Chapter 650 Dragon Scale True Yuan (Part 1)

  "Little handsome, you know how to look at this thing when you are good at the beginning."Mu Yu asked.

  "I do not know! This old man is actually right. In many cases, an inadvertent decision may change the future and may even lead to the destruction of the world. ”Xiaoshuai said.

  Then Xiaoshuai suddenly put on a low, hoarse voice: "Many truths are destined to be covered, then it should not be known."

  Dragon vines interjected in the side: "How do you like a little mouse?" The last sentence is not like your line! ”

  Xiaoshuai stood up and said: "I can't be a literary artist?"

  Longteng grinned: "It must have been learned by the sword shadow dust, but I still can't figure out why I can't be changed in the past." We can be careful to avoid killing people! ”

  "you're so dumb! For example, I went back and accidentally threw a big rock into the middle of the road, cause a mortal granny tripped, and at this moment is a pregnant little sister walked to help up the old woman, the result of Grandma contended is small sister knocked down, began to make money, little sister no evidence that the grandmother is her own fall, Then the authorities decided to pay a small sister 120, small sister can't afford, grief and indignation hanged himself.

  And this pregnant little sister would not have died, her 81st generation of descendants would have been Mu Yu Niang, but because the little sister died, the belly of the child has not, so the mother of the Mu Yu does not exist, so that the wood plume does not exist, and then no one to save you this big earthworm, you this big earthworm was people to refine the medicine, Will you still be talking to me here? ”

  Mu Yu rolled his eyes and resisted the impulse to shoot it: "Little handsome, are you looking for death?" Do you have to give me an example? ”

  Long Teng nodded thoughtfully: "I understand, you are really handcuffed, throwing stones, and the result is that the wood feathers are lost."

  "Mom, is this the point?" I just listed a series of catastrophic events that may be caused by a stone. I may also put a few farts in the past to cause the three-day climate to warm up, destroying the ecological balance of your dragon vine. You can live less than 10,000. Years, you don't have to be here. Where can this kind of thing be expected? Therefore, the rule of heaven is that it cannot be changed in the past, otherwise many things will contradict themselves. ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

  Although Xiaoshuai is confused, he knows a lot.

  "Okay, we have to find a way to get out of here."The wooden bun sat down and began to think about the words of Xuanjizi.

  The direction of the heart is the export.

  Mu Yu slowly calmed down his heart. He looked at the candlelight in the sky and quickly understood how to go out.

  The swaying candlelight shone in his heart, and then gradually turned into two gates. There was a little handsome man hanging upside down at the door. He was drooling, licking his nose and scratching his ass.

  This is the export that Mu Yu imagined himself. He can turn the export into any appearance. However, the door above is written "Twenty-seven", indicating that this is the twenty-seventh floor of the town demon tower, this point can not change.

  "Mu Yu, why are you smearing me!"Xiaoshuai shouted dissatisfied.

  "I am not ugly, you are usually like this."Mu Yu laughed, then leaped to the door with Xiaoshuai and Longteng.

  The gate here doesn't know which floor to go to, but Mu Yu estimates that the door on the left should be up, and the door on the right is down.

It’s really wrong to come back and go back again. He wants to go to the 81st floor and must go up.

  This time he really stepped into a tower that looked like a decent figure. At least he could see the ceiling more than 20 meters high. It was a bit too high and he could see the windows around him. But before he stood still, a cold voice rang on one side.

  "The road is narrow! Last time I was lucky enough to let you escape, I see where you are going to escape this time! ”Dragon Star also appears on this layer.

  "The tower is a total of ninety-nine floors. I can touch you, I really stepped on the shit!"Mu Yu looked at the dragon star in disgust.

  "Seeing the hybrids made me feel bad."Longteng also stood on the shoulder of Mu Yu, and his face was disgusted.

  Long Xing's face is distorted. Long Teng's words make his self-esteem very frustrated, but the blood of the real dragon is in front of him. Just grab the dragon vine, extract the blood of the dragon vine, and integrate it into himself. Then he will become The heir to the Qinglong Dynasty, he was so enthusiastic when he thought of it.

  "You are dead today!"Long Xing said.

  "Oh my God! The bad guys have the same opening remarks, so annoying! Don't you know that Longye is being beaten by me to find a tooth? If you want to die, if you come over, don't want to die, let me go, I don't have time to accompany you. ”Mu Yu saw the stairs on the other side of the tower, which was the passage to the upper level.

  Long Xingyu sneered aloud: "Ye is just not accidentally lost to you, by the way tell you, my true strength is much stronger than him!"

  The dragon star screamed and screamed, and his body suddenly soared. A strong cyan dragon scale suddenly appeared in his hand and was posted on his forehead. The cyan dragon scale seems to contain a huge amount of spiritual power, and instantly enhances the cultivation of the dragon star to a realm!

  Originally repaired as a distraction-only dragon star 陨 has actually reached the fit period!

  "Isn't that the scales on the big man?"Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

  Longtan was amazed: "The scales are the same as my breath, but stronger than me!"

  "Of course it is better than you! This is what my grandfather gave.
My dragon scale is true, my grandfather is an authentic dragon, I am his descendant, I am most qualified to inherit his position, not your outsider! ”

  The dragon's body is rising, and the dragon scale seems to infuse him with endless dragons, so that the whole person's momentum becomes very powerful, and it really overshadows the dragon leaves!

  The Qinglong Demon King seems to be very valued for the Dragon Star, which has 90% of the true dragon blood. Otherwise, it will not give a dragon scale containing its own real yuan to the Dragon Star. Such precious things are quite rare among the dragons.

  Change to the usual Dragon Star 陨 where to be used! Once the real yuan is exhausted, it will be gone. If it is not for the sake of catching the dragon and the blood of the other party, and letting himself become a real dragon, he will not take it out.

  Mu Yu had to be cautious, and Long Xingyi raised his own cultivation into a hard life with the dragon scales of the Qinglong demon king. I am afraid that it is more than a ghost. When Mu Yu dealt with the ghosts, he also relied on the practice of restraint, and he had no advantage in dealing with Long Xing.

  "It seems that there is no choice but to find a way to take him to the dragon skin."Mu Yu took hold of the soul device of He Liankong, and the powerful soul force instantly covered him, and also raised his breath to the fit period.

  During the speech, Long Xingyu had turned his hands into dragon claws and rushed toward Muyu.

  The wood feathers morphed out of the hand, shrouded the whole body, and the shadows of the swords flew out of the hollow of the sky. The swords spurted open and greeted the dragon's black dragon claws.

  The shadow sword and the dragon claws are intertwined, and the sound of gold and iron strikes, and the horrible breath sweeps out. It slams on the wall of the town demon tower, and the roar is heard. However, the town demon tower is intact, and this treasure is not the stage they can destroy.

  Mu Yu felt the powerful power of the Dragon Star, and he was impressed by the means of the Qinglong Demon King. A small dragon scale can actually raise so many dragons in the distraction period. It is really amazing.

  The dragon's claws are like fine iron. When the claws go down, the air is torn apart. His speed is very fast, and one claw goes to the throat of Mu Yu.

  Many of the Yao people are best at close combat. After all, their body is a monster, their physical qualities are extremely strong, and they are several times higher than humans. Therefore, close combat is their favorite fighting style.

  However, Mu Yu’s close combat is not weak. He is a man who uses swordsman after all. He sneaked away from the claw, his toes licked on his knees, his body turned, and he came to the back of the other side, and a sword was on his shoulder.

  Long Xingyu sneered, he did not defend at all, let the wood feather stabbed in the past. Just as Mu Yu’s sword was about to stab the dragon star, the dragon’s body flashed a green light, and the dragon scale on his forehead was transferred to his shoulder. The scales on his shoulder instantly blocked the wood feather. The shadow sword, while the dragon star 趁 took the opportunity to grab the woody thigh.

  Mu Yu’s thighs turned in the air, and one foot slammed into the face of the dragon star. However, the dragon scales on the dragon star flashed again, blocking the point where the wooden feather kicked. Mu Yu felt his feet feel like kicking. Like the steel plate, the huge anti-shock force is uploaded from the foot.

  To make matters worse, the dragon's right claw caught the foot of the wooden feather, and the strong tearing force spread over the thigh of the wood feather. A powerful dragon was introduced into the wood feather body.

  "Mom, this guy is really good!"

  The meridians in the wood feathers were smashed by the weird dragon, and Rao was a few of his body's meridians. If it wasn't for the black-and-white spirit to rush out, the dragon would be solved. I am afraid that this will make him suffer. .

  This dragon yuan does not belong to the dragon star, but the dragon dragon demon king's dragon scale issued, the dragon dragon demon king is just a dragon scale actually has such a terrible power, it is terrible!

  "Give me to die!"The dragon star smiled and the left hand dragon claws had fallen down.

  Mu Yu grasped the instep and couldn't move. The hand suddenly turned into a blue-colored pattern. The "wind-sweeping and picking-up" array came out. The black vortex appeared below the dragon's left-handed dragon claw. At this time, the dragon star 陨That power has been squatting, UU reading just squat on the black vortex.

  At the same time, the white vortex appeared above the dragon's right hand, and the powerful claws swept from the white vortex, returning the dragon's claws to himself. Dragon star 再次 再次 绿色 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 陨 绿色 绿色 绿色 绿色 绿色 绿色

  Mu Yu broke free of this and quickly opened the distance from the dragon star.

  "Good boy, it really has two sons!"The dragon star waved his hand and shattered the two groups of vortex whirls made by Mu Yu, and then rushed toward Mu Yu again.

  With the dragon scales of the Dragon Dragon, Dragon Star, this guy and the guy do not need to consider the defensive things.

  He only needs to attack it all the time. No matter where he is on the wooden feathers, the dragon scale will just help the dragon star to block the attack, and the wooden feather itself is impossible to attack like the dragon star. Keep it.

  "Mom, this guy is a fake tiger!"Longtan said contemptuously.

  "I said Longtan, the dragon scales of people are so powerful, when will you give me a piece, I can also play as unscrupulous as he played."Mu Yu said that the truth is quite envious.

  "Well, when I grow up, I will give you a few more pieces."Dragon vine is very generous.

  Mu Yu turned his eyes, this is a really powerful dragon. It feels like a child now, and it’s still too low to make people feel awkward. I don’t know what to do!

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