He Liankong, all the souls were stunned!

  Is this Nima too ugly?

  He Lian air floated to the side of Mu Yu, looked at the bone warrior who was only five meters high, and said with a suspicious face: "Mu Yu, don't tell me that you have planned for a long time, that is, to create such an ugly bone war." Are the soldiers coming out?"

  "Yeah, what's wrong?"Mu Yu doesn't care about other people's opinions.

  He Liankong couldn't bear to fight against the self-confidence of Mu Yu, but he still kindly reminded: "The average bone warfare is about ten meters high. You are five meters. It is like a gnome in front of others. You Do you want to consider giving it a boost? Nothing, we have a lot of bones. ”

  "The dwarf is more flexible, I think five meters high is enough."Mu Yu does not matter, the important thing is not high, but practical.

  "It is true that it is true, but you can see the bone warriors of the Yao people."He Liankong looked helplessly at the Yao people who were in the distance and kept calling.

  The bone warriors sent by the other side today are at least fifteen meters high, and there are a pair of huge bone wings. At the same time, there are two huge sharp bone tails behind them. The claws of the palms are up to one meter long, the horrible tear. The ability is definitely not a joke.

  Look at the pitiful little man on Mu Yu’s side and feel that it is just a paw in front of the other party.

  The bone warrior of the Yaozu is arrogant and domineering. The bone warrior of Muyu is shabby and simple, and it is a heaven and a ground.

  "The skeleton of the Yao people is relatively large, so their bone warfare is very high. In order to be able to compete with them, we must also make the skeleton almost the same as them."He Liankong explained.

  Mu Yu smiled: "Predecessors, you have loaned the leg bones to me, rest assured! I will not let you down. ”

  He even hesitated for a while, and said helplessly: "That! In the first game, you should go and see the power of the Yao people's bone warriors. It doesn't matter if you lose. But be careful with yourself. As the commander, you must also be on the battlefield. And I remind you one thing, you are not high enough now, relying on spiritual power is not able to kill the other side of the bones, because the bones of the other side of the bones are at least the body of the monster, so you only Can rely on our Horcruxes to confront them. ”

  Mu Yu has known this for a long time.

If the bone warrior can be directly defeated by him, he does not need to use the soul device of the soul soldier to fight, and directly remove the wood spirit and solve it twice.

  "I don't know the tall and thick guys, assemble a ugly bone warrior, are you funny?"The ghost domain is cold on the side.

  "I didn't see you laughing."Mu Yu shrugged.

  "That's because it's not a funny thing. It's about the territorial struggle between the Terran and the Yaozu. Do you send such a group of muddy bone warriors?"The ghost domain is full of irony.

  Although He Liankong is not optimistic about Mu Yu, he still maintains his voice: "Ghost domain, we all made a bet. What bone warrior does Mu Yu have to do with you?"

  Ghost domain glanced coldly at He Liankong, his mouth smirked: "It seems that you can't wait to give me your soul device!"

  "I don't think so."Mu Yu was too lazy to say anything with the ghost domain, and went straight to the dividing line.

  There is a circular battlefield at the edge of the dividing line. This battlefield is about 100 meters in diameter, which is enough for the bone warriors to show their strengths.

  The battlefield is across the dividing line, and within the power of the dividing line, once it has entered, it can only bring its own wreckage.

  When Mu Yu took the bone warrior and just stepped onto the battlefield, he ushered in a burst of laughter from the Yao people.

  To be honest, the five-meter-high bone warrior is actually not short, but in front of the fierce fifteen-meter-high bone warrior, it is indeed like a little boy, especially the round body looks extraordinarily funny, as if As long as you step on it, you have to scrap.

  "I didn't expect to see a living person for thousands of years. It's really rare! But is your junior going to have fun for us? Haha! ”A demon man with a huge horn on his head looked at the wood feathers in the air.

  This guy is called the demon king, but is one of the chief conductors of the demon bone warfare. Their demon people control the bone warrior far more than the human race.

  But in the past when the Terran was fighting, the bone warfare sent was at least quite powerful, but today I saw this.
What a little bit really makes him feel ridiculous.

  "It grows tall, too clumsy."Mu Yu touched his bone warrior and his face was not in a hurry.

  "Kid, I will teach you how to use bone warriors today!"The cow demon smiled and drifted back into the skull of the bone warrior.

  Mu Yu took a picture of his bone warrior. The bone warrior suddenly began to move. All the bones rushed, and then a chair was formed. Mu Yu jumped up leisurely. Xiaoshuai was right above him. Sitting in the heap of bones.

  "Let's teach us a stupid cow!"Xiaoshuai is full of warfare. It does not regard this battle as a battle of honorary territory. It is purely self-satisfaction.

  Mu Yu smiled slightly, and there was a hint of play in his eyes. Xiao Yan, his next big game is very miserable!

  The bone warriors of the Yaozu people cover the sky, and a pair of huge bone wings scream in the air. Although it seems that this bone wing cannot fly, it looks handsome.

  Then I saw that Mu Yu’s skin warrior, who was so thin that he couldn’t help but wind and wind, was simply unsightly.

  "Kid, you still die!"The cow demon smirked, and the sharp bones behind him were like flexible whip, with a popping sound in the air, directly smashing down to the wooden dwarfs –

  He Liankong looked at the bone tail of the demon king, and he lamented in his heart. He knew that with the ability of wood feather, I am afraid I could not get this whip.

  Not only him, but all the human souls shook their heads helplessly, and the expression of He Liankong was filled with blame. Obviously, He Liankong chose to blindly believe in Muyu, which was to directly hand over the one-meter territory of the Terran.

  The human soul has covered his face and sighed. This game is completely warm!

  There is a ridicule in the corner of the ghost domain. If you can get the soul device of Helian, even if the Terran loses three games, it is no big deal.

  Everyone thought that the wood feathers would be solved by the demon's bone warriors, and the wood feathers of the wood feathers moved at this time.

  And the way of moving is very wonderful, beyond everyone's imagination!

  Mu Yu’s bone warrior actually extended a pair of wings from the body, yes! It's a simple bone wing, completely inferior to the other party's domineering, but what everyone didn't expect was that the bones were covered with lines, and it was these patterns that allowed the wings to buoy with the air, directly Let it fly!

  Mu Yu Bone soldiers behind the bony wing deftly flapping, led the bone soldiers flew up to the sky, dexterous body in the Demon Clan Bone Soldier's tailbone on a bit, has been around the Demon clan bone soldiers behind the hand suddenly again flashing a strong pattern, a force of terror from the bones of the wood plume arms from the arm, mercilessly smashed on the other side of the tail!

  "Card wipe!"

  A huge sound, the bone warrior of Mu Yu actually threw down the other's tail!

  The bone warriors of both sides are composed of powerful soul devices, so this is not the repair of the wood feathers, but the flexibility and strength of the two sides, and the timing of the wood feathers of the wood feathers is very accurate. The third section of the tailbone, which seems to be quite powerful, is a fatal weakness!

  "Big stupid cow, die!"

  Xiaoshuai shouted excitedly. It was actually the help of the bone warrior control. Mu Yu only assisted it in coordinating the formation, including the weakness of the other bone warrior in the place where Xiaoshuai himself surveyed.

  "How can this be?"

  All the souls were stunned, and no one thought that the bone warriors of Mu Yu’s weak winds were generally flexible with the mud, and the face of the Yao’s bone warriors was torn off in one face!

  "hateful! It seems that I am really awkward for you! Dare to break the tail of my god bone war soldier! court death! ”The Bull Devil wants to grab the tail back, but Xiaoshuai has directly shattered the other's Horcrux!

  Although the other's bones need to be repaired in order to break, UU reads But the bones of Mu Yu's bone warriors are also tough, not weaker than the opponent, Xiaoshuai knows exactly where to attack Broken the other's soul device!

  "God cow bone warrior? I tell you, my bone warrior is called Transformers! ”

  Xiaoshuai laughed. At the time of the sharp claws of the sacred bones, King Kong had already jumped out far away. At the same time, the bones of the whole body rushed again, but it turned into a handsome boy in the blink of an eye. appearance!

  Mu Yu was a bit shameful, and made the bone warrior look like a small handsome. At first he refused, but the young man insisted on doing this. He couldn’t help but only reluctantly agree.

  So at this time a five-six-meter-high squirrel suddenly appeared on the battlefield, and all the souls were shocked. Especially the big squirrel's tail was quite large and kept swinging.

  "How is the speed of deformation so fast?"

  Helen was shocked to see the big pine tree. Although the bone warriors usually changed the form quickly, but completely converted from an ugly dwarf to a small squirrel, this has been a big change, generally The soul soldiers have no way to coordinate!

  "little mouse?"The demon king also stunned.

  "Little mouse, your sister, my name is Xiaoshuai, the little is the small handsome, the handsome is the handsome handsome!"Xiaoshuai shouted dissatisfied.

  Then Xiao Shuai’s Golden Bone Warrior has leaped high, and the sacred bone warriors in the air smashed in the past!

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