Chapter 66 Yaozu

Mu Yu See is not angry or covered with the canopy of the Youmont Demon clan, but a look ugly monster!

This monster has human limbs and even human hands covered with a thin layer of hair. Its fingernails are long, black and lacquered, but the head is not the human head, but a white face with eight different eyes. There are two gray cheeks in the mouth, and the back is still dragging. A swaying iris, the two pliers were uncomfortable.


Mu Yuโ€™s name came out of his mind, and he saw the monsterโ€™s face and tail suddenly think of it. In the past, Master and them have talked a lot about the characteristics of cherishing the monsters, including the tragic face, and the monster in front of them is undoubtedly the monster described in the mouth of the master.

This kind of monster is very rare, with the common characteristics of spiders and scorpions, but it is much more powerful than the two worms, they are cruel. Very picky about food, males only like to eat female prey, while females only eat male prey.

"Human, male, don't like it."This monster actually spoke!

The tragic spiders should not have human form, their bodies should be spiders, not human limbs! The horrible face of the eyes is obviously not a normal monster! What's more, this weird tragic spider has spit out words, which is obviously beyond the scope of the beast.

"You are a demon!"Mu Yu's face changed, like what he thought of, suddenly exclaimed.

Master said that everything is spiritual and represented by three races. One is human beings, the longest of all things, and the whole world. The other is the Yumeng Mozu, who is powerful and will not lose to humanity. The last one is the Yaozu.

Among the three races, the human form is most conducive to controlling the aura of the heavens and the earth, and the other two races are in line with the human form. The Yumeng Mozu has a human appearance, but it is much more powerful than people. The Yaozu also needs to evolve into an adult shape, making better use of the aura between heaven and earth. Some of the Yaozu actually look the same as humans.

The Yaozu is the evolution of the monster, and the status of the Yaozu in the monster is like the status of the self-cultivator in the mortal. If the beast is intelligent, it can become a demon, have a sense of autonomy, know how to cultivate, how to control the aura of heaven and earth, how to use spells, and its strength is equivalent to human beings.

The number of monsters is similar to the number of human beings. However, compared with the self-cultivator, there are too few who can have the spirit to become the Yaozu, which is much less than the self-cultivator. Even if the monsters evolved into the demon, they could not change the ferocious suffocation of the beast and like to kill each other. This is also the reason why the demon is very few.

Thousands of years ago, the Yaozu had ten great demon kings, which was the most brilliant moment of the Yaozu. The ten demon kings were ruthless, and they were not willing to be ruled by humans in this world. Therefore, riots occurred, and then the power of the Terran was manifested, and the ten demon kings were sealed, and human beings were able to settle down.

The Yumeng Mozu is making a comeback. The Yaozu and the humans have been devastated after the war. They have been engaged by the Yumeng Mozu, and they have reached the edge of the genocide. They have to stand on the side of human beings and fight against the Yumeng Mozu with humanity. So the Yaozu and the humans signed an agreement. The Yaozu succumbed to humanity, withdrew from the historical stage, and concealed to the place where people were so far away. Because there was no suitable guidance, other monsters could hardly evolve into the Yaozu.

Mu Yu has never seen the Yao people before. Most people in the realm of cultivation have only known the evil Yumeng Mozu, but they have forgotten the existence of the Yaozu people. I did not expect to see the face in Fulong Mountain. This kind of demon!

The Yaozu, unlike the Yumeng Mozu, will be the houses, crops, firewood and the like necessary to control human life everywhere, so they are not terrible compared to the Yumeng Mozu. But they come from the monsters, which are much more powerful than humans, so it is quite troublesome to deal with the Yaozu.

The horrible face of this scorpion still maintains the form of the demon, only transforming the limbs, apparently not yet fully evolved.

"Human, damn it."

The tragic spiders violently attacked, as the monsters, their legs and feet are more powerful.

The speed is also faster, and the white liquid is ejected from his mouth, mixed with stench and smear.

"I rely on! Pay attention to the hygiene line, and it is fine to spit. โ€

Mu Yu's body shape quickly retreated, avoiding the disgusting stuff. The thing was still hot, and when it landed on the ground, it was still "squeaky", and it was not at the same level as Mu Yuโ€™s foot.

This white thing is corrosive when it is spit out. It can corrode the flesh and blood of any creature. If it is accidentally hit, the body may be corroded. This is also very clear.

"Quality, quality!"

Mu Yu looked at the demon and tirelessly spit everywhere, not yet stopped, and could not help but groan. In exchange for human beings, after a few mouthfuls, it will take a long time to cool down. This demon is actually vomiting endlessly, completely exhausted.


The tragic spider has already rushed over. His nails are his weapons, as strong as black iron, extremely sharp, and completely intertwined with the shadow of the wood feather. Mu Yu can't help but dodge, but also always pay attention to the swiftness of the end of the tail, it is not fun to be smashed.

The demon beast becomes a demon and does not look at it. It only looks at the intellect, just as human beings can cultivate and see the same talent. As soon as the intellect is opened, as long as it is not killed by other monsters, it can begin to transform towards humanity.

This process is very long, and the strength of the transformation process itself will be greatly reduced, and will be eaten by natural enemies with a little carelessness. Just as humans have just learned to cultivate immortals, if there is no teacher-protection, it is easy to cause a bloody case when walking in the realm of cultivation is slightly rubbed against people. The same is true of the Yaozu. For the monsters, the conditions for them to become the Yaozu are more demanding.

This tragic face is not high, but only in the second order, which is equivalent to the human foundation period, mainly because his evolution is incomplete, and it seems that he has only evolved in half. It is not clear why.

This is so, Mu Yu feels that dealing with this Yaozu is more difficult than dealing with other people, because this guy has a tail and a mouth, not only relying on the tyrannical demon power, but also relying on spiritual pollution to disgust opponents!

The wood feathers leaped high, and a sword slashed in the chest of the snarl, but the squalor was only the fur was wiped out. In addition to leaving a trace on the skin, the roots were not substantially harmed. Mu Yuโ€™s sword canโ€™t hurt this demon, heโ€™s still too small to be a demon.

"Is the skin of the Yaozu very thick?"

Mu Yu escaped the deadly iris and spit, and his body fell quickly and stood on a stone. Looking at the tragic face of this tooth dance claw, and looking at the tangled red geese, I couldnโ€™t help but feel nervous. I donโ€™t know how the red geese are at the moment?

The tragic spiders rushed again, and the wooden feathers were swaying in the air. The two swords in the hands divided the two, galloping up, a shadow sword went straight to the face of the horrible spider, and the other stabbed its tail. However, the long fingers of the tragic face changed awkwardly, and suddenly grasped the two swords of Mu Yu, and revealed a sneer.

"Do you think I have two swords?"

Mu Yu shouted, let go of his hand, and grabbed the third sword and went straight to the cheeks. This guy's mouth is not clean, always spit, must cure his mouth!

However, the metamorphosis, the third sword of Mu Yu was slammed in the air, and he was puzzled, and suddenly a painful tear came from his waist. I donโ€™t know when Iโ€™ve grown two other shots, growing from the intercostals and sharp claws into the wood.

Mu Yu resisted the pain, and the dust-falling pace was invisible. The footsteps were lightly touched on the tragic touches of the face, then flew out and crashed into the stone wall and fell heavily on the ground.

"It should have been known that spiders have eight legs!"

Mu Yu struggled to stand up and glanced at his wound. There were two black blood holes in his waist. The wound had begun to appear black, and the tragic tentacles were poisonous!

"Wood, wood feather? You, you are going, this monster you can't beat. โ€

The red geese shouted loudly on the top. She just looked dizzy and didn't get hurt. At this moment, the battle between the wooden feathers and the horrible spiders woke her up. UU reading www. This tragic spider is male, the prey must be female, and it is unscathed, it is this habit that saved the red geese.

"Red Goose Sister, you are fine."

Mu Yu resisted the severe pain. He found that the part of his wound was numb. The toxicity of this monster was too strange. He had to find a way to detoxify.

"Plants, plants, plants."

Mu Yu looked around. He needed plants. After he was integrated into the trees, his body was integrated with the trees. He could keep the toxins in the plants. But here is a huge cave, surrounded by cluttered and sharp rocks, plants can't grow. Mu Yuโ€™s hand touched the moss, and the amount of moss was too small, which was not enough.

"Human, die."

The tragic spider smashed the shadow of the wood feather, and once again came to the wood feather, the nausea and mucus in the mouth would be contaminated on the wood feather. The wooden feathers fluttered and fled, and they sneaked away. In the middle of the hand, the shadow sword re-flyed and smashed into the face. However, his spiritual power could not be filled, and the shadow sword was only slightly swept away, and it was bounced off by the face.

Mu Yu had no strength to move again. He leaned against the rock wall and watched the tragic face and step by step. The tragic face had already extended his claws, and he smiled and flashed. The claws of the cold light fell toward the wooden feather throat –

"Sure enough, is it too rash?"

Mu Yu looked at the falling claws, and his heart was bitter. He thought that nothing in this deep forest would pose a threat to him, so he did not listen to his brother's words, one person to save the red geese, but did not expect that he would be mistaken into this cave.

Without the dependence of plants, he is an ordinary comprehension disciple, but he is a little more talented than others, but after all, he is a kid who is not deeply involved in the world, and he accidentally took the road.

The claws of the tragic spider fell.


Blood splatter.

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