No. 662 Chapter Cannot touch

  Walking on the stone steps of the upstairs, surrounded by red forest green, bees flying butterflies dance, a peaceful, makes people feel happy, just like walking into a paradise.

  The road up the mountain is not steep, just a few twists and turns. He walked around the mountain road, and from time to time he saw the mountain spring clear creaking in the stone ditch, and there were birds singing in the woods, and the sound of nature echoed in the ears.

  This is a clean place, but Mu Yu did not relax his vigilance, because he was worried that the ghosts might be in the vicinity of this place, and once it was encountered, it was a fierce fight.

  It took about half an hour to go up the mountain, and it passed through a peach forest, which was covered with peaches. The fragrance of the peaches woke up the sleeping little handsome, but the things here are too weird, and Mu Yu didn’t let Xiaoshuai pick the peaches.

  Soon, Mu Yu walked to a stone bench, where an old banyan tree covered the sky, and there was a stone table under the banyan tree with a purple teapot and a teacup. A waterfall cascades down and is crisp and clear. Under the waterfall is the road blocked by the water curtain.

  The cave next to the banyan tree is covered with a nebula that covers the scene in the cave.

  This group of nebula Mu Yu was aware of it. It was the Tianyan Nebula that was obtained by the ghosts. At that time, after the Tianyan Nebula and the Tianyan Wheel were merged together, the Tianyan Nebula circled into the cave of the mountain. .

  At this moment, the wood feathers are close to the Tianyan Nebula, and the heart is also very shocking.

  The Tianyan Nebula is slowly spinning, and thousands of stars are shining in the nebula. It seems to contain the entire Galaxy. The stars of various colors are looming, and they are still filled with fuzzy fog, revealing an unspeakable Comparable.

  "Is this cave not the way to the past?"

  Mu Yu meditated, he did not know whether the ghosts have come to this place, and whether he has returned to the past to see where the "tooth of the soul" is. He also wants to know the whereabouts of the soul of the soul, and find the soul to help the old man.

  Even though he doesn't even know what it looks like to "go to the soul."

  Mu Yu was close to the Tianyun Nebula and reached out to touch the starlight. His hand did not encounter any obstacles, but the Tianyan Nebula seemed to be far away from him and could not reach.

  He tried to take a step inside and still was not obstructed, but no matter how he walked or at the hole, he clearly felt that he was walking, but he was still standing still.

  "It’s too mysterious to be a mysterious figure. How do you get in?"Mu Yu thought for a moment and shook his little boy who was snoring.

  Xiaoshuai squinted and asked in a confused way: "What are you doing!" I am eating peaches. ”

  Said Xiaoshuai took another breath.

  Mu Yu said helplessly: "I have to let you do things in the "chasing of the chaos" method, and you have to be happy with your energy. Do you know how to enter this cave where Tian Yanhui is back? ”

  Xiaoshuai casually glanced at the Tianyun Nebula and rolled over and fell asleep.

  "There is a roast duck in this cave!"Shouted Mu Yu.

  "Roast Duck! Roast Duck! Where is my roast duck! ”

  Xiaoshuai slammed his eyes open, rubbed his nose and smothered twice, and found that he did not smell it, and then slammed down.

  Mu Yu just wants to be a violent little boy.

When it comes to eating, it is higher than anyone else. If you don’t smell the smell and sleep, it’s really awkward to drop the chain at a crucial moment. He can only put the little handsome back into his pocket and find his own way.

  The cave's "small-footed" wood feathers can't be cracked. He can guess that he has to go through the cave in the past, but he can't cross the sky.

  The other side of the old banyan tree is the road up the mountain covered by a water curtain. Mu Yu thinks if he wants to continue to the top of the mountain and go to the top of the mountain to see the scenery. Just thinking that if you go to the mountains yourself, the ghosts will come to the guy and come to the cave, and you will miss it.

  He walked over to the edge of the cliff, looking up and looking at the wonderland, but did not see any sight.

  "I didn't expect you to find it here."The discordant voice suddenly sounded, and then the ghosts slowly descended from the mountain road under the water curtain.

  Mu Yu turned around with vigilance and stared at the ghosts. This guy was better than himself, and it seemed that he had just come down from the mountain. Obviously he could not enter the cave, so he went to the top of the mountain.

  "how? I thought you were back in the past! ”Mu Yu did not respond to the salty and not faint. In fact, he is not sure whether the ghosts have already seen the past and come back. This question is only to explore the tone of the ghosts.

  The ghost cherished a cold smile: "One of the first things I have to do before I go back to the past is to kill you first!"

  During the speech, the ghosts greet the body and light up the soul. The five twins rushed toward Muyu.

  If you don’t speculate, you will have more than half a sentence.

  Mu Yu had been on the alert for a long time, and this guy suddenly had no trouble with him. When he wanted to fly, he found that he couldn't leave the ground. It was obviously not allowed to fly.

  "It's really trouble!"

  Mu Yu snorted, the lines flashed, all over the body, the shadow sword has been pierced from the void, and the ghosts are desperate. The bloody long axe appeared in the hands of the ghosts, and the long axe took the sorrowful ghost and turned to the wood feather!

  The sword is shining, the ghost is awkward

  The movements of the two men were very fierce in the air, and they all sent out their most powerful blows without mercy, and they all wanted to put the other party to death!

  But time seems to be stagnant at that moment.

  Whether it is the shadow sword of Mu Yu or the bloody long axe of ghosts, the tyrannical spirit is surging in the violent, killing intentions rushing to each other, and then their distance is always a little worse, that a short distance is clear It’s almost ready to deal with it, but it’s still not close.

  Mu Yu's eyes condensed, his face was awe-inspiring, he took back the shadow sword and walked a few steps to the side. He looked at the still murderous ghost and sighed with a smile.

  No one can touch anyone.

  Ghosts rushed forward in the air, waiting for him to rush for a long time, found that Mu Yu had recovered the sword, standing in place, he understood.

  Ghosts also fell down, walked to the side of Mu Yu, an axe cut to Mu Yu. Mu Yu didn't move, because he didn't need to dodge, and the bloody long axe had already reached the top of Muyu's head, but he couldn't fall.

  "Are you still not dying?"Mu Yu reached out and tried to push the ghost away, but his hand could not touch the ghost.

  This is a very strange feeling. Two people clearly have only one inch apart, but no one can touch anyone. It is like being in two parallel worlds. There are no intersections in parallel lines, and they can't touch each other. .

  "You count your life, this weird place saved you!"

  Ghosts screamed and slammed the ghosts of their bodies. Even the twins who are souls can't get close to Mu Yu. No one can hurt anyone.

  "Life is big? That may not be. ”

  Mu Yu walked under the banyan tree and touched the banyan tree. The banyan tree is real, he can also touch it, and even the shot sword of the shot can be recovered, but why can't he just touch the ghost?

  Ghosts reluctantly go to the cave entrance, no longer pay attention to Mu Yu, continue to ponder the mystery of this place. They struggled to get to this place, but they didn't know how to open the Tianyan wheel and go back to the past.

  At the beginning, Mu Yu thought that he would be lucky to get the Tianyan Nebula to know how to use it. Now it seems that the ghost is only in the bluff, and the Tianyan Nebula is not the instruction manual of Tianyan.

  Ghosts want to go back to the past and see who is stolen from the soul. In a way, Mu Yu also wants to know. Since "to blame the soul" can save the dead wood, he does not mind going back to the past.

  It’s just that he can’t go back to the past alone, because Mu Yu doesn’t know where the ghost’s treasure is “who’s going to the heart” was stolen in what year, and what it looks like, these things are only the ghosts of the ghosts. It is the clearest.

  When Mu Yu didn't know about these things, he didn't know where he should go back to find out where to steal the soul.

  "Hey, little devil, I said when was your soul resigned? Can your precious treasures be lost so easily? I didn’t put it in the safe and locked it with a large steel chain. I sent hundreds of little devils outside to guard it. ”Mu Yu asked.

  The ghosts are still thinking about the Tianyan Nebula, and they don’t care about Mu Yu.

  "Since it's your ghost door, don't you have any special spells to sense it?"Mu Yu asked again.

  Ghosts sneaked a glimpse of Mu Yu, still did not answer.

  "The soul you are looking for is long and ugly, is it the heart of an ugly little devil?" Still a hard stone in the pit? ”Mu Yu continued to ask.

  "Album! I dare to compare our treasures with the stone of the pit, I tell you that our soul is a heart…"The ghost old seven angered.

  "Shut up, UU reading ghost old seven!"Ghosts waved their hands and took all their twins back into their bodies, preventing them from talking at will.

  Ghosts look at Mu Yu: "When the soul is turned to the heart, it has always been known only to the high-level of our ghosts. Even our ordinary ghosts don't know, and outsiders don't even know the possibility, you don't know! ”

  Mu Yu laughed: "Nobody knows that it has been stolen, it really laughs big teeth!" Is there a traitor in your ghost door? Oops, the door is unfortunate! ”

  Ghostly sorrow appeared on his face, but he couldn't get angry. Then he thought of something, sneered: "Don't think that I don't know what you want to do, you want to know the whereabouts of the soul from my mouth. Then stop me, right? You are wrong, I will not tell the soul of the soul which year is stolen, and will not let the soul of the soul return to you know, you will die this heart! ”

  Damn, this little devil is really smart!

  Ghosts have always wanted to kill Mu Yu, but the temper is arrogant but not as stupid as other little devils. It is easy to be uttered. Although this guy is very annoying, he has to admit that he is a thoughtful person, otherwise he will not be sent to do this by Ghost Night.

  Ghosts are still looking for clues at the mouth of the cave. Mu Yu can't get out of the mouth of the little devil, and he doesn't know what to do. He simply walks down to the stone table and sits down.

  It doesn't matter if this sitting, he suddenly found the stone chair on the opposite side, I don't know when I was sitting alone!

  This person is not a mysterious machine!

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