Chapter 656 Intervening

  The deer boss looked at the wood feather somewhat warily, for this thing he still had to defend. Mu Yu again How to say also is the human race, and the Demon clan has some estrangement, and the Dinghai thousand ruler is the sea Demon King's Magic Weapon, the Terran clan certainly will covet.

  "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, I hope you don't want to intervene in this matter, I don't want to make trouble with you." Dinghai thousand Feet is the sea Demon King all, I just die will protect it does not fall into the hands of your people. ”Deer boss said firmly.

  The dragon turtle also looked at the wood feather cautiously. At the moment when the ghost cold said "the sea is a thousand feet", the deer boss and the dragon turtle understood that this matter could not be good.

  Originally, they have been quite struggling against ghosts and ghosts. I didn’t expect to come to a wooden feather. With the strength of Muyu, if he wants to help the ghosts to deal with their Yaozu, the deer boss and the dragon turtle simply don’t live.

  "Did the sea thousands of feet have been found by you? Where did you find it? Is this layer? ”Mu Yu asked again.

  "Yes, it was found in this snowy mountain, what?" Are you interested in the sea? ”The ghost looked coldly at Mu Yu.

  "Of course I am interested! Are you not nonsense? ”Mu Yu glanced at the ghost, then turned his eyes to the deer boss.

  After the deer boss heard the words of Mu Yu, his face became paler. He was attacked by ghosts and nights at sea last time. He had been seriously injured and has not recovered half of his strength. Just wrestling with the ghost gates of the two fits, he relied on the Horcruxes donated by the demon on the demon island, otherwise he could not hold up with the repair of him and the dragon turtle.

  At this moment, Mu Yu joined the battlefield, and the deer boss has no chance of winning. He knows the potential of Mu Yu today, but the person who defeated the dragon leaf in the fit period, so that he is equivalent to one person facing the three comprehension period.

  "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, can you see this thing in the real dragon, do not interfere?"Deer boss said earnestly.

  Mu Yu looked at the ghosts and ghosts and said seriously: "No, I have to intervene today!"

  "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, you…"

  Deer boss has a bitter look, and Mu Yu is followed by a real dragon, so he has always been very polite to Mu Yu, but now the wood feathers have to intervene in the sea, which will undoubtedly bring him tremendous pressure.

  “Deer old, what should we do now?”The dragon turtle also holds a demon soul device in his hand. With the demon soul device, he can barely compete with the ghost butterfly, but he also has no confidence in dealing with Mu Yu.

  Deer boss shook his head and Mu Yu joined the battlefield, so they are difficult to do today.

  Ghostly cold saw Mu Yu’s statement and suddenly smiled hypocritically: “So, are you planning to join me with me? I did not expect that we also have the time to put down the grudges! So very good, you and us join hands to win the sea, and as for the last treasure, it depends on the fate. ”

  Originally according to the character of ghost cold, he is impossible to join hands with people, but the soul device in the hands of deer boss and dragon turtle is very powerful, the soul device from the demon leader, and the ghost domain they are a level, and the ghost The cold soul device can not match, so it is quite troublesome to want to win two Yao people.

  Ghost cold intends to use the power of Mu Yu to say, and kill two demon people, Ghost Cold has the confidence and ghosts to join hands to subdue Mu Yu.

  There was a gloomy ghost on his body, and he went over to the deer boss again, and the ghost butterfly had already rushed to the dragon turtle with the Horcrux.

  Deer boss held a stalker in his hand, looked at the ghost door heavily, and looked at Mu Yu with jealousy. His heart had already sunk to the bottom.

  The only player to fight, the deer boss is already an old injury recurrence, this is even worse!

  However, Mu Yu suddenly flicked in shape, Mu Ling skyrocketed, all the ghosts were scattered, blocked in front of the deer boss, satirically looked at the ghost cold: "Where do you come from the confidence will feel that I intervene this piece Is it with you?"

  The deer boss squinted and raised his head.

  Ghostly cold looked angrily at the ghost of his defeat, Shen Sheng: "Wu Yu, we are both human races, in the face of the Yao people, even if there are grudges, you should temporarily put down the common demon talent! Do you still want to betray the Terran again? ”

  At the beginning, Mu Yu killed the ghost Xuan Yue in the second day, and then he was accused of being a traitor by the comprehension. This is the most clear thing about the ghost.

  "betray? Humph! I tell you, it is because I am a human race, so I have to intervene in this matter, and will never let your ghosts go against any demon king! ”The sound of Mu Yu is not big, but it contains the anger of the waves, so that the ghosts are stunned.

  The words of Mu Yu fell in the ears of the deer's old man but they were like a thunder. He thought that he had got it wrong. Mu Yu was a human race. How could he say this? Mu Yu actually wants to protect the demon king? Is this really what Mu Yu said?

  "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, you, you want to help us?"Deer boss is still very uncertain to look at Mu Yu, Mu Yu is a human race, and the demon king has no relatives, why should we protect the demon king?

  Deer boss thought of a possibility, is it because of Joe Xue?

  "Do not worry! Today, I am here, the ghost gate people can not take the sea a thousand feet, the sea is a thousand feet should belong to the Kraken king. ”Mu Yu said faintly.

  He helped the Yaozu people not because of Qiao Xue, but the sword shadow dust, the phantom rain and the mysterious machine real people have said a word: the demon king must be born!

  Mu Yu now vaguely knows what the meaning of Xuanjizi’s real person is. The white demon king was originally intended to resist the flesh-winged horns and illusions.
In order to protect him from killing the powerful Moon, he chose to seal the White Demon King.

  The sand eagle demon king Hai Dongqing was sealed by the master of the sword of Mu Yu, and also to protect the demon king. How could Mu Yu fall to the demon king?

  Besides, the white scorpion demon king that Mu Yu knows is not as ferocious as the legend of the realm. Although he threatens Mu Yu’s "Nvwa" every time, but the White Demon King does not really make a human race. What is too much to do.

  Moreover, in the illusion left by Xuanjizi's real people, the Kraken King is not an unreasonable person, but their beliefs are different.

  The Yaozu were only looking for the murder of the Moon after they resisted the oppression of the Moon. Now the Moon has a movement. In the future, the Ten Kings must be used to find a way to counter the Moon.

  Ghostly cold kills the sky, he looks at Mu Yu: "It seems that you are a traitor to the Terran!"

  "The traitor of the Terran is your ghost talent! I haven't found you for the things you have colluded with the Moon people! I have always said that there is one ghost door in the realm of comprehension, and the world will be too flat. Today I will solve it for you first, saving you a disaster! ”

  The ghost gate people helped the Red Moon in the funeral valley. Mu Yu is still very annoyed now. This ghost doorman has done everything, and dares to pour dirty water here!

  The shadow sword in the hand of Mu Yu came out, and the Qing Mang opened his mouth and merged into the void. The strong lines of the sword slammed into the ghosts!

  "Ghost Butterfly, go!"

  Ghost cold turned back without hesitation. He understood the strength of Mu Yu and knew that he could not benefit in front of Mu Yu today. Even though he wanted to kill Mu Yu, he did not rash.

  However, the deer boss held the Horcrux in front of the ghost.

  "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, although I don't know why you choose to help us, but I still don't want to hurt you. As long as you kill both of them, you will not attract the unprovoked accusations of the Terran in the future."The deer boss is not ambiguous at all.

  "Ghost door people, everyone has to be blamed! Xiaoshuai, Longteng, have a good lesson to teach the ghosts! ”Mu Yu said.

  "Ok!"Xiaoshuai threw the bones and smashed it onto the shoulder of Mu Yu.

  Longtan rested for a long time, and with the help of Mu Yu, he had already recovered seven or eighty-eight, and it also fell on the other side of Mu Yu.

  The deer boss looked at the dragon vine in awe, and then felt that something seemed to be wrong on the dragon, but he could not see what was wrong.

  The wind and the heart of the heart from the bottom of the wooden feathers of the illusion, the blue pattern will cover the small handsome and the dragon and the rattan, the blue lightning from the small handsome body violently lit, a series of electric lights flashing, and the dragon vines instantly When you get bigger, your body's momentum is skyrocketing, and each dragon scale is full of noble dragons!

  "This is – dragon pattern? Did you really break into the distraction period? ”Deer boss shouted in surprise.

  "Yes, you have a vision!"

  Long Teng raised his head proudly, then turned around and swallowed the sword of Mu Yu. The whole body was like a sharp sword, which made people dare not touch it easily.

  "Yes! Real Dragon! ”The deer boss responded in awe, and had already gone with the dragon turtle to the ghost butterfly.

  Mu Yu, they have already surrounded the ghost cold, and the momentum of the body is so high that the ghost cold feels great pressure.

  "The last time you designed to trap me, now we should make the last account clear!"Mu Yu raised the shadow sword and pointed to the ghost cold. Now that he has the Hellian Horcrux, he has more than enough to deal with a ghost of a fit period!

  Ghost cold is cold, but suddenly a sneer: "Mu Yu, do you think you can beat me with your ability?"

  "No, you will know if you kill!"

  The shadow sword on the hand of Mu Yu slammed out, and the majestic sword smothered it. Every sword was arrogant, like a sinister evil, and the ghosts of the ghosts gathered together.

  Ghost cold did not dare to pick up the sword. He understood how strong the woody feathers were, but he did not dodge, and his hands suddenly lit up with colorful light.

  This colorful light came too suddenly, and even Mu Yu was stunned. He didn't understand when the ghost man's practice changed his tone.

  The colorful rays are intertwined in the air, forming a barrier that protects them inside. At this time, the ghost fingers are grayish, and they are quickly interlaced on the chest, drawing a strip of stripes, then his fingers are moving forward. A glamorous spurt out.

  The red mansions are rapidly becoming bigger in the air, and UU reading then seems to expand directly, and quickly transform into a silhouette!

  Fleshy wings!

  Mu Yu looked at the ghost cold in amazement and shouted: "Where are the ghosts of your ghosts?"

  "Hey, bastard! This is a great moon god, you dare to disrespect the moon god, find death! ”The ghost smiled coldly.

  The red-colored flanks and horns seem to be just a phantom, but they are like souls, but the breath on them is real, not like a fake. Wood feathers have fought with the meat-winged horns, and they are familiar with this breath.

  "You are the hybrid of the human race and the Yumeng Mozu who just came in. It seems that I have to teach you well!"The red-colored meat-winged horns opened their cracks in the mouth, and laughed.

  "Just? Can you say that you are a ugly monster in the 39-story prison? ”

  Mu Yu was shocked. He remembered that the meat-winged horns were kept in jail.
Among them, he is the master of the squad, and he is quite familiar with the formation. The prison on the 39th floor seems to be just an ordinary iron fence. In fact, it is unbreakable, even the wood feathers can not be approached. More unlikely to run out!

  How did the ghost cold release their disgusting guys?

  "I didn't want to expose this thing, but since you saw the Luna, then you guys are dead!"In the hands of ghosts and colds, a yin gas invades the body of the meat-winged horns, and the smell of the meat-winged horns swells to the fit!

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