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Chapter 652 Dragon

  When Long Teng used the wind and the heart, all the spiritual power came from the wood feather body, so it had no fear of exhaustion of power. Instead, it played very happy. Anyway, it consumed the spiritual power of Mu Yu. No worries.

  Although Mu Yu watched the battle, he always pays attention to the situation of Long Teng. After all, the real strength of Long Teng is only a period of embarrassment. At this moment, even with the power of Mu Yu, it will suffer a little bit when facing Dragon Star.

  A real dragon collided with a pseudo-dragon, and the sound of earth-shattering sounded, and the dragon was soaring and rolling, and it hit the tower around it.

  The foot of the wooden feathers surged, and all the breath was isolated, without being affected by both of them.

  The majesty of Long Teng is obviously more pure, but his breath is a bit less, but the appearance of Mu Yu has always ensured his safety, so that Long Teng will not be defeated.

  The two dragons are entwined in the air in the most primitive way, culling, sharp dragon claws confront each other, with a sharp whistling sound, the surrounding aura has become extremely hot.

  The dragon's fighting ability still prevails. He is the little prince of the dragon family. He has undergone systematic cultivation and is most familiar with the original fight. He has 90% of the true dragon blood, all but the head, has been turned into a real dragon body, the combat power is already extraordinary.

  Longteng has been following Muyu since the dragon was used. In addition to fighting with Xiaoshuai all day, he is sucking the spiritual power of Mu Yu to practice. Usually, he and the monster beating it will come out and scream twice. There is not much experience in fighting. Therefore, a handed dragon is at a disadvantage.

  However, it is good to have a sword in the dragon, and in the process of fighting with the dragon star, Long Teng's body is very smart and quite fierce, always able to save at the most appropriate moment.

  "Oh, use your horn to top it! Its tree is not as powerful as you! ”Xiaoshuai loudly suggested.

  The dragon's dragon's horn is like two sharp spears, covered with swords, and in the air, it is picked up by the dragon's neck.

  Long Xingyi also squatted with his own dragon scales, so he completely ignored the dragon horns of the dragon vines, but seized the opportunity to grab the dragon's neck.


  The dragon's neck was caught by a dragon star, and a deep blood mark was caught. Even the hard dragon scales were crushed! The dragon's dragon's horns are picked up by the dragon star, but only a Mars is formed. The dragon star is completely invincible.

  The dragon's claws were also stained with the blood of the dragon's vine. It looked at the blood on the hand wildly. Finally, he couldn't help but put his paw in his mouth and licked it: "The blood of the real dragon is really good!"

  "The trough, mom! Really perverted! ”

  The dragon's neck was scratched and it was very humiliating. It was stimulated by the action of Long Xing, and it was about to be fried! It screamed, and a violent dragon slammed out and turned into a long sword, sandwiching the weather and stabbing the dragon.

  "Your sword can't hurt me!"The dragon star sneered with a sneak, and the mouth directly swallowed the dragon's spit.

  "The pure dragon yuan, tastes good!"Dragon Star licked his tongue and licked his lips.

  Xiaoshuai directly sprayed the melon seeds in his mouth, and he said with amazement: "Is this a fool? Even the big mouth spit and he swallowed, my God, I am sick of death! ”

  Long Teng found that no matter whether it was a melee or a dragon's breath, he couldn't help but get a dragon star, and his heart became more and more arrogant.

Self-esteem has been greatly attacked. It is a real dragon, but it can't beat a pseudo-dragon, which has been greatly insulted!

  "I hate the most!"

  Longteng screamed, his eyes had a strange green light, and the body violently ignited a violent dragon. This dragon was very chaotic, rambling in it, and couldn’t wait to find a breakthrough to pour out. .

  The wind and the heart can make the wood feathers and the dragons and hearts communicate with each other. Mu Yu never remembered that there would be such a swaying dragon in the dragon's body, which seems to be caused by the dragon vines being provoked. This dragon is too strong, far from what Longtan can control.

  "Hey, Dad seems to be changing. Is this going to be advanced?"Xiaoshuai curiously continued to lick the seeds.


  Mu Yu frowned, and when Long Teng just started to transform the dragon, it was repaired as a comprehension only for the Yuan Ying period because it was in the weak period. Later, after it was completely restored, the strength was stable during the expiration period, and then there was no longer any Upgrade.

  Mu Yu estimates that Long Teng's strength is slower because the real dragon is too strong, and the conditions required for advancement are very demanding, which makes it difficult to break through.

  In the past, Mu Yu did not care about the strength of Long Teng. Anyway, he himself was alone in resisting a lot of things, but now the people of the Qinglong Dynasty are eyeing it, and Long Teng can no longer go on like this. It must be self-protective. If today's battle can make Longteng directly advance, it is naturally a good thing.

  The mighty Qingmang rises from the dragon's body, and every dragon scale on it is opened. The ancient strong texture slowly appears like a sculpture from the dragon scale, and every dragon scale appears around it. A circle of gorgeous enamel, so that the original ordinary scales become gorgeous.

  The original two corners of the head are also ordinary velvet-like, but at the moment, there is a magnificent atmosphere on the dragon's horn. The engraving is full of brilliance, but it makes the dragon's momentum live alive. Big cut!

  The overbearing momentum once again rose from the dragon's body, sweeping every direction of the tower, and sweeping on the dragon's body. Dragon star looks at dragon vine
The ancient lines appearing on the scales suddenly became blood red.

  "Dragon, you can actually inspire all the scales to inspire the dragon!"The dragon star screamed and screamed.

  His body also lit up the black mans, the black scales also showed subtle changes, there is a shallow texture, but there are less than ten dragon scales with texture, and the dragon of the dragon Scales can't be compared!

  "As for being so surprised, I am a real dragon!"

  The dragon's eyes are like a green bead. It is crystal clear, but it is shining with the cold light. It is a shock, it has become a sixth-order monster!

  The dragon snarled, turning the real element of the body into a raging dragon, and rushed to the dragon star. Long Xingyi still chose hard-wired, and he stared at the dragon-scale real yuan who owns the Qinglong demon king.

  But this time he is wrong!

  After the advanced stage, the dragon's body momentum has already risen to the next level. It was originally forced by the body of the wooden feathers to fight against the dragon star, but after changing the sixth-order monster, with the breath of wood feather, it Has long surpassed the Dragon Star!

  The dragon's power is unmatched, like a smashing down the sea, and the dragon's sword is turned into a dragon's body!

  The body of Long Xingyu stopped in the air. He looked at a big hole in his body with horror. He didn't understand that he had the dragon scale guard body of the Qinglong demon king. Why didn't he stop the dragon vine's blow?

  The scales given by the Qinglong demon king are only one piece, and a dragon scale is used by the dragon star in the body, which naturally weakens the power of the dragon scale. In addition, Long Xingyi used the dragon scales and the wood feathers to fight with each other. The real yuan has already exhausted a large part of it. At this time, facing the dragon vine that is advanced to the sixth-order monster, it can resist the equivalent. Mu Yu and Long Teng fit together?


  Long Xing's body fell heavily on the ground. He has been reborn as a human body. There is a bloody hole in the lower abdomen, but it is not fatal. He gasped heavily and stared at the dragon vine in resentment, but his breath gradually faded.

  "Counterfeiting is the responsibility of each of us!"

  The dragon's fundus stroked a killing, the dragon's scales flickered again, the streamer all gathered to its head, and a more intense dragon's interest was formed in him again, and then the dragon's interest directly slammed down!

  But at this moment, a shadow appeared in front of the dragon star, and the dragon's dragon's dragon will be counted down.

  "Stars, you are all right?"

  The dragon leaf suddenly appeared on this layer. He blocked the dragon vine's blow and quickly flashed to the dragon star ,, and looked at the huge dragon vine in surprise. He saw the dragon pattern on the dragon vine, and the pupil was fierce. The ground shrinks.

  As a member of the dragon family, he is familiar with the dragon pattern nature!

  "Do you want to die too?"

  Longteng stared at the sudden emergence of the dragon leaves, and shot again, Longye was greeted to protect the Dragon Star.

  Mu Yu’s eyes glanced, and the body had already appeared in front of the dragon leaves. When the dragon leaves saw the wood feathers, his heart was slightly stagnant. In the battle of the bone warriors, he lost to Mu Yu. Left a shadow for him.

  But at this time, it is too late to close the hand. The dragon leaves can only fight hard with Mu Yu, and the figure retreats to the side of Long Xingyi.

  "Call a helper? We have more helpers here! ”

  Xiaoshuai holds the melon seeds and falls on the shoulders of Mu Yu. It has already raised a blue electric spark.

  Longye looked at the wood feather and looked at the dragon vine. He said that he would pick up the dragon star directly and rushed to the exit below.

  "I want to escape?"Long Teng wants to chase, but Mu Yu stopped Long Teng.

  Mu Yu frowned and said: "Don't be able to do it. Your situation is too bad. Hurry and recover."

  Long Teng just advanced, although it inspired a certain potential as a real dragon, but it did not consolidate its own realm, forced and Dragon Star slammed a blow, seemingly won the upright, in fact, just now Mu Yu Helped it in the dark.

  "I don't like hybrids."

  The dragon's body shape has gradually shrunk, and its breath has begun to become disordered. UU reading tiredly kneeling on the shoulder of Mu Yu, swearing.

  "It doesn't matter if you don't like it. The goal of our trip is mainly to the ghost gatekeeper, and to keep the energy to deal with the ghost gatekeeper. I will help you consolidate your repairs first. ”

  Although Mu Yu wanted to kill the Dragon Star, the guy who kept it was always looking for it, but the dragon was not in a good state at the moment. He was worried about the accident of Long Teng, so he gave up the idea of ​​chasing.

  I took a closer look at the physical condition of Long Teng at the moment and found that the meridians in the dragon's body were also traumatized. These meridians are themselves blasting, because it forced the use of more than the limit of their body's strength, and just advanced, Still very weak.

  Mu Yu enters his spiritual power into the dragon's body and repairs the dragon's meridians. His spiritual power is black and white, but this strange state exists only in his body. As long as the black and white spirits are not separated, they will become normal cyan when they are separated, and they have strong vitality, which can help people heal.

  The injury of Long Teng quickly stabilized, and now it takes only a short break to recover. Mu Yu stood up and walked toward the passageway. He glanced at the passageway and suddenly found something wrong, because the top of the passageway was actually written with nineteen!

  "Wait for me
Didn't we just go up from twenty-seven? That layer should not be twenty-eight, why is it now nineteen? ”

  Mu Yu stopped his footsteps. He stared at the words "19" and his heart was "squeaky". Could it be that the town demon towers were not arranged in the normal order?

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