Chapter 633 Ancient Secrets

  Mu Yu was once again in a heavy fog, and all the actions of the ghosts were pretending. He just took the opportunity to trap the wooden feathers.

  Here is the place of opportunity, with its own domain rules, Mu Yu to calculate these rules, can be used rationally, but the ghosts do not know the field at all, can actually violate the rules here!

  “Do you want to know why I am not affected by your chance?”The ghosts are floating in the air, watching Mu Yu in a condescending manner, full of jokes in his tone, and a superior sense of superiority.

  He thought that Mu Yu would be surprised, but Mu Yu's reaction was very calm.

  "I do not want to know."Mu Yu said with ease.

  Mu Yu never expected to be able to easily trap the ghosts. There is a ghost domain among the ghosts. This guy was famous before his death. Although he was forced to guard the island after his death, he was very powerful and could secretly guide other ghosts. The doorman went to this demon island smoothly, and is it so simple?

  After the ghosts came to the demon island, they began to hide, and there was no catty in it. Before entering the King of the Sea King, the Ghost Domain must have told many of the things that they found out to tell the ghosts, otherwise how could the ghosts come to the place of Mu Yu?

  Ghostly regrets that he did not expect Mu Yu to respond like this. He held a hand in his hand and the ghosts around him were gathered together to form a long scarlet axe. The axe exudes a strong bloody smell, revealing the murderous murderousness. I am afraid that the blame that has died on the axe is countless.

  "Give you another chance, take me out of this field right away, or I will kill you and control your soul to get out of this field!"Ghostly, the axe crossed a red awn in the air, glamorous and embarrassing.

  "There is only one way to go out, and you will not try it with yours."

  Mu Yu reached out and gently swayed the ghost fog. He flashed a tiny invisible white awn. These white awns were fleeting, but they were always able to open all the ghosts in time.

  "Tell me."Ghosts succumb to the long axe pointing to the wood feathers, the axe of the long axe and the blood of the axe will drip, but the blood swam in the axe blade, that is, did not drip down.

  "repent."Mu Yu sat sarcastically watching the ghosts.

  Ghosts are not angry, but sneer: "Repent, I am repenting every time I kill someone. I am the one I got in repentance." Killing and repenting, I don’t fall. ”

  "This is the difference between you and me."Mu Yu said.

  "The difference is that I can kill you!"

  Ghosts can't understand what Mu Yu is saying. He reveals a hint of ridicule. The long axe in his hand has risen high, with endless killings, and smashed toward Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu did not hide, he did not move even if he gave up the resistance, let the ghosts squander him into two halves!


  Without any blood splashing, the body image of Mu Yu is a piece of paper, cut off by the long axe of the dripping blood, but there is a white awn in the fracture, and all the wounds will be repaired back soon.


  Ghosts were shocked, he looked at the swaying wood feathers, some unbelievable, the other party was clearly split into two halves, but in a critical moment but restored to the original, this is really puzzling!

  "Do you know what the realm of Xuanjizi is?"Mu Yu asked with interest.

  Xuanjizi is a real person who is enlightened in the field. His field is to prevent things from being forced to change, including human life!

  The ghost cherished a cold cry: "I don't care what the realm of the mysterious machine is, I only know that you will die today!"

  The long axe was so bloody that he fell to the wood feather again.


  Mu Yu stood on the cable bridge and looked at the ghostly area that was squandered in the distance. The ghosts were trying to kill him, but the ghosts had to know where it was. Yu is completely in control, and here he is really him!

  "When do you say that he will discover that the people he tries to kill are just a illusion?"Xiaoshuai laughed.

  "I hope he and the other six twins have fun here!"Mu Yu also laughed, and the other six ghost-loving twins were also angry to kill the illusion he made!

  "How do we get out of this opportunity?"Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

  Mu Yu laughed and said nothing, then walked along the iron bridge behind him, and soon disappeared on the cable bridge.

  However, shortly after Mu Yu’s departure, the position of Mu Yu’s standing stood a ghost and gradually became a ghost.

  The ghost cherished a cold look at the ghost that was made in the distance, and the other one was slashing the woody illusion made by the formation!

  "Wu Yu, do you really think that I can't see that it is the illusion of the illusion of formation?" Since you want to play like this, let's play enough! ”Ghostly sullenly smiled a bit, then turned into a ghost again and disappeared.


  The demon island is divided into two halves by the dividing line. The east is the territory of the human soul, and the west is the territory of the demon soul.

  The King of the Sea King is located in the east, and the town demon tower of the Seal of the Sea Demon King is originally in the center of the demon island. It is the territory guarded by the Terran, but it was taken away by the Yaozu, so the Terran has always wanted to take it back.

  It’s already late at night, the stars are a little bit
The moon illuminates the entire sky.

  Long Xingyu and others stood under the town demon tower, and they were amazed at the whole pagoda with blue light. Although this pagoda is a treasure belonging to the human race, it can seal the seal of the Kraken king, and the dragon star who is looking down on the human race has to admit the power of this pagoda.

  Deer bosses are also here, their holy roads were originally to the Terran territory, but later realized that the situation on the demon island, the hippocampus Tao chasing this to open up another road to them, leading to the demon island The west side, so delayed them for a few days.

  "Stars, do you really see Joe Snow?"The deer boss asked quietly.

  Long Xing and Long Ye and others looked at each other, and there was a glimmer of light in their eyes. Then Long Xing replied: "We originally saw Qiao Xue and Mu Yu together, but later met the mermaid demon, the kid. Even throwing Joe Snow to run! Qiao Xue was also taken away by the mermaid. ”

  "Impossible, Mu Yu is unlikely to leave Joe Snow."Deer boss shook his head and said.

  Deer boss knows that when he was in the second day, Mu Yu gave his transmission jade to Qiao Xue, letting Qiao Xue and the white demon king leave the double heaven. It is enough to show that Mu Yu will not be so do.

  "Knowing people knows no one!" Deer old, you have to always remember that you are a Yaozu, Mu Yu is not! ”The dragon leaves are cold and cold.

  Deer boss is very annoyed, and his heart can be guessed that Joe Snow’s disappearance may not be related to Long Xing.

  Dragon Star has always been fascinated by the blood of the dragon. Longtan is now beside Muyu, and Qiao Xue and Mu Yu have an unusual relationship. If Joe Snow is around, then Long Xingyi wants to be on the wood feather. Start, then Qiao Xue will certainly obstruct.

  Deer boss wants to blame Long Xing's ambition, but after all, he is not a subordinate of the Qinglong demon king. Long Xingyi is very noble in the Qinglong dynasty, he can not afford it.

  "Qiao Xue will not have anything, deer old, I think you still have a good study of this town demon tower, tell us how to enter the town demon tower, how can we rescue the King of the Sea King!"Dragon Star said in a tone of command.

  Here he has become the backbone of the Yaozu.

  The old deer swallowed and did not refute anything. At the beginning, he was seriously injured by the ghost night, and has not recovered yet. Nothing was repaired, nor was it the Yaozu of the Qinglong Dynasty, so Long Xingyi no longer put him in his eyes.

  There are six leaders of the demon soul, in addition to the demon king who lost to Mu Yu at the beginning, there are also a domineering whale, a wild water shark, a stunned nine-headed worm, a vibrating sea purple snake and a lightning white gull.

  "Our soul can't get close to the town demon tower. This great pagoda of the human race has studied the mystery of thousands of years and can't see through it. It depends on your descendants."The demon king patted the old shoulders of the deer.

  "I am not your junior. I have already said that I am the same age as you. I am older than you, and I can be your grandfather."Deer did not respond eagerly.

  The demon king touched the back of his head: "Hey, I forgot this, I am sorry, you see that you were in the second heaven, are we not stalking each other?"

  The deer boss is too lazy to pay attention to the demon king. He is close to the town demon tower. This tower is invisible during the day and can only be seen at night. The blue light shines on him, making him feel that the body's injury seems to have signs of healing!

  The deer boss circled the town demon tower and carefully touched the towering tower of the blue light. There was a force on the tower, which was extremely repulsive to him.

  He shook his head and said: "This is the power of the field. UU reading can't be opened by our ability. Only the level of the Yaozu people can compete against the power of the field."

  “Is there any other way to open it?”Long Xingyu is not satisfied with this answer.

  The deer boss touched his own beard and his eyes flashed in the blink of an eye: "To open this tower, you must use the power of the mysterious son of the Terran!" However, according to what you said, this power was sealed in the King of the Siren. ”

  "We all know that you can say something we don't know?"Dragon Star said impatiently.

  Deer boss is quite dissatisfied with Long Xing's tone, but still resists anger and said: "The white demon king left me with a thing before the departure, which can help the King of the Sea King to get out of trouble, but the premise is that we must and the Terran Discuss how to enter the town demon tower!"

  "Consult with the Terran? dream! ”The dragon star is cold and cold. He has always looked down on any Terran, and believes that the Terran dominates the entire Triple Continent just because of luck.

  Deer boss said: "The town demon tower is not just for sealing the Kraken King! We can only get what we want by working with the Terran. The ancestors of the day have said that we have come here not only for the King of the Sea King. ”

  Dragon Star frowned: "What is the secret of the town demon tower? Why don't you say it earlier! ”

  The old deer rushed to the dragon star, and he slowly said: "A secret about the ancients, the secret that the demon king must be rescued! This will be understood by the Terran. ”

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