No. 664 chapter of the Tianya

  Tian Yan's turn back on the halfway up the mountain, ghosts and lives in the cave mouth carefully pondering the Tianyun Nebula, while Mu Yu is sitting quietly on the stone chair, watching the empty stone table in front of the daze.

  Ghosts do not know that the wood feathers at this time have already swam to another place, talking to the sword shadow.

  "Master, how should I go back to the past?"Mu Yu asked.

  The sword shadow dusty and tempered and asked: "Have you learned the art of the world?"

  Mu Yu nodded.

  "The method of cracking the 'foot-in-the-world' has a very light array, and few people will know. I may not have to teach you the future in the future, but since you have already learned the battle, then I don't have to worry about anything. I teach you a very practical array called 'End of the World', and you will understand how to crack the 'foot-in-the-ear'. ”The sword shadow dusty laughs.

  "End of the world?"Mu Yu feels very novel, he never knew this kind of surgery.

  "Yes, 'End of the World' is a very powerful array of swords in the Tianjian Nine Array. I haven't fully formed the swords of the swords that I have learned from you. I am afraid that many swordsmen have not learned well. I am really confused in the future! Why didn't you teach this sword array to you completely? ”

  Jianying dust wind smiled and shook his head, and he did not understand his future thoughts.

  Mu Yu looked at his own "old confused" Master, and there was a sense of intimacy in his heart. Master has his reasons for doing things, even if he is self-deprecating, it seems so respectable.

  "'咫尺天涯' is to infinitely enlarge a small distance, so close but far in the end of the world, and 'the end of the world' is just the opposite, Ming is far away at the end of the world but only by yourself, you only see the moment when I stabbed the sword, But your chest has been penetrated. This is the power of 'the end of the world'. ”

  The sword shadow dust stretched out a hand, and a white light glowed on the hand, and it was placed on the forehead of Mu Yu.

  A mysterious pattern turned into a fierce sword, and suddenly echoed in the mind of Mu Yu. In the mind of Mu Yu, there was a white dust in the air, standing proudly in the wind, watching the thousands of miles away. Mountain.

  The sword in the hand swayed and swayed, and the swordsman turned slightly and turned into ripples.

  A sword stabbed, the sword front has not been opened, and the mountains a thousand miles away seem to be pulled to the front, and are suddenly penetrated by a sudden smashing sword!

  That sword, the sword is not finished, the mountain has collapsed!

  A thousand miles away, the enemy will be the first level, no more than this.

  It is just a simple sword, but it seems to contain thousands of worlds, simple movements, not simple artistic conception, all wrapped in that sword.

  Mu Yu looked at the sword of the dust of the sword shadow in amazement. The action was always performed in Mu Yu’s mind. He could not completely dissipate. He has been capturing Master’s artistic conception and wants to keep up with Master’s sword and transform him. For your own use.

  "The heart is in the world, the end of the world."

  The words of the sword shadow dust again echoed in Mu Yu’s mind.

  With the heart, the world is next to each other?

  The heart is evolving all things in the world, and the distance is far from reach. It is the power of the sword shadow dust, and now the wood feather can only look up. The sword of the shadow dust wind is all-encompassing, and the wood feather can only take a scoop of thousands of weak water.

  But this scoop is enough for him to comprehend for a long time.

  Mu Yu slammed his eyes open, and the black and white lines in his eyes flashed without it, turning into a sword and dissipating.

  "Thank you Master."

  Mu Yu looked at Master's young look, and his feelings in his heart were unspeakable. He hopes that the master who is "lived in the past" will be aware of the dangers of the future and be wary of the conspiracy of the Mie Palace in the future.

  Sword Shadow dust laughed: "I have lived in the past, I don't know you, but since I accept you as a disciple in the future, I naturally have to be responsible for you. I don't want to know why you have to go back to the past and do something, but I know that you will definitely have your heart when you do things. ”

  When Mu Yu returned to the past, he wanted to know who the hand of the ghost door was, and then went to find the soul of the dead wood. There are many people in his life who are very important to him, the dead wood old man and the sword shadow dust, Mu Yu does not want them to have an accident.

  "This uncle, isn't everyone coming here to go back to the past, you have to teach them to be next to each other?"Xiaoshuai asked in confusion.

  The sword shadow dust wind holds the little handsome in his arms and touches the head of Xiaoshuai: "Little guy, I am here to stop anyone from going back to the past. They can't enter the hole without my permission." . understand? ”

  "My name is Xiaoshuai, not a little guy. The little is a small handsome, handsome is a handsome handsome."Xiaoshuai said dissatisfied, but did not reject the touch of the sword shadow dust, because Xiaoshuai also felt the familiar atmosphere of the other side.

  "Master -" Many times Mu Yu feels that some feelings are pale and weak in words. The sword shadow dust prevented others from entering, but only allowed Mu Yu to go in and do his business.

  "The person who can be accepted as an apprentice by me in the future, I have no reason not to trust him."The sword shadow dusty laughs.

  Mu Yu nodded and then asked: "Master, the ghost door guy wants to go back to the past to find someone who steals the soul, only he knows when the soul is stolen, so I have to follow He is back in the past, can he?"

  This is a no-brainer.
Point, and Mu Yu does not know, so he can only go back to the past with his risk and ghosts.

  As for how to deal with the ghosts after returning, he has already thought about it.

  "Do you want to go to the ghost gate? Is the thing missing in the future? ”

  The sword shadow dust wind thoughtfully touched the chin, and then said: "After you open the world, I can't protect you. I am only a person who lives in the past, and has no ability to hurt people, so you must be careful. ”

  Mu Yu once again took a deep look at the sword shadow dust, he felt mixed in his heart, and finally said: "Master, you are now living in the past, but I still hope that you will be able to watch the white world of San Miyam in the future, He is a perfidy person and is not worth trusting."

  "You should know that this is useless to me. I am a person who lives in the past and does not want to know about the future."The sword shadow dust is still so light and light, even if someone knows that he will be unfavorable to him in the future, he does not want to know anything.

  Mu Yu said with a strong smile: "I know, but when I say it, I will feel better in my heart."

  He said that he stood up from the stone chair, and the shadow of the opposite sword had disappeared, and Xiaoshuai fell from the air to the stone table.

  The old banyan tree lingers in the breeze, everything is still so calm.

  Mu Yu looked at the ghosts who were still groping into the cave. He picked up the little guy and put it on his shoulder. Then he said, "Hey, little devil! Let's make a deal! ”

  Ghosts turned around and looked at Mu Yu coldly: "Transaction?"

  “Yes, I know how to get into the cave and know how to get back to the past. But I have to work with you. ”Mu Yu said.

  Ghosts sneered and said: "Why do I believe in you?"

  "Because you have no other choice."Mu Yu slowly walked toward the ghosts, and came to the ghosts and sorrows, with golden patterns in his hands, and a slap in the face of the ghosts.

  "Humph! Still trying to work hard? ”

  Ghosts did not move, because he knew there was a weird array of methods, and Mu Yu could not touch him.

  But the ghosts are wrong this time.


  An inspiring sound, the ghost screamed and stunned his face, and a red palm print appeared on his face!

  Mu Yu’s slap is not to be merciless. If it is not for the sake of staying a ghost, he can even kill the ghosts and kill them when they are not prepared for it!

  "Pibby is still a little thicker, and it hurts a lot."Mu Yu licked his hand.

  Ghosts have always been a self-righteous look, and always murderous, Mu Yu has long wanted to fan this guy.

  "Nonsense, whose skin can have my thickness?"Xiaoshuai retorted.

  "you wanna die!"

  The ghosts were scared out of a cold sweat. He thought that the array here could not touch the two sides, but he did not expect that he would be hit by Mu Yu. If Mu Yu was taking the sword, wouldn’t it be unreasonable?

  Ghosts were so angry that after being slapped by Mu Yu, he only used the array here to be ineffective, and his bloody axe appeared in the hands of Mu Yu.

  However, Mu Yu also learned how he looked, and he did not dodge at all.

  The blood-colored axe has been squatting in the air, and it is impossible to get a wooden feather!

  Mu Yu’s backhand slaps again, but this time he’s squandered his life, and he sneaked away and watched Mu Yu with vigilance.

  "It's a pity that I know that Shenshenmu is ineffective for him."Mu Yu has some regrets.

  When Mu Yu’s slap in the face of the ghost, the god of the soul also penetrated into the skin of the ghost, but was stopped by the ghost of a bully.

  This guy has long guarded against the invasion of Shenshenmu. I am afraid that after the discovery of the control of the ghost red jade, the ghost doorman has already done a good response.

  "How can this be! How did you do it? ”Ghosts are very annoyed, he does not understand what happened just now, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com Why Mu Yu will hit him easily, but he can't hit each other!

  "Want to go back to the past? You can only rely on me now, let us go to see where the soul is in the heart! ”

  In the hands of Mu Yu, the golden lines were raised, and the formations made a shackle around the world.

  Ghostly swaying his eyes, he did not expect that the initiative would actually grasp the hands of Mu Yu.

  “Why can you be free from the limitations of this pattern?”Ghosts sigh and sigh.

  "Because we are handsome!"Xiaoshuai grinned on the shoulder of Mu Yu.

  "Oh, what's the truth?"Mu Yu also laughed.

  Ghosts clenched their fists. He came to the town demon tower to return to the past to find the whereabouts of the soul, and finally came here, but was stuck outside. Although he did not know how Mu Yu did it, he also understood that he had to cooperate with Mu Yu.

  "it is good!"

  Ghosts died for a moment, and they agreed. Because he thought that even if Mu Yu knew the whereabouts of the soul, the wood feather could not take away the soul from the past. Knowing that after crossing the soul, you must leave the town demon tower. At that time, Mu Yu can live away from the demon island controlled by Ghost Night.

  "Let me come with me! Don't think about making a small move
Do otherwise, I can't guarantee that you will always be trapped in the future. ”The wooden feathers lit up in the hands and walked toward the Tianyun Nebula in the cave.

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