No. 657 chapter of the Moon God Phantom

  The meat wing horn Strange has been toward the Mu Yu to come over, its chest two horns sharp matchless, in the air crosses a red mans, the power is incomparable.

  Mu Yu does not have a small cockroach, this meat-winged horned horn, this meat-winged horny horn is much more powerful than the red moon that was first seen. It is obvious that the ghost cold uses some special secret methods to put the strength of the meat-winged horns. Otherwise, they have been shut down for thousands of years and it is impossible to have such a strong.

  Mu Yu’s shadow sword gathers a powerful soul force and rises upwards to meet the horns of the meat-winged horns, but what Wu Yu did not expect was that his shadow sword touched the long horn. It went straight through, and the sharp corner slammed into his chest and fluck him out!

  He stabilized his figure in the air, and then his body flashed away from the horns. Looking down at the chest, his chest was intact, but he felt an unspeakable pain in his body.

  "This is the soul? Soul attack? ”

  Mu Yu quickly evaded the corner of the meat-winged horns, and his shadow sword can not hurt the other half, every time the shadow sword is like playing in the void, making him very uncomfortable.

  In the past, even if it was a soul, it was impossible to be intact under his shadow sword. Because the shadow sword has a wood spirit that specifically restrains the soul, but the shape of the meat-winged horns becomes quite weird, and it is not afraid at all. Muling.

  "This is not a soul, this is a virtual shadow! The meat-winged horns should be used with the ghosts to display some evil and powerful techniques. ”Xiaoshuai said with amazement.

  "How do you break these techniques?"

  Mu Yu slanted over the sharp corners, one foot on the other's wings, but still directly through the body, he almost was hurt by the opponent's horns.

  This is completely passive beating. Only others can beat him. He can't beat others.

  "The guy who killed the spell can do it."The white hair of Xiaoshuai sparkled with blue sparks, and a blue giant sword smashed into the ghost!

  The powerful thunderbolt turned into a smashing power, and it instantly fell on the colorful obstacles of the ghostly cold body. The thunder of the sky shone and flickered, scattered, and the entire barrier was covered with fine thunder, and violently beating.

  But the colorful barrier was shocked and instantly shaken all the lightning. At the same time, Dragon's sword-shaped breath has also come to the fore, and still has no effect on the colorful barrier.

  "Good hard turtle shell!"Longtan sang in the air, and even its dragon claws failed to break through the defense.

  The colorful barriers are quite strange and very hard, and will protect the ghosts of the operators as rigorous, so that they can't interrupt the ghost cold.

  "As a result of this level of attack, you can't hurt me!"The ghost smiled coldly.

  Mu Yu thinks of one thing. Since the ghost cold has the ability to summon the meat-winged horns, it should be fearless, but he chose to retreat after seeing Mu Yu’s statement, instead of killing him directly, obviously he is also Have some scruples. This powerful method of ghost cold certainly can not be used as you like!

  Ghostly cold once again crossed the law, an orange light emerged from the colorful light, and then the orange light quickly elongated and deformed in the air, once again turned into an orange meat-winged horns, and flew directly toward the handsome.

  The orange sharp corners were not ruthless, the fleshy wings swayed, the horns turned to the moment, and even the thunder and lightning did not block it. The horns had penetrated Xiaoshuai’s body.

  "Damn!"Xiaoshuai shouted.

  "Little mouse, you are fine!"Long Teng asked, but the ghost in the cold hand was a yellow light, a yellow flesh-winged horned horn rushed to the dragon vine.

  Although the dragon's body is huge, its speed is dexterous and changeable. It circling in a circle and avoiding the yellow meat-winged horns.

  "Of course I'm fine, my skin is so thick, who can hurt me!"Xiaoshuai smirked back.

  "What are you shouting!"The dragon vine body is like a sword, flying fast and snarling with the flesh-winged horns, but it is more and more grievous, because in addition to blindly dodging, there is no way to backhand.

  "I just don't like to see my body in ugly, even if it's a shadow!" See how I broke this turtle shell! ”

  Xiaoshuai this guy seems to be not afraid of the virtual shadow attack of the meat-winged horns. Its small figure flashes, the blue giant sword in the hand disappears, but he turns into a white shadow, flashing to the ghost In front of the colorful barrier, a thin blade like a flap was ejected on the small claw.

  The sharp blade on the little handsome paw is rarely used. Generally speaking, it only uses the body of this cutting monster, or other hard foods to use it, but the sharp edge of this small claw is very sharp, anyway, the wooden feather has never been I haven't seen anything that Xiaoshuai can't cut.

  Sure enough, Xiaoshuai's sharp blade immersed in the colorful barrier without any hindrance. Its claws were just a stroke, and the colorful barrier was actually cut open by a slit!


  Ghostly cold anger and anger at the small handsome, the invincible colorful barrier will be broken by a small beast, this is what he did not expect. In his hand, he raised a sneaky scorpion, and countless grievances went to the young handsome. Xiaoshuai suddenly had a blue electric light and collided with the resentment.

  All the grievances were smashed by Xiao Shuai, but Xiao Shuai was also rushed out by the tyrannical ghost.

  Ghost cold also pulled away, quite jealous of Xiao Shuai that Huang Huang Tian Lei.

  Mu Yu is still in the corner with the meat wings, he still can't hit these ghosts, but he found the meat wings
It is strange that after using the first tyrannical attack, the speed has slowed down, and it is impossible for him to continue to pose a threat.

  "This guy's phantom attack is one-off. It's no wonder that Ghost Cold didn't have the idea of ​​fighting us at the beginning!"Mu Yu said.

  At the same time, the green, cyan, blue and purple flesh-winged horns morphed out again. These four kinds of flesh-winged horns, one strength is stronger than one, especially the purple flesh-winged horns, the momentum of the body is stunned. Arrived at the nine-day match.

  Although the attack of these monsters is one-off, the speed of the monsters in the back is getting faster and faster. When the purple and blue flesh-winged horns come to the wood, the wood feathers can hardly dodge.

  He just teleported out, and the horns of a purple-shaped fluffy-winged horned horn smashed toward his head. If it was stabbed, I am afraid that my head will be sore and even lose resistance!

  The wood feather disappeared directly into the wood spirit, letting the wood spirit meet the phantom of the meat-winged horns, and the powerful bombardment still sent the wood spirit to the cockroach, but let the wood feathers keep themselves.

  He flew out of Muling, and the seven flesh-winged horns in the air no longer attacked, but arrogantly confronted Mu Yu.

  The ghost cold was guarded in the middle by seven meat-winged horns. His colorful barrier has disappeared, and Mu Yu saw the things in his hands.

  It is a transparent ball, which is like a lens. It has countless fence reflections, and among the fence reflections, those are the meat-winged horns!

  This is the prison reflection of the 39th floor of the town demon tower!

  "Using reflections to summon the phantom of the meat-winged horns from the prison?"

  Mu Yu frowned, and the ghost door was the first time he saw it. Not only that, but after summoning the illusion of the flesh-winged horns, the other party can still exert such high aggression, which is really extraordinary!

  Although the "mirage of the mirage" can also project the shadows in the distance intact, but these projected shadows have no lethality at all, and it is even more impossible to have the ability to hurt the soul like the meat-winged horns.

  What exactly is this strange ability of the Ghostmen?

  "Oh, it’s hard to come out once through the shadows. It’s a pity that I didn’t kill this guy."The blue meat-winged horns smirked and smiled.

  "This is still in the town demon tower, our goal is not to wander around the town demon tower, feed, ghost servant, and quickly find a way to leave the town demon tower!"The purple meat-winged horns turned their heads toward the ghostly cold.

  The ghost cold was scorned but there was no dissatisfaction. On the contrary, the face was respectful and said: "The god of the moon, this kid stopped me and refused to let me leave!"

  "A human race boy, just want to find death and you will be perfect!"The blue-colored meat-winged horns said.

  Mu Yu looked coldly at the disgusting things in front of him, and the shadow sword in his hand was once again green: "Look, do you have this ability!"

  Although he knows that the ghost cold can't release the meat-winged horns on the thirty-ninth floor of the town demon tower, but the ghost cold can't just set this technique for no reason, project the shadows of these meat-winged horns and let them see Looking at the world outside, there is definitely some ulterior secret in the ghost cold!

  "Do you really think we only have seven people? you are too naive! If our illusion hurts the key, it can kill people, and it can survive in another way with the help of the dead body! ”The purple meat-winged horned horns stretched out the narrow purple tongue, licked the cracked lips and sneered.

  "This kid's physical fitness is good, it should be able to be controlled by us for a long time! I have booked his body! ”The blue meat-winged horns grinned strangely.

  "Ghost cold, your body first borrowed me, I killed him and said!"The purple meat-winged horns turned and said.

  Ghostly cold face suddenly changed, he trembled: "But Luna, so I will…"

  "how? Shouldn't it be your honor to be seen by me? ”The purple meat-winged horns are strange and laugh.

  Ghosts are scared, UU reading quickly said: "God of the moon, I am the person responsible for picking you out, we have arranged the rest of the things for you, waiting for you to go out can……"

  "But you can't beat this kid, I can't let things mess up."The purple meat-winged horns and horns have already flashed in the body, and they have already disappeared into the body of the ghost cold without waiting for the ghost to react.

  "Do not–"

  The ghost cold only had time to make a desperate scream, and then the whole body trembled, and the body turned out the purple light, shrouded him, and then the purple light shone, forming a halo to wrap the ghost cold.

  "The body of the ghost servant is really good, and the yin is very heavy."

  Ghostly cold turned his head, moved a little bones, satisfactorily looked at his body, and shook his fist, making a bone collision. The breath of his body has undergone earth-shaking changes, and it seems that there is a trace of holiness!

  "As a ghost servant, you should have the preparation to sacrifice at any time."The ghost cold slowly raised his head, his eyes flashing purple, watching the wood feathers.

  His voice was sharp and ugly, like a nail on the wall, which made people feel creepy.

  At the beginning, Mu Yu thought that the ghost was because the technique was flawed and he didn't want to use it. Now Mu Yu understands how to use the ghost cold to use this method.

  Summon the phantom of the meat-winged horns, and the ghosts will be done well.
Take away the consciousness of the body!

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