Chapter 646 opens the town demon tower

  The soul of the Terran and Demon clan has already begun to negotiate at the dividing line, Mu Yu and Choshe stand in the back of the place, the front occupies a lot of dense soul. The negotiations here are naturally not rounded by Mu Yu. To negotiate, it is also the four people headed by He Liankong and the Yao people to negotiate.

  Through the soul, you can barely see the movement of the Yaozu people. At this moment, the Yao people are headed by the deer boss. He is a living person, and his age is said to be larger than everyone on the island, so he has the most say.

  "Yesterday, you said you have to think about it, so how are you thinking about it now?"The deer boss asked quietly.

  Ghost domain out of the channel: "Yes, but the number of people entering the town demon tower, I am afraid we need to recalculate, we go in thirteen, you can only enter seven!"

  "impossible! As soon as you enter the town demon tower, you will probably directly deal with us, so the ghost night can never enter! ”Deer boss shook his head.

  Ghost Night is the highest among the living people. After he entered the town demon tower, I am afraid that a slap is enough to clean up the demon people. The deer boss will naturally not make concessions. This is also the bottom line of his negotiations.

  "It is our business to send someone in. If you disagree, then you can wait for us to slowly take back the territory of the town demon tower!"The ghost domain is cold.

  That is to say, but it takes time to return the territory of the town demon tower. Once the demon people do not compromise, if they only play one game a day, I am afraid it will take several decades.

  But on the side of He Liankong said: "I think he is right, Ghost Night can't go in."

  He Liankong glanced at Ghost Night, and looked at Mu Yu and Qiao Xue, who looked behind him. Then he said, "I must guarantee the safety of the wood feather."

  "Herking, pay attention to the occasion you talk! We now represent the Terran, don't put your selfishness into it! ”Ghost domain shouted.

  "Pooh! Give me a big hat, do you have no selfishness when you enter the town demon tower? You a dozen ghosts have always wanted to kill Mu Yu, if the ghost nights go in, how long can Mu Yu live? ”

  He Liankong is not ambiguous at all. The ghost domain wants to take advantage of the interests between the Yaozu and the Terran. How can He Liankong make him succeed?

  Ghost domain is very annoyed, Ghost Night Ming entered the town demon tower is naturally good for his plan, but He Liankong did not give him a chance, he is helpless.

  "it is good! Ghost night does not go in. ”Ghost domain made a concession. He knew that it was meaningless to stick to it. He Liankong would always seize this point. Not only is He Liankong, but the deer boss of the Yaozu will not compromise.

  "If this is the case, then three days later, we will give up the territory, I hope you will not regret it!"Deer boss said.

  The negotiations are very simple. The specific matters have already been discussed since yesterday. It is probably to let the territory open the town demon tower. However, the negotiations just confirmed the number of people entering the town demon tower, the Terran can enter 13 people, the ghost door people on the island only a total of 12 people, ghost night can not go, then just take Qiao Xue.

  Although Qiao Xue is standing on the side of the Yaozu, but Mu Yu is now going to deal with the threat of ghosts, it is not a joke. If you are with Qiao Xue, Mu Yu has a companion.

  The negotiations between the two sides did not last long, and everyone has already returned to prepare to enter the town demon tower. Ghost domain is coldly licking a look at Mu Yu,

With his own people leaving, obviously because Ghost Night can not enter the town demon tower, they need to change the plan again.

  And Mu Yu also has a lot of questions to ask He Liankong. After returning, Mu Yu finds a place away from the ghost gates. This asks He Liankong: "Predecessors, do you know what is the soul of the soul?" The ghost gate enters the town demon tower is to find the soul to return to the heart. ”

  He Liankong asked in surprise: "During the soul?" That is the treasure of the town of the ghost gate, the ghost of the soul, the magic weapon to attack the soul, it is said that there are many weird uses, but I have not seen it. Strange, I haven't heard that the ghosts will still send this town to treasure. ”

  "Where is the ghost of the town of the ghost gate, what is it like?"Mu Yu is very curious, and the important things of the town's treasure can be lost? Will ghost gates be so careless?

  "I have never seen it, and I have always been in control of the gatekeeper of the ghost gate. But not right! When the soul of the soul was 5,000 years ago and the War of the Yaozu, they did not hear that they lost. The cultivation of the ghost domain was very high at the time, but the soul of the soul will never be in his hands. Maybe in the town demon tower, what do they look for in the town demon tower? ”He Liankong said inexplicably.

  Mu Yu does not understand, if it is the treasure of the town, then the ghost door people want to find it can be explained, but how can the town demon tower help them find the soul to return to the heart? Isn't there any connection between the soul and the demon tower?

  Since He Liankong did not see the transition to the soul, then Mu Yu could not ask why, he continued: "Predecessors, what should I do after entering the town demon tower? You should always know something about the town demon tower? ”

  "The town demon tower has a total of ninety-nine floors. At the beginning, Xuanjizi real person and I said that after entering the town demon tower, I want to release the Kraken Wang, and I need to learn to control this town demon tower. The town demon tower has a tower spirit, can get the recognition of Taling, you can control the town demon tower, so you need to find Taling. ”Heliankong said.

  "Taling? Will it be on the last floor? ”Mu Yu asked.

  "This is not necessarily the case. Taling is free to shuttle to each floor. If you are lucky, you may see it on the first floor."
I don't know if I have bad luck. ”Heliankong said.

  This explanation is still very vague, but Mu Yu has a more important question: "Predecessors, can I bring your Horcrux in this time?"

  Ghost Night Ming brought a dozen ghosts to the island, and several of them were in the fit period. Don’t say other people. When there is no body protector, Mu Yu’s response to the ghosts is quite difficult, even if he kills the ghosts. A twin who is reluctant to die is also a good luck.

  If you are surrounded by a few devils in the corner of the town demon tower, it is not a fun thing.

  "Of course, this time my Horcrux is not used to open the town demon tower, you bring it in and defend yourself, oh right, I will also find a Horcrux for your little lover."He Liankong blinked with enthusiasm.

  "Thank you for your seniors."Mu Yu laughed, and Helian thought it thoughtfully.

  This time, Mu Yu can bring He Liankong's Horcruxes into it, so that when he deals with the ghost gates, he also has one more guarantee. Even if he encounters the little devils and fights the group, Mu Yu is not embarrassed.

  He Liankong explained to him many of the conclusions he had made in the study of the town demon tower in the past 5,000 years, including that each layer of the town demon tower is composed of different scenes, and He Liankong told Mu Yu with certainty. The town demon tower is a strange array of methods, and it is not clear which ones are connected.

  "I am not very familiar with the town demon tower, because I have not been in, but the ghost domain seems to have gone in once when I was alive. He knows the situation inside, or can I find a way to ask?"Heliankong said.

  "Still forget it, where the ghost domain will be so kind."Mu Yu shook his head.

  "Yes."When He Liankong knew that the ghost domain was a human being, he gave up the idea and finally said with a strong heart: "Wu Yu! You must help us to lift the restrictions in this place, to help us get rid of it, can we? ”

  Mu Yu solemnly nodded and stood on an island for five thousand years. He had no freedom, could not do anything, could not see any living person, and could be able to move in the range of activities. Only able to fight endlessly with the Yao people, this kind of loneliness is rarely experienced.

  Three days passed by, and Mu Yu and Qiao Xue were also ready to enter the town demon tower. The dividing line has also begun to be moved to the demon family, because the dividing line is originally set by the human and the demon's common soul, and it can only move itself when the two sides agree.

  The process of moving the Yao people has always been a slap in the face, after all, this area was originally won by them, and now it is only for the King of the Sea King and temporarily retired. In order to ensure that the boundary line was moved back from the town demon tower, the demon people also recorded the distance.

  The town demon tower can only be produced in the dark, and it is invisible during the day, so everyone waited until the third night, and finally all gathered under the town demon tower.

  Qiao Xue followed behind Mu Yu, and He Liankong insisted that she should go in, and the ghost domain did not say anything. Qiao Xue did not reveal his identity in front of the Yaozu people, saving extra-budgets.

  There are seven people who enter the town demon tower, and there are not many people who can enter them, including the dragon star, the dragon leaf, the crocodile Wenmao, the deer boss, the dragon brother and the dragon turtle.

  This town demon tower is much more magnificent than the Shaying Linglong Tower that was first seen in the Shaying Eagle City. It adds a mysterious and mysterious melodious atmosphere. It is the magic weapon before the real life of Xuanjizi. Strong.

  The pattern carved on the tower body is very fine, depicting various inscriptions. The whole tower is blooming with a green and green light. The power of the field of "the law of the law" is flowing around, and the mysteriousness is incomparable.

  "Remember what I warn you, don't need to intervene in anything, you just need to look at it, you can't help."Ghost domain suddenly said seriously to the ghosts before leaving.

  If this sentence is not overwhelming, it makes Wood Yu feel strange. What else is the ghost doorman unable to intervene?

  Originally, Mu Yu still wanted to listen to two more sentences, but it seems that the ghosts have long been known, and there is not much to say. Mu Yu can't know more things, but he is more curious about the purpose of the ghost gates entering the town demon tower.

  Looking for the soul to return to the heart is still not letting the ghosts to intervene, can you find something to stand by?

  "You two will go to the town demon tower together!"Heliankong said.

  Mu Yu and the ghosts and sorrows came out together and stood in front of the first floor of the town demon tower. The door is a vermilion embellished with a gilt, magnificent atmosphere. When I approached, I found that the whole tower exudes a vast atmosphere, which is undoubtedly the treasure of the ancient times.

  The Cosmic seal and the sky-Yan Nebula emerge on their respective hands, then the Day Yan reincarnation automatically floated to the Sky Yan Nebula, the sky-Yan Nebula Center like a whirlpool, slowly flowing, and then the vortex gradually into a streamer, into the day Yan reincarnation of the cave in the middle of the caves, and then the days of the seal of the Ring of light flutter slightly, Automatically flew to the gate of the town Demon Tower.

  A dazzling light passed, and the Tianyan wheel disappeared on the gate of the town demon tower, and then the gate of the town demon tower slowly opened, revealing a white world inside.

  Mu Yu's brows are slightly wrinkled, because Tian Yan's reincarnation has disappeared after opening the town demon tower. He originally expected to keep this thing! It’s not a surprise to succumb to the fate. It’s just a cold sigh, and I’m the first to walk towards the town’s demon tower.

  The Yaozu and the remaining ghosts are not willing to fall in, all come in, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue walk in one
Since then, he has also stepped into the town demon tower. The rest of the soul is always kept outside, they can not enter the town demon tower.

  After entering the town demon tower, Mu Yu felt his body tremble slightly, and the surrounding patterns flashed from time to time, and the white mist that had been seen before disappeared. He seemed to step into a water curtain. Among them, when he adapted to the light of his eyes, he was surprised to find himself appearing on a towering mountain.

  The ghosts around him seem to have disappeared, even if Qiao Xue, who stood behind him just now, disappeared. The town demon tower seems to spread all the people, and Mu Yu is completely unclear where he is.

  If it is said to be a tower, it is simply explaining the difference. UU reads www.uukanshu. In strict terms, com is more like an independent illusion, but because of the magical array of the field of formation, it is impossible for Mu Yu to directly break the formation, which makes him feel a little regret.

  "Since each layer is a magical array, does that mean that there are ninety-nine magical arrays here? So where should we go? ”Xiaoshuai asked.

  Mu Yu looked at the mountain at the foot, and then looked at the scenery in the distance. He could fly directly to the volley and fly to the foot of the mountain.

  However, when the wood feathers passed through the layers of white clouds and came to the foot of the mountain, the scene in front of him made his pupil shrink!

  The corpse is everywhere, and the blood flows into the river!

  The dead body has a comprehension, a demon, and a Yumeng! The smoke is rolling, the river is simmering, the leaves are covered with strange red, the land is cracked, the gully is vertical and horizontal, and the various magic iron swords are twisted into a ball.

  The dead bodies were even dripping with blood, and the rest was still there, as if a fierce battle occurred a quarter of an hour ago.

  Mu Yu fell on the land, and looked at everything in front of him. He didn't understand why Xuanjizi really wanted to lay such a terrible illusion. Does he want to warn future generations?

  But at this moment, Mu Yu smelled a disgusting and familiar rancid smell. He followed the taste and suddenly saw a yellow corpse!

  Is Huangquan corpse?

  How come Huangquan corpse water here? Did Red Moon participate in this war?

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