Chapter 622 Bone Warrior (below)

  The bones of the King Kong bone soldiers wrapped around the pattern violently swinging up, led to the aura around, so that the entire battlefield has been a hurricane!

  Even if the body of the ox bone warrior has a gap, but its head is too big, under the aura of Xiaoshuai, it can not stand still, was blown back a few steps!

  Xiao Shuai’s tail is far more than that. He even drilled a long chain of bones. When the sacred bones and soldiers did not stabilize their body shape, the bone chain had already passed through the gap between the other side. Firmly locked the other's wings!

  "I will take you to the sky for a ride!"

  Xiaoshuai shouted happily, and then a pair of long bones were found behind the diamond-shaped soldiers. The formations trembled fiercely on the bones, and the gods and bones soldiers flew high!

  In the face of a tall and fifteen-meter-long god-and-bone warrior, Xiaoshuai’s head is really insignificant, but it’s such a small point that actually uses the formations, not only to fly, but also to raise the gods and bones soldiers!

  "hateful! Let me go! ”

  The demon king roared and controlled the sharp claws in his hand to catch the young handsome in the air, but the length of the skeleton of Xiaoshuai was far beyond the length of the claws of the gods and bones, and the other party could not touch it. In desperation, the demon king can only tear the bone chain of Xiao Shuai and want to tear the bone chain.

  "Don't pull, big stupid cow, I let go!"

  Xiaoshuai’s bone chain received it straight back, and at this time it has brought the Shenniu bone warrior to a height of more than 100 meters!


  The sacred bones of the sacred bones fell directly from the sky, and its huge bones kept swaying, but its bone wings could not be blessed with the appearance of wood feathers, and it was impossible to drive it to fly. Quickly slammed down the ground –


  The sacred bone warrior took out a huge pit on the ground, and the bones on the body were also removed a lot, but after all, it was a powerful soul device. This height only shook it dizzy, not enough to break it. .

  However, Xiaoshuai laughed happily again, and suddenly there was a big hammer made up of bones. The big hammer was filled with cyan lines.

  "Big stupid cow, I hammered you with a hammer!"

  Xiaoshuai’s body once again swooped down to the bottom. The bone hammer was portrayed by a wooden feather, and the force was quite horrible. With the blessing of the Horcrux, this hammer must not be underestimated!

  Rao is a cow demon who has been through a hundred battles. He has never been thrown from the sky like a chicken, so his heart is very annoyed at the moment.

  Looking at the oncoming bone hammer, he didn't dare to care. He extended his two hands behind him and supported his body. He slid out in an emergency, but the powerful power of the squad still gave the sacred bones to the soldiers. He slammed into the enchantment of the battlefield and fell again.

  After the bone warriors enter the battlefield, they will not get out unless they are completely broken.

  "The big stupid cow is still quite flexible!"Xiaoshuai controlled the vajra warrior, turned over in the air, and dexterously landed on the ground.

  The souls of the Terran have already boiled. Where do they think of the little dwarf bone warriors who were still despised by everyone, and suddenly there is no room for the demon's sacred sacred bones to fight back!

  Usually, the two bone warriors fight, most of them rely on brute force to fight each other.

It’s an advantage to tear each other and knock out the other’s arm’s tail, without using such fancy skills.

  However, the flexibility of the vajra warriors controlled by Xiaoshuai has greatly exceeded the imagination of all people. It is no longer a clumsy bone warrior. It is like being given a life-like existence!

  "I said that my vision is not wrong!"

  Heliankong looked at the dexterous bone warrior with surprise, and the bone warrior would fly beyond their expectations, which is really incredible!

  Ghost domain's face is ugly, and he obviously did not expect the King Kong Warrior to have such a powerful force.

  "The battle is not over yet! God's bones and soldiers are not good to provoke. ”The ghost domain snorted.

  "How to listen to your tone like this, I hope that we can lose the bone warriors of our Terran!"He Liankong was very dissatisfied with the cynicism of the ghost domain.

  "I just woke up, don't underestimate the enemy."It’s also very uncomfortable for the ghost domain to be buckled with such a big hat. However, he does not want the King Kong Warrior to win, otherwise the Horgen's Horcrux will not be able to get it.

  If you can't get the soul device of Heliankong, then…

  Ghost domain thought of this, the bottom of his eyes crossed a trace of hot, he wants to get the soul device of Heliankong is not so simple to defeat the Yaozu, but he has other plans, must not be destroyed by the descendants of this Danding Planned…

  "Little handsome, don't use the Millennium system again, it is very hard."Mu Yu said.

  Xiaoshuai is having fun, but the whole process is the work of Mu Yu. The array of the array has chaotic yin and yang, but there is no need to worry, but the use of arrays requires a lot of spiritual power, not to mention the fact that it has cost a lot of spiritual power to capture the fifteen-meter-high bone warriors in the air.

  If you fall to the other side, you will forget it. If you don't fall, you can't play it again, or you will put it in.

  "I know, I will pay attention to it next time!"Xiaoshuai said with a fist.

  However, at this moment, a tailbone suddenly slammed out on the ground and was directly wound on the thigh of the diamond bone warrior.
The legs were uploaded and the diamonds were captured.


  The vajra warrior was smashed to the ground, and then the sacred bones of the sacred bones were like a whip, and the vajra warriors were picked up and left.

  "Oh shit! The big stupid cow dared to attack me! ”Xiaoshuai shouted angrily.

  Mu Yu clenched his teeth, he must go all out to maintain the submarine puppet formation in order to prevent any bones on the body from being broken.

  Xiaoshuai found that he could not get rid of the other's tailbone. This time, the other's tailbone preparation is very sufficient, leaving no flaws.

  However, Xiaoshuai’s thoughts on playing this kind of game are endless. It directly spreads the caught feet, and each of the scattered bones is pulled by the thin lines, and it is free from the other's tailbone in a light way. And then regroup them together.

  And Mu Yu finally stabilized the entire gold bone warrior, and the two bone warriors looked at each other in the distance.

  "Is it really so good for me to beat?"

  The demon king slammed again toward the vajra bone warrior, and the huge fist was hurried in the air, with a sly soul slamming on the vajra warrior!

  Mu Yu’s face changed, and after the Jin Bone Warrior greeted the Shenniu Bone Warrior, there was a hint of collapse and the whole body’s pattern began to become disordered.

  "It's a soul!"

  Mu Yu has forgotten one thing. Usually the bone warriors are controlled by the soul. The soul can use the soul force to strengthen the power of the bone warrior, but the bone warrior of Mu Yu does not have any soul power, so in this one Under the hit, there is a downwind!

  He now regrets that he has refused to participate in the war, because if the human soul is added, it will at least provide a little soul for Mu Yu.

  "Little handsome, we can't hardly pick up his soul!"Mu Yu shouted.

  Xiaoshuai also realized the power of the other party's soul. In the beginning of the fight, the diamond warrior was very fast, and did not give any chance of reaction to the other party, so the other party did not have the opportunity to use the soul force, but now Being overwhelmed by the other party, the trouble is big!

  "Soul, finished! Their soul power can't be solved! ”Xiaoshuai scratched his head.

  Muling was originally the nemesis of these souls, but because there is a strong prohibition in the demon island, Muling can't hurt these souls, so Muling has no way to absorb the soul power of them, which is troublesome. !


  The Shenniu Bone Warrior once again banged and was shunned by Xiaoshuai in time, and the other's fists split the ground!

  However, at this moment, a powerful soul force suddenly erupted in the Horton's Horcrux, instantly blending into the shadow of the wood feather. In the heart of Mu Yu’s heart, does He’s leg bones have this ability?

  That soul force is like being suppressed for a long time, has been looking for a venting mouth, and at this time Mu Yu was surprised to find that he can use the pattern to guide this powerful soul!

  This kind of soul power is not the same as the soul of the Triple Palace. This kind of soul power is more pure, and it is not contaminated with other impurities. The soul of the Mie Palace is more like being extracted again. There is no such feeling of roundness and naturalness.

  Wood Yu did not think much, and immediately controlled the powerful soul force radiated from the leg bones, directly integrating the soul into his formation. UU reading

  "Little handsome!"Shouted Mu Yu.

  "Got it! Big stupid cow, try my little handsome Fengshen legs! ”

  Xiaoshuai laughed and danced. The bones of the bone warriors slammed a strong pattern, and the fierce souls were merged into the formations. The Jinjing bone warriors had already turned into a virtual shadow. At a very horrible speed, I kicked the sacred bones!


  With a soft whistle, the right leg of the Orthopaedic Warrior directly fell into the chest of the sacred bones of the sacred bones. At the same time, the right leg of the Orthopaedic Warrior suddenly extended many barbs. The hook of the sacred bone warrior was hooked.

  "Shock and Remnant Snakes!"

  In the hands of Mu Yu, he has already swayed the tactics. The lines are guided by his fingertips and passed to the right leg. Then they are blended into the soul. The blue snake shadow is everywhere in the bones of the sacred bones. Indiscriminately, the souls of some Yao people are directly stunned.

  Xiaoshuai seized the opportunity, the tail turned into a myriad of bone chains, locked the weak joints of the gods and bones, and slammed them.


  The fifteen-meter-high god ox bone warrior turned into a broken bone in an instant!

  Really won?

  All the souls swallowed involuntarily, and it was incredible. The ridiculous little human bone warrior really defeated the incomparable god bones and soldiers.

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