Chapter 627 True Dragon Breath

  "Mom, I have already seen this bug and I am not pleasing to the eye, kill me!"Xiao Shuai because can not enjoy playing its diamond bone soldiers, so brooding.

  Long Teng also whispered: "I hate hybrids."

  Mu Yu knows that he has no retreat, but after two days of exploration, he has discovered the magical effect of Helian’s empty Horcrux. Helian’s Horcrux has a powerful force. If this power can be guided well, it can be used by Mu Yu. Control in your hands and exert a huge amount of combat power.

  "how? Are you going to deal with me with a broken bone? ”Dragon leaves smiled and laughed.

  The bones in his hands are just ordinary bones of the demon animal, but they are barely held in the hand for the sake of the rules. Once they get together, relying on the strength of the fit period, the bones are dispensable.

  "The last time you owe my account, let's take a look at it today!"Mu Yu took the Horcrux, and a mellow soul instantly swam in his body. This soul is very strong, and the power of the Triple Palace is even worse.

  "It should be a good calculation! You dare to hijack the real dragons of our Yaozu, I must kill you and save the real dragon! ”Longye screamed and rushed toward Muyu.

  "I have never seen such a shameless."Mu Yu’s eyes condensed, and the soul device in his hand was directly used as a magic weapon.


  The soul of the wood feather and the demon bone of the dragon leaf collide together, and the strong breath instantly bursts with the center of the two. A crackling sound, the dragon leaves from the hands of the demon bones actually cracked out and became torn apart!

  The ribs of this monster are as strong as gold and iron, but still in the face of the soul of the wood feathers.

  The common battle between the bone warriors and the Terran is the Horcring of Helian, because the power of this Horcrux is very powerful, and the Yaozu must rely on the other Hormones to unite to share this power. .

  The dragon leaves are not even the Horcruxes in their hands. They are just ordinary bones. He is so arrogant that he can use an ordinary demon bone to fight against the Horren's Horcrux. It is simply not self-sufficient!

  The soul of the hand in Mu Yu’s hands destroyed the demon bones of the dragon leaves like bamboo, and then continued to blast to the dragon leaves. The dragon leaf was slightly shocked in the centrifugation. When I thought that this would happen, the bones in the hands were broken into powder, and the whole person rushed out and let the wooden feathers fly empty.

  "Good strength!"

  Longye looked at Muyu with surprise. The arm that he had just held the demon bone was still numb, and Mu Yu’s distraction was able to threaten him. This feeling is too strange.

  However, Longye is not a fool from nature. He only played with Mu Yu a few days ago. He does not believe that Mu Yu has reached the fit period in just a few days. He put his gaze on the Horcrux in the hands of Mu Yu, understand this. With the leg bones is the magic weapon that causes the power of wood feathers to increase.

  At the foot of Mu Yu's feet, the scenes flashed, and the whole star disappeared. The whole person disappeared in the original place. When it appeared again, it was already the top of the dragon leaves. The soul of the hand slammed into the dragon leaves and went down from the head.

  After all, the dragon leaves are the demon people in the fit period. Even if the strength is not as good as the wood feathers, the speed and reaction are far more than the wood feathers. When the wood feathers have not yet fallen, he has already gone out and turned back to the wood. On the left side of the feather, the hand turns into a dark dragon claw and grabs the neck of the wood feather.

  The wood feathers are only able to lean back, but the body is still caught by the claws of the dragon leaves, and a golden iron strikes the sound of the sound.

Mu Yu flashed through numerous innumerable patterns, and a shadow sword spurred out from the void, smashing away from the claws of the dragon leaves, and flashing the attack range of the dragon leaves.

  "I still eat the repaired loss."

  Mu Yu shook his head slightly, and the strength and speed of the fit period was far above him. He only temporarily strengthened his body with the soul of the Horcrux, and he could not keep up with the dragon leaves in the reaction period.

  "You have a lot of good things on your kid's body, and you are constantly folding? Really a good sword! ”

  Dragon's claws directly caught the shadow of the wood feather in his hand. He wanted to break the shadow sword, but the hardness of the shadow sword exceeded his imagination, even the dragon claws he was proud of. Can't break!

  "Look at this sturdy sword, I am afraid it is the sword of the sword shadow dust, kid, this sword belongs to me! Haha! ”

  The dragon leaf is a greedy look. The reputation of the sword shadow dust wind is extremely famous even among the Yao people. Although they live in seclusion, the Terran and Yumen are not likely to ignore it.

  "Want to take my sword? Also have to see if you have this ability! ”

  Mu Yu smiled slightly, and the dragon leaf suddenly swayed a pattern from the shadow sword in his hand, and then disappeared directly into the void.

  His Tianjian nine-sword sword array is divided by the shadow sword. The shadow sword is hidden between the whole world. The sword shadow is everywhere. The sword is everywhere. It is now in the void, and it is invisible. Where is the dragon leaf? Can you keep it?

  The dragon leaf is a little bit blue from the face. He clearly grabs the shadow sword in his hand, but the shadow sword disappears out of nowhere, making him somewhat unprepared, and even has some feeling of being played.

  "court death!"

  The speed of the dragon leaves is not under the wood feathers, and it appears in front of the wood feathers, and one palm is taken to the chest of the wooden feathers. Mu Yu’s soul device greeted him, and the dragon leaves collided with each other. The two men simply collided with the flesh, and the horrible impact sounded like a thunder, so that every human soul on the scene was a little scared.

  Dragon Leaf has a true dragon blood vein from the body, although the blood concentration is not very pure, but because the real dragon blood veins make his body become very
Strong. Compared with other monsters, the descendants of Zhenlong have an absolute advantage in the body, not to mention the fact that the physical quality is not as good as the comprehension of the beast.

  The reason why the self-cultivators are so powerful is that they are good at forging various magic weapons, as well as powerful spells, but they are not enough to make up for the lack of physical fitness. However, it is rare for a self-cultivator such as Mu Yu to directly collide with the body and the dragon leaf.

  The dragon leaves are more and more shocking, and the wood feathers are only distracted, but his body is so strong, which is more than a lot of demon people, it is terrible! This kind of person must die, otherwise it will definitely be a disaster to grow up in the future!

  When Mu Yu was away from the dragon, he relied not only on the strength of the Horton, but also the black and white spirit in his body.

  The black spiritual power can swallow the damaged body muscles, and the white spiritual power can quickly repair the damaged area. After each injury is repaired, his physical condition will be harder, which is also the time when the wood feather can be distracted. The reason for the repair is to compete with the dragon leaf.

  But this will also go down to the fact that Mu Yu will suffer, because he will definitely be exhausted from the Dragon Leaf in the fit period.

  "Dayu, people have your blood, how can you not see how strong your physical fitness? Are you not a fake dragon? ”Xiaoshuai asked.

  "Hey, he is not born to me, what a dragon! Except when I was a weak period of the dragon, when did you see me hurt? ”Long Teng said disdainfully.

  "Then your body must be harder than this kind of bed bug. You can use the big body to lick him!" As long as you are reasonably controlled at one point, you can combine the physical strengths of both of you. ”Xiaoshuai said.

  Mu Yu's heart is moving, he can control the body of the dragon vine, and naturally can also be integrated with the dragon and rattan. The dragon vine is a real dragon, then its body is definitely stronger than the dragon leaf!

  "Well, I have been watching hybrids for a long time."Dragon vine is eager to try on Mu Yu's wrist.

  Mu Yu’s wrist is lightly moving, and Long Teng suddenly blends with his wrist. His arm turns into a cyan dragon rattan claw. Although the dragon vine body is a plant, its physical quality cannot be followed by ordinary plants. Treat it!


  The wood feathers assimilated with the dragon vines are once again attacked with the dragon leaves, while a powerful dragon is swept from the wooden feathers.


  The dragon leaf changed greatly from the face, and this dragon was beyond the scope of his body. His blood was oppressed by this dragon, and the speed of the flow became slow. At one time, he could not gather strength and was baptized by wood. A fist smashed the wrist bones, and the whole person flew out!

  "Good guy, it turns out that the pressure of Longtan is so useful to the Yaozu! I said it earlier, and it saved me so much. ”Mu Yu turned his wrist and hit the iron hot. He didn't talk about it, and he punched the face again.

  The dragon leaves from the anger, he reached out and tried to block Mu Yu’s fist, but the pressure that made his heart reappeared, so that his palm could not lift his strength. Mu Yu’s fist slammed into the dragon leaf. On the palm of your hand, together with the palm of the dragon leaves, hit the face of Longye!

  With the bodyguard of the Horcrux, the wood feathers and the dragon and the vine are combined, and the whole person's combat strength has risen to a level, and the original arrogant dragon leaves have been beaten a little.

  "The atmosphere of the real dragon! hateful! ”

  Longye is outraged, but he still doesn't understand. Although the real dragon can make him feel guilty, but today's real dragon is not high, and he still can't make absolute oppression. What is Mu Yu doing?

  Mu Yu was too lazy to explain that he was slamming in the dragon leaves with his fists and punches. The dragon leaf was not able to fight back with a comprehension of the companion period, which really made him feel very shame! However, he has no way, UU reading After the integration of Mu Yu and Long Teng, the powerful oppression severely restrained his play, and the blood of the weak dragon in his body was shuddering.

  It can be said that it is also the blood of the dragon, the defeat is also the dragon blood!


  The dragon leaf was directly hit by the wooden feathers and hit the ground, and a deep pit was found on the ground. At this time, the dragon leaves have a chance to get rid of the fist of Mu Yu, and the repair of the fit period has escaped the wood feather that has been washed down again.

  This battle has won and won. There is no way to avoid the dragon leaves. His demon power can't hurt Mu Yu. Once he is close to Mu Yu, he will be restrained by the real dragon of Mu Yu, and even his ability to fight back. nothing.

  The dividing line is directly visible, and soon it will move one meter to the demon people again!

  Terran wins!

  The human soul has once again burst into a warm cheer, even if the Yaozu sent a seductive period of the Yaozu who was defeated by Mu Yu, Mu Yu once again became the focus of everyone.

  On the peaks in the distance.

  Ghost domain and Ghost Night Ming stood there, and they were paying attention to this battle of Mu Yu.

  "Do you see the Horcrux in the kid's hand? You should have seen the power of this Horcrux, that is, we have to get it! ”Ghost domain slowly said.

  Ghost night bright eyes, eyes like a poisonous snake swallowing cold, watching Mu Yu do not know what is thinking.

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