Chapter 626 Demon Island Visitors

  When Mu Yu came to the demon island last time, he did not feel the fluctuations himself. Obviously this fluctuation can only be known on the island.

  There are a total of four groups of people who want to come to this demon island. One is Mu Yu, one is a ghost gate, and the other is a deer boss who passes the holy road. The rest are Dragon Star and Joe Snow. . The alarm is not triggered by the Yaozu, so this time it is definitely a ghost door!

  He also rushed to the coast, because the island is so big, can't get in and out, he has no place to hide, and it is better to face it.

  Besides, it is not so easy for a ghost door to kill him.

  The ghost of Haotian spread from the coast and then gradually converges. Several ghosts have been surrounded by a group of souls. There are twelve ghost gates on the island, and each of them has at least a distraction period. The ghost nights that are headed are even more unfathomable!

  "Ghost domain predecessors, thank you for guiding the way!"Ghost night Ming Dynasty ghost domain arched.

  Other ghosts also greeted the ghosts, and the ghosts were the famous predecessors of the ghosts. None of these ghosts dared to dare.

  "The custom is exempted. You are more than ten days behind the original plan. Why?"Ghost domain asked faintly.

  Ghost Night Mingdao: "The sea suddenly emerged from the storm, and the route suddenly disappeared, so it took so long. If it was not the guidance of the predecessors, I am afraid we are not here yet."

  In the heart of Mu Yu in the side, it is no wonder that the ghost doorman will come later than him. It turned out that there was a problem with the route that Chi Longgong remembered.

  But Mu Yu is quite puzzled. Ghost domain is trapped on this island like other souls. It is isolated from the world. How does the ghost domain get in touch with the ghost gate?

  Ghost Night looked up and saw the wood feathers behind a group of souls, and sneered a little, then sneered a little: "There was a humble person here who arrived earlier than us!"

  During the speech, Ghost Night suddenly violently turned into a black shadow and rushed to Mu Yu, actually wants to directly kill Mu Yu!

  "stop!"He Lian angered and shouted, a soul force emerged from him, blocking the ghost night figure.

  "When you come to the island, you want to kill my descendants of the Dan Ding School, are you looking for death?"He was angered and stared at the ghost night.

  Ghost night brows slightly wrinkled, and He Liankong as a soul can block him, which is obviously beyond his expectations. Their ghosts are good hands to control the soul, and the ghosts of their cultivation are also specially designed to restrain the soul, but when he faces He Liankong, he is not cheap at all.

  "Ghost night, not allowed to do it. The soul of this island is not as simple as you think. Besides, people are Danding's descendants, and don't hurt. ”The ghost field faintly blocked the road.

  His tone is not sincere, and it is completely perfunctory. I am afraid that if there is no existence of Helian, he will certainly not stop the ghost night.

  "Oh, I have forgotten that the true god disciple is the apprentice of Dan Ding's dead wood!"Ghost night sneer.

  Their ghosts and murders never ruin their identity. Besides, here is the demon island. Even if they kill someone, who can know that they are doing it?

  "how? Are you a ghostly man coming in a group to come here to be the idea of ​​playing here? ”When Mu Yu said this, the surrounding souls were staring at the ghosts. Whether it was thousands of years ago or now, the things that the ghosts did were cast aside.

Their means are notoriously hot.

  "Yes, what are you doing on the demon island?"

  He Liankong frowned, and suddenly there were so many ghosts, and he felt that something was wrong, especially the arrival of Ghost Night and others was still guided by the ghost domain, which is even more strange.

  "What are you doing here?"Ghost nights replied coldly.

  "tourism."Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

  He glanced at other ghosts and saw the ghost red jade among the ghosts, but the nine mortal babies who had not seen the ghost red jade were estimated to have not come ashore.

  "Humph!"Ghost Night did not answer directly, obviously the purpose of his coming here is not so simple.

  "Do you know that this demon island can't come and go?"Mu Yu asked.

  "You don't have to worry about it! Take care of yourself! ”

  With the protection of Helian, Ghost Night couldn't start with Mu Yu. He turned and took his own person and followed the ghost field.

  Mu Yu looked at the back of the ghost gate. He knew that it would not be a happy thing to go to the demon island in the future. Once he was seized by the ghost night, he would probably be directly destroyed.

  "I always feel that the purpose of the ghost door people coming here is not good, Mu Yu, you should be careful next, try to stay with me."Helen said seriously.

  Originally he was looking for an opportunity to let Mu Yu mix into the Siren King City, but the ghost door people came here means that Mu Yu wants to sneak into the Kraken Dynasty more difficult.

  Mu Yu is thinking about one thing. Since the ghost doorman was guided by the ghost domain, it is clear that the ghost door people must know that this monster island can only enter the limit that cannot be made. Ghost domain should be aware of certain methods.

  The demon soul has no arrogance. Yesterday, Mu Yu’s bone warriors were too strong, almost overwhelming victory, they must develop new methods. But no matter what bone warfare they sent, they all couldn’t beat the small diamond warriors.

  For three consecutive days, the bone warriors of the Yaozu were defeated by Xiaoshuai’s Golden Bone Warrior.
It’s really hard to play games, and I can always think of all kinds of strange moves, and the other’s bone warriors will be beaten.

  However, the attention of Mu Yu in these two days is not on the bone warrior, but on the ghost gate. Compared with the demon soul, the arrival of the ghost door makes Mu Yu care. The ghost gate man has come to the demon island for two days, but there is no movement, even the battle with the demon people fighting for the bones of the territory is not a glance, like the disappearance of the general.

  Ghost domain has rarely appeared since Ghost Night and other people came here. Ghost domain and Heliankong four human soul leaders have their own default sphere of influence on the demon island. At this moment, the ghost gate is under the jurisdiction of the ghost domain. Within the scope, He Liankong could not find out in the past what the ghost people are doing.

  On the fourth day, in the shouts of the human soul, Xiao Shuai excitedly manipulated its bone warriors and jumped on the battlefield. At least one game a day, this is a common rule.

  However, the people who played this time surprised Wood Yu.

  It is the dragon leaf away!

  The Yaozu people also came to the demon island. When the demon people came ashore, they did not trigger an alarm, and the outer layer of the shield that hindered the horrific destruction was not affected by them, because their demon people came to the demon island. The Siren King has nothing to say.

  "Which ghost door I am so powerful, the bone warrior who defeated our Yaozu in a row, it turned out to be you!" It’s really a narrow road! ”Longye smiled and looked at Mu Yu.

  Longye is a person who is a dragon star. When they first joined together, they wanted to deal with Mu Yu and grab the dragon vine, but unfortunately let the wood feather escape. Now they appear on the demon island. If Mu Yu guessed it correctly, Long Ye was only pointed by the mermaid king.

  "Is Joe Snow not coming?"Mu Yu asked quietly.

  In order to avoid Joe Snow's intervention, they deliberately separated Qiao Xue and Mu Yu. When Mu Yu escaped, he did not go to Qiao Xue, because Qiao Xue was also part of the Yaozu. However, Qiao Xue is a human being. When she came ashore, she should also violate the warning of the demon island. However, Mu Yu did not notice any alarm fluctuations in these two days.

  Didn't Joe Snow come to this island?

  "You don't have to worry about this, you should take care of yourself first!"The dragon's breath is unreservedly released from the body's body, and powerful pressures are swept away.

  The souls of the Terrans have been stunned and suddenly shouted: "Shameless! This is a contest between the bone soldiers, you actually do not send bone soldiers to play? ”


  The souls of the Terran know that Mu Yu only has the distracting period of cultivation, and can control the bone warriors to defeat the opponents. However, if the opponent is a seductive period, then Mu Yu is difficult to win.

  "Do you control bone warfare? Then I will kill you with this bone! ”The dragon leaf held the rib of a monster from the hand and waved twice in the air.

  The existence of the bone warrior is mainly because the soul of the island can not directly hurt the other side, but also wants to compete for the site, so it is to fight by means of the control bone warfare.

  How the bone warfare is assembled and how many bones are used, these are not specified. Anyway, as long as the other bone warriors are dismantled, they will win. UU reads www. Uukanshu. Com, therefore, the bone warfare is assembled in a variety of ways. Usually the two bone warfare battles, the bones used are quite a lot, or hundreds of souls can be coordinated at the same time.

  Now that there are more living comprehensions and demons on the island, the bone warriors are not so important. According to Long Ye, he does not seem to use a bone as a bone warrior. Be counted as a violation.

  The more bones, the better, but I can't say that I can't use one.

  "No, we have to go to the ghost doorman who is in the robbery period!"Mu Mengfei whispered.

  This battle of soul territories has risen to the contest between the living Terran and the Yaozu, so whoever is high is the winner. Ghost Night is the cultivation of the robbery period. If you participate in this contest, the Terran is almost invincible.

  The soul can't hurt the soul, but the soul can fight against the living. If you know that the demon family is sending a living demon person, they will send a soul of the robbery period to fight against the dragon leaf. .

  "It's too late, once you get into the limit, you can't leave. They only have to win the game before they can get out of that limit."He Liankong shook his head. He looked at Mu Yu and his eyes flashed in some strange looks.

  "So we don't need to use bone soldiers, are you?"

  Mu Yu removed the formation, all the bones "哗啦" fell to the ground, only the leg bones of Heliankong were held in the hands of the wooden feathers, and the streamer was uploaded from the leg bones of Helian.

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