Chapter 641 Thunderbolt

  Ghosts have six twins but only two. It is obvious that he wants to erode the layers of the guardian Tian Yan, and he still needs to rely on the help of other twins.

  Two fit period Ghost Gate may let Mu Yu feel headache, but two soul mu feather can have no scruples.

  Muling turned into a powerful vine to go to the ghost sixth and the ghost old seven, the two twins already know that the plants of the wood feather are so powerful, they dare not care, but the hands of the pure soul force, the vines Block off.

  "Do you really think that we only have a Horcrux of the ghost domain predecessors? you are too naive! ”

  Ghost Old seven mercilessly toward Mu Yu, his hand holding a white rib, is obviously a demon island soul of a person on the spirit device. The spirit of the soul can be added to their body to cover the spirit, so that can not be restrained by the wood plume.

  Because of their special ghosts, the twins have all the cultivations of their lives even if they become souls. This is a unique place for the ghosts, so when they are not afraid of being absorbed by the wooden feathers.

  "bring it on! You don't even know your own mother! ”

  Xiaoshuai and Longteng have already rushed out, and the blue electric sparks screamed in the air. Xiaoxiao’s little figure was matched with the asymmetrical Lei Jianwei, and he was full of arrogance.

  "The little devils have become this ghost, and the mother has never known them!"Dragon's breath once again swept out and cut off Xiao Shuai's Lei Jian!

  The wooden feathers have already rolled over, and the Xiaoshuai's broken sword is suppressed in the hands. Then the shadow sword is drawn from the air, and the tyrannical power of lightning suddenly hits the ghosts and the old six!

  Ghost old seven hands hold the Horcrux, swaying out, the white soul force and the black gas on his body form a sharp contrast. The soul force was staggered in the air, forming a barrier in front and greeted the thunderbolt that suddenly exploded.

  Mu Yu’s lightning has already left a deep impression on them. Even the ghosts who have the flesh are afraid to harden, so the ghosts and the old six are also flying back.

  However, there was a sword shape above the blast of the thunderous power of Mu Yu, and all the thunderbolt that was blown up was directed to the ghost that was eroding the inscription!

  "hateful! Stop him! ”

  Ghosts have been paying attention to the movement of Mu Yu. He saw the power of lightning that swept through himself. He did not dare to take a nap. He quickly yelled at the ghosts and the old six.

  Ghost Laoqi and Ghost Laoliu also reacted. Mu Yu’s attack was not used to deal with him. His goal is to cherish life!

  The ghost old six and the ghost old seven flew in the past, the soul device in the hand emerged and the soul force once again blocked in front. However, they were in a hurry, and the place where the thunder and lightning force exploded was too close to their souls. The overbearing thunder suddenly broke the obstacle of the soul and fell on them!


  The screams of screaming were uploaded from the old six ghosts. In order to protect the ghosts from harm, he was hard to resist the fire of the wooden feathers. But thunder and lightning is the most just and overbearing thing in the world, and is it a soul that can withstand it?

  If it is not the cultivation of the ghost sixth, it is not low, I am afraid that this lightning is enough to make him smash!

  "Old sixth, how are you?"

  Ghosts and old seven quickly rushed to see the situation of the ghost sixth, the ghost of the sixth, there was a blue lightning flashing on the soul.

The sizzling sounds, the smoldering ghosts on his body are all scattered, and the whole soul has become more transparent, and the breath has dropped a lot.

  "No, lightning is too uncomfortable!"Ghost Lao Liu’s face showed a wilting look, and the Horcrux in his hand could not hold it on the ground.

  "hateful! This kid is really evil! ”The ghost old seven raised his head in resentment, but he was greeted by another stunned thunder ball, and blasted over his head!


  Thunder and lightning trembled in the air, the ghost of the old seven quickly with the ghost of the sixth want to integrate into the soul device in the hands to avoid the invasion of lightning, but he was shocked to find the power of the thunder of the ghost six to his hand, let him The whole soul trembled.

  That is really called the shudder from the soul!

  The ghost old seven subconsciously retracted his hand and saw that the thunderbolt had exploded. He could only retract the Horcrux alone. At the same time, the Thunderbolt exploded again on the top of the Ghost Six. The powerful tearing force was all used to hide. The ghost of the old six!

  Poor ghost sixth old screams have not had time to be hit by lightning again, this time he has not been able to resist the past, the soul is full of thunder marks, then the soul is like a piece of paper shattered, disappeared !

  The real soul is flying!

  "Old Six!"

  Ghost Laoqi just saw it in the Horcrux, and suddenly he exclaimed. His face became distorted and he looked at Mu Yu with resentment. If they didn't stop the thunderball in order to help the ghosts, I am afraid that the ghost sixth is not so easy.

  "I still have the sixth, take care of yourself!"The thunderball in the hand of Mu Yu once again slammed into the ghost, killing a twin and five, this little devil is simply difficult!

  The ghosts are also very gloomy, the twins are killed, and the impact on him is quite large, but his inscription has already reached a critical juncture, and he can't take his body to deal with Mu Yu. He can only resist the wounds in the body and continue to crack the battle. law. "Mu Yu, you will definitely die in my hands! ”Ghostly screaming and gnashing his teeth, where can he think of his twins, so it is so easy to break one!

  "The last person who said this to me has already
The ghost old six is ​​off the court. ”

  In the hands of Mu Yu, a piece of sword was formed, and the power of lightning was introduced into the blade, and then it disappeared into the void. When it appeared again, it was already a ghost.

  Ghost Laoqi wants to stop the split sword, but he also has a thunderball on his own side. He can't allow him to be distracted. He can only cope with the lightning ball in front of him and avoid himself and the same ghost. .

  Ghosts bite their teeth, they can only accept the hand directly, the whole person quickly quits, and escapes the wooden ball of Thunder in the midst of a thousand miles!

  The inscription on the gossip pattern has been eroded by one-third of the ghosts, but because of the interference of the wood feathers, the inscriptions that were eroded slowly flowed, and they began to recover.

  The realm of the mysterious machine of the mysterious machine, return to the original!

  This thing that was done after the ghosts of the deceased was abandoned. If you want to get the Tianyan reincarnation, you can only come back again.

  Ghostly succumbs to the body in the air, the power of the thunder has not hurt him, but the defensive enchantment around Tian Yan’s reincarnation has caused him to be countered. At this moment, his spiritual power is very unstable, he is alive. Press down the blood between the throats.

  "You dare to kill my twins!"Ghosts are angry and angry.

  "I killed your twins? Didn't he have been killed once by you? I just help you to overtake him! ”In the hands of Mu Yu, the shadow of the sword is slashed, and the sword is out of the way.

  Long Teng and Xiao Shuai and they fell on the side of Mu Yu, not to be outdone and screaming at the ghosts.

  "It seems that today you will not be able to get rid of you, you can't feel at ease.The voice of the ghosts is chilling.

  "I thought you had already thought about this!"At the foot of Mu Yu, the pattern flickered, and the shadow sword had already come out of the way.

  Just being squandered and threatened to lead the way, he had already slammed his stomach, and now killing a twin is also a matter of recovering interest.

  He can see that the evil spirits are unstable, and the ghosts that have just forcibly recovered their own will definitely be countered. This is exactly what Mu Yu likes and hears. Otherwise, he will not have the opportunity to deal with him because of the cultivation of the ghosts.

  The twins in the ghosts are all rushed out. Each twin has a horoscope in his hand. They know the unusualness of Muyu, so the ghost domain lends the Horcruxes in the hands of the souls under their jurisdiction. Ghost life.

  It’s a pity that Ghost Six didn’t have time to hide in order to cover the ghosts, even if there was a Horcrux.

  "Take this kid a corpse and avenge the old six!"Ghost Lao Wu sighed with anger and anger.

  The other twins also responded, and then all spread out, surrounded by wood feathers!

  The six ghosts of the fit period surrounded the wood feathers, and the wooden feathers had to be cautious. Although he had lightning assistance, the other party had to escape the thunder and use the soul force in the Horcrux to deal with him. He was in danger!

  "kill!"Ghosts are desperately ordered.

  Six ghosts crossed a gray shadow in the air, and rushed toward Muyu with endless killing.

  Muyu jumped up and kicked a point sword on the toes. He confronted the soul device in one of the twins. The shadow sword could not block the power of the fit period. UU reading was shaken out. In the hands of Mu Yu, the shadow sword fell into his hand from the void, and the sword of the sword turned to another twin.

  But at this moment, the bloody axe of the ghosts smothered and smashed, and the red mans walked over and looked at the wooden feather neck.

  There were countless vines under the feet of Mu Yu, and a wall was interwoven in the front. The leaves of the trees fluttered. Each leaf wrapped around the blood-colored axe. Although it was quickly shattered, it also took away a point of the blood-colored axe. Power.

  When the blood-colored axe was cut down, it had already been removed from the strength of 7788. The wooden feather sword greeted him and blocked the bloody long axe of the ghost.

  "The little handsome is Xuan Cang Lei Lei!"

  The blue giant sword danced in the whole palace, and each sword shadow was with a stunned thunder and lightning, and smashed toward the twins. Those twins are quite jealous of the thunder sword in their hands. They dare not pick it up and can only avoid it.

  After all, the twins are repaired during the fit period. Although they are afraid of lightning, they are extremely fast. The handsome swords of Xiaoshuai have not been able to touch them. If they are not covered by Longtan, they may have been small. Shuai gave it.

  The attack of ghosts is getting more and more fierce, and Mu Yu can't hold on, especially the twins around him can't stop harassing, and he can't hold on.

  At this moment, a twin caught a gap behind the wood feather, and the soul device in the hand slammed it out and hit the wood feather.

  Mu Yu's whole body tumbling, the body's breath was disordered, and the whole person had already flown out.

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