Chapter 640 is in the sky

  Ghosts have already tried to enter the palace. If he gets what he wants, then it is very difficult for Mu Yu to take it back from the ghosts. He must find a way to enter the palace.

  "How are we going to get in?"Longtan asked.

  Mu Yu jumped down the ladder and returned to the front of the stone column. The foot stepped, and the gossip pattern spread out around him. Then the dense lines quickly climbed the ladder.

  "Little handsome, help."

  Mu Yu’s hand waved, and more than a dozen congenital formations floated in midair. He must arrange a few powerful fixed-form methods. If he waits for the ghost to get what he wants, Mu Yu must also find a way to deal with him.

  Xiaoshuai took over the innate array and quickly joined the formation in the place where Mu Yu specified. Mu Yu's chaotic yin and yang are also integrated into the formation, easy to act, after all this is arranged, he jumped up the ladder and walked back to the front of the enchantment.

  At this moment, the strong atmosphere in the palace is still constantly surging, and the long-distance voice of the vicissitudes of life has been echoing. Mu Yu touches the enchantment with his hand, and the aura of light above the enchantment flows. These strange spiritual light sources are the Tianyan rounds from the palace.

  Mu Yu turned a circle along the enchantment, still did not find any clues, so it seems that I can only start from above.

  It can't fly here. Once you fly up, you will enter other worlds of the tactics. You can't see the location of the palace, but Mu Yu still chooses to fly up. At least now this is the only choice.

  After flying in the air, Mu Yu found that there was only a cloud world in the world, surrounded by layers of white clouds, and there were birds in the distance. Looking far away, there was sun shining in the clouds. .

  "I just said that the real machine of the mysterious machine said: "Flying in the clouds, crossing the sky and the wheel, there is no disagreement. What does this mean?"

  After Mu Yu flew up to the cloud, she felt a little bit of insight into this poem. She could see the sunset and the clouds in the sky, but Mu Yu still didn't want to understand what it meant to enter the palace.

  "Do you have a text translation? Can this sentence be explained?"Xiaoshuai asked Longteng.

  The dragon vine was able to understand the enchantress when he was in the Shaying King City, and Xiao Shuai was the language of the sorcerer. One was a text translation and a simultaneous interpretation. These two are good cooperation.

  "How do I know what it means?"The dragon vine puts his tail in the tail.

  Mu Yu pondered for a moment, he looked at the sun in the distance, Xuanjizi really mentioned the "sunset wheel", Tianyan wheel should refer to the Tianyan wheel, then the first half of the sentence "flying into the clouds" How to explain it?

  "Hey means that I am such a horny and mighty domineering dragon. Is it because I have to fly over me?"Longtan straightened his torso and said with great prestige.

  "Less come, people are not waiting for you, who knows you will come!"Xiaoshuai said.

  Mu Yu also recognizes Xiao Shuai's words. Xuanjizi can't use the dragon to remind anyone, but "flying in the clouds" literally understands that it should bend the body to fly this cloud. But this statement is too weird, how can you bend your body?

  He tried to bend down and look at the distant sun from different angles without finding any anomalies. The clouds are still floating, and the sun is still motionless.

  Is it wrong?

  “Is there any disagreement?”

  Mu Yu recited this sentence,

What does this "dissimilarity" mean? According to Xiaoshuai, this Tianyan round is very dangerous. Xuanjizi will focus on guarding the real person. Then he should not want others to use Tianyan’s turn to use it on the evil road.

  Mu Yu does not have any idea of ​​using Tian Yan's reincarnation, so he can believe that he should do "nothing".

  "How can we see the sunset when we are in the sunset?"

  Wood feathers sit on top of the clouds and stare at the sun. According to his estimation, he has entered the Siren Palace for at least a day, and it is estimated that it should be noon. Just don't know if the sunset seen here is consistent with the outside sun?

  But the sun in front of me has no signs of moving, which is quite strange, indicating that the sun here is just an illusion.

  In the realm of the real machine of Xuanjizi, the surrounding area is full of patterns. However, the pattern here is very resistant to Mu Yu, and the location of the genius can be used in a special way by Mu Yu.

  This shows that Mu Yu can't control the pattern here. After all, the real machine of Xuanji is still too much.

  "Oh, you see that the white clouds are not like marshmallows?"

  "Not like."

  "What about the cloud that floated to the left?"

  "How do you feel that this cloud is like a knife?"

  The two guys Xiao Shuai and Long Teng are discussing the shape of the surrounding clouds. Mu Yu inadvertently sweeps through the clouds, suddenly a brain is excited. He has always focused on the sun, but ignored the surrounding clouds!

  Wood feathers leaped high and found the clues of these clouds!

  "Would you fly so high?"Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably.

  Mu Yu fell back and smiled. "I know how to explain the hints left by mysterious machine."

  The white clouds floating around are not random shapes, but wandering in the shape of gossip. They are different in length and length.
Like the ladder in front of the temple. Xuanjizi real person used to be the predecessor of the Fumen, so he must know the ladder.

  Mu Yu just convinced this in the sky, and Xuanjizi really did set up these clouds according to the way the temple ladder was running.

  When the sun goes down, it is usually in the hustle and bustle. In the gossip, the position of Zhe and the place of the representative represent the time.

  This is actually a deduction. These clouds are wandering in the direction of the gossip. At a certain moment, they will be aimed at the sun. At that moment, as long as they stand on the clouds in the position or the position and jump out in the direction of the sun, they can get close. Tian Yan's turn back.

  If Mu Yu did not guess wrong, I am afraid that the Tianyan reincarnation is actually the sun in the distance!

  After listening to Mu Yu’s explanation, Xiaoshuai asked with some doubts: “How do I always think that this place is designed for you? If you are not a squad, who can figure this out?”

  Mu Yu replied: "You are wrong. I just gave me this hint because I knew that I was the door of the door." If it is someone else, Xuanjizi will give different tips. You will understand the opportunity. Different people will enter different places when they enter here. The ability of Xuanjizi to design the array is really powerful. ! ”

  "what? If I came in alone, what tips would he give me? ”Longtan asked curiously.

  Xiaoshuai happily grabs Baidao: "He can tell you that you can't guess it. I think the mystery of the mysterious machine should be: the sea, the sea, what is the most handsome in the world? Then I just replied with enthusiasm and enthusiasm: Xiaoshuai! Then Xuanjizi will send me over! ”

  "Okay, OK, you are the most handsome."

  Mu Yu was dumbfounded, and narcissism to this point was really no one.

  He pulled Xiaoshuai and Longteng, and then began to calculate the changes in the clouds. After a quarter of an hour, the clouds were just combined and aligned with the sun's position. At this time, Mu Yu leaped gently, and the toes stepped on the clouds in the Zee, slightly bent, and then the whole person had already jumped out.

  It’s indispensable for you to fly in the clouds, to the sun, and to have a distraction.

  Mu Yu only felt a strange power appearing beside him, and then the scene in front suddenly changed rapidly. When he returned to God, he was already standing at the door of the palace. He looked back and looked at the enchantment created by Tian Yan's back. He understood that he had succeeded.

  He did not hesitate, and quickly pushed open the imposing gate of the palace. The door was very heavy. Mu Yu could only push a crack, but it was enough to go in.

  After entering the palace, there are no magnificent jewels and noble thrones in the interior. It is a high platform. The high platform is surrounded by powerful inscriptions. The center is a golden seal floating in the air!

  This is probably the real Tianyan reincarnation. The thing outside the palace is just a phantom.

  At this time, the ghost is dying next to the high platform, and there is a strong ghost in it to erode the inscriptions of the gossip. The strong breath that Fang Cai Mu Yu felt outside the palace was from the inscriptions of the gossip. When the inscription was eroded, it would make a very vicissitudes of voice, seemingly sighing.

  "How did you come in?"Ghosts also found Mu Yu, UU reading he first stunned, and was surprised by the sudden appearance of Mu Yu.

  "A handsome person can come in without the help of others, like you can't understand the nasty little devil."Xiaoshuai said proudly on the shoulder of Mu Yu.

  While talking, another inscription was eroded by the ghosts.

  "I can't let you take things casually!"

  Mu Yu doesn't know what the ghosts want to do with Tian Yan's reincarnation, but his purpose is obviously to come to this, Mu Yu will not let him succeed.

  The shadow of the sword is flashing, and the fierce sword has already been rolled up to the ghost.

  "court death! Old Six and Old Seven, the two of you went to grab him and get his soul. There is just one soul missing here. ”Ghosts screamed and sighed.

  Two ghosts flew out of the ghosts of the ghosts, and they were the two twins who were squandered!

  Both twins have a combination of repairs, and the two together make Mu Yu feel a huge pressure.

  At the foot of Mu Yu’s feet, he had to knock down the two twins. And the ghosts are still free to break away from the body, and it is the best time to deal with ghosts and sorrow!

  "To deal with twins, I am best at it! Xiaoshuai five thundering wait! ”

  The wood feathers snorted, and the wind and the heart had already come out of his feet.

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