Chapter 636 confrontation

  For the threat of death, Mu Yu has heard it for thousands of times. He has always been with you, I am good, everyone's good attitude and dealing with people, but always because of various helpless reasons to recruit to kill.

  "What a nasty guy!"

  Mu Yu was troubled by the ghost gates. When he met, he and Mu Yu killed them. It seems that they have a hatred of the sky, not a ghost, a ghost, a ghost, and a group of claws. The little devils helped out, and they were very tired.

  During the thought, a gloomy ghost came to an end, and Mu Yu’s feet suddenly turned into countless branches, and the pure dead air ushered in, and all the ghosts were sucked up.

  Fighting with the ghosts, the mutant Muling is the strongest cuddling of Mu Yu.

  The ghost did not hit a single blow, but did not take it again. There are already a lot of ghosts in the hands of Mu Yu. His attack is only tentative, in order to prove that Mu Yu does have the ability to restrain the ghosts.

  "The original ghost cold is right, and you can't use ordinary means to deal with you."

  Ghosts eagerly looked at the branches surrounded by Muyu, and those branches were more terrible than the ghosts on him.

  The spiritual power of the ghost gate is different from that of the ordinary comprehension. Their spiritual power is mixed with ghosts. It may work for other comprehensions, but it is not feasible to deal with Mu Yu.

  At the beginning, ghosts and other people stripped off their own ghosts and used the most primitive spiritual power to trap the wooden feathers. The original spiritual power of the combined period was used to deal with Muling, and there would be no restraint problems.

  "If you want to fight, how much nonsense!"Mu Yu said simply.

  Ghosts are more powerful than just a person. The ghosts that had been trapped in Mu Yu were brought to the ghost gates of four or five fits. It’s useless to have so many twins, because twins are souls and will be suppressed by Muling.

  The branches swayed in the air, entangled in the various angles to the ghosts, the flashes of the formations, and the savage swords rushed out from the branches.

  But the ghost is just a sneer, and then the horror that the ghost domain gave him suddenly burst into a burst of white brilliance, shrouded in ghosts and his twins!

  The soul power of the demon's soul device will not be restrained by Muling!


  All the branches were broken in a moment by ghosts, and the ghosts he sent out were mixed with the steady white soul power. These soul forces made him feel uncomfortable when facing the branches!

  "Oh shit! Actually it is the soul! ”

  Mu Yu looked at the black and white doped twins, his brows were slightly wrinkled, and the swords were raging, but they were directly blocked by the long axes of ghosts.

  He had no choice but to dodge, but there was no worries about the ghosts. In the end, he was still a character in the fit period. His speed was too fast. Mu Yu could only barely escape the attack of the other side with the help of Scorpio. If not, he had wood. Ling and the array, I am afraid that it will be defeated long ago.

  "Little handsome, Longteng, come out to work!"Mu Yu shouted and pulled back his own sword from the void.

  "Know it, five thunders are waiting for them! Xiaoshuai’s Xuan Cang is thundering! ”

  Xiaoshuai has jumped out, and the wind and heart burst out at the foot of Mu Yu, and shrouded Xiao Shuai. Xiaoshuai with one hand on his hips and one finger on the sky, the blue thunder sword rises from its small hand and illuminates the entire sky.

The thunder flashed in the meantime.

  The original white mist suddenly condensed into a thundercloud, and the sturdy electric spark was rolling, centering on the handsome sword of the handsome, and screaming. The hair of Xiao Shuai’s body has been upside down, but the breath on it is getting stronger and stronger.

  "Wind and dragon whistling."

  Longteng also turned into a light and shadow from the wood feathers, and its body instantly rose dozens of times, like a sword of loneliness, faint in the air. The tyrannical swords flowed on the dragon vine, and the dragon's momentum became stronger and stronger, and then a breath was ejected.

  The horrible breath in the air turned into a sword, surrounded by the handsome blue thunder sword, instantly the small handsome blue thunder sword waist into five segments, and at this time the buff of the wood feathers began to surge Move, wrapped in five paragraphs of lightning swords.

  Ghostly dying in his heart, he actually smelled a dangerous atmosphere. However, at the same time, he is convinced that he is suspicious. Although the thunder and lightning are also ghostly nemesis, he is not an ordinary ghost gate. Is it so simple for a person with six twins?

  Each twin is very arrogantly holding his own variety of ghosts, encircling the wood feathers in different directions. At this moment, the five-segment lightning sword has been compressed into five blue beads by the wooden feathers. The thunder and lightning are filled in the air, and a scent of destruction is pulsating.

  Mu Yu’s shadow sword picked up one of the blue beads, and the tip of the sword seemed to be a lead that would be detonated by the compressed lightning. That thunder and lightning is like a volcanic eruption. It has been suppressed for a long time and finally released. The power of powerful thunderbolt has exploded!

  The shadow sword shines brightly, and all the lightning powers that have been exploding are directed to the twins who have come to the wood feathers. The lightning symbolizes the justice of the world and specializes in punishing evil spirits. The tyrannical lightning suddenly turns into countless sword shapes. A sword shape is like a thunder snake, and it meets twins.


  Ghosts and sorrows changed slightly. He did not expect that Mu Yu’s comprehension of the distraction could bring the power of thunder and lightning to this point. He relied on the overwhelming thunder sword, and his twins could not be strong.

  All the twins are turned into a ghost image in a moment, and they are integrated into the body of the ghost.
The bloody axe in the hands of the ghosts is out of the hand, and the soul of Senran is covered on the bloody axe, and all the power of lightning is hardened!

  The ghost reluctantly pulled back and looked at Mu Yu in the distance. He also had electric sparks flowing from time to time, but he was extinguished in a flash. He did not expect that his own comprehension period comprehension would feel threatened in the hands of people who were distracted!

  "This is just a thunderbolt, can't you stand it?"

  There were four thunder beads around the wood feathers. The load of the wooden plume was very high when using the five thunder, but after practicing it several times, he already know how to master this homemade technique.

  Because of the thick and handsome skin, he also deliberately transferred all the pressures that lightning needs to bear to Xiaoshuai. It can be said that the core of this technique is not in him.

  The ghosts are cold and sorrowful. The various different methods used by Mu Yu seem to be born to restrain the ghosts. This power of thunder and lightning is too overbearing. Even if there is a spiritual blessing, he will not be hurt by twins.

  When I think of the role of my twins, the ghosts will frown. It is not accidental that he has six twins. The role of these six twins is not only to assist him in combat.

  Maybe it’s not a loss to Mu Yu, but he will also spend a lot of effort. The purpose of this trip is not only to kill Mu Yu, but also to

  Ghosts turned their eyes to look at the Palace of the Siren, which was shrouded in white fog in the distance. There was a quaint and mysterious seal on the palace, which radiated a strong atmosphere and surrounded the entire palace. The palace of the Kraken King is as quiet as a tiger, but it contains a huge momentum and has the supreme majesty.

  But at this moment, the entire demon island suddenly broke out again, which meant that someone came to the demon island.

  "It's Joe Snow!"Mu Yu thought of this for a moment, the demon people came to the demon island will not break the alarm, and the people who came to the demon island, except for the wooden feathers and ghosts, only Joe Snow.

  Mu Yu is worried. He doesn't know where Joe Snow is from the island. If you go to the island from the Yaozu, Joe Snow will not have anything, but if you go to the island from the Terran, I am afraid it is hard to say. Clear.

  There are some doubts about the ghosts, but he does not care who has come to the demon island. He flashed his body and rushed to Mu Yu again. He decided to kill Mu Yu first, otherwise the things to be done would be tricky.

  Only this time, he didn't use twins any more, but he was directly close to Muyu. At the same time, the ghosts of the ghost domain swept out the powerful soul, the soul turned into a white ghost, and countless souls screamed the claws. The land rushed over.

  "this is?"

  Mu Yu was surprised to see the souls that had been drilled from the Horcruxes. He suddenly realized that although the ghost domain died, the souls that he refines during his lifetime are still locked in the Horcruxes. At the moment, these souls are contaminated. The soul of the demon island, completely not afraid of wood spirit!

  "Do evil, let me help you overdo it!"

  There are still four Leizhu in the hands of Mu Yu. One of them is blasted again. The violent thunder and lightning are intertwined in the air. He is controlled by the formation and turned into a thunder and lightning net, trapping all the grievances.

  Thunderbolt Skynet quickly contracted, and all the grievances touched the thunder and screams, and the sound was so harsh that it was like the sound of a nail-scraping bowl, which made people feel uncomfortable.

  However, the ghosts have been deceived and surrendered. Over the woody thunder and lightning network, the palms are filled with tyrannical power, and they are photographed on the top of Muyu!

  Mu Yu did not have time to dodge, can only reach out, the palm of his hand filled with thunder and lightning, hard life and ghosts to resist a blow. He only felt that his arm seemed to be smashed by a giant mountain. The bones even cracked and the whole person flew out.

  When the ghost succumbed to the second palm, Mu Yu clenched his teeth, and the sword in his hand was mixed with the third Leizhu, and he greeted the palm of his ghost. Although the ghosts are afraid of these lightnings, they are still at risk of being attacked by lightning. UU reads and photographs them.

  The shadow sword did not break the palm of the ghost's life. After guiding the lightning to the ghost, he was already shot and flew out in the air, then stabbed the stone pillar standing outside the palace. The comprehension statue chest!


  With a loud bang, the stone pillars pierced by the shadow sword suddenly trembled, then all the pillars lit up the white light, each of the pillars staggered, the pattern quickly flowed, the stout pillars began to move on the ground, and from the ground also to explore the countless pillars, with a wonderful position to start to arrange.

  As far as the number is concerned, the stone pillar has a total of nine hundred and ninety-one!

  Eighty-one stone pillars surrounded the ghosts and the wooden feathers, and moved quickly, forming a mystery, separating the ghosts and the wood feathers.

  Mu Yu seized the opportunity and ran towards the Siren Palace, but did not run two steps. He removed a stone pillar in front. He could only go in one direction to avoid the stone pillar, but when he stopped, he found himself circling. It is farther and farther away from the Siren Palace!

  "Awesome fanatic!"

  From time to time, Mu Yu is dodging the pillars that move from his side. Sometimes he can see the ghosts in the process of dodging. The ghosts are trying to break these pillars directly, but their spiritual power is like a stone on the stone pillar. Disappear.

  These stone pillars can't be broken at all!

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