Chapter 649 Past and Future

  Mu Yu This time was transmitted to a space, this space is filled with rows of candles, candlelight swaying, sway left and right.

  These candles do not have a pedestal, all appear in the air, a layer of spread up to the top, can not see the tops, also can not see clearly around, look, the eyes and only burning candles.

  "What is this place?" ”

  Mu Yu looked around and he tried to fly up for a while, but after flying for a quarter of an hour, he did not see any exits, and there were countless candles around him.

  Mu Yu thinks that these candles are also some sort of method. The floating candles are arranged together and look very regular. However, when you want to think carefully, there is another fog, and you can’t see why.

  It doesn't seem like a battle.

  "What did you see?"

  At this moment, a little yellow brilliance suddenly appeared in the candlelight, and gradually formed a vivid image of the mysterious son in the shape of the wooden feather, appearing in front of the wood feather. Xuanjizi really looked at the wood feathers deeply, and his eyes sparkled with a glimmer of light.

  "What time is this memory?"

  Already experienced so many immersive wars, Mu Yu was not surprised by the sudden appearance of the mysterious man. He was already prepared to cope with the unexpected situation, and also scanned the surroundings for a while. This time, the real person is talking to whom.

  "You and me here, aren't you?"Xuanjizi said the real person.

  Mu Yu opened his mouth and thought that the real machine in front of him was just an image that he had just seen. Now it seems that it should be the consciousness left by the real machine.

  He quickly yelled: "Predecessors, I just saw how the Shaying Demon King and the White Demon King were sealed. Can these images be seen by other people who enter the Demon Tower?"

  Xuanjizi said with a smile: "Other people can't see it. It is what I specifically directed you to see, because you have seen the Red Moon, or the apprentice of Jianfeng Dustwind, and there are his sword spirits around him. The doorkeeper, so I think you need to understand some past."

  Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, but he still had a lot of things he didn't understand: "What kind of existence is that month?" Why are they destroying the double heaven? What is the White Demon King rebelling against? ”

  Xuanjizi real people reached out and gently stroked, and several candles flew around and swung around his fingertips.

  "The Moon is not something of this world. It involves the secrets of Double Heaven and Triple Heaven, and of course the connections of other worlds. I don't know what the Moons are, because they are too powerful. The Red Moon you have seen is only the soldiers they are rushing into. It is only this matter that your Master knows. ”

  "But Master has now been framed by traitors, and he will soon…"Mu Yu bit his teeth and simply explained the things between the Triple Palace and the Sleeping Imperial.

  Xuanjizi’s real person was silent for a long time before he said: “I don’t know that the current palace of the Mie Palace will do this kind of thing. The Mie Palace was originally based on the survival of the Terran. In my time, the Mie Palace was not relying on the power of the soul. ."

  Listening to the description of Xuanjizi's real person, 5,000 years ago, Sangong Palace was still a side of justice, but just did not understand why it has changed now.

  "The human heart is the most difficult thing to ponder in the world. The millennium is enough to make the sea change into a mulberry field.

Justice can also become evil. ”Xuanjizi really sighed.

  "Please ask the seniors to give me a clear road. How can I find the Sangong Palace?"Mu Yu asked eagerly.

  "The Mie Palace is at the entrance of the reincarnation. They are responsible for guarding all the dead people to enter the reincarnation. They are the soul-driven ambassadors."Xuanjizi said the real person.

  “How do I find the entrance to the reincarnation?”

  Mu Yu’s heart was slightly shocked, and this kind of reincarnation was even said by his master’s sword and dust. It was a very mysterious force. At the beginning, the five Yumeng spirits were sent to the reincarnation and attached to this book. The abrupt wood feathers and other people.

  The Mie Palace holds the entrance to the reincarnation, and it is no wonder that they can get the power of any dead person on the triple continent.

  "Follow the soul can find."Xuanjizi said softly.

  Mu Yu clenched his fist.

  "You have set up two very powerful battles on your body, one of which is the protection given by life, the blood protection, the power to avoid reincarnation, and the other is a very complicated seal. Even I can't. Untie."Xuanjizi really frowned.

  Mu Yu remembered the realm of the real machine of Xuanjizi, and quickly asked: "Predecessors, what ability can repair the wounds of the soul?"

  He showed the fixed soul array on the jade to the real machine, and the wound on the chest of the dead wood is still so shocking.

  Xuanjizi was surprised to see the soul of the soul: "Who invented this battle?"

  Mu Yu sighed and said: "The people in the line."

  Xuanjizi's eyes reveal a sigh of exclamation: "This array is very amazing. It is much stronger than the ghosts' control of the soul. It has many special effects. I saw it for the first time."

  "Can the seniors save him? He is very important to me. ”Mu Yu once again squatted.

  Xuanjizi really meditated for a long while, said: "Repair the soul, you can either extract other people's souls like a ghost door to repair yourself, or you need to use a very powerful magic weapon, the ghost of the ghost gate, the soul of the soul
. ”

  "Do you want to go to the soul?"Mu Yu is very surprised, because the ghost gate is also looking for this thing!

  "Predecessors can have this magic weapon to dig souls?"

  Mu Yu remembers that the ghost cold is to enter the town demon tower to find such things. Doesn't that mean that the soul is in the hands of the real machine?

  But Xuanjizi’s real person shook his head: “That’s what belongs to the ghost gate, I don’t.”

  Mu Yu looked puzzled at Xuanjizi real person, Xuanjizi real person said that he did not here, then what is the ghost cold here to find?

  "Ghostmen are here to find the soul to return to the heart, but they seem to have lost this thing."Mu Yu told the Xuanjizi real person what he heard that day.

  The real face of Xuanjizi slowly became serious: "I understand, it seems that they are going back to the past to find the whereabouts of the soul."

  "return to the past? Can this be achieved? ”Mu Yu widened his eyes.

  Xuanjizi nodded his head. "One of the abilities of Tianyan is to return to the past."


  Mu Yu opened his mouth, and he could still take the Tianyan wheel back in the morning! I didn't know how to use this thing, but I didn't expect it to have such a strong ability!

  He suddenly thought of one thing. If you use Tianyan to return to the moment when the master was under the sleep of the imperial concubine, as long as he went back and told Master that he could not believe the Sangong Palace, then the Master would not lose his cultivation, and there would not be so much next. The troubles that are bothering, the dead woods will not happen.

  Master's cultivation is completely capable of stopping what is happening today.

  Isn't this a perfect thing?

  “It is very dangerous to change the past.”Xuanjizi continued to say that the look is solemn and serious.

  "Danger?"Mu Yu does not understand this.

  "Everything in this world is moving forward. Once something has changed in the past, everything is likely to change. You can't predict what will happen on another timeline. Even the person who goes back to change the time will If you die, then you won't be changed in the past. Therefore, the past will not be changed and can only be seen by people. ”Xuanjizi said the real person.

  "will not be changed?"Mu Yu thought for a long time and soon wanted to understand a little.

  Just as he went back to the past, if he accidentally killed his newborn, he would not grow up, would not come here, and would not return to the past, so he would not be able to kill himself.

  This is a paradox, so time cannot be changed to some extent.

  Mu Yu remembered the words that the ghost domain had said to the ghosts before entering the town demon tower: you don't need to intervene in anything, you just need to look at it.

  The words that Ghost Domain said at the beginning turned out to mean this!

  When the ghost old seven was in the Siren Palace, he was told by the wooden feathers. The soul of the soul seems to have been stolen by a person. This person may not even know the ghosts, and the ghosts want to go back to the past. It is to find out the true identity of this person.

  Presumably, the ghost gates also know that the past will not be changed, so the ghost domain will let the ghosts squander their lives and do not spend energy to change anything, as long as they find out who is stealing their martial art to the soul of the soul.

  "In short, this involves a very difficult phenomenon to explain. Even if you go back to the past, you can't change anything. You can't leave traces in the past, but you can see what happened in the past from the perspective of the observer. ."Xuanjizi said the real person.

  "Can't change the past, but can change the future? This is really a strange thing. ”Mu Yu said.

  The change of the future by Xuanjizi’s real person is actually a good explanation. For example, if a person is killed, and the murderer acts neatly and neatly, the murderer cannot be found. The murderer continues to kill more people, and many people will die.

  But if after the murderer kills a person, someone goes back to the past and sees the murderer's looks, he can come back and let the murderer catch. Then there will be no more people dying in the hands of the perpetrators, then those who were killed will live, and they will change the future direction.

  However, this is nothing that will happen in the future. No one can say how to change the future in the past. It can only be said that going back to the past will make the future more unstable.

  Because going back to the past to know that some of the dusty truths will change the decisions of many people now, sometimes it will lead things to irreversible levels.

  "The ghost doorman should find the layer where Tianyan reincarnation is placed. The Tianyan reincarnation can be opened in the town demon tower. UU reading Ghostmen return to the past and want to know the soul of the soul. The fall, this treasure may change a lot of things, try to stop him from going back to the past!"Xuanjizi said the real person.

  "I am going to stop? Can you stop your own seniors? ”Mu Yu asked.

  Xuanjizi shook his head: "I am just a residual consciousness, I have no ability to do anything, and I can't leave here. I can only guide you to see something that doesn't stop what happens next. ”

  “Whose seniors can tell me which layer is Tianyan’s turn?”Mu Yu asked.

  When I used the Tianyan Wheel to open the town demon tower, the Tianyan wheel disappeared and disappeared. I didn't know where I went. And Mu Yu, they were also randomly sent away, and now they can't see where other people are.

  "Tian Yan's turn back in the eighth
On the eleventh floor, you are now on the twenty-seventh floor of the town demon tower. You need to go there yourself. There are not many things I can do, and my consciousness is about to disappear. ”The figure of Xuanjizi’s real person slowly faded away, leaving only the sound echoing in the candlelight.

  "If you are an apprentice of Jianfeng Dustwind, you should shoulder the responsibility of guarding the world. I will not hand you the town demon tower directly. If you want to control the town demon tower, you need to get your own ability. Only if you can't do it, you can't talk about guarding the triple sky."

  Mu Yu shouted: "Where is the exit of this layer?"

  "The heart is in the direction, it is the export."The voice of Xuanjizi’s real person slowly disappeared.

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