Chapter 647 2 The destruction of heaven

  Looking around, you can see these corpse water everywhere on the mountain river plain, not only yellow, but also some green and blue liquids, weird.

  "What does this war mean?"Mu Yu carefully passed over the various dead bodies, paying careful attention to the death of those people.

  He thought that this war should have been the combination of the Terran and the Yaozu against the Yumeng Mozu, but when you look closely, you are surprised to find that things are not that simple!

  He took a look at the wounds on the real man, and looked at the wounds of the Demon clan and the Youmont Demon clan, found that these bodies of the wound is not a human race, Demon clan or the Demon clan made out of the wound, but there is a taste of corrosion, like the original Mu Yu in the mass graves and red months fighting, the red moon on the corrosion strength!

  This is not a war between the three races in the realm of comprehension, but a war in which three races unite against another mysterious race!

  When did the Yumeng Mozu actually cooperate with the Terran and the Yaozu?

  "Is this war really real? Doesn't the Terran hate the Yumeng Mozu? Was it not like this before? ”Mu Yu’s heart is really shocking.

  The scene here has subverted his imagination. What kind of existence is the Red Moon?

  Suddenly there was a fierce fighting sound in the distance, and the whole piece of land trembled fiercely. Mu Yu looked at the direction of the sound in amazement, but found that the swords in the distant mountains were overflowing, the magic of the magic light was accompanied by roar, and the sound was so familiar that the wood feathers frowned slightly. .

  This is the voice of the White Demon King!

  Wood feathers tiptoe, flying toward the mountains in front. Crossing the mountains, Mu Yu finally saw the center of the entire battlefield!

  The body of the White Demon King is as high as a few hundred feet. He has a prototype. The muscles are strong and stylish. It seems to contain endless power. The whole body is white and proud, and it is unruly. The momentum, the anger is screaming, and even the clouds in the sky are shattered!

  The white demon king blasted a punch, punched down, the landslide cracked, the air seemed to be torn, and the mountain peaks in front of him were hardened by him, and even a giant pit several hundred meters deep appeared on the ground. .

  And he is faced with seven flesh-winged horns!

  These seven meat-winged horns have different colors, red orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, and the colors are all there! Their momentum is several million times stronger than the red moon that Mu Yu saw in the beginning! It is simply not the same.

  The flesh-winged horns in front of the eyes are very large, and they are almost the same as the white demon kings. They are like the horns on the chest are very strong, the wings behind them are very sharp, the body of the corpse is roaring, turning into the most aggressive offensive. White demon king.

  The counterattack of the White Demon King was simple and rude, and a punch smashed out, destroying the law, and even the sun in the air was eclipsed. That punch squeezed the air to the limit, suddenly burst open, and instantly slammed into the red-colored flanks and horns, and pierced the flesh-winged horns directly!

  "Dare to come to my world, here I am the boss!"

  The white light of the white demon king's fist flashed again, and the smashing fist wind slammed out, instantly smashing the entire roasting wing. The figure flashed dexterously, avoiding the attack of another cyan flesh-winged horned horned monster. His big hand grabbed it again and even caught the wings of the cyan flesh-winged horns.

Then I will tear it into two halves!

  The blue blood spurted out and scattered all over the place. The white scorpion demon king became more and more brave. One person alone occupied seven flesh-winged horns and the horns blame completely did not fall. The momentum on his body violently impacted the surrounding, but it was not a moment, and the original arrogance The ugly flesh-winged horns are all shredded by the white demon king!

  "The trough, the old monkey in the peak period is so terrible!"

  Mu Yu swallowed, thinking that he had been pointing at the nose of others, and the white demon king did not have a slap in the face to kill himself. In front of the white demon king at this time, Mu Yu felt that he was really too small.

  Mu Yu glanced around, no need to know that it must be a double heaven. He has never understood how the Double Heaven is destroyed. There is such a terrible existence of the White Demon King. Who has the great ability to destroy the three races of the Double Heaven, leaving only the Wicked Beast?

  "White, you shouldn't kill them, you have caused us a lot of trouble."

  A long sigh, coming from afar, echoing in the sky. Then a figure appeared in front of the white demon king. This person was in the blue, the wind was light and the light, it looked only in his twenties, but the momentum contained in his body was like a mountain, even if he appeared in front of the white demon king. So small, but in the view of Mu Yu, he is not weaker than the white demon king.

  The blue man floated with a cloud of mist, and the cloud seemed to be illusory, as if the wind would blow away, but it made Mu Yu feel familiar for a while.

  "It is an illusion! That silly and magical spirit! ”Xiaoshuai suddenly pointed to the cloud of the blue man's body.

  "This cloud is an illusion?"

  Mu Yu was amazed. In the beginning of the second day, in order to get the grass, the illusion was implanted with false memories, which made him feel very confused. He didn’t know what was true, what was false, and finally Xiaoshuai. The existence of the memory clears the memory of Mu Yu.

  The white demon king stares at the huge eyes, Shen Sheng said: "Phantom rain, you do not resist, does it not allow us to demon people?"

  Phantom rain? This blue man
It’s a phantom rain!

  "We are the guardians of this world, not the participants, you have to understand this."The sound of the phantom rain is very calm, but there is helplessness in the calm.

  "You and the sword shadow dust and other people are guardians, I am not! The moon wants us to act according to their requirements, and my father can't do it first! ”The white demon king said with anger.

  The phantom rain looked at the vast expanse of the earth and shook his head: "You are not ready to fight the Moon, you have lost."

  "Even if I lose, I don't want to live and humiliate!"The boldness between the white demon and the eyebrows is evident.

  The phantom rain is silent.

  For a long time, he reopened: "I must seal you up, in order to protect you, not let them find you."

  The white demon king’s face changed slightly, and he angered: “I don’t need your protection!”

  "Our eternal life, no one can go wrong. For this world, for the continuation of race, you must survive. As for their want to find you trouble, I and Jianfeng dust can help you cover it. The seal will take your breath away. This process is very painful, but you must bear the consequences of what you do. I only hope that you can live, seal is the best way to protect you. ”The phantom rain sighed heavily.

  "You want to seal me? I won't be waiting for you! ”The momentum of the white demon king is once again violent.

  "You have been hurt very badly, you are not my opponent. The seal can help you escape this robbery. In the future, when you break free of the seal, the moon will not find you trouble. ”

  The illusion around the phantom and clear rain suddenly floated out, turned into a cloud of clouds, and covered the white demon king. The white demon king violently slammed his fist, but his fist seemed to hit the cotton and was absorbed.

  The powerful pattern ripples out from the Phantom's clear rain hands, wrapping the white ape Demon King, White Ape demon King struggled to struggle, but the clouds around but like paste will white ape Demon King action limit, soon white ape Demon King Whole huge body began to shrink, finally become and phantom clear rain general size, revealing the human form.

  "Phantom rain, are you going to seal all of our ten demon kings?"The impeccable breath of the white demon king is gradually covered by the formation, and the formation forms a cage that traps the white demon king.

  The phantom rain did not answer the white demon king.

  "Phantom rain, you remember! I will definitely get this account back in the future! ”The white demon king slammed his mouth openly, and a white inner Dan flew out of his mouth, and then disappeared into the void.

  The phantom rain did not stop, but shook his head helplessly, and then disappeared with the white demon king.

  And after they left, the sky was suddenly shining with dazzling brilliance, the sky seemed to be torn, and then a horrible atmosphere swept the entire land.

  "The three races of the Double Heaven are extinguished."

  It was a cold voice, cold to the bones, and it made people feel terrified.

  Mu Yu looked at it all in the distance. He heard the strange race of the Moon, but he didn't know what kind of existence they were. Even the phantom rain was so jealous. The destruction of the Double Heaven seems to be inseparable from the seven flesh-winged horns that the White Demon King killed. The UU reading Where is the Red Moon that was originally encountered?

  "The world of self-cultivators has never been so simple. Everyone is a cage. The demon people want to break free from the cage, but they are not prepared. The rebellion of the white demon kings makes the race of the double heavens ruin, so the triple heaven Can't repeat the mistakes of the White Demon King."

  A figure of vicissitudes appeared beside the wood feathers. He stood up with his hands and looked at the brilliance of the vast sky, sighing softly.

  "What is the existence of the Yuezu predecessor?Mu Yu asked.

  However, Xuanjizi did not answer Mu Yu, and he did not seem to find the existence of Mu Yu. After a moment, Xuanjizi appeared in the hands of a real person, and the pattern was crossed. He stepped out and disappeared.

  "Is this a transmission array?"Mu Yu exclaimed, and the transmission array thousands of years ago was so casually laid out in the hands of Xuanjizi’s real people, with the mysterious machine disappearing into the double heaven.

  "He went to triple heaven."On the shoulder of Mu Yu, Xiaoshuai kept staring at the brilliance of the vast sky in the distance, and his eyes showed a disgusting gaze.

  "I listened to the old man with white beard and said that the moon is a strong and ancient race. It is strong enough to destroy the whole world. With his power alone, there is no way to resist it."Xiaoshuai said.

  Mu Yu’s heart couldn’t calm down for a long time. He suddenly thought of one thing. What is the reason why the meat-winged horns blame the red moon this time?

  Is it also to destroy the triple heaven?

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