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Chapter 635 Mysterious Sons Real People

  The sky originally floated a few white clouds, but the white clouds drift to this area of time, but suddenly be a surging breath of vibration scattered!

  The powerful atmosphere of the Kraken Wang 禺 冲 冲 , , , , , , 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 强大 Controlling water is not the unique ability of water. The sea monsters living in the sea know more or less the water control technique, let alone the king of the sea monster.

  These water columns are mixed with majestic momentum, and every wave that splashes out is like a sharp blade. It trembles in the air and turns to the mysterious machine at various angles.

  Xuanjizi’s real person just waved his hand, and a magnificent pattern swayed from his body, and the formations rolled in, as if a transparent barrier suddenly unfolded, centering on him and turning the whole field around him into his own use. .

  This powerful force is in the field of arrays!

  "The law is back to the original!"

  Xuanjizi really screamed, and the pattern appeared in the whole field. The ups and downs shrouded all the waters that swept through the sky.

  The water column was trembled in the fluctuating patterns and the demon power that the Kraken King blessed in it, turned into the most primitive water droplets, and turned into a sea of ​​oceans, and the water curtain covering the sky was pouring down from the sky!

  The realm of the real machine of Xuanjizi, let all things return to the source, can not be forced to change!

  The Siren King stepped out in a step, and a white ruler appeared in his hand. The white ruler turned into a thousand feet, and the flourishing power swept out. It was a hard place to take a hole in the realm of the mysterious machine. !

  Xuanjizi’s real hands moved, and the formations turned into flying feathers, and they blasted to the Siren King with horrible lethality. The piece of flying feathers is as thin as a hair, but it seems to have broken the void, leaving a sharp whistling in the air.

  "Set the sea a thousand feet, sinking my master!"

  The Siren King shouted in a low voice. A blue demon power spread out around the sea, and the air seemed to become sticky. The void around the King of the Sea King became like a deep sea. The mysterious flying sky of the mysterious machine is killing, but in the void, it seems to have entered the sea. The strong resistance of the sea will completely block the momentum of the flying feathers!

  The field of the Kraken Kings: The ups and downs of my Lord!

  The deep sea water flow is created in all around, and all the weapons that attack themselves are removed from the sea by the strong sea water resistance, which is a powerful defensive field, which is quite beneficial in the battle.

  Two powerful fields collided with each other, and at the same time, all the seas within a few hundred miles were blocked. The sea water was evaporated and the deep ditch was exposed at the bottom of the sea. Their majestic atmosphere actually blocked the sea water, so that the sea could not be rejoined. !

  Mu Yu stood by and watched the battle between Xuanjizi real person and the Siren Wangjiang, and his heart was shocked! Two great powers are in the air, and the power of the field is like the mighty mountains pressing in the heart of Mu Yu, making him look so humble.

  Xuanjizi real people and the Kraken Wang Yujiang are quite powerful. Their cultivation has already reached the realm of supernaturalization. They stood at the top of the comprehension world. Although the battle of 5,000 years ago was only an image, it allowed the wooden feathers to enter. The situation.

  Every wave generated by the two people swayed the heart of Mu Yu!

  "I have been thinking that the younger generation should understand the battle of that year. After all, this is a contradiction between the Yao and the Terran. The people here are fighting for this world. They should not be so obscured.

"A vicissitudes of sound rang in the ears of Muyu.

  Mu Yu was slightly shocked. He turned his head and found that Xuanjizi really didn't know when he was standing by his side.

  "You are the first self-cultivator to come here in 5,000 years."Xuanjizi really looked at Mu Yu.

  "Predecessors, you–" Mu Yu looked at Xuanjizi real people in amazement. The mysterious machine in front of him was so real, standing there and becoming a world of heaven, not angry, and magnificent.

  "This is my residual consciousness. It is enclosed in this array of methods. You don't have to think about it."Like to relieve the doubts of Mu Yu, Xuanjizi replied.

  Putting his own consciousness in the array, this ability is quite against the sky, and even if he is a master of the door, he does not dare to say that he can do this.

  "You have a lot of doubts, talk about it."

  Xuanjizi's real person waved, the front lines were surging, all the pictures disappeared, and Mu Yu stood on the solid land again, and behind him were the tall stone pillars.

  Mu Yu did have a lot of doubts, but found that he did not know where to ask for a time.

  He sorted out his thoughts and introduced himself to himself: "Predecessors, under the wood feathers, do not blame."

  Xuanjizi real people looked at Mu Yu and gently nodded: "You have chaotic yin and yang in your body. It seems that the squad has finally eliminated the differences and only let one person be the master."

  Mu Yu is a bit shameful. I don't know how to explain this. Today's squadrons are no longer the same as they used to be. It is quite a coincidence that Mu Yu can become the door of the door.

  "Predecessors, the people on the island that you said are dead for this world. I don't understand why the Terran and the Yaozu must fight." What unforgivable things did the demon king do to make you spend such a huge price to seal the demon king? ”Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

  Xuanjizi’s real person was silent for a long while, then he sighed: “For the world to not repeat the same mistakes, the destruction of the double heaven is a lesson.”

  "Why is the double heaven?
destroy? ”Mu Yu is still puzzled.

  He has been to the Double Heaven, where it is ridiculous, like the land of wasteland, only the powerful monsters, whether it is the Terran, the Yaozu or the Yumeng Mozu are extinct. The Muyu Mozu, which Mu Yu first saw in the second day, actually migrated from the Three Heavens, in order to use the aura of the double heavens to quickly recover.

  Double Heaven was once said to have dominated the Yaozu people. The territory of the Terran was relatively small, but it was later washed up by some terrible things. All races were extinct, leaving only the monsters.

  Xuanjizi is humane: "The Yaozu people destroyed the balance of the double heavens and touched the bottom line of some powerful existence, so that they paid the price of blood."

  Mu Yu was amazed: "Who has such a powerful ability? Can you destroy the entire double heaven? ”

  Xuanjizi did not immediately answer, but looked at the distant King's Palace to sing the gods, as if recalling some past events, his eyes in the weather-beaten eyes showed a trace of embarrassment.

  "The world has never been as simple as it seems on the surface. We can do it ourselves."Xuanjizi said slowly, and did not seem to want to tell the truth.

  "Then why did you tell the predecessors of He Liankong that the demon king must be born?"Mu Yu did not ask further. Many times, knowing too much will only add to his troubles.

  "The demon king was born because the balance of the world is not broken."Xuanjizi said the real person.

  Mu Yu still can't understand.

  Xuanjizi real person did not plan to explain in detail. He continued: "I recorded this battle. I hope that the comprehension community should not forget the soul of the whole demon island. They are killed because of this world, but they cannot leave this place. Demon Island, I hope that the younger generation can remember their contributions."

  "Predecessors, our younger generations did not know why there was a dispute between the Terran and the Yaozu. There was no tragic battle on this island, and no one would remember it. This image alone does not explain anything. ”Mu Yu said sincerely.

  If it weren't for the ghosts who wanted to come to this demon island, the realm of comprehension had long forgotten the existence of these souls.

  Xuanjizi’s real person silently said nothing for a long time: “The power to enter the town’s demon tower was sealed in this palace. I want to enter the town demon tower and unlock the bondage of this demon island. You must get my approval. Only then. Since you are the gatekeeper of the squad, then I remind you that you are flying around, flying in the sky, and there is no disagreement. ”

  The figure of Xuanjizi's real person turned into a ripple of the road, and gradually dissipated. At this time, the surrounding area was once again covered with a layer of white mist, and the king's palace of the Siren King was covered, and only the vague outline was seen.

  "When you fly in the clouds, you will be distracted by the sun." What does it mean? ”Mu Yu pondered this sentence inexplicably, but did not figure out what the plan meant.

  Mu Yu is still thinking about this sentence, suddenly aware that a danger is approaching, his toes have been scattered, and at the same time a majestic ghost slammed in the place where Mu Yu stood!

  Ghosts and sorrows have come out of the opportunity of Mu Yu!

  "Kids, UU reading Your reaction is very fast."The face of the ghost is very unsightly, and anyone who is trapped in the mirror array will be annoyed, because no matter how they go, they will be in the same place.

  Ghost life has been calculating Mu Yu after entering the opportunity of Mu Yu, he has been working with Mu Yu, knowing the whereabouts of Mu Yu. But in the end, Mu Yu was a high player and put him together.

  If it is not the Horcring that the Ghost Domain has given him, I am afraid that it is impossible to get out of the mirror array of Mu Yu.

  The corner of the wooden feathers slammed: "The speed of your coming out is a little disappointing! My expectations for you are higher. ”

  The mirror array is very clever, but Mu Yu does not expect this array to be able to trap the ghost for a long time. After Mu Yu left the edge of the opportunity, he would actually be seen by the ghosts.

  Because the soul device in the hands of the ghosts has always indicated the direction of the wood feathers, when the wood feathers leave the edge of the machine, the direction indicated by the Horcrux will change. As long as the ghosts are slightly speculated, it will be known that the wood feathers are at the moment. In what direction, I also know that jumping off the cable bridge is actually the way out of the opportunity.

  "It might be useful to think about keeping your life, but since you have already arrived here, you don't need you anymore."

  Ghostly reluctantly appeared in the hands of the blood-colored axe, the long axe exudes a pungent bloody smell, and at the same time he also appeared six ghosts around him, it is his six twins!

  This time, he plans to kill Mu Yu directly!

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