Chapter 654 Sacrifice

  Mu Yu continue to walk in the entire prison channel, along the way he saw more and more meat wing horns strange, these meat-winged horns should all seem to be more than 5,000 years to invade the Sanchong days, but are the mysterious son to shut in here.

  The meat-winged horns have been detained for so many years without death, and their vitality is tenacious. It is hard to imagine that there is such an undead ugly existence in the world.

  The entire prison walkway extends in all directions, and the wooden feathers come back and forth in criss-crossing passages, and still find an exit. The meat-winged horns were cursing at the wood plume, but Mu Yu directly ignored them and left the prison.

  Soon after Mu Yu left the prison of the meat-winged horns, a ghost appeared silently in the prison. It was a ghost cold, the complex period encountered in the 100,000 mountains of the Moushan Mountains. Ghost people!

  Ghostly cold after seeing the surrounding meat-winged horns, his face showed ecstasy: "Finally let me find the land of the Luna, this can be a cross!"

  There was a cold light in the eyes of the ghost.


  After Mu Yu passed through the passage, he found himself on the twenty-fourth floor. The outlets of the town demon tower do not seem to be in the normal order. This random transmission method makes him very anxious because he does not know when he will reach the 81st floor.

  "Do not worry, after the ghosts enter the town demon tower, they are not necessarily so lucky, they are directly transmitted to the 81st floor."Xiaoshuai said.

  "What if?"Long Teng made a yawn.

  "Where is it so much!" Luck will be handsome and handsome, and you will be right with me. ”Xiao Shuai said in words.

  This time they were in a bright hall with a few strong red pillars on the ceiling. The quaint decoration was pleasing to the eye. The various reliefs on the walls were vivid and the whole body was warm and warm.

  This hall does not see what it is used for, but there are strange textures on the ground. The textures are well-ordered and intertwined, which is different from the familiar patterns of wood feathers.

  The ceiling is also painted with a pale yellow texture, which seems to correspond to the texture of the ground. It is also a kind of faint brilliance, radiant and holy.

  "Little handsome, do you know what this texture represents?"Mu Yu carefully figured out the textures.

  The texture seems to be quite regular, but Mu Yu does not know the mystery.

  Xiaoshuai looked at the ground thoughtfully and said: "It's a bit familiar, but I can't remember what it is."

  "This is a ritual."Said Long Teng.

  "funeral oration? The sacred text of the Yaozu? ”Mu Yu asked curiously.

  He doesn't think that these textures are words, but they are meant to be used for decoration, but the faint light on these textures makes it look extraordinary.

  "I don't know if it is a ritual of the Yaozu, but I feel that these rituals have a mysterious power. It seems to be used to communicate something. In short, I am not very clear."Said Long Teng.

  "Can you translate it?"

  Long Teng flew into the sky and wandered around: "I see, reading from here should be: the blood of the servant, the sacrifice of the gods, the peace of the world, the obstinacy, and the eternal existence."

  "What does it mean?"Xiaoshuai was a little confused by this bite.

  "It is the meaning of Xinchun's eternal life."Mu Yu understood it.

  "The second half is that the moon gods pass through the world, the Fuman world, the soul is destined, the reincarnation, the violation of the moon, the soul of the nine, there is no shelter, the world is full of spirits, the souls are all there, the law of the palm, the moon anger Not light."Longtan read a lot like the chanting.

  "What does this mean?"Xiaoshuai listened confusingly.

  Mu Yu snorted coldly: "The meaning is that the Moon is a brainwashing cult."

  He can be heard from this verse, which seems to be dedicated to the execution of a sacrifice to worship the moon. "If you are not a cult, you can't think of anything else that is a cult. If you don't cult a cult, you can't think of anything else.

  Long Teng continued to read, but the difference is that this time the scriptures in Longtan’s mouth are no longer translated, but a very vocal voice, and as Longtan inadvertently sings, the texture of the ground begins. There are colorful lights, from red, orange, yellow to purple!

  At the same time, I don’t know where suddenly there was a thundering scrolling sound, accompanied by a repressed atmosphere, and the surrounding aura became restless.


  Outside the town demon tower, the sky was calm and the clouds were suddenly clouded, and a terrible pressure spread from the clouds. The clouds are flashing purple electricity, and the purple electricity is across the sky, mixed with the power to destroy the earth.

  All the waiting ghosts on the demon island suddenly changed their faces, especially He Liankong, he exclaimed, then turned to the ghost domain to ask: "Ghost domain, you let your afterlife in the town demon tower What did you do? How can there be purple electricity? ”

  The look of the surprise in the eyes of the ghost domain flashed. He saw the purple electricity in the sky, and a strange smile appeared in the corner of his mouth.

  Ghost domain snarls: "What do I know about the hidden in the town demon tower?" Is the mysterious person really trusting you? Didn't he tell you something dangerous in the town demon tower? ”

  He Liankong bit his teeth,
His face was uncertain, and suddenly he regretted opening the town demon tower!

  But the vision of the demon island did not last long, the town demon tower trembled, the majestic blue light from the town demon tower skyrocketing, and instantly the dark clouds over the demon island were scattered, the purple electricity also directly disappeared.

  The town demon tower seems to be blocking certain things from happening.


  "Dragon, don't read it."

  Mu Yu noticed that something was wrong, and the strong atmosphere of the demon tower of the town was flashed. Then the sound of the thundering scroll disappeared, but the changes in the hall continued. The seven colors of light seemed to be frantically looking for some connections, but for a long time there was no Found, like a headless fly.

  Mu Yu quickly stopped the dragon vine and interrupted the sing of Long Teng.

  The dragon vine stopped and looked around in amazement. It was very strange. The ground was no longer flat, and some of the texture-enclosed ground began to rise and became uneven.

  The texture on the ceiling is exactly the opposite of the ground, and the ground texture rises just as it sinks.

  As the dragon sings stop, all the brilliance gradually disappears, and the textures that are raised or recessed are slowly restored.

  "what happened? Why didn't you translate it? ”Xiaoshuai asked.

  "Translation is not, it is a series of simple voices, there is no specific meaning, it seems to be used to call these things, and it is very strange, I seem to be in a very strange state when I read these things, if not the wood feathers I, I can't come back."Longtan said inexplicably.

  Mu Yu walked around the texture on the ground and said: "You should have started some kind of ritual just now. I don't know what this ritual is, but it is definitely not a good thing."

  Instead of walking into the texture easily, he went to the wall and looked at the reliefs. At the beginning of the pattern on the relief, Mu Yu thought that the comprehension was flying in the air, but soon he found many abnormal places.

  The relief here is divided into two layers. The outermost layer is the posture of the comprehension flight, but when you look closely, it is not only the comprehension, but also the demon and the Yumeng.

  The second layer of relief is male and female, the male's heroic and refreshing, imposing manners, female style, and looks like fairy gods, like the gods in the sky, they are quietly watching the three races of these flights. There was a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

  Xiaoshuai snorted, as if he had thought of something, then stretched out his small claw and gently rubbed the comprehenator on the relief.

  The embossing suddenly seemed to be alive and began to spin. All the comprehens, the demon and the Yumeng demon were smiling and flew toward the gods behind them, and those people opened their arms, like Come to meet these three races.

  "Those are the camouflage of the meat-winged horns!"

  Xiao Shuai’s eyes are fast, and his hands are ejected like thin flaps. They smash toward the heroic gods. The statues are immediately smashed, and they all turn into flesh-winged horns, avoiding the handsome sword. There is still a meat-winged horned horn that can't be sneaked, and was cut directly into two halves by Xiaoshuai.

  The meat-winged horns began to sneer in a weird manner. They even caught the onlookers, the demon and the Yumeng directly shredded and swallowed in the belly!

  Soon all the comprehensions, the Yumeng Mozu demon were eaten by the meat-winged horns, and they yelled angrily toward the little handsome, but did not make a sound.

  After a round of rotation, all the statues gradually recovered, and the other three races that were eaten reappeared. The meat-winged horns also turned into a god-like image, looking at the other three races. .

  This embossing is so strange that the original movements are repeated over and over again, so that Mu Yu can not help but wonder what this place is.

  "Do these meat-winged horns eat us as food?"Mu Yu said in disgust.

  He remembered the red moon under the ruined valley. The disgusting meat-winged horned horn was to ban all the dead bodies and souls in its yellow corpse water and become part of its body.

  However, there must be some special restrictions in the meantime. Mu Yu remembers that the Red Moon could not kill other unnatural deaths. That is to say, these meat-winged horns are actually eating dead people. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

  "Since there are rituals here, I am afraid that it should be used to summon the meat-winged horns. We must be careful not to make the mistakes."

  Mu Yu glanced around in a circle. This temple may not be very simple. It should be related to the Moon. Fang Cai Long Teng accidentally triggered some kind of sacrifice, but it seems to be shielded by the town demon tower, so that the color of the sacrifice is a bit confusing. If he guesses it is correct, even if Longtan completely sings the sacrifice, I am afraid it will not What happened.

  Xuanjizi real people sealed this hall in their own town demon tower, apparently do not want to be used by people, causing irreparable consequences.

  "Let's leave here!"Long Teng suggested.

  Mu Yu nodded, and there was only one way out of this layer, and that was the one that came in. He pondered over and over again, and finally placed a magical array at the entrance to this floor to hide the hall.

  At this time, many people appeared in the town demon tower, and they may also be transmitted to this floor. Xuanjizi real people did not deliberately protect this temple because it was impossible to perform sacrifices in the town demon tower, but Mu Yu felt that it was necessary to let people come in casually.

  He walked in the direction of the original advanced and left the twenty-fourth floor.
r /> However, Mu Yu would not have thought of it, far away from the demon island, the Sanchong Palace near the reincarnation, but the white world looked up and looked at the air, as if he had noticed something.

  "Is the atmosphere of the Moon Temple finally appearing?"The white world touched his chin and fell into meditation.

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