No. 658 Chapter Purple Resentment

  Purple meat wing Horn Strange abruptly will ghost cold body to take away, this kind of uncanny way let Mu Yu heart a burst of cold!

  He is not afraid that his body will be taken away, but he is worried that if the meat-winged horns want to escape the town demon tower in this way, then once the ghost cold leaves here, all the ghosts in the prison will be released. Isn't Triple Scorpio dangerous?

  The ball on the ghost body must be destroyed!

  "For a long time, I haven’t sucked the soul of the Terran, kid, you listen! My name is purple grievance! Save you from being unclear! ”

  In the hands of the purple grievance, there was a sharp purple blade, which seemed to be only a purple light, but it was very sharp. It was lightly raised, and the purple mans crossed. There was a cold purple gas in the void, like a purple pigment falling. Spread into the water, bit by bit, and sprinkle.

  "You still stay in jail, don't come out of disgusting people!"

  Mu Yu's shadow sword swayed a line of his face, his eyes showed endless killings, his body shape had disappeared in place, and then stepped out from the emptiness behind the purple grievances, and the sturdy swords smothered.


  The purple blade and the shadow sword collided with each other and hit the powerful road. The shadow sword is dexterous and versatile, picking the body of the purple grievance in different directions. He knows where the weakness of the purple grievance is. The other side's chest has two horns. Breaking the two horns will damage their strength.

  However, the purple grievance still kept the appearance of the ghost cold, and did not reveal the original shape. But its speed is also quite fast, the purple blade in the hand is very sharp, like a purple resentful snake, swallowing purple awns, smashing to the wood feathers.

  Violet and glaucom violently confronted each other in the air. The purple grievances were swift and quick, and the purple light flashed from time to time. The purple light that floated in the air also turned into a sharp edge from time to time.

  The two men will make a few hundred strokes in a flash, but the wooden feathers are more and more shocked. He understands that this is not necessarily the real cultivation of the purple grievances, because all the years are trapped in the town demon tower prison, so that the purple grievance and other meat The winged horns have lost a large part of their repairs.

  Even so, the purple grievances are so tyrannical after winning the ghostly body. If Mu Yu is not helped by the apparatus of He Liankong, he even walks a round in the purple blame!

  A purple grievance is so powerful, if you let the other shadows of other meat-winged horns also win a body, then is it that they will make a comeback?

  Xiaoshuai’s blue thunder and lightning are also rushing to the ground. The mighty and overbearing thunder is not the nemesis of purple grievances, but the purple blame obviously does not like to be charged. The purple mans in its hands are always destroying the lightning of Xiaoshuai just right, and sweeping back with more powerful power.

  The speed of Xiaoshuai is already fast enough, and it is still drawn by countless purple blades. Fortunately, it is full of thick skin and knife, and the purple blade is not carried away on its body, but it also makes Xiaoshuai extremely angry.

  Long Teng's sword is very straightforward, and its strength has increased greatly after the advancement. It is already a thing of the past, and the power exerted is quite strong.

  However, the overbearing dragon's breath is flying in the air, and countless dragon-shaped swords and shadows will be surrounded by purple grievances, but they can't hit the purple grievances.

  Purple blame is actually against the Muyu and the three of them combined attack, and seeing this is still in the absolute upper hand!

  The remaining few ghosts next to it did not start, their strongest hits have been used, but the body is gradually faded.

Obviously, there is no body of the moon god shadow can not fight for a long time, and the purple blame that occupies the ghost body is not ordinary.

  "Some of you go back to recuperate!" In the town demon tower, it is difficult for us to exert our full strength, and I will kill the kid and say it again. ”Purple complains.

  "You have to be careful, so it is risky to win someone else's body. We must rely on the remaining ghost servant to go out! When we go back, no one will help you. ”The red-colored flanks and horns looked at the ghost butterflies in the distance and the demon people, and then gradually disappeared.

  Purple grievous sneer: "I don't need your help!"

  Zimang once again flourished, and the long blade in the hands of the purple grievance knocked back all three of the wood feathers.

  "Little handsome, five thunder!"

  Mu Yu quietly waved the shadow sword, and the mysterious pattern spread out around him. Xiaoshuai has already flown into the sky, the blue giant sword once again rises to the sky, shattering all the surrounding snowflakes, and the dragon's body is hovering, and a breath is turned into four flying swords and swept in the handsome blue thunder sword. on.

  The pattern wraps the thundering lightning, and all the lightning is suddenly squeezed down. The violent thunder is compressed by the formation to a very horrible level. The huge power is on the verge, and at the same time, the shadow of the wooden feather is coming out. A thunder ball is absorbed all in.

  The vortex of the formation is illusory, and the shadow of the sword is mixed with the violent thunder and lightning. The thunderbolt bursts open. Countless lightning is like a volcanic eruption. A horrible wave is scattered around the thunderball.

  The purple grievance frowned slightly, and the long blade in the hand was intertwined in front, forming a purple barrier and wrapping itself in it. And all the violent thunder and lightning hit the purple barrier, but it was not able to smash the guardian of this guy!

  "Do you have this move?"

  The purple grievance looks very mad, it completely despise Mu Yu, even the Ghostmen are only tools in its view.

  Purple resentment turned into a purple mang, and deceived, the shadow of the wood feather sword swayed out in the void, once again intertwined with the purple grievance. Xiaoshuai controls the remaining four thunderballs, but they can't detonate them again, because Xiaoshuai is worried about blowing the wood feathers.
Ziying and Jianmang have already smashed the entire snow-capped mountains, and the snow that was originally covered with snow has been flattened, even a horrible crack has been opened from the middle.

  On the other hand, the battle between the deer boss and the dragon to deal with the ghost butterfly has also become hot, although the ghost butterfly is a woman, but the ghost of her body is not lost to the ghost, the strength of this ghost girl is really Strong and powerful!

  The ghost of the sky turns into a huge butterfly in the snow-capped mountains. The body of this butterfly is the ghost butterfly itself. The huge wings are the ghosts, the overwhelming, and sometimes the tens of thousands of ghosts, wanting Wrapped in the deer boss, and sometimes turned into a cold ghost dagger, in the air like a willow dart, dangerous like a ring.

  At the same time, she has another twin child around her, and she is also a masked woman with no feelings. Both of them are the repairs of the fit period, even if they don’t suffer from the two demons.

  However, the deer boss does not deserve to be a demon person who has lived in the form of a soul for thousands of years. Even if he is injured today, he is quite calm and calm when facing the ghost butterfly. Last time his antlers were broken by ghost nights, and they have not recovered yet, but he did not fall into the wind when faced with ghosts.

  The deer boss is full of demon power, and with the blessing of the Horcrux, it can quickly destroy the ghosts of the ghosts, and the ghosts are equally divided. It is certain that if it is the heyday of the deer boss, the ghost butterfly is definitely not the opponent of the deer boss!

  The fluctuation of spiritual power has already caused a wave of avalanches, but now no one has taken care of it. Everyone wants to put their opponents to death, and they are not at all.

  The confrontation between Mu Yu and the purple grievances is getting more and more fierce. The two sides are evenly matched, but the more they do this, the more worried Mu Yu is.

  He is not worried about his own weakness, but he is worried that if all the meat-winged horns escape in this way, the comprehension will probably usher in a catastrophe!

  Purple grievances can be reborn with the help of the ghostly body. It is like attaching your own shadows and consciousness to the body of the ghost, which means that other meat-winged horns also have this ability. In case the ball was taken away from the town demon tower and attached to other people in the comprehension world, then these monsters are equivalent to successfully escaped from prison in another way!

  Originally, Mu Yu came to this level as a transit station. His ultimate goal was to go to the 81st floor to find ghosts, but he never wanted to encounter more difficult things here. Now it seems that he must go back to the 39th floor of the town demon tower, and take a look at what ghosts have been set up by the ghosts!

  "Kid, fight with me, you still go to God, then go to hell!"

  The purple grievance caught the opportunity of Mu Yu, a purple god in his hand, while his body began to change rapidly, the clothes on his chest were also punctured, and the sharp horns came out from the chest and toward the wood feathers. The chest is stabbed.

  Mu Yu returned to the gods, and the hands in the hands and Yang, greet the purple long blade, but the purple grievances have already shown the original shape, the ugly appearance appeared in front of the wood feathers, the flesh-winged wind behind the wind, the corners are instantaneous .

  The Scorpio star array wrapped the figure of Mu Yu and disappeared in the same place, but the speed of the meat-winged horns exceeded the expectations of the wooden feathers, directly stabbed on the shoulders of Mu Yu, and pierced the wooden feathers with a bloody hole. !

  The purple yin instantly invaded the woody body and began to smash in the wood feathers in an attempt to destroy the body of the wood feather. Fortunately, the black and white spirit in the body of Mu Yu can always swallow away the foreign things, and the blood hole in Mu Yu is also beginning to be repaired.

  "Mu Yu, don't go out, what has happened to kill this ugly thing!"Xiaoshuai shouted.

  "Kid, I am in the purple mirabilis, I see you can still live, and become my sacrifice!"Purple grin laughed.

  "Purple scorpion venom?"Mu Yu sneaked a smile, "I am not poisoned!"

  Mu Yu's whole body black and white spirit shocked, and the blood hole healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

  "How can this be! who are you? Despicable Terran is impossible to withstand the poison of our great moon gods! ”Purple grievous asked in agony. UU reading

  "Great moon gods? The meat wings are horny, do you not blush when you say this? Oh, I forgot that your face is purple! ”Mu Yu sneered, and his hands twitched.

  "I don't believe that your kid can still go against the sky!"

  The purple grievance has completely turned into that ugly look. It screams sharply and rushes toward Muyu. The fleshy wings on the back also pop up a purple feather, cut away toward the wood feather, and nearly one meter in front of the chest. The long corners are unstoppable towards the wood feathers.

  Mu Yu did not dodge this time, his right hand became incomparably dark, filled with pure dead air, the pattern wrapped his right hand, while the left hand was white, angry, open and unrestrained, just like the life of the blooming I can't wait to vent it.

  The array of art is moving and picking up the wood!

  Mu Yu extended his hand and greeted him with a horn of horns. He prepared to fight directly with the front and the meat-winged horns! The attack of flesh-winged horns with his current strength can still be done.

  The purple grievance saw that Mu Yu was actually trying to fight hard with his horns, and suddenly smiled evilly: "The kid, don't dare to pick up my horns, I let you understand the wrath of Luna!"

  "Luna? God's horn? Xiaoshuai’s narcissism is no problem, people are at least cute, and you are arrogant about your ugly appearance! ”

  The dead air on the hand of Mu Yu exudes a powerful attraction, and screams with the flesh-winged horns! p>

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