Chapter 655 Export

  This time it's the 65th floor!

  Mu Yu felt like he was in a haphazard way, he came from the 39 floor to 24, and then returned to the 65 floor.

  "So when are we going to get to the 81 floor?" ”Xiaoshuai asked.

  Mu Yu now only hopes that the ghost will not reach the 81st floor. Otherwise, after the ghosts control the Tianyan round, he will be able to go back and see the whereabouts of the soul.

  To tell you the truth, mu Plume actually want to know where the soul Center is, because the mystery son tell him the soul Center is can repair the dead wood father, so Mu Yu heart trauma, so the idea is he is going to follow the ghost cherish life together back to the past, early ghost cherish life a step to see the whereabouts of the soul Center.

  The 65th floor of the town Demon Tower is a long corridor, Mu Yu is not interested in the corridor, he just wants to rush to the 81st floor. Therefore, he did not explore what the 65th floor was, but walked back directly to the passage.

  However, he was still miscalculated, because he was surprised to find that he was still twenty-fourth floor when he walked back this time, that bright palace!

  "strange? Didn't it be randomly sent this time? ”Longtan asked in surprise.

  Mu Yu pondered for a moment. After waiting for half an hour in the hall, he re-entered the passage, and this time he came to the seventy-fifth floor.

  The seventy-five-story is an ordinary tower, empty, and it is clear that not every layer has something.

  Mu Yu pondered the number of layers he had just walked through. He suddenly felt that the outlet should lead to a regularity.

  “I understand that the exits of each floor lead to different towers at different times.”

  Mu Yu sat down and began to calculate in his mind that he roughly estimated the time he had spent on the 18 floor, the encounter with the Dragon star would have cost him about an hour or so, and estimated the time in the 39-storey, 39-level view of the meat wing of the horn Monster about two hours, in the temple spent an hour more ……

  It is only because of this that it is impossible to figure out when each channel will lead to it. After waiting for a quarter of an hour, he goes to the channel again, this time on the eleventh floor.

  In order to understand the law of the transmission of this channel, Mu Yu spent an hour shuttled on each floor to record where each layer leads to.

  The town demon tower has ninety-nine layers. In fact, the outlet of each layer is connected to a certain layer at a certain moment, but this calculation method is quite complicated.

  Xuanjizi is a singer. The town demon tower he designed is naturally carried out in a deductive way.

  The main body of the squad is gossip, and the orientation of the gossip is very complicated, so to become a powerful strategist, you must have extraordinary deductive thinking. Mu Yu once pushed the rules of the temple ladder and entered the hall in eight steps. His deductive ability is second to none.

  "I know the rules of this town demon tower."

  Mu Yu analyzed the big pile and spent nearly seven or eight hours, finally understanding the main points.

  At the moment, the floor where they are located is the third floor. The third floor is a dense forest. The birds are singing in the forest, and the roar of the monsters in the distance is so lively. Mu Yu saw that the forest was a magical array. What was hidden in the woods, Mu Yu was not interested.

  He stood at the mouth of a huge tree, watching the birds in the forest flapping their wings and estimating the time. He just came out of this tree hole, and he has to leave this tree hole when he wants to leave.

  "In theory, after eleven o'clock, three o'clock, the third layer will lead to the eleventh floor, but we wait for eleven hours for too long, so change a road, one hour after a quarter of an hour The layer will lead to the seventy-third floor, and on the seventy-third floor, it will lead to the sixteenth floor at half an hour.

  As for the 16th floor, as long as the time is right, because the channel on the 16th floor began to change at that time, we just got in and ran out and reached the 81st floor! ”

  Mu Yu has already planned the next route, so it will be a lot of trouble if he goes on, but he will be able to walk to the 81st floor in less than two hours.

  Xiaoshuai understands it, and Longteng is confused, but it doesn't matter. Anyway, this kind of thing doesn't need to be tossed, it is to let Muyu run errands.

  After Muyu waited for an hour and a quarter outside the tree hole, he re-drilled back into the tree hole and surely came to the 73rd floor! This proves that the calculation of Mu Yu is indeed correct.

  Then, as long as you wait for half an hour on the 73rd floor, you will be able to go to the 16th floor.

  The 73rd floor is a snowy place. The place where Muyu comes out is just a log cabin. The cabin is built at the foot of the mountain. There are white snow everywhere. There is a snow mountain behind the cabin. The front is A plain of white pelicans.

  "I feel that we are going all over the world in the town demon tower of Xuanjizi's real life. Is this a kind of tourism?"Longteng said leisurely.

  Many layers of the town demon tower are set up with many magical arrays, forests, snow mountains, plains, everything, prisons and cult halls are also there, it is indeed like traveling everywhere. The exit of each layer is a transmission array according to the idea of ​​Mu Yu.

  The transmission array will be connected to different layers at different times. Some layers have two exits, and some have only one exit. This has certain rules and is all pondered by Mu Yu.

 "There is no shortage of places we go anyway. This magical array is no big deal."Wood feathers sit on the roof of the cabin and look at the snowy mountains behind them.

  However, Mu Yu has not had time to enjoy it for a while! Suddenly, I found that there was a burst of snow on the snowy mountains in the distance, and there was a wave of aura, like someone is fighting.

  "Are we going to join in the fun?"

  Xiaoshuai was originally carrying a chicken leg, but the chicken legs were frozen in the ice and snow, and it was very unhappy. At the moment, I was holding Dan Flint roast chicken legs!

  "Let's make fun of it. When time comes, let's go." If you can fight here, it must be that the Yao and the ghosts are not playing together. They beat them and do our anecdote! ”Mu Yu does not want to go to drowning.

  After entering the town demon tower, everyone was randomly transferred to any floor. This layer must have been coming, but they don’t know the secrets of the town demon tower, so they are everywhere in every layer, and Mu Yu is here. It's just a transit station.

  However, to die, it was at this time that there was a wave of the fit period on the snowy mountains. The damage caused by the comprehension of the composing period can not be underestimated. They handed over the snow mountain directly, and then the sound of the "rumbling" sounded from the snow-capped mountains, and a large piece of snow fell down the mountain!

  "I wipe! avalanche! Does your sister have a public morality, and if you have an avalanche, you don’t want to go out? ”

  Mu Yu stood up. He wanted to try to protect the cabin, but the snow fell too fast, and the wood feather couldn't stop it.

  Although it is a magical array, everything in the magical array is actually made by the real spiritual power. When it comes to the situation, Mu Yu can only raise the roast chicken legs and the young man leaps high toward the back.

  While he was leaping, the cabin was buried in the snow!

  The people in the distance are still playing together, and the wooden feathers are already angry at the foot of the snow mountain!

  "You bastards, remember it for me, don't let me know who you are, or you will definitely decide you!"

  Mu Yu’s spiritual power slammed out and pushed away the snow that had buried the cabin. After he cleared the snow from the buried cabin, the cabin had become a broken wooden board.

  If the cabin is a real plank, he can control the wood and let them reconstitute the cabin. Unfortunately, the wooden feather cabin is also fake.

  Mu Yu looked at the broken wooden boards all over the floor, and the incoming passage seemed to be destroyed!

  "Don't you? This is just a magical array! ”

  Mu Yu had just walked through the passage, and at the end was a door. When he opened the door, he went outside the cabin and wanted to go back directly to the cabin. However, the cabin was destroyed and Mu Yu could not find the exit.

  Mu Yu carefully felt the array of the cabin, and groaned, he found that the exit of this place really disappeared!

  "I am a roast chicken roast duck! Damn, I have to see which abalone is made by which bastard! ”Mu Yu did not say that he flew directly to the towering snow-capped mountains, and then he fell in the face of the two sides.

  Yao people, deer bosses and dragon turtles.

  Ghosts, ghosts and another ghost girl.

  The woman around Ghost Cold is called a ghost butterfly. The black gauze is covered with a face, and the figure is graceful. It reveals a strange and cold beauty, but Wood Yu does not appreciate the beauty of the ghost gate. However, this woman's cultivation is also a fit period. No one of the ghost gates came to the demon island this time to save fuel.

  Several of them also discovered the arrival of Muyu, which was suddenly bustling with the already desolate snow-capped mountains.

  "It's you!"Ghostly gnashing his teeth and looking at Mu Yu. At the beginning, because of the wooden feathers, he was almost killed by Ghost Night. At this moment, he saw that Mu Yu had already been angry.

  Compared with the reaction of the ghost people, the deer boss is relieved, because his relationship with Mu Yu is obviously better.

  "Which one did not make an avalanche with a long eye? Are you hurting? ”Mu Yu screamed.

  "It’s a good luck that the avalanche didn’t bury you!”Ghost cold is not salty and not light. UU reading

  "Are you owing to clean up? You want to fight, you won’t go to other places to fight. Now you have an avalanche, plugging the exit, and you don’t have to go out! ”Mu Yu said.

  "Is the export blocked? We just came out of the log cabin. Shouldn’t the exit be in another place? ”The deer boss asked in surprise.

  It seems that these people do not understand that the entrance is actually an export. In fact, the town demon tower usually has two entrances, but only one layer has only one exit. If the cabin is ruined, it means that Muyu has to find another exit.

  "You really add chaos to me! Deer boss, I am very busy now, take a step first, and be careful with yourself. ”If it wasn’t for Mu Yu’s rush to go to the 81st floor, he would definitely settle the account with the ghost gate.

  Ghost cold Although the whole body is stunned by the wood feathers, but did not think about going to block the wood feathers. Even the ghosts who have six twins have suffered a big loss in the hands of Mu Yu, and he is not so good, so he resisted the suppression of his inner resentment.

  The ghost looked coldly at the deer boss: "As for your demon people, you still hand over the sea to the sea!"

  Mu Yu just turned and suddenly heard the four words of the sea, and immediately turned back, surprised to see the deer boss: "Dinghai thousand feet? The magic weapon of the Kraken King, is it in your hands? ”

  Sea at the time
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