Chapter 637 Stone Columns

  The stone pillars moved quickly around them, forcibly changing their positions. Mu Yu wanted to go to the Siren Palace for three times and five times, but they had to change their body shape because of the sudden movement of the stone pillars, and waited for a few times to escape. He and the ghosts have been swayed by the moving stone pillars out of the scope of the stone pillars!

  The huge Kraken Palace is guarded by the thick stone pillars in the inner layer. They want to reach the Kraken Palace and need to find a way to pass these moving stone pillars.

  Mu Yu was thinking about how to pass this stone column, and the ghosts next to him slashed him with a bloody axe, because they were all surrounded by stone columns, so there was no obstruction around them.

  "Mom, this guy doesn't think of a way to fight, think about killing me, brain damage?"

  Scorpio stars stayed with a wooden feather to escape the sorrowful blow, and Mu Yu was forced to jump up.

  But when he flew high, all the scenes disappeared, only the white fog, no direction, can not see the Siren Palace, can not see the stone column under his feet, but in desperation he can only jump down .

  Mu Yu wanted to teleport to the statue of the self-cultivator at the top of the stone pillar, but the stone pillar sent a strong repulsive force to separate him. He had to fall into the stone column again.

  Mu Yu teleported to the Kraken Palace, but he found the aura here is very weird, like a sticky paste to interrupt his teleportation, even the broken void can not do.

  Ghostly still lives in the stone column to find opportunities to get close to Mu Yu, he still did not give up to kill Mu Yu. However, at the moment, Mu Yu is not very worried, because both of them are severely restricted by this fast moving stone pillar array.

  In contrast, if you are outside the stone column array and fighting with the ghosts, it is difficult for Wood Yu to take advantage of it, but if you are in the stone column, because both of them must avoid the stone column that has been moving, the ghosts want to be on him. It still has some difficulty in getting started.

  This stone column array moves very fast. Every movement is to block the invaders. The stone pillars in all directions will pull the two people in different directions. From time to time, the two will be transferred together, then the ghost The life will throw a long axe, but the long axe has not been thrown into the wood feather, they will be separated again.

  "If that's the case, then I will take the ride directly."

  The feathers of the wooden feathers are lightly pointed, aiming at the oncoming stone pillars. The lines under the feet exude a suction. He stands firmly at the side of the stone pillar, and the whole person begins to move with the stone pillars.

  He had intended to use this method to ponder the method of breaking through, but Shi Zhu even brought him to the edge of the stone column.

  Then he died, and the ghosts were also circumvented. The two men were taking a face again. The ghosts squandered and waved the bloody axe to open the wood feathers. Mu Yu greeted the 18th generation ancestors who had squandered their lives and re-drilled. Into the stone column array.

  "This is not the case, I must deduct the rules of operation of this stone column array."

  From time to time, Mu Yu evades the stone pillars that pass through quickly, and at the same time begins to promote the movement of the entire stone column array in his mind. This is like the first time that Mu Yu was on the ladder. He discovered the law of the ladder with a powerful deductive ability. He took the eight steps and boarded the ladder. At that time, the ladder was in his mind.

  It’s just that this stone pillar is different from the ladder, because the speed of the ladder moves slowly, and it does not deliberately circumvent the people. This stone pillar array is an indiscreet, and the people of the ancestors are circumvented.

If the reaction is not timely, it will be solidly attached to the fast moving stone pillar.

  Xuanjizi real person set up a stone column outside the Siren Palace to test the outsiders, without any aggressiveness, but it is very confusing, even if the people in the robbery period may not be able to get the benefits, let alone Said to be them.

  Here is the place where the mysterious son of the real person sleeps, and there is his inheritance in the meantime, so most of his inheritance is expressed by the action of the array. Fortunately, Mu Yu’s array of rumors has reached a fairly high level, so he quickly calmed down and began to wonder how to break this array.

  The movement speed of the stone column is too fast, and the appearance of each stone column is similar. To determine the movement mode of the stone column, it is necessary to first understand the orientation of each stone column.

  In the hands of Mu Yu, there is a pattern of ripples. When a stone pillar hits the front, the pattern in the hand has been printed and attached to the stone pillar. The stone pillar disappeared quickly in other places, but the heart of Mu Yu could clearly perceive the stone pillar that was marked by him!

  However, this range of perception is limited, only about ten meters! In this array, they are severely limited to the senses.

  "The southeast shifts to the northeast, then turns to the northwest, and then goes out of scope, so I can't figure it out."

  Mu Yu silently calculated the movement direction of the stone column in his heart, but he found that it was difficult to find out the rules by marking a stone column alone, so he reached out and left his other lines on the other stone columns.

  The marked patterns are intertwined, although each time the stone column will wrap the wood feathers out, but this must have a correct route to the Kraken Palace, but these stone columns move too frequently, the wood feathers must be simulated That route is also quite troublesome.

  Not all stone pillars will be turned to the wood feathers in a timely manner. The wood feathers wrap around the stone pillars for an hour, and many of them repeat the stone pillars.

  There are still most of the stone pillars that have not been marked by him, but marked so much, one of the laws is also explored by Mu Yu.
"Although there is no way to remember all the pillars, I now know how to avoid the stone pillars that I want to take me out."

  Mu Yu has been thinking for a long time. He feels that he still needs to mark at least two stone pillars. Most of the stone pillars that were moved to the front of the wood feathers were marked, but the two pillars that had been entangled with him were not close to him.

  He has been searching for these two pillars. Only by trajecting the trajectories of these two pillars, one can find the right path.

  Mu Yu seized an opportunity, the toes pointd on the stone pillars coming from the side, the whole person traversed, and a stone pillar flashed in front of him. This stone pillar seems to be deliberately avoiding the wood feathers, but Mu Yu has already stared at it and will not give up.

  Soon a stone pillar broke into his perception. He knew that there would be a stone pillar coming from the southeast after a moment, so he stumbled and stood up straight, and surely the one was marked. The stone pillar rubbed his nose and flashed, and the wood feathers had already jumped to the stone pillar that had not been marked yet!

  "This time I see where you are going!"In the hands of Mu Yu, the lines appeared, and the stone pillars were printed.

  But at this moment, the ghosts are just around the wood feathers! This guy's eyes stagnate, he found the way Mu Yu cracked the stone column array!

  "This kid really has two sons!"

  Ghostly deliberately nodded thoughtfully, he also learned the appearance of Mu Yu began to mark the stone column. The ghost was printed on the stone pillar. Although he could not see the figure of Mu Yu in the blink of an eye, he knew that he should be able to figure out the way he used to.

  But the ghost is still too overestimating his ability to calculate, like Mu Yu, the marked pillars began to appear in his mind, but he soon frowned as the tracks seemed to him to be graffiti, and because the pillars were sometimes beyond his senses, He had no idea where the stone pillars would come from before!

  These tracks are simply messy and have no clue!

  Even if he can know where the stone pillars come from, many times the road ahead will be blocked, and you can't do it if you want to avoid the stone pillars.

  "hateful! These tracks are so chaotic, how can you find the law? ”

  Ghostly life frowned, he is not the kind of genius of Mu Yu, in terms of deduction is far less than the wood feather. In Mu Yu's view, all the criss-crossing stone pillars have regularity, but in the eyes of ghosts, these trajectories are like a pile of hemp ropes, which is completely unclear.

  Without a moment, the ghosts are once again circumvented by the stone column. But this time he was surprised to find that Mu Yu was actually on the periphery of the stone column, and was kneeling on the ground, using spiritual power to portray something.

  "So this is ah! I understand. ”

  Mu Yu’s face showed a relieved smile. He slanted his head and saw that the ghost was staring at himself insidiously. It seemed to have been staring for a long time, but what puzzled Mu Yu was that this time he did not directly kill him.

  "Kid, have you found out how to break the rules?"The ghost cherished the cold eye and asked.

  "Goodbye little devil!"Xiaoshuai smiled on the shoulder of Mu Yu. He obviously laughed at the appearance of the ghost and wanted to get through this moving stone column. UU reading

  Mu Yu did not care to spread the hand, too lazy to answer the ghosts and sorrow, body jumped, and rushed into the stone column, this time he has a full grasp!

  The movement of the stone pillars is indeed regular. According to the calculation of the wood feathers, there are a total of 81 stone pillars. Each of the nine stone pillars is a cluster, which is specially used to circumvent the rafters. Different clusters have different functions and can be The way forwards interact with each other, changing the way of moving!

  Therefore, it is not enough to avoid the sensation of the formation by the sense of the formation, because the movement of these pillars has been changing.

  Even if you know where Shizhu moved from, there are often many unexpected stone pillars at the same time, which makes people feel helpless.

  However, the wood feather can pass the perception of the stone column within ten meters, plus other stone pillar movements beyond the scope, he can use the current stone column changes to calculate the unexpected stone pillars, and then find the most suitable road!

  Ghosts sullenly looked at Mu Yu, but the corner of his mouth was a smile that smiled. He followed the footsteps of Mu Yu and flashed into the stone column.

  The place here is just different from the place where Mu Yu was just a little. Although the chance of Mu Yu’s chance is like a labyrinth, there is no obstacle in the process of advancement, but he just slows down the wood feather even if he can perceive the wood feather. Breath, want to follow the past, countless stone pillars move to the front of him.

  When he was hiding, Mu Yu had already run farther.


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