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Chapter 642 Tian Yan’s Return

  The soul of the twins invaded the body of the wood, letting the body of Mu Yu turn over the river, but the black and white spirit quickly poured into the body meridians of Mu Yu, and the souls of the alien invasion were dispelled.

  Mu Yu fell to the altar and landed on the edge of the altar. He stood firm on the altar of the altar. The ghosts did not give him a chance to gasp, the bloody long axe once again smothered mercilessly, Mu Yu can only barely wave the sword to resist.

  The pressure between the ghost and the sorrowful hand is very high. The other side is repaired to be much higher than him, so that he can’t get down at all, and his body will be defeated from time to time. In the end, he fell directly into the altar and retired to Tianyan’s inscription. The edge of the array.

  Xiaoshuai and Longteng also retreated to the side of Mu Yu, helping Mu Yu to relieve the pressure of the ghosts.

  The remaining five twins are all around the wood and the sky, and a powerful soul traps the entire altar. Even if Mu Yu wants to display the Scorpio, he can't escape from this range.

  "I see where you are going this time!"The ghost sorrows his face and smiles. The bloody axe in his hand is once again killed by Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu had no choice but to retreat again. The back is the enchantment formed by those inscriptions, but no one thought that the inscriptions that blocked the ghosts did not block the wood feathers, but it was easy to let Mu Yu enter the enchantment. Among them!

  At this time, the bloody long axe has been cut down, the inscriptions glow with golden glow, and the bloody long axe of the ghosts will be shaken away in a blink of an eye. The powerful rebound force makes the ghosts squander the whole person and flies out. It costs a lot. The strength stabilized the figure.

  "How can you get into this enchantment!"

  Ghosts are horrified, he has been in the woods for a long time, and according to the method of the ghost domain, it takes a lot of effort to get into the enchantment. The enchantment had been eroded by him, but he was kicked by Mu Yu.

  What made him most unbearable was that Mu Yu did not do anything at all, and he even entered the enchantment directly!

  "Hey? Yes! How can I get in this enchantment? ”

  Mu Yu also felt quite surprised. He did not want to let the ghosts get a life-threatening turn. Who could think of himself inexplicably into this formation.

  "There must be any magic weapon in him, otherwise it is impossible to do this!"Ghost old seven angry.

  "Kill these two monsters!"Ghosts cherish the anger.

  Xiao Shuai and Long Teng are both blocked out of the enchantment, they can't get in. Mu Yu tried to reach out and grabbed the tails of Xiao Shuai and Long Teng, and actually pulled them in.

  "Monsters, your sister! Uncle is a beast, the beast does not understand? Do you want me to teach you how to write the word 'God'? I tell you, it’s a bit of a squat…"Xiaoshuai shouted.

  "It’s a vertical point."Longtan corrected it.

  "The point is too stingy, use the cockroach to compare the atmosphere!"Xiaoshuai retorted.

  Mu Yu breathed a sigh of relief. He reached out and touched the enchantment before he could block the powerful enchantment of the ghost-death attack, but let him come in easily. This made him incredible. It can be said that his degree of surprise is no worse than ghosts. small.

  He can be sure that this is not the merit of chaotic yin and yang. Although chaotic yin and yang can control all the patterns, but when you came in, there was no reaction to chaotic yin and yang.

  The most important thing,

Xuanjizi is a man who has his own field, and his cultivation is so high that he has his own field. Even if Mu Yu has the help of the temple and the stone, it is impossible to control the real machine. Array method.

  So what exactly is it for him to come in?

  "Is there any dissent, is that what it means?"

  Mu Yu meditates, the demon enchantment most likes to rely on "there is no dissent" to block the invaders. Xuanjizi real people use the demon enchantment to protect the Tianyan reincarnation in the demon's territory.

  "It's not a distraction, otherwise I've already come in."Xiaoshuai shook his head, every time it was the first to discover how to pass the enchantment of the Yaozu, so it is sure that this is not the same enchantment as the Yaozu.

  "what is that?"Dragon vine also feels strange.

  Mu Yu touched the enchantment, and the inscriptions flowed. He was surprised to find that the black and white spirit in his body gradually integrated into the enchantment and then flowed into him.

  "It is the anger and death of the grass, and the Tianyan reincarnation seems to have something to do with the grass."Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully.

  However, he soon did not hurt, because now he is at least temporarily safe, this enchantment is like a shelter to separate him from the devils.

  The ghosts and his twins are thundering outside, but they simply can't get in.

  "Haha! Devils, I tell you how you can get in. Only the handsome and handsome can pass this enchantment. It is estimated that you are not playing. ”Xiaoshuai proudly provoked inside.

  "Humph! We can't get in, can you come out? ”Ghosts cherish the cold.

  The five twins have been planted with a variety of ghost powers around them. These ghosts are similar to the arrays and are designed to deal with Mu Yu. This ghost technique was originally supposed to be arranged after coming in, but it was only a ghost that the wood feathers could not enter this place, so it did not cost that effort.

  When Mu Yu was too lazy to pay attention to the ghost door, he fell his eyes on the Tianyan round. When I got close, I found that the Tianyan wheel looked completely different from the top of the palace outside. This golden print has a palm size and a sculpture on top.
A lifelike mountain.

  Above the mountain peaks, whether it is grass or trees, or rocks, every texture is very visible. Mu Yu is even surprised to find that there is a small cave in the middle of the mountain. Outside the cave is a prominent stone platform. There is a small stone table and stone bench, and there is an old banyan tree next to it!

  This mountain looks like a fairy, completely different from the real mountain. The base of the mountain is a gossip shape. At this moment, there are yin and yang two gas swirling around the entire Tianyan wheel.

  "Little handsome, are you sure this is a Tianyan round?"Mu Yu asked curiously, because what Xiao Shuai saw outside was completely different from what he saw now.

  Xiaoshuai nodded: "Wrong, this thing is not the same in the distance and in the vicinity, but the breath is not wrong."

  Mu Yu carefully reached out and tried to take the Tianyan wheel back to his hand. In fact, he just tried it. I thought that this thing would at least resist it. I didn’t expect that Tianyan’s return would be taken directly by Mu Yu.

  "The kid, knowing the point and taking the Tianyan wheel back, I will not let you die."The ghost old seven yelled outside.

  "Are you sick! Why do you spare me not to die? Which green onion you are! Can you come in? ”Mu Yu felt that the ghost door man was really a brain teasing, and he didn’t even have the ability to come in. He was still yelling outside.

  The ghost old seven was irritated by Mu Yu, but he was helpless.

  Ghostly chilling channel: "We don't need to go in, just wait for you to come out."

  This is indeed a problem. At this moment, the ghost gates surrounded the altar and set up a variety of chaotic techniques specially used to deal with him. He was simply unable to fly.

  The wooden plume sat down on the stone platform where the Tianyan wheel was placed. He took the reincarnation and turned it over and looked at it. Then he found some difficult words under the reincarnation.

  "The text translator, tell me what this is."Mu Yu asked Long Teng.

  Long Teng looked at it for a long time, and he made a series of syllables that were weird and incomprehensible.

  "speak English."

  "My Lord is fortunate, turning things upside down, reincarnation, and controlling the world."Long Teng said in a language that only Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai could understand.

  Its ability is to let anyone understand the words, who can understand, this ability is just to prevent the eavesdropping of the ghost door.

  "What does it mean? Is it a riddle? ”Mu Yu asked.

  Longteng shook his head.

  "You know this stuff, do you know how to use it?"Mu Yu turned to Xiaoshuai.

  "This thing is too dangerous. The only way to use it is to know the old man with white beard and Xuanji."Xiaoshuai said.

  Mu Yu spent a long time, and did not understand the truth from the 16 words translated by Long Teng. This is not like a riddle, it is more like a magnificent slogan, but unfortunately there is no instruction manual.

  Ghosts are dying outside to listen to what they seem to be discussing, but he can't understand Longtan's words, so he is very angry.

  "Why don't you put the above words out and everyone will enlighten you?"Ghost old seven said.

  Mu Yu looked like an idiot and glanced at the ghost seven, and then the wind and the heart of the illusion came out, and the dragon and the young handsome were connected in the line, this did not need to move, everyone thought everything was well known. Save money and always have a lot of talk.

  Then the ghost doorman saw Mu Yu and Xiaoshuai Longteng nod and shook his head, shaking his head and nodding. Various expressions of speculation, doubt, surprise, surprise and disappointment flashed on the face of Mu Yu, but the three people did not speak. Like a mime.

  The three of them had been pondering for a long time and did not find out what this meant. The mysterious son left a dangerous baby, but he left the manual forgotten, which made him suffer.

  However, Mu Yu believes that Tian Yan's return should be the key to opening the town demon tower, because this palace is empty, except for this, there is nothing else.

  Although he now has a shelter, but a group of little devils outside look at it, it is useless to get the key, it seems that there is no way to showdown with the little devil.

  "I said why do you want to get the Tianyan reincarnation?"Mu Yu asked. UU reading

  Ghosts screamed: "This is not yours."

  "This is the key to unlocking the town demon tower?"Mu Yu continued to ask.

  Ghostly stunned his eyes and then said, "What is it?"

  Mu Yu sees the reaction of the ghosts in his eyes. He estimates that the Tianyan reincarnation is not only simple to open the town demon tower. He moved and said: "I know, you are also going to find the town demon tower to find such things! But in my opinion, such a thing is not something that you ghosts can get involved! ”

  Longtan is very surprised: Mu Yu, do you know what they are looking for?

  Mu Yu: The ghost knows what he is looking for! I just ask.

  "Humph! That was what we were in the ghost door, we just wanted to get him back! ”Ghosts have not yet opened their mouths, and Ghost Seven has begun to say anger.

  Mu Yu smiled and said: "What are you ghosts? It’s a big deal! That thing is clearly stolen by your ghosts! ”

  "nonsense! It’s a small thief who stole our souls…"

  "Ghost old seven shut up
! ”Ghosts chilledly interrupted the words of the ghost, and then looked at Mu Yu. "You don't even know what we are looking for!"

  "Now I know."Mu Yu laughed.

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