Chapter 638, shameless negotiations

  The ghosts are actually separated from the wood feathers by a distance of ten meters, but the existence of the stone pillar makes the ten meters as invincible as it is, which makes the ghosts angry and angry.

  Wood feathers are not running fast in front. With the help of the stone pillars, he can know how to avoid being bypassed by the extra stone pillars. When he encounters the stone pillars that have not been marked, he will give them a mark, which can prevent it. Any unexpected situation.

  Sometimes he also encounters stone pillars that specifically hinder him, plugging his way, so he can only retreat, and then start the new route with the marked pattern.

  As long as he gives Mu Yu a little time, he can actually get through this moving stone column array, even if the ghost is a few meters away from him, it is beyond the reach!

  "I can't go, don't think about it!"

  The hand of the ghost is attached to the stone pillar that hits the back, but for a moment he discovers the pattern of the wood feather left on the stone pillar, and the ghost in his hand is shocked!


  Wood Yu’s stray on the stone pillar was suddenly erased by him! His body flashed quickly, just a few breaths, and the stone pillars that were originally marked by the wood feathers were erased by him!

  Mu Yu was already deducing the road ahead, and he was going to smash it, but he suddenly found something wrong, because the stone pillar that appeared in front of him exceeded his expectations, he did not respond, and at the same time more and more Many stone pillars have come over, and these stone pillars have never been marked!

  “How can there be so many pillars without marking?”

  Mu Yu is very puzzled. These marks are used for reference. Once the pattern marks disappear, the reference objects he needs when he is in the array disappear.

  There was suddenly no stone pillar with a pattern mark around a certain period of time. At that moment, he could not infer the next route based on the known stone column trajectory. Just like losing the sense of direction, he did not know where it was going. Road!

  When Mu Yu was at the moment of blasphemy, a stone pillar had already hit him, and then he had not waited for him to react, and Shi Zhu had already taken him out of the line!

  Ghosts have long waited outside the queue for a long time.

  There are only three pillars left in Mu Yu’s mind, and the other marks have disappeared.

  "It's you!"Mu Yu frowned, and he had already thought that it would be a ghost to kill the mark that he used as a reference.

  The ghost cherished a cold smile: "Kid, I am not going to kill you for the time being, let's make a deal!"

  "Do you want me to take you to the battlefield?"Mu Yu’s heart was a little annoyed, and it’s hard to calculate it into the general. As a result, the draft paper was tossed by the bastard, and he was forgotten!

  "Yes, I will spare you if I take this stone column!"The ghost cherished the life and smiled.

  "If I don't agree?"Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

  "Then I don't want to miss this stone column in your life."Ghosts succumbed to his hand, and countless fragments of the pattern were scattered from his palm.

  The idea of ​​sorrowful life is very clear. Without him, he will directly erase the appearance of Mu Yu, and he will not be able to die.

  "The trough, your little devil is really shameless!"Xiaoshuai screamed and screamed, and the ghosts succumbed to their own abilities, and they didn’t make people look good. It’s shameless!

  Mu Yu is also annoyed by the practice of ghosts.

This embarrassing plan to make jade and burn. He already knows how to calculate the route of the squad, but he cherishes his life and gives him a stalk.

  This is like a wooden feather to do a difficult problem, write the calculation formula, and smug the hand to smear the formula.

  Mu Yu looks at the distant Siren Palace. In the Shizhu array, you can see the appearance of the Siren Palace. In the Siren Palace, there is a legacy of the mysterious machine. If you get his inheritance, you can enter the town demon tower. I want to find a way to leave this demon island.

  He can also choose not to go in, so he will spend it with the ghosts, but the wood feathers are very disadvantageous, because the ghosts will definitely try to kill the wood feathers. Although Mu Yu may not be killed by ghosts, he can't beat the ghosts, he will only escape and escape.

  "If I take you in, you will turn your face and not recognize people in a blink of an eye?"Mu Yu said.

  Ghosts touched their chins and said with a sigh of relief: "It depends on your creation, isn't it?"

  To be honest, Mu Yu wants to enter the Siren Palace. The purpose of his coming here is to find a way to repair the soul of the dead wood. The mysterious machine has a powerful field of "the law returns to the original". Maybe this field can be somehow Repair the soul of the dead wood old man.

  Ghostly life has an unusual six twins, and these six twins have a sense of autonomy, which is not normal in itself. Coupled with the unusual behavior of the ghost gates, Mu Yu can also be sure that their ghosts come to the demon island is also the inheritance of the real people.

  Mu Yu is still thinking about whether or not to promise the ghosts, but Xiao Shuai greeted him with any ugly words, including the little devils who went to the toilet without paper, and the apples who bite into the half-worms. Anyway, Xiaoshuai is Ten thousand disagree.

  "It’s too cheap to work with the little devils, and it’s not a cooperation at all, it’s a threat. The little devil is not only flat-breasted but also shameless.”Xiaoshuai hates ghosts.

  "He is a man!"Mu Yu whispered.

  "Oh yes, then I am sure that the little devils are all women's flat chests, men's short!"Xiaoshuai added.

  Mu Yu laughed, he was
Xiao Shuai’s words were defeated.

  "What does it mean to be short?"The pure dragon vine asked curiously.

  "Let you read more books, you don't watch! I last found a copy of "Ximen's unfortunate war Pan Yinlian" in the gambling fair in Qingshui City. It said that the short is a man. ”Xiao Shuai said in a serious way.

  "Oh my God! Xiaoshuai, what do you think are all messy books? This book is not written by Simon, the unfortunate guy? ”Mu Yu is amazed, he never knew there was this.

  "It was written by him. He said that this enlightenment book is a limited edition of 250 sets issued by the evil school bookstore. It is a collector's edition!"Xiaoshuai’s reading is never picky.

  Mu Yu is full of black lines. He really should find a book like "On the necessity of cultivating the real ban on Xiao Huangshu" and give it to Xiaoshuai. Otherwise, Xiaoshuai will learn badly.

  Longteng had no interest in this issue. He asked: "Is there any other way to get through this stone column?"

  Mu Yu shook his head, at least he has only come up with this method so far. He indulged for a moment, simply waved his hand, and the lines of illusion made a chair under his feet, and he sat down comfortably.

  This sitting is an hour, and the ghosts have already waited impatiently. If it is not only by the wood feathers that they can only cross the stone column, he has already started directly on Mu Yu.

  "You haven't thought about it yet?"Ghostly chilling.

  "What are you worried about? Now I am your uncle! ”Wood feather said lazily.

  "you wanna die!"Ghosts are stunned by the violent stalker, but he still resists.

  Mu Yu had long expected to be afraid of his own life, he is not a person who likes to lose. From the beginning to the end of the matter, it is a shameless life, he must at least earn some of the color back.

  "This is not good for me. It is impossible for you to kill me. Let's talk about the conditions."Mu Yu cocked his Erlang legs and said leisurely.

  "You are not qualified to talk to me about conditions."Ghostly cherished the eyelids and said nothing.

  "Oh, that's how it is! Then wait for me to sleep, wake up and see if you are qualified to talk about conditions. ”Mu Yu yawned and squinted.

  Ghosts are very gloomy, and he can’t wait to grab Muyu directly and take his soul to torture. However, from the point of view of the opponent, Mu Yu is not so easy to be killed, so he does not want to waste energy.

  "What conditions do you want to talk about?"Ghosts succumb to forcing the anger to endure.

  "I said, wait until I wake up and talk."Mu Yu said faintly.

  Now Mu Yu has the initiative, he is the uncle! It’s up to him to say no.

  He had long been unable to get used to the sorrowfulness of the high-level appearance, and he was so eager to find him to help him. Mu Yu had to give this little devil a class of social common sense called "Who has technology?"

  Ghosts squandered the ghosts of the whole body, snorted, sat down and began to adjust to cultivation.

  Of course, Mu Yu will not really sleep, he is thinking about countermeasures. The turmoil stone squad is definitely awkward, but after the past, the ghosts are desperate to cross the river to dismantle the bridge. At that time, it is inevitable that it will be a fight.

  He will not let the ghosts cherish the life and guarantee that they will not cross the river and break the bridge. What can the little devils say is a ghost?

  However, he must ensure that he still takes the initiative after taking the ghosts and sorrows, but he will still suffer when he loses.

  Gradually, Mu Yu has already figured out a plan in his mind. Although this plan is not perfect, it can still give him a retreat, saving the guy from dying.

  In the hands of Mu Yu, he turned a stone and smashed the past into the ghost: "Hey, get up and talk about business."

  The stone that has been turned into a smattering has been shattered by the ghosts of the ghosts and sorrows. He opened his eyes and asked coldly: "Let's talk, UU reading what do you want."

  "First honestly answer me a few questions."Mu Yu simply said.

  Ghosts screamed, and Mu Yu regarded this as acquiescence.

  "What do you guys do to the demon island?"

  Ghostly brows a brow: "If you say something, would you believe?"

  Mu Yu spread his hand: "Forget it, the ghost can't be taken seriously, when I didn't ask this."

  Even if the ghosts are reluctant to make a statement, Mu Yu can't tell the truth. The ghosts can only be determined if they come to the island or the boat hits the rocks and accidentally come to Muyu to determine whether it is fake.

  "After we passed through the stone column, it was not so simple to enter the Siren Palace. How did you plan to pass the golden seal of the entire Kraken Palace?"Mu Yu continued to ask.

  Ghostly slammed Mu Yu and said: "This does not require you to bother."

  Mu Yu touched the tail of Xiaoshuai, thinking thoughtfully for a long while, according to the ghost's life, I am afraid that the ghost domain has long told him how to deal with the gold seal, then he will wait for the opportunity to move on the side. can.

  "Give me the ghost device of the ghost domain."Mu Yu said. This thing has always been able to know his position. If Mu Yu wants to give a ghost to his life, then there is no way to hide it.

  "impossible."Ghostly ruthlessly refused.

  "Then we have nothing to talk about."Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders.

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