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No. 648 Chapter Jian Ling

  The battle between the white demon king and the meat-winged horns stunned the wood feathers of the battle. Although Mu Yu knew that all of them were magical arrays, they seemed so real.

  The magnificent momentum of the white demon king left him with a deep impression. When the white demon king was punched out, it was enough to destroy a mountain, let alone the heyday.

  It’s no wonder that the white demon king first became so serious after hearing about the fact that Mu Yu said about the Red Moon. He left it desperately, even the explanation was not given. Now it seems that the white demon king also understands the red moon. What kind of consequences will exist for Triple Sky!

  Mu Yu looked around this battlefield, the whole world has been stagnant after the departure of Xuanjizi real people, and then slowly began to reverse, time seems to return to the time when the three races of the Double Heaven united and the Moons killed each other. .

  The Terran, the Yaozu and the Yumeng Mozu stood on the same line for the first time. They struggled to kill with the flesh-winged horns. The flesh-winged horns were quite powerful. From time to time, there were comprehensions or demon people. The horns on the chest of the horns were pierced, and they were cut in half by their sharp wings.

  After the meat-winged horns were killed, they did not leave any corpses, and they all turned into a corpse of different colors, exuding a disgusting smell.

  The war was so tragic that the three races led by the White ape Demon King triumphed over the winged horns, but the white ape Demon King's victory is temporary, because the sky has a more powerful existence, although the things behind the wood plume did not see, but can imagine those powerful existence is how to clean two heavy days of three races, The two-day civilization completely destroyed.

  Mu Yu watched the battle from the beginning to the end, feeling the consequences of the war, the mood was very heavy, and there were many questions in his mind.

  The destruction of the double heaven is because the white demon king wants to resist the powerful moon, but why the white demon king wants to rebel against the moon, and what the moon has done to the white demon king, all these wood feathers are unknown.

  Everything seemed so confusing, and then Mu Yu thought that he should go to find Taling. He carefully pushed the magic array. Although he could not control the magic array here, he still found the exit of the magic array.

  The exit is the horrible light that appears in the sky.

  The horrible light has the power to destroy the earth, and every point seems to indicate that there will be terrible things happening, as if the next moment will be shattered, the soul flies, and the gods are destroyed.

  Mu Yu understood that it was just a false illusion, forcing the shock of his heart, and finally stepping into the light above the sky.

  He felt like he was jumping into the water, the air became sticky, and he returned to the battlefield.

  The battlefield here is no longer a double heaven, but the desert forest where Mu Yu had been to!

  The Shaying Demon King stood on the top of the sneaky scorpion, with his own Yaozu and the Terran cultivators squatting, the yellow sand fluttering gently, constantly spinning, making a sharp whistling sound.

  In the face of the Shaying Demon King, it is a mysterious machine!

  "You shouldn't help the White Demon King. The decision of your Yaozu also puts Triple Heaven in danger."Xuanjizi’s real-life look is serious, but there is a hint of helplessness in his eyes.

  The sand eagle demon king silently looked at the mysterious machine, his momentum is calm, but with a kind of free and easy, as if to break free from the cage of the sand eagle,

I am willing to fight against the sky by my own blood, even if the blood is dyed at dusk.

  "Rebellion is the common decision of our top ten demon kings. For freedom and truth, we die without regrets."The Shaying Demon King is like a javelin, and the momentum is rising from the sky.

  "The freedom and truth you want will upset the order of the world, and will push the triple heaven into the land of annihilation!"Xuanjizi real person raised his voice. In such an instant, he seems to be the spokesperson of the whole world, so resolutely and utterly.

  "If you are with us, we will negotiate with the Yumeng Mozu, and it is not without hope!"Shaying the demon king said with resentment.

  "The three races of Double Heaven have already perished. It is because of their joint efforts. Are we not enough to learn the lesson?"Xuanjizi really retorted the sternly.

  Wanli Cangwu once again crossed a purple electric, so unspeakable, as if to declare the end of the end. The power of that heart is far higher than that of the mysterious son and the sand eagle, and the two men look at the sky in unison.

  However, a sword light crossed, just like the time and space that passed through the sky, with the momentum of the tyrants of the world, the swords of the world rose from the ground, and the vast and powerful swords of the vastness instantly covered the whole purple light.

  Xuanjizi real person and Shaying demon king looked at each other and looked up and disappeared in the air of Jianzhang.

  That sword is so familiar, so that the wooden feather shape is shocked!

  The white clothes are fluttering, the dust is removed, the wind is light and the clouds are light, and the gentle and gentle atmosphere is as reliable as the mountains. It seems that as long as there is this person, the world is no longer in danger.

  At that time, the sword shadow dust was young and his eyes were so deep, as if he could see through the heart of the world and see the vicissitudes of the world.

  "Master."Mu Yu silently looked at the shadow of the sword, and I was worried about it.

  Once the sword shadow dust wind crowned the world, but now it is trapped in the Triple Palace, I do not know where to go!

  The sword shadow dust winds up and stands, looking at the mysterious machine and the sand eagle demon king in front of him, his expression is very indifferent, no life or no
Anger is just a mixed look with a touch of indifference.

  "I have seen adults."Xuanjizi real people bowed and bowed respectfully.

  The Shaying Demon King did not move, but stared at the sword shadow dust wind: "Sword shadow dust, I always thought that you are just a comprehension of the robbery period, I did not expect you to hide so deep! I can't even see what kind of person you are! ”

  The sword shadow dust smiled a little and looked at the purple light in the distance: "Not only you, I am afraid that the Terran does not know what kind of person I am. To be honest, sometimes I even question myself, I am in the end. who is it."

  "Adults are laughing, adults just don't want to be tired of the world name."The look of Xuanji’s real person is full of awe.

  The sword shadow dust shook his head: "I didn't want to interfere in this world, but I don't want to watch the world die. Sha Ying Yao Wang, you are also an eternal person, you must live, can not die in the hands of the moon, can help you escape the robbery, only seal. ”

  There is no change in the face of the Shaying Demon King. He seems to have expected this result: "Where do you want to seal me?"

  "Seal to where everyone can't find you."The sword shadow dust wind waved with his hand, and the sturdy sword gas flowed in the air, and evolved into a road pattern, which instantly covered the sand eagle demon king.

  The Shaying Demon King wanted to resist, but the breath completely suppressed him, and his rebellious power could not be displayed.

  "You are so powerful, why not fight against the moon?"Sha Ying demon king angered.

  "I am just a passing passenger in this world. I watch the world go forward constantly. I can make the evil invade the triple sky. This is enough."The sword shadow dust sighed.

  His eyes are like stars, standing at the end of the whole world, familiar with the rules of the whole world.

  Mu Yu slowly walked to his master's side, and the breath of "My Lord's World" made Mu Yu's heart cherish.

  "Master."Mu Yu wanted to touch him, but his hand crossed the figure.

  The sword shadow dust wind guards the whole world, but it can't protect itself.

  However, Mu Yu still does not understand, Master clearly has the ability to dominate the world, he can easily seal the demon king, then the five Yumeng Lord is not his opponent at all, then why did he sacrifice himself to set up the imprisonment?

  He wants to destroy the Yumeng Mozu, which is more than enough. Why did he finally believe in the Sangong Palace? What happened during this time?

  Mu Yu is increasingly feeling that the things in the mountains are far from being as simple as they seem!

  The sword shadow dust wind in the hands of a turn, a strange gold seal appeared in the air, it is a natural reincarnation!

  "Adult, this is -" Xuanjizi was really surprised.

  "This is a very dangerous thing, dangerous and powerful. You take this to seal the Siren King! Remember, don't kill the Siren King, the demon king must be born in the future. ”The sword shadow dust wind turned the Tianyan wheel back to the mysterious son.

  "Does the demon king have to be born?"Xuanjizi really silently recited this sentence.

  He took the Tianyan round and turned around and wanted to leave, but stopped again: "Adult, you have cultivated the sky, doing so much for the Terran, why not want to stand up and admit it all, but choose to kill What? When the first filming organization sends so many shadow killings to assassinate you, you can directly destroy the filming organization, isn't it? ”

  "I don't want to participate in the disputes in this world. Many things are not as simple as you think. Go!"There is a trace of desolateness in the eyes of Jianying Dust.

  The sword in his hand was divided into nine, and then gradually changed the figure of Xiaoshuai. Xiaoshuai rushed to his shoulder and squinted his eyes.

  Mu Yu's eyes widened. He turned his head and glanced at the little handsome on the shoulder. He found Xiao Shuai also looked at himself in confusion.

  "Sword spirit, we interfered with the world, do you think we are doing right?"The sword shadow dust strokes the white hair of the sword spirit, and there is a hint of helplessness in the eyes. UU reading

  "I don't know, anyway, the things in this world are delicious. I like to eat."The sword spirit in the hands of the sword shadow dust wind said without heart.

  "Yes! Once you have the implicature, it’s hard to stand by. ”The sword shadow dust wind gradually disappeared with the sealed sand eagle demon king.

  Xiaoyu on the shoulder of Mu Yu looked at the departing self with his eyes open and licked his tail: "How can I not think of these things?" It turned out that my name is Jian Ling. It’s really hard to listen. It’s not as good as Xiao Shuai. ”

  Mu Yu smiled. It turned out that the relationship between Xiao Shuai and Master was so close, but what happened was that Xiao Shuai became a strange egg again and became confused?

  He also touched Xiao Shuai's white hair, and suddenly had an unprecedented sense of closeness to Xiaoshuai. Xiaoshuai was so important to Master, but Master left Xiaoshuai to Mu Yu. I think that every time I am rude to Xiaoshuai, I still have a little bit of heart.

  "Mu Yu, let's go to Joe Snow's sister, I want Joe Snow to hold me."Xiaoshuai looked forward and said.

  In the heart of Mu Yu, the heart of Xiao Shuai’s embarrassment suddenly disappeared. The image of this good boy in his mind could not be maintained for a quarter of an hour. He shouted: "What hug, Joe Snow can only hold me!"

  "I can too!"

  "You hold a little ink to go!"

  Said that Mu Yu once again stepped into the purple electricity of thousands of miles.

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