Chapter NO. 643 Cooperation again

  It is a pity that the ghosts are not as stupid as the ghost seven, otherwise Mu Yu still wants more information.

  "You know that it is useless to go to the soul, you have never seen it, you still don't know what we are looking for."

  Ghosts are not worried about anything. Mu Yu only knows a name. Many things don't even know what it is if they know the name.

  However, Mu Yu did not answer, and he exchanged expressions with Xiao Shuai and Long Teng.

  At least the ghosts think that the three Muyu are communicating with their expressions, because they don’t speak at all.

  "Bai Shi Tong, I heard that the transitional soul is in the heart?"Mu Yu asked.

  Xiaoshuai licked his tail and said with great interest: "I haven’t heard it, maybe it’s a heart? I don't know if I can eat it. ”

  "You can eat the heart of the little devil?" That is black heart! ”Long Teng is disgusting.

  "I have a good cooking, don't worry."Xiao Shuai had even thought about eating the disgusting meat-winged horns. It was nothing unusual to eat a ghost-hearted heart.

  "During the soul, I have not heard of such things before. Since it is a ghost door thing, it must be very important to them. Anyway, they can't let them succeed."Mu Yu said.

  "We can't go out if we stay here, they can't stop it!"

  Xiao Shuai’s method is very simple. He took out a chicken leg from Mu Yu’s Qiankun bag. He breathed two breaths, warmed it up, and then ate it.

  Mu Yu is helpless, he is not as heartless as Xiao Shuai. Going out is definitely going out, the key is how to go out!

  "Ghosts are dying, so! If you take Tianyan's reincarnation, you just want to enter the town demon tower, and I just want to enter the town demon tower. Tianyan reincarnation is responsible for custody. How about we go in after the town demon tower? ”

  There is no other way at the moment. Xuanjizi may not have thought that Muyu would pass through the enchantment of the altar without being blocked. He also took the Tianyan wheel back so easily. It is estimated that Xuanjizi’s real person set up a lot of tests in this palace in the middle of the palace and gave Mu Yu a sneak peek. Even the Shaoguan hints that Mu Yu did not get handcuffs.

  "Not so good, I will kill you and get the Tianyan round."

  Ghosts succumb to this life, but they don’t want to negotiate. In his opinion, Mu Yu just hides in the turtle shell, but it is also the shackle. He has already begun to prepare to re-erect the enchantment of the periphery, and the ghost in his hand spreads again. Come.

  However, Mu Yu smashed his hand and thundered it with a thunder. Ghosts reluctantly raised their hands and made a soul. Although they eliminated the thunder, they also had to stop their work. Obviously, the erosion of the enchantment required him to concentrate. His twins were quite afraid of the thunder of Mu Yu. He creates a harmonious working environment.

  Everyone is in a deadlock.

  "it is good! I promise you to hand over the heavenly wheel to you for safekeeping. ”

  Ghosts have been squandered for a moment, and they have taken the lead in making concessions. Because he thought about it, it would be too laborious to erode this enchantment, and Mu Yu could easily get him to go back to Tianyan, and it would be no big deal for a little cooperation.

  This thing is necessary to open the town demon tower, the town demon tower wood feathers also need to go in, so he is not worried about Mu Yu cheats and the like.

  the most important is,

Even if you don't have to kill Muyu here, and wait for the Siren Palace, they have more people, and they are more than enough to deal with Mu Yu. As for entering the town demon tower, no one can protect the wood feathers at that time.

  Mu Yu naturally thinks about this, but if the ghost is not in the Kraken Palace, he will be able to protect him after waiting for the Siren Palace. As for what happens after entering the town demon tower, then wait for it to go out and say.

  I’m sure I’m going to know something about it, such as what the soul is.

  "Well, then you quickly remove the messy demons from outside, and retreat to the edge of the stone pillar outside the palace, then I will come out again."Mu Yu said.

  These things are of course necessary. The little devil's ghosts can't be taken seriously. Mu Yu doesn't want to see a lot of disgusting ghosts coming out after he goes out.

  "The old sixth is so white?"Ghost Laoqi is not reconciled.

  "He won't die in vain."Ghosts said coldly and coldly.

  At present, this demon island can't go out. Everyone is on an island. There are more opportunities for revenge, especially in the town demon tower, where the best time to start.

  Ghosts succumbed to the devil's fog, and soon eliminated the sneak peeks that had just been laid, then took a cold look at Mu Yu and left the palace with his twins.

  Mu Yu did not rush out, he set up some formations when he came in. Only when he determined that the ghosts had stepped on those patterns, he could guarantee that it was safe.

  He first put the Tianyan wheel back to the altar, then walked out of the enchantment and strolled around the palace.

  Xuanjizi really put this dangerous baby here. It is reasonable to say that some tests are prepared. Maybe his residual consciousness will drift out to tell Muyu how to use Tianyan to return to the shackles. How to break the enchantment.

  After all, Xuanjizi can't think that his enchantment will not stop Muyu. Since he wants to send this baby out, it is impossible to leave a hint.

  However, Mu Yu turned around, in addition to the various luxurious decorations and the mysterious lines of the palace.
Nothing remains, and the consciousness of Xuanji’s real people remains out.

  "Don't bother, the things you want are already in my hands."The sound of ghosts and sorrows came from outside the palace.

  "Mom, I said how to find the instruction manual, it was stolen by the little devil!"Mu Yu shouted.

  He returned to the altar, crossed the enchantment, took the Tianyan wheel back and took it through the enchantment.

  But at the moment of passing through the enchantment, the whole palace suddenly trembled fiercely, and all the inscriptions on the enchantment began to surge, and the inscriptions were illusory, constantly shrinking, and actually sucked into the heavenly wheel. The hill was halfway up the hillside.

  This is not good, because the inscriptions disappeared and the enchantment disappeared. If the ghosts return to their lives, Mu Yu will suffer a big loss.

  He quickly rushed toward the palace door and rushed out of the palace door, and found that the outer layer of the enchantment disappeared, and the ghosts were standing on the steps, watching the wood feathers coldly.

  "I think you must be looking for this."

  There is a golden glow in the hands of the ghosts, like a nebula, like a whirlpool, the golden mist is flowing, it looks extraordinarily wonderful.

  Mu Yu doesn't know what it is, but the things of the ghosts are not red or black. They are not all kinds of ugly gray, dead and heavy. The fog on the golden height is definitely not what they have, so it must be It belongs to the instruction manual of Tian Yan's return to the real person left by Xuanjizi.

  "This thing is in the palace. I just passed the test of mysterious man, so I only know how to use the Tianyan wheel to look back."Ghosts said their lives.

  It is no wonder that this guy is not worried about Tian Yan's retreat in the hands of Mu Yu, he has already had a chip.

  "Remove those that you prepared."Ghosts are not fools. He has long discovered the array of wood feathers on the edge of the stone column.

  Mu Yu took the Tianyan wheel back and collected it, and walked calmly toward the stone pillar. The ghosts were behind the wood feathers, and the coldness of the body was not disguised. The two walked into the moving stone column in tandem, and when they returned, the movement of the stone column array reversed, so it needs to be re-introduced.

  The two men walked side by side into the stone column again, and Mu Yu began to push the route again. Already having the first two experiences, the third meteorite column is even simpler, but halfway through, the ghosts suddenly sneered.

  "Do you really think I will work with you?"Ghostly slammed his hand on Mu Yu.

  The reaction of Mu Yu is also very fast. He has already expected that the little devil will tear his face and shake it. The stone pillar that has moved quickly has separated the two.

  "Of course I don't think you will work with me."Mu Yu was not surprised at all. He was on the way to guard the action of the little devil, and sure enough, the guy couldn’t hold it anymore.

  "I have already said that I don't have to rely on you to go out!"

  The surrounding stone pillars suddenly evoked the ghost of the road, and soon they were intertwined with Mu Yu. The soul force poured out and trapped the wooden feathers in a range.

  Ghosts have given the stone pillars when they come in. Although he can't figure out how to come in, he can still record the route of Mu Yu's deduction by using some secret techniques.

  The most important thing is that he originally intended to use the ghosts to intercept the wood feathers in the stone column!

  "is it? I have no intention of bringing you out. UU reading ”

  While hiding from the moving stone pillars, Mu Yu began to make a lot of lines in his hands. At this time, the ground was brightly lit with green light, and then the surrounding scene suddenly changed suddenly!

  The entire stone column array has disappeared, and they all came to a deserted plain. Mu Yu just did not only arrange the formations on the stone pillars, but also laid off the lines on every step of the step. At this moment, he was dragged by him, and immediately used the magic array to hide the stone pillars.

  Ghosts did not expect that Mu Yu had such a hand. He just wanted to step forward, but his body was suddenly slammed, and then the whole person was hit and hit from time to time, and soon disappeared in Mu Yu. In the eyes, I was hit by the palace.

  The illusion is just a blessing on the stone pillars. The stone pillars are only covered by the wood feathers, but it does not mean that they disappear. Mu Yu can detect the existence of these stone pillars, and the ghosts can't detect them immediately, so he is unlucky at once.

  "Really, I have to go out well, hello, hello, everyone, you have to find yourself uncomfortable, that's no wonder for me."The wooden feather figure did not stop at all, and it was moving, avoiding the stone pillar, and soon left the stone column.

  Mu Yu glanced at the soul device that belonged to the ghost domain, and he did not hesitate to put it away, and then he strode toward the stone bridge.


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