The No. 631 Chapter seeing is not real

  After seeing the King of the Sea and the Ghosts, the scenes they saw were completely different, as if they had entered a different world. This is the magical place of the mysterious machine to set this array.

  The so-called opportunity land, different people have different opportunities, only to understand their own opportunities from their own path is the best.

  At this moment, the place where Mu Yu is located is a basic field. Although the power of the field emitted by the town demon tower is far away, it is still not to be underestimated.

  Mu Yu still sits on the pinnacle and feels the natural rhythm around him. He has been deducting the pattern of the pattern in this field of practice. He has not yet reached the stage of the robbery, and he has no ability to communicate the rules of the world. He wants It is too difficult to directly understand the field. He can only rely on his own deductive ability to understand the surrounding patterns.

  Those lines in the eyes of the wooden feathers seem to have autonomous life, and they are beating cheerfully. At the beginning of the funeral valley, Mu Yu saw that Master used the power of nature to set up a powerful array. He always wanted to learn to control the power of nature, and at this moment he was in an empty nature.

  The surrounding breeze, all kinds of wonderful sounds are endless, and Mu Yu feels an indescribable intimacy.

  The finger in front of Muyu used the pattern to paint the scene of this area, but he always felt that something was missing. Then he was a spirit, and suddenly understood what was missing here.

  What he lacks in his evolution is the self of this area.

  The pattern in the hand beats again, and the figure in his hand also promotes his figure, and his figure is also evolving another one…

  Gradually, Mu Yu suddenly had a sense of emotion. Every world always has its own rules of evolution. If you want to control a rule, you must adapt to this rule.

  He tried to integrate his body and mind into the field of this array of techniques, and the breath of his body also followed the field of this field of surgery. When the wind began to blow, he also let his consciousness flutter in the wind, the chains intertwined and swayed, and his whole consciousness was gently shaken up and down.

  He regarded himself as a part of the field of mathematics, swaying along the field, and he suddenly found himself seemingly free to squat in this field, moving unimpeded, when he figured out this In the field of film, he has become a person in the field.

  Become the person who controls this field!

  Mu Yu was so surprised that he picked up the pebbles on the ground that he had just kicked and flew back. The stone was originally forced to be attached to the original rules of the field, but at the moment the stone was not in the hands of the wood feathers. Breaking back, it seems that the process of being moved by Muyu is also regarded as the ability of this field.

  "It turns out that I can control the field like this."

  Mu Yu was very surprised. His heart was fretting. All the cable bridges began to fall off and gradually rejoined in the air, forming a straight long bridge leading to a white front.

  "what? Mu Yu, how do you know how to get out of this maze? ”Xiaoshuai asked in surprise.

  "I figured out that the array is derived from the gossip. As long as it comes out of the gossip, all the arrays can actually know how to crack. Although the field of array technology can't be cracked with chaotic yin and yang, it can be controlled by deduction. ”The pattern in the hands of Mu Yu is slowly moving.

  "That doesn't mean you have learned the power of the field?"Longtan said with surprise.

  "You are so stupid, this is not the ability to learn the field, but to control the field where the mysterious machine is placed in this place!"Xiaoshuai corrected.

  "What is the difference?"Long Teng still does not understand.

  "Wu Yu has seen the realm of Xuanjizi, but he can't display the field himself. Do you understand?"Xiaoshuai said.

  Xiaoshuai is right, and it is only the tip of the iceberg in the realm of the mysterious machine. It is even more likely that it is a test of the deliberately laid-off of the mysterious machine. Mu Yu wants to learn the power of the field and nature, so he goes to the stone. After the bridge is a strip full of lines.

  The real field of Xuanjizi's real people is profound and profound, far from being able to fully control Muyu.

  The chain bridges that have been criss-crossed have been completely transformed into a straight passage by the wood feathers. Needless to say, you can walk out through this road.

  Mu Yu did not hesitate to walk along the cable bridge, his figure gradually disappeared into the fog.

  However, shortly after he left, the ghosts and sorrows suddenly appeared on the Chain Bridge. He looked around and looked at the back of the wood feathers, and smiled coldly.

  "Sure enough, I didn't let me down!"There is a black ghost in the hands of the ghost, and the black ghost is wrapped in a gimmick. At this moment, it is gently swaying, and one of the cyan points is beating and fading.

  "Mysterious sons have different opportunities for different people. Fortunately, there are ghosts of the predecessors of the ghost domain."One of the ghosts looked at the ghost device in the hands of the ghost, admiring it.

  It is generally impossible to walk from one's own opportunity to another's chance, but the ghost domain is not an ordinary person. He has been studying the inheritance of the mysterious person for five thousand years. Not to talk about it.

  "Now I know why I didn't kill him immediately!"Ghosts greeted the cold and followed the direction of Mu Yu.


  Mu Yu went all the way along the cable bridge, and felt the whole field of the pattern. His hand touched the iron rope gently, and his heart was clear.
There were black and white patterns in the eyes, and then the cable bridge trembled, and there were two roads in front!

  He smiled and turned to the right side of the cable bridge and disappeared into the fog.

  A moment of ghosts and sorrows also walked to the crossroads, the green light of the soul device in his hand showed the road on the left!

  "Ok?"Ghostly ruthless brows, only when he clearly saw the wooden feathers turn to the right side of the cable bridge, but why is the figure of the wooden feather displayed on the left side of the soul device?

  "Is there a problem with the Horcrux?"Asked a ghost.

  "The ghost device of the ghost domain will not be a problem."Ghosts sigh and sigh.

  "So, are we going to the right or the left now?"Six ghosts wandered around the ghosts.

  Ghosts succumbed to death for a long while: "This is the realm of the real machine of the mysterious machine, seeing is not necessarily true, go left."

  Ghosts stepped on the iron bridge on the left.

  Mu Yu is still walking on his own. Every time he walks, the front of the cable bridge will split, and the bridge suddenly becomes no longer straight, but there is a curvature, even a direct bend, but the total I know what direction I am going in and I don’t hesitate to encounter the fork.

  It has been three consecutive hours, the speed of the wood feather is not slow, always at a suitable speed, the cable bridge will also open in the visible range of wood feathers, even when it is opened, it looks so natural. There is no sudden feeling.

  Ghosts follow the guidance of the Horcrux, always see the figure of Mu Yu after a long walk, then Mu Yu will turn to other roads, and the road guided by the Horcrux is always with Mu Yu. The road is different, which makes him more certain that this place can not see the truth.

  There were two new roads in the front of the cable bridge, and the figure of the wooden feather disappeared on the right side of the cable bridge. When the ghosts walked to the fork, the Horcrux pointed to the left.

  Ghostly life is a bit weird, and this field of film surgery is beyond his knowledge. Because this is not specially for him to set up the land of opportunity, he can not judge the authenticity, only by virtue of the guidance of the Guide to chase Mu Yu pace.

  Since the guidance of the Horcrux is pointing to the left, there is nothing to hesitate to succumb to the life, and step into the middle of the cable bridge.

  But after he had gone a long way, he was surprised to find that there was a break in front of the cable bridge that he had gone!

  It is a break!

  The front of the cable bridge broke into the air, and the chain suddenly disappeared into the void when it reached halfway, and the wooden board under the foot disappeared. And in front of it is a fog of white, no way to go!

  "what happened?"A ghost asked inexplicably.

  Ghosts also feel that something is wrong. He walked along with the guidance of the Horcrux. He was always able to see the figure of Mu Yu just right, but Fang Cai Mu Ming Ming Ming disappeared on this road. Why did he disappear now?

  "Seeing is not necessarily true, the Horcrux indicates that the wood feather is in front, certainly not wrong."Ghosts will go to the break, if he guesses it is correct, the road ahead should be invisible!

  He carefully stepped forward to the front of the break, thinking that he could step on the invisible solid board, but what he didn't expect was that he had to step on the air. If he was not prepared, he would fall directly below. In the abyss!

  I can't fly in this place, and no one knows what it will be to go down, but the ghosts will never think that it is a fun thing. UU reading

  "There is no way ahead!"Ghosts sigh and sigh.

  "But the Horcruxes indicate that the wood feathers are right in front!"A ghost said.

  "Ghost old seven, you can fly here in the soul, you go to the front to see the situation, then come back and tell me the situation."Ghosts said their lives.

  One of the ghosts floated out and soon disappeared into the mist. He just left for about a quarter of an hour and then returned, saying: "There is a cable bridge in front, but it is divided into two, and I also saw the figure of the kid, he disappeared on the iron bridge in front of the front left."

  "Strange, how did he pass?"Asked a ghost.

  Ghosts feel that things seem to be getting worse and worse. His current situation is very embarrassing because he is the leader of the seven-born child, but here he can't move forward, and the other six ghosts can be traced. He must make a decision now. Is to let his seven children go to track Mu Yu, or return with him the same way.

  "You six are going to follow Mu Yu, remember, if he goes to the left, you will go to the right!"The ghost cherished the command.

  "how about you?"One of the ghosts asked.

  "I took the Horcrux and returned, and took another road just now. After you follow Mu Yu out of this field, I can go out with your breath. ”Ghosts will take the Horcrux and turn back.

  And six ghosts have already drifted to the front.

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