Chapter 661, 81st Floor

  Because of the previous incident, Mu Yu missed the most convenient way to the 81st floor. He is currently on the 67th floor. Here is a vast expanse of the sea, only a lonely island, he has to Wait three hours to leave this layer.

  This island is less than twenty square meters, and there is a hole in the ground, which is the exit of this layer. Around the blue sea, the blue clouds rippled, and the white clouds in the sky were scattered everywhere. There was nothing else but no seabirds.

  "Why do you think that the mysterious machine is going to lay this strange magical array in the town demon tower?" This layer is an endless sea. What is the point? ”Xiao Shuai was bored and said.

  "Who knows! You said that there will be a little mouse and your big lover in the sea here? It was the shy little ink. ”Longteng smiled with a bad face.

  "Hey, roll! What a big lover! If you don't mention this, I forgot that it looks like it! ”Xiaoshuai screamed angrily.

  Long Teng laughed aloud: "You forgot it doesn't matter, I know that the little ink is long, I will help you recall." The upper body is a gorilla, the lower body is a big octopus, the whole body is strong and the skin is dark, and your eyes are a little shy. I feel that it is likely to come out of the sea and look for you, haha! ”


  A violent sound of breaking water, and then a huge monster slammed out of the water, covering the sky, the shadows really enveloped the small island.

  The upper body of the gorilla, the lower body of the octopus, is a seven-order ink demon!

  Xiaoshuai took a nap and sat down on the floor, his mouth wide open: "Ah? No, no? Really a little ink! ”

  Mu Yu was also surprised. The ink demon in front of him is the same as the small ink in the small handsome mouth. Especially this ink demon is really a shy eye looking at Xiao Shuai, affectionate. Finally, a tentacle was extended, and the little handsome was touched gently, and then he was called out again.

  "My God, how did the little ink ink appear here?"Long Teng was also shocked. It just said casually, where would you know that a little ink ink really appeared.

  "No, this is not true, but an illusion. I understand that this array is called 'chaos first open', there is no creature, but what happens when you think about what you think. ”In the eyes of Muyu, there are flashes of lines, which clearly see the essence of the ink-eyed beast.

  The "chaos first open" method is very mysterious, because it relies entirely on the spiritual power of the comprehension to construct a world, and what you want to create will appear in this world. This array is very deep, at least with the current repair of Mu Yu, it is impossible to arrange such a strong array.

  "what? Doesn't that mean that I think there will be a big bang when I think about it? ”Xiao Shuai’s eyes turned, and his mind quickly simulated the appearance of Long Teng, but when he imagined, he deliberately thought of a dragon's horn.


  The dragon vine, which lacked a dragon's horn, roared out of the sea and flew freely in the air.

  "Little mouse, are you looking for death?"Longtan was in a hurry and then shouted. "Then I also want you who have no mouth, I see how you eat!"

  Sure enough, another little handsome fluttered up from the sea, this little handsome danced and danced, there is no mouth.

  Then there are two guys who have a hard time trying to compete.

  Xiao Shuai and Long Teng two guys began to imagine each other funny, and soon there was a lot of strange dragon and vines in the sky, including the lack of arms, the nose of the pig. Xiaoshuai, a small handsome man with a corn-eye, a handsome boy wearing a watermelon hat…

  The beard turns into two dragon's vines, the body is beaten with dead dragons, the pink is cute dragon, the two big waves of dragons on the chest…

  Mu Yu carefully looked at the funny version of Xiao Xiu and Long Teng flying in the air. He was not as boring as these two, but was considering the intention of the "chaos first open" method.

  This array is quite deep. Mu Yu once saw it in the "Xuan Zhen" of the dead wood, and the things in the illusion of this formation are related to the spiritual power of the people. The more complicated things, the more expensive it is. The greater the mental strength.

  If you lose too much mental energy, you will feel exhausted.

  "Don't think about it anymore, think too much and have no energy."Mu Yu warned.

  Sure enough, the strength of Xiaoshuai and Longteng’s quarrel had passed, and he paused in a listless manner. Now the sky is full of small handsome dragons and dragons flying around, and some chicken legs with wings, burning on fire. Suckling pig, attractive color roast duck…

  Although the imaginary thing is not true, but the breath is not falsified, just like the singer, if it is not familiar with Mu Yu, he can't tell.

  When Xiaoshuai and Longteng were tired and began to lie down and sleep, those imaginary things gradually disappeared. However, Mu Yu is thinking of one thing. By relying on the "chaos of the beginning of the chaos", as long as it is reasonably mastered, many things can be done.

  On the demon island, Mu Yu can only rely on the help of He Liankong to compete with the ghosts. If the whole field of the demon tower is untied, He Liankong will be relieved, and then Mu Yu will face all The ghost gate man’s pursuit.

  As for the ghost domain, Mu Yu can't believe that this guy wants to be free. He will definitely survive the ghosts of the ghosts. The ghosts will cultivate the soul. It is possible to do this. Early chaos
Opening this battle, Mu Yu is thinking about how to use it reasonably, and then I will leave a back road for myself.

  Mu Yu had a rest for a long time. After taking the next trip, he did not meet other people. He spent seven hours with Xiao Shuai and Long Teng who were too tired to sleep, and four times, finally arrived. Eighty-one floors!

  He turned and glanced at the passage, which was a whirlpool from the air, and he just came from the whirlpool.

  Surrounded by a cloud of white clouds, it is a towering mountain peak. Green mountains and green waters, waterfalls and streams, pines and cypresses grow stubbornly in the stone cracks in the mountains. The top of the mountain is covered with white clouds, quiet and leisurely.

  There is nothing more than this mountain.

  This mountain is a bit familiar at first glance, but Mu Yu is in the realm of comprehension. He has been to many times in the double heavens. He has seen countless mountains and has not remembered where he has seen this place. Mountain.

  Mu Yu flew in the air to the mountain, but flying and flying him found something wrong.

  He is now a distracted period, flying very fast, flying from the whirlpool to the distant peaks, in his opinion, it is only a blink of an eye. But this is the blink of an eye, but he flew for a long time and could not fly.

  Mu Yu turned his head and looked behind him. He was surprised to find that he had been flying for so long. The vortex passage that came in was still behind him. He didn’t fly at all!

  "This is – a long way to go?"Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully.

  The "Breakfastness of the World" is a technique that Mu Yu used to teach him when he was in the ancestors. He can "shrink the ground into inches and expand the land without a flaw", and really make a distance become "near the front, far away from the sky". It is impossible to get close.

  Mu Yu rarely uses this array of techniques. This array is useful for those who are fellow initiates, but it is very difficult to deal with people who are much better than themselves.

  The array of art here is set by the real machine of Xuanjizi. It is impossible to crack with the repair of Muyu. He must follow the law of Xuanjizi to approach the mountain.

  What is the place where the Tianyan reincarnation is in the mountain?

  "wrong! This is not a mountain, this is – this mountain is the Tianyan round! ”

  Mu Yu’s heart was a little shocked. It’s no wonder that he discovered that the mountain was familiar with it. It was because of this reason!

  The 81st floor of the original town demon tower is the Tianyan reincarnation, where the Tianyan reincarnation is like being magnified, no longer a small thing. This kind of arrogant workmanship is even more eye-opening for the door of the door of Muyu!

  Although Mu Yu knows a lot of arrays, the real machine of Xuanjizi is still far above the wood feathers.

  Tian Yan's roundabout is set up near the end of the world, not letting people fly directly. He simply fell down the mountain, passed through the clouds, saw the gossip formation at the foot of the mountain, and it was the base of the Tianyan wheel.

  Mu Yu stood firmly at the foot of the Tianyan reincarnation and looked at the peaks that never bottomed out, but it was still difficult.

  He did not know whether the ghosts had come here in advance, and did not know whether the ghosts and sorrows knew how to open the Tianyan reincarnation and return to the past. At least he did not know how to control this Tianyan reincarnation.

  “I remember that there is a cave on the mountainside in the mountains, and there is a platform. Will that cave be the way back to the past?”

  Mu Yu pondered for a moment, and he glanced at Xiao Shuai and Long Teng, who had been exhausted because of their playfulness. They didn’t wake them up and walked toward the mountain.

  When he walked from the foot of the mountain, the battle of the world did not work for him. He quickly came to the foot of the mountain. He knew that he might have to be stopped by the world as soon as he flew up, so he walked around the foot of the mountain and finally found a road up the mountain.

  This mountain road was cut out of the stone, and the roadside was full of small flowers and grasses. What surprised the wood feathers was that the small flowers and grasses here were all plants that existed! There are squeaking screams around, the shadow of the frog flashing, UU reading There are small squirrels running on the pine trees on the edge of the stone road, and there are also birds flying around the branches.

  Nothing in this mountain is made up of formations, like a small world, where everything really exists.

  On the road to the mountain, there is a small stone tablet with a small poem:

  "Shangshan Mountain Walker"

  Tian Yan Wheel hacked for a long time,

  Eternal life is hard to ask.

  The past is still gray,

  Is it possible to change the Japanese side to Changcheng?

  Be kind to the current Pepsi,

  Do not make the gold hollow to the moon.

  Mu Yu carefully read this poem. This poem is generally clear. It seems to explain that there is a certain relationship between Tian Yan's reincarnation and eternal life, but those who are admonishing Shangshan are not to be in love with the past and pay attention to the present. However, this poem also proves that it is indeed possible to use the Tianyan wheel to return to the past.

  For Mu Yu, there is nothing to be strong. He came here to stop the ghosts from dying. Of course, if you can go back to the past, know where the ghost of the ghost gate is "worshiping the soul". It is best to find it.

  Unfortunately, Mu Yu doesn’t know what it’s like to “have the soul to return to the heart”. If he wants to find the soul to return to the heart, he needs the help of the ghost.

  Thinking this way, he set foot on the road up the mountain.

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