Chapter 645 likes to be a kind of freedom

γ€€γ€€Do the Yao people want to enter the town demon tower?

γ€€γ€€Mu Yu is not surprised by this. The Siren King is sealed in the town demon tower. The Yao people come here to find the Siren King and rescue the Siren King. They obviously know how to enter the town demon tower. Mastered on the human side.

γ€€γ€€Last time, Heliankong said that after Mu Yu got the inheritance of Xuanjizi's real person, he went to the Yao people to negotiate. I didn't expect the Yaozu people to discuss it first.

γ€€γ€€"Do you agree?"Mu Yu asked.

γ€€γ€€"I don't agree with their requirements, we can't get close to the town demon tower!"He Liankong spread his hands.

γ€€γ€€Since you have agreed to the natural, you will save some trouble. Otherwise, according to the estimate of Heliankong, it will take 80 years to win the battle of the town demon tower in three games a day. Since everyone's goal is to enter the town demon tower, then cooperation is normal.

γ€€γ€€"Oh, right, I haven't asked you yet, has the inheritance of Xuanjizi's real person been obtained?"He even asked in a low voice.

γ€€γ€€Mu Yu explained the situation briefly. The problem now is that he got the Tianyan reincarnation, but he didn't know how to use it. The method used was obtained by the devil's life, so it is probably that Mu Yu and Ghost Desire occupy half of the initiative. .

γ€€γ€€"That kind of thing can't be squandered, he must have a way out."Mu Yu said.

γ€€γ€€"So, it seems that we have to wait for him to come out."He Liankong said with a little regret that he had hoped that the ghosts would be trapped inside, and that the breeze would be destroyed. It would be a self-righteous way to save the ghosts.

γ€€γ€€"Predecessors, have you heard that Tian Yan is back?"Mu Yu asked.

γ€€γ€€"I don't know much about Tianyan's reincarnation, but when Xuanjizi really told me that Tianyan was a very dangerous thing, he made a series of protective measures. Nebula, he does not know how to use the Tianyan wheel to return, the two things can only be used if they are combined."He Liankong explained.

γ€€γ€€Mu Yu nodded. After that, he remembered that the demon island seemed to have sounded an alarm. It should be that Qiao Xue went ashore. He is now worried about the safety of Qiao Xue and asked about the situation of He Liankong.

γ€€γ€€"There are people coming again. Just after you entered, there was another girl on the island. When we landed on our side, what is Joe Snow?"Helian said with a beard.

γ€€γ€€"Where is she now?"Mu Yu quickly asked.

γ€€γ€€"Ghost people said that the girl is a Yaozu, want to kill her, but I see that she is obviously a human being, so she advocated to save her, in order to avoid suspicion, I sent a few souls to see her! Do you know her? ”Heliankong said.

γ€€γ€€"understanding! Of course, know! She is my friend! ”

γ€€γ€€Mu Yu was fortunate to be fortunate, but fortunately, the old man of He Liankong was wise, or by virtue of the means of ghosts, Qiao Xue could hardly get benefits.

γ€€γ€€"Then I let people bring her over."He Liankong waved his hand, and a middle-aged soul next to him suddenly thought about it and drifted away. In a short while, Joe Snow was brought by five souls.

γ€€γ€€"Wu Yu, you are really here!"Qiao Xue cried in surprise.

γ€€γ€€Mu Yu also ran quickly, pulling Qiao Xue's hand and asked: "Are you okay? Dragon Star, the bastard did not bring you to the demon island? ”

γ€€γ€€Qiao Xue shook his head: "I didn't see them,

After I was trapped by the mermaid, I wanted to escape the law, and I was chased by the mermaid. I didn't know where to go. Later I won the fish and found a sea monster in the sea to let us bring us here. Many of the monsters in the sea do not know where the demon island is. Winning the fish and asking thousands of monsters to find a way to find out. ”

γ€€γ€€Compared to Qiao Xue, Mu Yu’s luck is much better. Xiao Shuai seduce a seventh-order monster beast and the demon gorillas just recognize the road.

γ€€γ€€"Oh, yes, forgot to introduce."Mu Yu quickly introduced Qiao Xue to He Liankong, and by the way, the identity of Qiao Xue was passed.

γ€€γ€€But the ghost nights on the side sneered and said: "This girl is a spies sent by the Yaozu people. This kid is colluding with the Yaozu people. You actually believe these two people!"

γ€€γ€€"Do not believe that we believe in you? The ghosts of your little devils are still very interesting to splash dirty water. Which one of your eyes saw me and the Yaozu people are a group? ”Mu Yu shouted unceremoniously.

γ€€γ€€A distracted repairer pointed to the master of the robbery period, I am afraid that no second besides Mu Yu. Anyway, Liang Zi has long been established, and the ghost gate has been thinking about trying to kill him. Now it is no big deal to swear two sentences.

γ€€γ€€The ghost night is very cold, and he does not have any evidence to prove this. With Hern’s short temper, it is impossible to convince He Liankong.

γ€€γ€€Helian mysteriously to Mu Yu ear: "Are you two a pair of repair partner?" ”

γ€€γ€€"Yeah yeah! On that day, Mu Yu also said that he would be ashamed of Joe Snow! ”Xiaoshuai said with a small paw.

γ€€γ€€"Don't talk nonsense."Qiao Xue’s face was red.

γ€€γ€€Mu Yu is quite generous: "Ah, what are the blessings of the seniors to give us? If you meet someone, you can. ”

γ€€γ€€"I have given you my most precious thighs. Isn't that a face-to-face ceremony?"He Liankong laughed, then sighed, "I see this girl is young, very extraordinary, and you are very good match, not bad. Oops, young is so good, I have begun to miss my little Li, and Xiaoli was also…"

γ€€γ€€He Liankong began to sing praises how the little lili he liked was so graceful and beautiful, and he talked for half an hour. Obviously this
The incident became a regret for Helian's hollow head. Although Mu Yu was not very interested in this Xiaoli, he listened very politely.

γ€€γ€€"I said to Xiaoli 18 times, she refused me 19 times, I did not understand why I am so good an alchemist why not get the heart of Xiao Li …"

γ€€γ€€The wooden feather blinks The eye: "Wait, predecessor, vindicate 18 times to be rejected 19 times?" How can I not count this arithmetic?"

γ€€γ€€"Oh, that is, once I have not started to confess, I was rejected. I understand!" I finally asked Xiaoli why not accept me, Xiaoli said she did not like men, only like women, then I feel the sky has fallen.The Helian was full of sadness in his face.

γ€€γ€€Obviously is a very sad love story, can not know why Mu Yu is to want to laugh, but see Helian that sad look Mu Yu and can't bear to laugh aloud, hard to suppress, feeling all put their own suppressed.

γ€€γ€€"Predecessors, who likes everyone is the freedom of everyone, we can't force others. You must look at it. I think that such a good alchemy teacher as the predecessors, there must be a lot of women who love you, you can find it as long as you pay more attention. ”Mu Yu calmly comforted.

γ€€γ€€"Oh, there is no such thing as a secret love for me. There is a gentle and kind girl who likes me for a long time…"

γ€€γ€€"Do you think I am right? Then what? ”

γ€€γ€€"The girl is like a flower, but she is really sorry for passers-by, and the beard is more than my chest…"Helian shook his head in a sad way.

γ€€γ€€Mu Yu screamed and laughed. He felt rude. He quickly turned to cough. He pressed the temple and followed the tone of the smile in his heart. He clenched Qiao Xue’s hand and said, β€œFortunately, I like women. The child is normal."

γ€€γ€€Choshe glared at the wood feather one eye, but did not refute what.

γ€€γ€€At this moment, the mirror at the entrance of the Siren Palace was once again smashed, and the ghosts walked out with a gloomy face. The eyes glanced and fell on Mu Yu.

γ€€γ€€"Yeah? not bad! I thought you couldn't come out! ”Mu Yu did not retreat at all. The little devil was thinking about killing him, but he was countered several times by Mu Yu. Unfortunately, Mu Yu did not kill his ability, otherwise it would make him come out so safely.

γ€€γ€€Ghost domain whispered a few words about the ghosts, and his face was cloudy and uncertain. He said to He Liankong for a long time: "Herlen, now your person got the Tianyan round, and my people got Tianyan. Nebula, we can only negotiate further with the Yao people, otherwise no one can enter the town demon tower."

γ€€γ€€He Liankong sank for a long while: "Well, let's go to the Yao people to make this clear."

γ€€γ€€Everyone started to drift toward the dividing line. Mu Yu also walked with Qiao Xue. On the way, he told the story of the current demon island to Qiao Xue. He also said that he had just entered the Siren Palace. clear.

γ€€γ€€Mu Yu deliberately fell to the end and said: "Right, you will not be able to admit your relationship with them in front of the Yao people, or the ghosts will have the opportunity to make a living, understand? The people of the island and the demon people are arrogant. ”

γ€€γ€€Qiao Xue nodded, then looked around and asked: "You just said that you like me?"

γ€€γ€€Mu Yu stunned and smiled embarrassedly: "That's not a quick bit!"

γ€€γ€€"Then you just don't like me?"Qiao Xuexiu's eyebrows are slight.

γ€€γ€€"No, you like everyone who looks so beautiful!"Mu Yu hurriedly explained, then said: "In order to avoid an accident, I will give you a matrix, at least don't let the Dragon Star meteorite they recognize you." ”

γ€€γ€€Qiao Xue hesitated and agreed.

γ€€γ€€Mu Yu’s fingertips crossed the road and then gently stroked Joe’s face. Choshe face of the skin played can be broken, lovely and moving, the facial features so exquisite, let his mind slightly rippling.

γ€€γ€€He had never touched Choshe's face before!

γ€€γ€€Mu Yu’s heart is very happy. Qiao Xue’s eyelashes are very long. The big eyes of the water are like a vast sea. The wood feather can even see his reflection from the eyes of Qiao Xue.

γ€€γ€€But Choshe suddenly on tiptoe, gently kissed on the lip of the wooden feather.

γ€€γ€€Mu Yu’s brain suddenly shorted, and a warm stream flowed down the lips to the whole body, causing his heart to jump involuntarily. The beautiful feeling was endless, as if the spring blossoms, the flowers blossomed, and he stayed for the whole person. . UU reading

γ€€γ€€"Is it really good to do this kind of thing at this time?"Longtan snarled in the side.

γ€€γ€€Mu Yu This just back to God, and then embarrassed smiled: "That, the weather today is very good!" I was insulted by a girl for such a good weather, and the name of the world was so ruined…"

γ€€γ€€"Sister Joe Snow, I want to kiss, I have to kiss."Xiaoshuai jumped on the shoulders of Mu Yu.

γ€€γ€€"Children play while playing."Mu Yu grabbed Xiao Shuai's tail and threw it out.

γ€€γ€€"It’s you who just said that you like everyone is the freedom of everyone, so if you like it or not, I am your freedom. I don’t like you is my freedom."Qiao Xue was very calm, did not feel awkward at all, then turned and looked forward.

γ€€γ€€"Ah, Joe Snow sister, then I like you is my freedom…"Xiaoshuai ran back and threw himself into the arms of Qiao Xue, and then slammed his head into a soft place.

γ€€γ€€"You have no freedom, little ink is waiting for you outside the island!"Longtan inserted a sentence.

γ€€γ€€"you shut up!"Xiaoshuai twisted his ass again.
Mu Yu looked at Joe Snow's back, and smirked twice, and quickly followed.


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