No. 625 chapter of the field of array surgery

  "Xuan Array" this book is too thick, the wood plume did not completely read, especially the "Xuan" part of the latter half of the content is too complex, and some of the formation needs at least the fitness period of the fix to display, so those Mu Yu has not been to see.

  The ability of the field lies in the corner of the "Xuanzhen" that was ignored by Mu Yu.

  "The field is a special kind of technique, and the fields of different people's enlightenment are different. This technique is closely related to oneself, and everyone can find the best field for them in their hearts. By blessing the field in your own body, you can take the initiative in dealing with people and even suppress opponents.

  The reason why the field needs the self-cultivation of the Mahayana period can be realized, because the self-cultivator of the Mahayana period can already get in touch with the law of heaven.

  When a person realizes a supreme realm of a certain method, then he can also use this technique to enlighten his own field, such as my 'death without life'.

  Unfortunately, my field was restrained by a mixed-boy, so I never showed this field in front of him, he will certainly see here, yes, I was talking about you, the last time you stole my book, I have not finished, you are owed to beat, I stutter to say things, if not to see you a little bit of conscience of the Bastard, A slap on the back of your face.

  Mu Yu read it carefully. When he finally read it, he found that this "mixed boy" seemed to refer to himself. He touched the back of his head slyly. Who can think of the dead wood, who wrote his dissatisfaction into "Xuanzhen"? There is a total of 500 words in this paragraph, all of which are blaming Mu Yu!

  Mu Yu can imagine the expression of the dead wood, his own expression, and the look of the beard.

  "Really! You can't write a book rigorously in the attitude of being responsible to the reader? ”Mu Yu smiled and missed the days of his heart. He wanted to be beaten by the dead wood, even if he heard the voice of the dead wood.

  After reading the introduction of the field of the dead wood, the wood feathers admire the dead wood and admire the five bodies.

  When Mu Yu encountered dead wood, the repair of dead wood was a fitting period, but his array was so powerful that even the white world would not be willing to provoke.

  Now Mu Yu is understanding why.

  Generally speaking, the realm of at least the Mahayana period can be realized, but the dead wood old man relies on the anti-reality of the road, and the created method itself has a powerful field!

  The field of deadwood enlightenment is called "Desperate without life". In his field, everything is difficult to survive. All the patterns are full of terrible poison. This kind of poison is pervasive, even if the spiritual body will be The poisonous erosion is clean!

  Dead wood is fierce in the realm of cultivation. When Muyu had not yet traveled to the Deadwood Valley, all the comprehensions knew that the Deadwood Valley was a forbidden place. Even the eight doors would warn the disciples that they would not go to the Deadwood Valley because of the dead wood. It’s too scary!

  However, in the end, there was no negligence in the end, and Mu Yu became the one who died in the “death without life”. The special ability of his control of wood makes the old man of the dead wood love and hate. Mu Yu is the only one who is not afraid of the dead wood and the old man.

  These dead woods have never been told before. Dead wood has rarely used this field, and after he has done it, this field can no longer be used, otherwise there will be no accident at all. The arrays he used to place in the valley are all pediatrics, and if they really put "death without life" in the valley,

Then the valley will really become a forbidden place!

  "It's no wonder that the dead wood old man didn't like me at first."Mu Yu swears, he is confused and becomes the only nemesis in the field of enlightenment of the dead wood old man, and is the apprentice of Feng Haochen. If the dead wood likes wood feather at first, it will be strange.

  "The dead wood is here to record in detail how he learned the process of fielding, Mu Yu, do you want to try it, so you can have two areas."Xiaoshuai said with great interest.

  "What two areas? I have no fart. ”Mu Yu said the staller. Where is this kind of thing so easy to penetrate? A man of the genius of the dead wood is also enlightened during the period of the fit. Mu Yu’s accomplishments in the battle are not comparable to him. He is at most a brain turning faster and able to push a complicated array.

  "You already have a field, and your field is your life and death!"Xiaoshuai said casually.

  Mu Yu stopped and was very surprised.

  “There is also a field between life and death?”Mu Yu never knew this!

  Xiaoshuai nodded: "Yes, the ability of the five Yumeng spirits is a field, and it is a very high-level field. The ordinary Mahayana comprehensers can't understand this field, and can't compare with this. Kind of field."

  "What is the field of my master?"Mu Yu thinks of his master, the mysterious sword shadow dust, the ability to crush the five people of the Lord, and the field he possesses is extraordinary.

  Xiaoshuai thought for a moment with his head and said: "I forgot this, it may be a powerful sword field! I remember that it seems to have anything to do with me, oh! Take care of this. ”

  "What does it have to do with you?"Mu Yu is stunned.

  Xiaoshuai is a guy who is used by Feng Haochen to block the aura. This guy usually eats and drinks in addition to danger. Occasionally, with a small claw, he summons a giant sword to swing away. I really can’t see the powerful field of wind and dust. what is the relationship.

  "Hurry and see if you can follow your fingertips of the dead wood to understand your own field of art. From the perspective of the field, you may not need to go through the sea.
The gate of the demon king city can enter. ”Xiaoshuai said.

  Xiaoshuai is a very confused guy. It comes out of an egg. With some bits and pieces of memory, sometimes he knows many things, but what he knows often makes Mu Yu feel incredible.

  Mu Yu forcibly pressed down the doubts of his heart and began to figure out the clues that the dead woods had left behind. He found that Xiaoshuai was right. If he could understand his own field or understand the characteristics of the field of formation, then he might be able to cope with the guardianship method left by Xuanjizi.

  According to the introduction of the old woods in the field of array technology, it is impossible for Mu Yu to comprehend the rules of heaven. He is not enough to repair it. The only way is to use the second method, starting from the technique that he is best at.

  Mu Yu is undoubtedly the swordsman and the array, but no matter what it is, he has not learned the highest realm. Although he gained a level after learning the sword, he did not dare to say that his sword array had reached the realm of Master.

  He was a little angry when he thought of it, so he couldn’t understand the field at all.

  Xiaoshuai turned the book one page and continued to read: "The field is not invincible. It always has flaws. If you fail to understand the field and fall into other people's fields, then you can follow my method. Crack a field. The field is also restrained, and its restraint is embodied in the nature of the field, and you must first figure out what the role of an area is, for example, into my field, will certainly be poisoned and died, and my field is dependent on the pattern, want to crack my field, it must follow the rules of the pattern of the movement of the law, no one is perfect , it must have a defect, this flaw once found, even if only to fix the practice of gas can be cracked …

  Mu Yu carefully pondered the words left by the dead wood old man, because the mysterious son is also a squad, so there must be a pattern in his field, as long as the weakness of this pattern is found, then it can be in his field. Unimpeded.

  "The law of the rhythm of the formation?"

  Mu Yu was immersed in contemplation. His most powerful thing was that he was beyond the ordinary people's ability to calculate. At the beginning, he could find an eight-step method in the chaotic ladder of the temple to explain his extraordinary.

  The mysterious field of the mysterious machine is mixed with the rhythm of the rhythm. First of all, as long as I know what the real role of this field of art is, and then push the rules of this pattern, I will know how to sneak into it!

  Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, Xuanjizi Reality Town Demon Tower can repair all damaged bones, which means that his field is capable of resilience, but obviously this area is not as simple as it seems, it must be There are some special things.

  He looked at the town demon tower with a blue-green light in the distance and fell into meditation.

  One night, Mu Yu did not figure out something, but he at least understood the magical technique in the field of surgery. If Mu Yu can also control the "domain", UU reads www.uukanshu. Com So even if you play against the more powerful people, you will not suffer.

  During the day, the dawn is re-emerged, which means that today will be a bone war. Xiaoshuai is already there, but when Mu Yu is going to fight for the Yao people, a strange fluctuation is uploaded from the demon island.

  This volatility is very weird, like an early warning, as if to alarm every soul and the only living person on the island.

  “Predecessors, what is this fluctuation?”Mu Yu found He Liankong and asked in confusion.

  He Liankong’s face showed a surprised look: “As with the last time you came to the demon island, this fluctuation is the alert magic set by the Siren King. It is specifically for the Terran. Once the Terran is on the demon island, it will trigger. Now It means that someone has come to the demon island! It’s strange that we can’t see a living person for thousands of years, or come in several times, and land on our shores. go! Look at it. ”

  Someone came to the demon island?

  Mu Yu's face is slightly changed. Since this fluctuation is specific to the human race, the demon people will definitely not trigger on the island. Then you don't have to know who will come to the demon island this time!

  Ghost domain's figure drifted away, he glanced coldly at the wood feathers, and his mouth smirked a sneer, then turned into a stream of light rushing toward the source of the wave.

  Mu Yu sinks in his heart and sees the reaction of the ghost domain. He seems to have known something for a long time. Mu Yu understands that this is a bit bad.

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