Chapter 634 Ancient Battlefield

  The breeze was blowing lightly, and the tiesuoqiao was rattling.

  There was no tiesuoqiao in front of the plume, but every step he took, his feet stretched out tiesuoqiao and planks.

  "The guy looks smarter than the little devils he's had before."Xiaoshuai looked at the back from time to time.

  "His IQ is indeed higher than the other Japs, but he is no longer useful, in my chance to land, all the roads are created by me!" ”At the foot of Mu Yu, the iron bridge at the front began to separate, and the wooden feathers directly turned to the cable bridge on the right.

  "Let's leave here!"Xiaoshuai found that the ghosts behind him were like a dog skin plaster, and they were a little impatient.

  "If we leave here now, he will also find a way to leave. I am not sure to defeat him outside."Mu Yu shook his head.

  Here is his chance, Mu Yu uses his own comprehension to calculate the rules here. He has mastered how to use the power of nature, and also faintly explores a threshold in the field of array technology. This is a terrible achievement!

  Because the power of the field can only be controlled by the compradors of the Mahayana period, and Mu Yu is now only a comprehension of the distraction period! This is already quite difficult to see in the realm of comprehension.

  "The blind eye doesn't work for that guy, what should we do?"Long Teng yawned.

  Mu Yu pondered for a moment, suddenly looked up and smiled: "Who said that the blind eye does not work for that guy?"

  At the foot of his foot, he took out two additional cable bridges and disappeared on the cable bridge on the left.

  Not a moment, the ghosts also appeared in the fork, he looked at the back of Mu Yu and walked to the left cable bridge. According to his experience of tracking wood feathers, when the figure of Mu Yu disappeared into a road, the Horcrux must point to another One.

  But this time the Horcruxes pointed directly to the cable bridge on the left, which is obviously a bit wrong.

  The ghost cherished his eyes, and the reason why he still refuses to kill Mu Yu now is because he does not know how to leave. As long as he stared at Mu Yu's figure and the wood feathers, he believed that Mu Yu would definitely show his way out.

  He indulged for a moment, and finally decided to step on the left, tracking the wood feather according to the guidance of the Horcrux, but he had a ghost on his body, and rushed to the right side of the cable bridge.

  Ghosts are actually a lot of doubts. He always knows that Mu Yu is misleading. Therefore, every time he encounters a fork, he will send out a ghost. At this moment, he has already distributed countless ghosts, almost All the roads made by Mu Yu have been gone.

  However, after the ghosts passed away for half an hour, suddenly the pupils shrank, and then the whole face became gloomy.

  Because he once again saw the ghost fog of Fang Cai! Inside, he used the ghost to atomize himself and is struggling to slash the wood feathers made with the formations!

  "Going to the original point?"Ghosts frowned, he looked at the Horcruxes in his hand and found that the Horcrux still indicated that Mu Yu was walking in front.

  He hesitated for a long while and continued to move forward. This time there was no turn and no fork. After an hour, he saw the ghost fog he had made again!

  The Horcrux still indicates that the wood feather is in front!

  Ghosts clenched their fists, but he did not expect him to be so careful or the road of Mu Yu!


  "Haha! The mirror array of the dead woods can keep me stuck for a long time! ”Mu Yu laughed aside.

  Mu Yu had already secretly laid out the mirror array during the walking process. This mirror array will eventually return to the original point no matter where it goes. Mu Yu is using the characteristics of the ghost to be suspicious, and deliberately led him to his own mirror array, otherwise it would be impossible to get rid of him.

  As for why the ghost device of the ghost has always pointed to the front, it is because the wood feather is outside the end of the mirror array, no matter how the ghosts die, the mirror array points to the front, so the Horcrux will not go wrong.

  "Okay, let's go out!"Mu Yu clap his hands and once again turned to set up a mirror array, and then jumped directly into the endless abyss of the day.

  The way to go out is actually at the foot, just because it can't fly here, so everyone is afraid to fall and die, but I don't know that it is the way to leave!

  The mountain wind blew on the body, the body of Mu Yu quickly fell, and then the whole figure jumped into the water wave, swaying in the air, the ripples flashed, and the wood feathers have already stepped on the solid On the land.

  He turned and looked back, and behind it was the criss-crossing stone bridge, but Mu Yu had already passed the bridge.

  He had to admire the means of Xuanjizi's real person. Xuanjizi really knew that the people who entered the Siren King City would only be human races, so setting different places for different people is a test and a test. Opportunity, can you cherish only by yourself.

  Walking through the stone bridge, you will see the magnificent palace. The palace of the Kraken King is luxurious and dignified. Compared with the palace of the Emperor, there is a lot of calmness and atmosphere. Even after so many years, the years seem to have left no mark on it.

  But there were tall, stout pillars around the palace. It was discovered that these pillars were made of submarine volcanic rocks with some mud on them.

  The statues of the self-cultivators on the eight pillars seem to be mighty and overbearing. They must be placed by the real people, but they do not know what these stone pillars have.

  Wood feather slowly walked under the stone pillar, and looked at the engraving on the stone pillar, and found that these are the inscriptions he is familiar with. There are swaying lines around the white, and the white lines are flowing between the pillars. It is like a stream of water. Every inscription is the source and destination of these streams.

  Strictly speaking, the inscriptions used to arrange arrays have no specific meaning. The meaning they represent needs to be understood by themselves. Therefore, in order to interpret these inscriptions, Mu Yu must use the way he understands to calculate the whole array.

  Mu Yu reached out and the white streaks did not hinder him, but let him go directly. But he had just bypassed the stone pillars, and suddenly the palace in front of him disappeared, but it turned into a vast ocean, and the whole body of Mu Yu had stood in the air.

  Surrounded by a myriad of comprehensions, countless, with a large group of demons below!

  Mu Yu was shocked. He watched these figures with vigilance, but neither the comprehension nor the Yaozu did not find the wood feathers that suddenly appeared in the battlefield. It was a magical array that Mu Yu realized before.

  "The demon and the human race? This is the ancient battlefield thousands of years ago! ”

  Mu Yu was amazed. In order to defeat the demon king thousands of years ago, the Terran led the comprehension to the territory of the Shanghai demon king, and launched a desperate battle with the Kraken King!

  Both the Terran and the Yaozu are very powerful races, and you don't have to think about how terrible this battle is!

  At the moment, it is the scene of the war between the Terran and the Yaozu!

  Next to Mu Yu stood a white-haired old man who was fluttering. Even though he knew that this was an image of 5,000 years ago, Mu Yu could still feel a god-like majesty from the white old man, standing there as if he was a self-contained person. In a world, everything in the world is centered on him.

  Mu Yu even suspects that the white-haired old man in front of him is a big change in the wind, and it is overwhelming!

  "Is this a mysterious machine?"

  Mu Yu was amazed. When he attacked the Kraken Wang, he led the Terran to fight this real machine. At this moment, he was surrounded by Heliankong, Ghost Domain, Bohong and Mu Mengfei. Master.

  These four faces are very serious, looking at the middle-aged people who are walking under the waves!

  The Kraken King!

  Mu Yu had never seen the Siren King before, but he would never admit the wrong person, because the atmosphere of the King of the Kraken King is as good as the sky, as if it can make the whole ocean flow.

  This is a middle-aged man with a square face and a blue-breasted shirt. It seems to be a Confucian student. However, the hegemonic tendency of his gestures makes people unable to make a fuss.

  The waves under his feet are rolling a thousand miles, and it has become another form, emitting blue light, like a sapphire crystal clear.

  "Mysterious son, do you really believe in the human race?"The Siren King asked coldly.

  His voice is like a thunderous explosion, echoing in everyone's ears, making people feel uncertain.

  Xuanjizi said faintly: "It is your Yaozu who has crossed the border. You should know what the consequences of doing this are!"

  Xuanjizi's real voice is not big, but it is clearly introduced into everyone's ears, and the momentum that is not angry and self-defeating is not weaker than the Siren King. UU reading

  "You guys don't want to resist, don't you allow our Yao people to resist?"The face of the Siren King is showing endless anger.

  Xuanjizi’s real eyes showed a stern decision. He seemed to be deeply jealous of something. He said: “Did you have not learned the lessons of the double heaven? The practice of daylight leads to the destruction of the entire double heaven, and we cannot allow you to bring the triple heaven to destruction! ”

  "Less nonsense, we at least don't want to live in ignorance for the rest of our lives! Since you want to interfere with our approach, then we have nothing to discuss! ”

  The Kraken King waved his hand and jumped out of the sea with a variety of demon people, killer whales, white sharks, octopuses…Every monster has turned into a powerful body, and rushed to the comprehension.

  Xuanjizi’s real person also waved his hand, and all the self-cultivators yelled and sacrificed the magic weapon in their hands, rushing down as if they were dead.

  Xiaguang Wanzhang, the waves are soaring!

  The battle between the self-cultivator and the Yaozu is fierce, the air is filled with endless bloody smell, a terrible battle has started, blood is splashing, broken meat is floating on the sea, and the whole sea is dyed!

  The mysterious machine and the Kraken King in the center of the battlefield are still standing still. They are staring at each other. The momentum of the body is constantly rising. The air seems to be irritated, and the seawater that has been flowing for a long time has stopped flowing.

  Both the self-cultivator and the Yaozu have left the area in unison, and they can't resist the battle between the two!

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