NO. 660 Chapter Conspiracy

  According to the law of export changes at this time, the ghost butterfly has now escaped to the fourth floor.

  Mu Yu carefully calculated it. If he wants to chase the fourth floor, he will have to wait for two hours to enter the 71st floor, and then wait for three hours to move to the fourth floor.

  It is impossible for ghost butterflies to stay on the fourth floor. The fourth floor will be connected to three places within five hours of the next.

  Mu Yu can confirm that the ghost butterfly will definitely leave directly from the other exit after entering the fourth floor, but it will be difficult to say where she will appear in the next five hours, because the wood feather can not accurately know that the ghost butterfly will be in a certain How long does the layer last? If the time of staying is uncertain, it will not be possible to launch the tower that she is going to.

  He can't catch the ghost butterfly.

  "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, thank you for saving us, otherwise we are definitely not the opponent of the ghost door."

  Deer boss is very grateful, although he does not know what Mu Yu is worried about, but he also saw the appearance of the purple blame on the meat-winged horns, knowing that the creatures can't be touched. If it is not Mu Yu, they will be fierce today. More than a few.

  "Yes! I thought that you would also be a thousand feet of the sea monster king! ”The dragon turtle interjected in the side.

  Deer Lao Li immediately took a look at the dragon turtle: "Don't talk nonsense, how can Mu Yu Xiaoyou be the kind of person!" He is a good friend of Real Dragon, a friend of our Yao people. ”

  Mu Yu shrugged indifferently. To be honest, he was only amazed at the thousand feet of the sea. There was not much guilty heart. After all, this thing eventually belonged to the Siren King. Since the King of the Sea King is going to be born, then the wooden feather is not necessary. What to fight for.

  “Where did you get a thousand feet of sea?”Mu Yu asked.

  After entering the town demon tower, everyone was randomly sent to any floor, and Mu Yu did not know how the deer boss was targeted by the ghosts.

  "I found it on the eighth floor, and then I was discovered by two ghosts. They want to take a thousand feet." Ghosts have twins, very difficult, so I can only escape, and finally get rid of them, came to the first layer of the snow mountain, met the dragon turtle, and then caught up with the ghost door. ”Deer boss said briefly.

  As for how to find the thousand feet of the sea, the deer boss did not say clearly, Mu Yu did not ask. He can be sure that the deer boss used some kind of hidden magic, and broke the seal. After all, the sea of ​​thousands of feet of this kind of thing is not thrown away.

  "What are your plans for the next step?"Mu Yu continued to ask.

  The deer boss hesitated for a long while and said firmly: "Find the layer on which the Seal of the King of the Sea King is sealed and unlock the seal of the Siren King."

  Mu Yu knows that the demon people come in to understand the rescue of the sea monster king, to tell the truth, if you do not know that "the demon king must be born", Mu Yu certainly does not agree with the demon people to rescue the Kraken king.

  In the rumors of the comprehension, the reason why the Terran recorded the demon people were suppressed is because in the struggle with the Yumeng Mozu, the Yao people helped the Terran to deal with the Yumeng Mozu, but they put forward very demanding requirements, so the Terran was the last. Let the demon people also be destroyed. But now that Mu Yu learned that there was a little truth in the past, he realized that things were not as simple as they were supposed to be.

  "Do you know which layer the Seal of the Sea King is sealed in?"Mu Yu asked.

  Now that the Kraken Kings must be rescued, then Mu Yu can help.

The place where the Siren King is sealed must have the most strict guardianship method. It is impossible to save the King of the Sea King.

  The deer boss and the dragon torto glance at each other. The deer boss replied: "According to the demon of the five thousand years of the island, the king of the sea demon is sealed on the top, but we don't know how to go to the ninth. On the nine floors, the exits here are random, and we can only take chances."

  "Without luck, I know how to get to the ninety-ninth floor."Mu Yu said.

  "Really? Isn’t Wood Yu Xiaoyou joking? ”Deer boss has some doubts. He doesn't have the ability to push the wood feathers. He simply doesn't know which layer these passages will lead to, and he can only walk around with the cats.

  To tell the truth is not only him, I am afraid that no one who comes in can know the secret of the town demon tower, and the magic weapon of the real machine is not so easy to be known.

  "Cheat what you do! Believe it or not, we are not interested in finding the Siren King. ”Long Teng snorted and was dissatisfied with the question of the deer boss.

  Deer Lao Dalian bowed his head in a respectful and respectful manner and said seriously: "The real dragon is forgiving the sins. It is not to question the friends of Mu Yu. If Mu Yu Xiaoyou can help us find the King of the Siren, we will be grateful to Xiao Yu. Not enough!"

  "Okay, you are now back to the previous level, that is the snow mountain level, waiting for half an hour, then the entrance will lead to the twenty-sixth floor, you wait for two hours on the twenty-sixth floor, then come out from the entrance , will enter the 31st floor, wait for half an hour on the 31st floor and then go to the import and export, enter…"

  Mu Yu pointed out to him the easiest route, in which a total of 12 turns, spending at least 16 o'clock!

  The deer boss on the side listened to the clouds for the first time. He quickly used the demon power to engrave all the words of Mu Yu into a hide, otherwise he could not remember.

  Deer boss looked at the demon on the animal skin, and he still believed in the heart, but he was afraid of annoying the dragon, so he did not show it. Besides, now they are also headless flies in the town demon tower, just try it.

  "That Mu Yu Xiaoyou and Real Dragon, you are going
where? ”The deer boss asked hesitantly.

  "We're going to go get the Ghost man, you go, more than half an hour, the export will change, then I give you the route will be all invalid, remember must follow I said action, not too early nor too late, otherwise it will be like chasing ghost butterflies, missed the time to turn us to other places. ”Mu Yu said.

  Deer boss solemnly nodded, and then returned with the dragon turtle original road. And Mu Yu is planning another route to the 81st floor. He has to wait for an hour to move.

  Mu Yu has been thinking about the black and white spirit in his body. It can be said that he can kill the purple grievance entirely by luck. If he has not recently discovered that he can gradually control and separate the black and white spirit, he can’t die. Gas kills purple grievances.

  "Mu Yu, I still don't understand. When we met the Red Moon in the past, you were also sucked away by its Huangquan corpse. Why was it all right?"Longtan asked.

  "Because of the balance problem."Mu Yu said.

  When he was sucked away from the spiritual power, the black and white spirits were mixed together, and the black and white remained in a wonderfully balanced state, so when they were sucked away, they were equivalent to normal spiritual power, and there would be no accident.

  While Mu Yu is now more and more familiar with the black and white spirit, he already knows how to separate the black and white spirit. When the purple blame sucks away the dead air, he strips the dead air from the wood feather. The dead thing is terrible. By swallowing everything, you can swallow up the purple grievances.

  The most serious thing is that a small amount of dead air continues to skyrocket and swallow. If not handled in time, it will cause incalculable consequences, and eventually even destroy the entire triple heaven! At that time, Mu Yu could not be sure if he could still control the stagnant death.

  "Why isn't that wooden spirit used against the meat-winged horns?" It is also dead! ”Longtan asked again.

  "Oh, why are you 100,000?" Why are you so stupid! Muling was originally a vibrant thing. Even if it was infested by death, its dead air was not pure enough compared to the dead body in Mu Yu. ”Xiaoshuai replied for Mu Yu.

  "Yes, in the end, in addition to dealing with the horns of the meat and horns, other times, I can no longer separate the anger and death."Mu Yu shook his head.

  The wooden bun sat down and adjusted for an hour. No one came to this layer at this time, which also saved the wood feathers to deal with the extra trouble.

  After an hour, he finally started to move to the next level according to the route that was re-introduced.


  Outside the town demon tower.

  The souls of the Terran and the souls of the Yaozu are waiting anxiously near the town demon tower. Now both sides have temporarily put down their prejudice and entered the town demon tower for their own purposes. But letting go of the prejudice does not mean that you can get along with each other. The souls on both sides are still guarding each other, in case any party makes some extraordinary moves.

  He Liankong looked at the town demon tower, and his heart was also a burst of emotion. He was trapped for five thousand years on this demon island. He couldn’t go out. He didn’t know what was going on outside. He only faced endless bone warriors every day. Battle for the so-called human dignity.

  He is really tired.

  Sometimes living monotonously, it is better to die happily.

  He wants to leave the island, even if he wants to die.

  "I hope that Mu Yu can help me achieve this wish!"Helen sighed in the hollow.

  He pinned all his hopes on Mu Yu. As long as Mu Yu controlled the town demon tower to lift the imprisonment of the entire demon island, he would be freed and become a free soul and enter the cycle.

  Ghost domain and Ghost Night are sneaking around in the distance from the crowd, their expressions are mysterious.

  "Ghosts don't know if they are now on the 81st floor. The Tianyan round is now the only hope we have to find the soul to return to the soul. If you can't find the soul to return to the heart…"Ghost Night frowned and didn't say anything.

  The ghost domain pondered for a moment, saying: "The people who are going to the soul and the moon gods must do well. When the mysterious son is still alive, I inadvertently inquired about some secrets of the town demon tower. Ghost life is a good thing. The seedlings, he won't let us down."

  "These souls on the island, when are we going to start?"Ghost Night Sweeped a glance at the soul of the Yaozu who was not far away.

  "Not urgent, these souls on the island can be quite strong, than the soul of the outside world too much, UU read Www.uukanshu." COM if we can make them into our magic weapon, it is a huge wealth, but this matter must wait to Helian charge of that kid broke the mystery son of the Million law to the original field, otherwise the soul here is no way to control. ”Ghost domain said faintly.

  There are many purposes for the ghost gate to come to the demon island. It is also one of the thousands of souls on the demon island.

  Ghost Night stared at the distant Heliankong, and said: "The one who guards the wooden feathers, I must control him!" He wants to be free? Humph! Not so easy! I want to keep his consciousness and let him kneel in front of me. I want him to live in humiliation forever! ”

  Ghost Night Ming is a must-see person. At that time, He Lian’s emptiness to protect Mu Yu and his shot, he is still worried!

  Ghost domain said faintly: "Do not worry! He can't get rid of it! The souls here can't escape. Once the town demon tower is removed from the field of battle, all the souls, including the demon, will become our sinister servants, and Heliankong is no exception! ”

  Ghosts do things
It’s so hot, so many souls on the island make them free, and they can’t say it.

  Where can you think of He Liankong, he just wants to stop the demon island and let Mu Yu touch the battlefield of the town demon tower, but he did not expect that the ghost domain is yin and yang, and he has long been eyeing him!

  Ghost Night and Ghost Domain are full of sorrowful ghosts, quietly and all over the place, into the void.

  A soul rounding operation will cover the entire demon island!

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