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Chapter 644 is the night pot!

  In front of the Kraken Palace, Ghost Domain and Ghost Night have never left the Kraken Palace, waiting for the ghost to die. He Liankong also stayed here, avoiding the wood feathers being poisoned by the ghosts when they came out.

  "Helian brother, who do you think will go out of the Siren Palace first?"Ghost domain asked faintly.

  Helian snorted: "Who is going to be so heavy first?"

  "The Siren Palace is very dangerous, and the comprehension of the distracted period can not be benefited."Ghost domain smiled slightly, and he smiled like a smile, just like someone deliberately put his mouth up.

  "There is no benefit in getting involved in the distraction period. Can you get the benefits of people in the fit period?"

  He Liankong still has confidence in Mu Yu. After all, the reputation of Jianying Dustwind is quite loud in his time. It is even stronger than the real machine. Since Mu Yu is a descendant of the sword shadow dust, then naturally it will not be worse.

  "Ghosts are not a good-tempered person. I hope that your kid will not provoke him." Otherwise, if it doesn't come out, it's not good. ”Ghost Night, who was taught by He Liankong, sneered aside.

  Ghost Night Ming certainly knows who Mu Yu is, and also knows some strange powers of Mu Yu, specifically restraining the practice of ghost gates, so he has already prepared a lot of means for dealing with wood feathers. Ghosts have six twins, but that is the ghost servant that he personally cultivated.

  He Liankong frowned, only when he vaguely felt that the ghosts were not right. He began to worry about it. Although Mu Yu is an apprentice of the sword shadow dust, but after all, there is a fit period to repair the ghost gate. Understand that the ghost door people will simply kill the people who block the road.

  However, Heliankong said: "That may not be, I am very optimistic about him."

  "Would you like to gamble?" Take the Horcrux as a bet, you bet the wood feather first out, I gamble the ghosts to come out first, and even if they come out together, even if they win, whoever wins the soul device, who? ”Ghost domain has always been in the soul of the sequel, even if it is still not dead.

  He Liankong did not make a sound. If Mu Yu really had an accident inside, then it is estimated that it was really a chicken. In the Horcrux, there is the power of the mysterious son. If the Horcrux is lost, then Helian will lose the initiative.

  "how? Didn't you have confidence in Muyu at first? Why did you hesitate at this time? Or do you think that the future generations of your Dandings are simply not comparable to our ghosts? ”Ghost domain laughed.

  Helian was somewhat annoyed: "Bet on gambling!" And once I win, you are not allowed to start with Muyu again, otherwise I will definitely leave you on the island forever! ”

  "it is good! A word is set! ”Ghost domain laughs.

  "Take out the Horcrux and save your remorse."He Lian emptied his own soul device in his hand. He looked at the ghost domain, but the ghost domain did not move.

  "What about your Horcrux?"Helian asked.

  "My soul device gave the ghost a life, but unfortunately your soul device can't be brought into the Kraken Palace, or you may have a little hope of winning."The ghost field smiled faintly.

  He Liankong's face changed greatly, how can he not know the power of the ghost domain's Horcrux! The ghost gates are more familiar with the control of the soul than their own, their soul device can exert a powerful power, if the ghosts have the soul device of the ghost domain, then the wood feather is really fierce.

  "You are shameless!"Helian’s air beard was shaking. His soul device was used to maintain the opening of the palace gate, so he could not hand it to Mu Yu, but there was no limit to the ghost device of the ghost domain.

  There was a smug look on the face of Ghost Domain: "I am willing to gamble and lose, then I will wait for you to send the Horcrux to you personally-"

  But before he finished speaking, suddenly the entrance of the entire Siren Palace trembled, and then the mirror began to appear in the water, and a figure came out of the mirror.

  "what to give? Send the Horcrux? Are you saying this? ”The harmless smile of Mu Yu’s humans and animals appeared in everyone’s eyes, and all the ghosts were given a slap!

  How can it be!

  Ghost domain's smug face froze, and soon became distorted. He looked coldly at the black skull in the hands of Mu Yu, and it was the five thousand years that the cultivation of the waves was gone. No shadow.

  "Do you mean this Horcrux?"Mu Yu simply threw the skull of the ghost field on the ground, then stepped on it and smashed it twice. He said: "You have to say that your Horcrux is still quite solid, and you will have nothing to do afterwards. Can sit as a stool and sit down."

  "Don't you just say to me as a pottery?"Xiaoshuai said with a milky voice.

  The ghost domain is simply fried!

  His soul device is the skull of his life, which is equivalent to his head, but he was stepped on by Mu Yu, not to mention a small beast who even brazenly wanted to treat his skull as a chamber pot! How can this kind of shame and shame be tolerated?

  "Kid, you are looking for death! I dare to treat my Horcrux like this! ”

  Ghost domain anger will be shot, but He Liankong has already floated, and his own soul device is stuffed into the wooden feather hand, blocking the ghost field's blow in time.

  Ghost Night Ming also wanted to shoot, but when he saw He Liankong beside the wood feather, he still resisted it. Even after his death, He Liankong’s cultivation was far above the ghost night, which is no better than other local.

  He Liankong’s face opened with flowers: “
Oops! Such a valuable gift, you have been secretly given to my family's Muyu self-defense! It’s all my own people who don’t say it early, I almost missed you. ”

  The ghost field was so trembled that he didn't know what to do.

  Because he only got a bet with He Liankong, but all the souls present were heard, because the opening of the Siren Palace is very important, so the four leaders are waiting here, Bo Hong and Mu Mengfei have witnessed.

  "I think it's still the ancestors of the older generation's legs. This dark skull is like a fish from the pit. It's really ugly."Mu Yu held the legs of He Liankong in his hand like a baby, and then stepped on the skull of the two-legged ghost field.

  "Of course, let's join us!"He Liankong laughed and patted Mu Yu’s shoulder.

  Mu Yu felt his shoulders stunned by the millennium, and it was cool.

  All Terran souls watched Mu Yu stepping on the skull of the ghost domain, and the corners of his mouth were slightly sucked. This kid really dared to do it! That is the ghost device of the ghost domain. The ghost domain is a ghost doorman before his birth. His soul device is very powerful.

  The ghost domain reached out and tried to take back his own soul device, but He Liankong had already prevented him from this hand and stopped the Horcrux in time.

  "what's up? Ghost domain is not your thing, I am willing to gamble and go back! ”He Liankong extended two fingers to point to his own soul device, and then the soul device exudes pure soul power, covering the skull of the ghost domain, and suddenly cut off the connection between the ghost domain and his skull.

  "I have lived on this demon island for five thousand years. Is it that credit has lived on the dog?" Or are the ghosts all this virtue? Then I really doubt that it is not bad for you to come to the demon island. ”

  The wooden feather tipped a hook, hooked up the skull, rubbed it twice with the ankle, and then kicked it to Xiaoshuai: "Give you the pottery!"

  Xiaoshuai took two small ankles out of the skull's eye sockets, and it was time for all kinds of small handsome players to play the ball.

  The soul power of the ghost domain has been shaking, his face is gloomy and terrible, watching his soul device be played by a spirit beast, his lungs are mad!

  "What do you say about the ghosts of the ghosts? Mu Yu, didn't you kill him? I tell you, although you are better than him, but we have to be a good and good boy, don't kill, just beat him for a lifetime disability, understand? ”He Liankong said with a heavy heart.

  Mu Yu only has a distraction period, and the ghosts have a fit period, and He Liankong has to say that Mu Yu is more powerful than a ghost. He also warns Mu Yu not to kill. As long as he is disabled for life, the old man is obviously not a fuel-efficient lamp.

  "The lesson of the predecessors is that the younger generation must do the next time. As for the ghost's life? He loves his life too much, and the result seems to be trapped and unable to come out. ”Mu Yu resisted laughing.

  "Can't you come out?" what a pity! Then I have to close the door! ”He Liankong was quite a chest, a look of high morality.

  "Herlen, the people under my door have not come out yet, you are not allowed to close the door!"Ghost domain anger. He must figure out what happened. He clearly pointed out everything to the ghosts, but the ghosts not only lost the ghosts of the ghost domain, but now they can't see ghosts. UU reads www. This is not the result he wants.

  "I am not the kind of person who is not human. I will wait for an hour. If he does not come out at an hour, then I don't want to wait any longer. You know that it is very tired to maintain the gate of the Siren Palace. I am old. Can't wait!"Helian smashed his waist.

  There are still many questions about Mu Yu who want to ask He Liankong. It is only because there are so many people here, so he did not intend to ask now. Because he had to wait for another hour, he simply took the skull of the ghost domain and sat down under the ass as a stool.

  Ghost domain face is a pumping, temper trembling, can not wait to rush to kill Mu Yu!

  "Predecessors, all of you are surrounded here, what about the daily bones fighting?" Don’t you have to fight with the Yaozu in these days? ”Mu Yu asked curiously.

  He remembered that he should have been in the Kraken Palace for three days. The time spent on the woods was longer, mainly to understand the power of nature. He was not there for three days, but the battle between the bones continued. .

  Every time a bone warfare confrontation requires one of the four leaders to come to the town, and now the four Terran leaders are here, and the wood feathers just come out, the ghost gates seem to not want to play at all, then the bone warfare test Who is going to play?

  He Liankong shook his head: "The Yao people have truce with us these days. They came over and talked to us yesterday."

  "Talk about conditions?"

  "Ok! They also want to enter the town demon tower. ”

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