Chapter 639 Tianyan Wheel

  The patience of the ghost is almost reaching a limit, but he still made a concession: "I will not give you the Horcrux, but I can leave it outside."

  The result of such negotiations is that Mu Yu can accept it. He originally intended to let the ghosts leave the six annoying twins, but the ghosts did not agree.

  "All right, let's go!" And I warn you, don't allow me to move my hands, otherwise we will blow. ”Mu Yu stood up and took a look at the ghosts and walked toward Shizhu.

  Ghosts greeted the cold and followed it up.

  It’s frustrating to go with the ghosts, because this guy is too shameless to give Mu Yu a stick, and Mu Yu wants to go to the Siren Palace, he has to cross the stone column, so he has to agree to take him for a while.

  Ghosts have always been with him, almost shouldering with him, which makes Mu Yu very unhappy.

  "At the end of the sentence, you dare to swindle in the middle, you can find a way to fight yourself!"Mu Yu is uncomfortable.

  Ghosts are just a cold cry and don't answer.

  Mu Yu evaded the stone pillars on the side, leaving streaks on the stone pillars, and the formations swayed over the stone pillars, but the ghosts frowned.

  "The pattern you just arranged is not like this."Ghosts said coldly, he was suspicious, although he could not understand the pattern, but still know how to distinguish.

  "This kind of pattern used to mark is randomly arranged. I want to arrange how to arrange it. Do you have any opinion?"Mu Yu immediately applied his own lines to the oncoming stone pillars.

  Ghostly sorrowful eyes flashed cold, no longer continue to refute, but then on which stone pillars the wood feathers are on the line, he does not leave his ghost on the stone pillar, obviously there is My own plans.

  All of this wood feathers are in the eye, he knows that ghosts are not a simple thing, more than other ghosts have a heart, this guy is really difficult.

  "You want to play, then we will have a good time."Mu Yu smiled, this guy wants to count him, how can he let the ghosts die?

  Because of the first experience, the second time to arrange the formation of wood feathers is much faster, and it took only one hour for him to put the stone pillars needed for his own route.

  Soon the stone pillars moving around the entire pillar array were played in Mu Yu’s mind. He passed the stone pillars that had been laid, and the road ahead was getting clearer and clearer. He suddenly found a way to cross the battle. .

  At this point, you can find a way out, even if you don't have the markings on the pattern guide. Mu Yu originally also intend to at this time Yin a ghost cherish life, but the ghost cherish life this guy alert heart too strong, always, plus the surrounding pillars move faster and faster, so Mu Yu can not make mistakes, Otherwise, the stone pillars around fitter will have to be again.

  After about a quarter of an hour, Mu Yu finally left the stone column and stood before the majestic palace of the Kraken King. The wooden feathers were swept away and quickly opened the distance with the ghosts.

  "I want to kill you. It doesn't matter how you run."Ghosts succumb to this life, but it does not know the wood feathers.

  Mu Yu said without saying: "You can't kill me, I just don't want to be too close to the little devil, it's too suffocating."

  The ghost cherished his life and looked back at the stone column that was still spinning behind him.

He pondered for a moment, even though he remembered the route when he first came in, but the way the stone column moves is always changing, and he remembers it is useless.

  "It may be useful to keep your life."Ghosts are ruthless.

  Wood Yu was too lazy to take care of his life and put his gaze on the palace of the Siren King. In front of the palace is a staircase of various white jade pearls, which leads directly to the palace. The outer part of the palace of the Kraken is shrouded in the radiance of the gold seal above the sky, and it is like an enchantment that holds the palace.

  The atmosphere of enchantment is too strong, and you can feel its inviolable majesty under the ladder. This breath comes from the real person of Xuanjizi, just like the real weather left by the mysterious son of the mysterious machine.

  "Don't you just say that there is a way to pass this enchantment?"Mu Yu asked.

  The ghost cherished for a moment and said: "Kid, I know that you want to enter the palace of the Siren King, but I am afraid you will be disappointed, because my method only allows one person to pass."

  Mu Yu said faintly: "I can't get in, then you will wait to sleep in the Kraken Palace!"

  "That may not be, you think that I have left your life to leave, but you are wrong, I suddenly think of your life has another effect."

  After the ghosts said that they would stop paying attention to Mu Yu, they immediately stepped on the ladder and walked toward the palace.

  Mu Yu’s heart is more and more doubtful. Ghostly life does not seem to worry about going out. Isn’t the ghost domain already telling him how to get out? But this guy can't even come in, how can I know how to get in?

  Is there anything in this palace that can guide him out?

  He did not hesitate at the moment, and he followed the ghosts to the ladder and came to the edge of the golden seal. This enchantment is not a form of formation, but a pure power, magnificent and very stable.

  Ghostly life only faintly glanced at the wood feathers, the six twins on his body were drilled from him and floated in midair.

  The six twins have a shimmer of light, centered on the ghosts, standing in a strange position, and at the same time
India, the soul force poured out from the twins, intertwined with each other, and surrounded the ghosts in the middle.

  Ghosts have a dark ghost print on their hands. They look exactly the same as the golden seal on the top of the palace. They are just different in color, and the atmosphere is very cold. There are also ghosts and crying voices.

  This ghost print is more like a counterfeit fake, but the soul between the six twins is constantly input into the ghost print, and then the ghosts gently touch the ghost print on the enchantment!

  The golden aura begins to flow from the enchantment, and the ghost print is like a whirlpool that is absorbing the power of the enchantment. The black light exudes, and the sturdy breath has forced the wood feathers back a few steps.

  When the wood feathers stabilized their body shape, the ghosts have been covered with dark fog. But this dark ghost mist only lasted for a while, and soon the golden aura of the enchantment all the assaults of the ghosts and fogs, and the dark ghost mist became exactly the same as the power of the enchantment!

  When I went to see the ghost prints in the hands of ghosts, the original black ghost prints became golden. Six twins poured into the ghost print, and then the ghosts are so easy to enter the enchantment!

  Mu Yu originally wanted to go in with the ghosts, but the ghosts and fogs gave him a shock, and he couldn’t get close.

  The ghost cherished his life and looked at Mu Yu with a cold eye in the enchantment. Then he opened the door of the palace and disappeared into the palace!

  "hateful! How did this guy get through the power of enchantment? ”

  Mu Yu walked to the edge of the enchantment and carefully reached out and touched the enchantment. The enchantment has no lethality, just like a layer of tulle, and the place where the wood feathers touch is also flowing out of the aura.

  He knocked on the enchantment and found that there was no anti-shock force coming, and the power of his own enchantment was actually enchanted and absorbed! His fingers are like tapping on cotton, and there is no strength in softness.

  There is no way to go in this enchantment. Mu Yu does not have any means of forcibly breaking the enchantment, because this breath is too strong, far from being able to break it.

  "Little handsome, what is this enchantment?"Mu Yu asked.

  Xiaoshuai stood on the shoulder of Mu Yu, extended his small hand and pressed the enchantment. He looked at the golden seal on the top of his head and meditated for a moment. He said: "This power is so familiar, I seem to have seen it somewhere. . The golden seal is also very familiar, but it should not belong to the power of the world. ”

  "Does not belong to the power of this world? What does it mean? ”Mu Yu was amazed.

  Xiaoshuai explained: "This power is the same as the meat-winged horns we encountered last time. It does not belong to the power of the triple heaven."

  "But this power is obviously a real person of the mysterious machine, and the power of Xuanjizi real person is very similar! And Xuanjizi real person is the predecessor of the Fumen, how can it not belong to the power of the triple heaven? ”Mu Yu said inexplicably.

  Xiaoshuai said: "I think Xuanjizi is not a simple person. He is a golden seal. I remember that I remember to call Tianyan, and I have a very strong ability. At that time, the white beard old man said this thing. Too dangerous, seal it."

  "Tian Yan round back? You said that Master had wanted to seal this golden seal before? ”Mu Yu was amazed.

  "I remember this anyway. I don't know that I have only a lot of things to remember vaguely. I don't know clearly. I will remember that this mysterious machine is a bit familiar. It turns out to be like this! Yes, I remember that the original man of the mysterious machine promised that the old man with white beard would take care of this big seal. UU reading www." Xiaoshuai said with his tail.

  For Xiao Shuai, there is no doubt about Mu Yu. Xiao Shuai and Master have deep roots. It seems that there are many memories of the past. Although they are always confused, they are generally not wrong.

  "So the ghosts and sorrows are directed at this Tianyan reincarnation?" Do you have any way to enter this enchantment? ”Mu Yu asked.

  Since Master believes that this Tianyan reincarnation is very dangerous, then naturally it cannot fall into the hands of ghosts.

  Xiaoshuai touched his head and kept thinking about it. He shook his head for a long time: "I don't know."

  Mu Yu is pondering one thing, because the consciousness of Xuanjizi’s real people has just said that the power to enter the town demon tower has been sealed in the palace. This is the test of the mysterious person to the outsiders, so it is impossible to use this. A strong enchantment to hinder the footsteps of Mu Yu, certainly left a certain back road.

  So what is this back road?

  However, just in the moment of Mu Yu’s thoughts, the whole palace suddenly heard a long sound, just like the vastness of the ancient times, the vastness and vicissitudes of life, and a more awkward breath from the palace, the sky above There have been some strange changes in the Yanhuan back and it seems to start to spin.

  "Well, the ghost has already entered the palace. Didn't he get the power to open the town demon tower?"

  There is an unspeakable crisis in Mu Yu’s heart. It’s very strange that the ghost doorman does anything. He doesn’t want to let the other party get it so easily.

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