Chapter 665 Crossing

  The "End of the World" and the "The End of the World" are the opposite, restraining each other and interacting.

  After Mu Yu displayed the "End of the World" array, he was free to shuttle through the Tianyan Nebula, which was displayed as "the world of the world."

  He was wrapped in golden patterns, wrapped in ghosts, and reached out and gently opened the fog of the Tianyun Nebula. There was a ripple in the fog, and then the whole person of Mu Yu had slowly stepped into a starry sky.

  There are twinkling nebulae everywhere, turning around their trajectories. Mu Yu stands there as if it is overlooking the entire starry sky, vast and majestic, and he feels a little small and awe.

  The ghosts are behind the wood feathers, and they are silent. They just watch the surroundings with vigilance. Beware of some unexpected threats. It is impossible for him to fully believe that Mu Yu is impossible. He always suspects that Mu Yu will give him a stick. .

  Wood Yu was too lazy to care for his life. He walked through the layers of nebulae and saw a long mist of colorful starlight under his feet. The starlight is flowing slowly, seemingly like a flowing water, with a little starlight everywhere.

  Ghosts looked at the wood feathers and walked to the front, then reached for a starlight. The starlight was held in his hand, and then gradually enlarged, and the stars were turned into small balls.

  Among the small balls is like a small world. There are various kinds of pictures flashing from time to time. Various monsters fight, mortal cultivation, comprehension, and rain and thunder…The balls are gently rotating, some are fused together and some are separated from each other.

  These balls are like what is happening in a certain hour, and they are connected and independent.

  "Speak it! Which year do you want to go back to now? ”Mu Yu asked.

  Ghostly slammed his hand and waved gently. The stars on the way forward quickly retreated, leaving behind a brilliance behind Mu Yu.

  They are now in a long passage, and the stars are on both sides of the passage. Ghosts will stop every time they walk, check the picture in a starlight, determine the time, and move on.

  After a quarter of an hour, the ghosts suddenly stopped, and glanced at the wood feathers coldly, then reached out to a small ball, the ball began to grow bigger, and the ghosts have jumped into the ball. Among them.

  Mu Yu immediately followed, and also jumped into the ball.

  It was like jumping into a huge blisters, and then the air around it was squeezed. He felt like he was being torn by something, and the whole body was so shackled that he couldn't play it!

  Then the flash passed, and the wood feathers swayed and the body had fallen down.


  The breeze is slowly and the waves are rippling.

  The clear waters of the lake are filled with ripples, and the splashes of water are splashing. The three beautiful figures are playing with each other, and the laughter continues.

  "Oh, the man you like, I haven't seen it yet!"

  It was a long-haired woman who floated leisurely in the lake, and the water splashed on her. The whole person was looming on the water, floating and floating, making people think. This woman's body skin is fat, like a fairy who does not eat human fireworks, and there is a dusty temperament.

  "The ethereal sister, Xiaoxi is a little lover who never forgets the family. At that time, in the southern fifty-liyuan and he was tired of the old man's time,

Don't want us anymore. ”

  Another playful girl on the side laughed, she only showed a head in the water, the facial features were exquisite and lovely, like the delicate porcelain doll.

  "Xiu Er Shimei, don't talk about it, I went to the Tianxian Beauty Salon in the South Fenli Garden to buy a skin cream to know him. We are only friends."The girl who is called Xiao Yan is awkward.

  Otaru looks like she is in her twenties, her skin is fair, her long eyelashes are especially gratifying. She swims towards the show, revealing a smooth back, and the water drops on the back, waiting for her to stop, chest. Some of the things are also hidden in the water.

  "It's still a fairy beauty salon! I think it is to find a little lover to give you skin care! It’s said that Xiao Yan’s sister’s skin is getting better and better, and it’s not the same here! ”Xiuer laughed and grabbed the chest of Xiaoxiao.

  Xiao Yan’s fingers flicked a little, and a small water curtain swayed from the water, blocking the show’s hand.

  "Yeah! Xiao Yan’s sister doesn’t let me touch it! I’m sure I just want to touch the little lover, really bad. ”Xiuer’s eyes turned, and the jade hand turned, and broke the water curtain to move on.

  "Are you still thinking about your little fool? Who is the one who washed the sword valley? ”Xiaoxiao smiled and continued to block.

  "I think he is fine."

  Splashes of water, the two figures intertwined in a little bit of water, the water curtains, sparkling. The graceful body is hidden in the water, and it is graceful.

  But at this moment, a flash of light suddenly appeared in the air, and the flash was too abrupt, so that the three girls did not notice it. Immediately after the pool, there was a whirlpool, a whirlpool with a mysterious spiritual power, and a shout in the whirlpool faintly passed.

  "what! Don't fall into the pit! ”

  The wood feathers tumbling out of the whirlpool, and the "plop" sound fell directly into the water. When he returned to God, he found that his spiritual power had been restored, and he quickly thumped two times, revealing a head, and greatly relieved.

  Mu Yu spit out a water column from his mouth, and the water drops sprayed far and wide: "Fortunately, fortunately! Not a pit. ”

  Then he suddenly found himself as if he was stared at by three unfriendly eyes.

  "So smart, you are too!"Mu Yu blinked and looked at the three smiling little girls in front, floating in the waves.

  Then he opened his mouth and his brain was a little short-circuited.

  "Is it wrong?"Mu Yu smiled dryly twice.

  "No, it’s a pretty sister! Oh, so happy and happy. ”Xiaoshuai smirked with a mad face, quickly wiped his nose, jumped to the top of Muyu's head, squatted twice, staring at the body of the three girls, laughing with no eyes.

  "what! How come a man here! ”

  Xiao Yan and Xiu Er exclaimed, and they reacted, and quickly fell into the water, only revealing a head, glaring at the outsiders who did not know the truth.

  The ethereal fairy is straight up, the water wave is surrounded by her spiritual power, surrounded by his body, drifting on the shore, and then turned back has been covered with a layer of gauze, graceful body flickering under the veil .

  "Bold mad! I dare to break into our red dust sacred pool! seek death! ”The ethereal fairy is drinking, and the spiritual power flows in the hands. The pink lotus phantom is intertwined in the air and quickly drifts to the wood feather.

  The blossoming lotus blooms in the air, beautiful but with a dangerous atmosphere.

  "what? Red Dust St. Pool, Red Dust Lotus? I came to the Red Dust Gate? ”

  Mu Yu looked at the lotus flower that had fallen down from the sky, and quickly jumped out of the water. His body shape swayed, all the water droplets evaporated, and his feet were surging, and he had stepped on the willow on the shore.

  "No, I passed the soy sauce, ah, now the price rises soy sauce is really expensive! I went to the soy sauce boss to judge, do not bother you, you continue. ”Mu Yu said quickly.

  Going back to the past really can participate in the past, but he remembers that the ghosts have come here, why not see the shadow of ghosts.

  "Sexual thief, actually dare to peek, but also hacked into the red dust door, you have committed a capital crime!"The gauze on the ethereal fairy grew longer and rolled up the two girls in the water, temporarily blocking some positions.

  "Wow, Mu Yu, look at that sister looks like you are stunned! Their soft places are also like! I want to hug. ”Xiaoshuai squatted on the head of Mu Yu and rubbed his hand.

  "Awkward? Oh, really, isn’t she Miao? ”Mu Yu exclaimed.

  That is my own teacher!

  After the end, I saw the body of the teacher, Master and the dead woods have to kill themselves.

  "Misunderstanding! It’s all misunderstanding! I am a good young man with three good, four beautiful and five, and even the master praises me for being pure and kind. I really don't lie to you. ”

  Mu Yu looked at the three people who had begun to shoot at the same time. The red dust lotus blossoms in the sky were fluttering. The three girls were about the same age as Mu Yu. The repair was also a distraction period, but the combination of the three people was not a joke. of.




  The tyrannical lotus shadow slammed open, and the petals of the piece swayed, turning into the most powerful killer, killing it from various angles. Mu Yu had to dodge, he knew that he was losing money, and he quickly rushed to the woods.

  However, a red lotus has already bloomed in the sky, and the red lotus is blooming, and a violent wave has spread far and wide.

  It was a signal that something happened to the Red Dust Gate, and the entire red dust door was alarmed for a moment!

  "what happened?"

  A cold voice broke through the void and appeared directly above the Red Dust. This is a very sacred woman, dignified and solemn, and it is a period of robbery!

  The ethereal three people quickly ceremonially said: "If Ruo elders, only a man broke into the Red Dust Lady Pool, and Xiu Er and Xiao Yan Shimei have already chased."

  "Where is the prodigal son, dare to scatter the wild red door outside! Let all the disciples in the door be sent out to find out for me! ”If the elders frowned, and the strong temperament of the body swept the whole mountain, began to search for the whereabouts of the "salty."

  The innocent satyr is crying in the trees at the moment. Back in the past, Master told him that it is best not to disrupt the past, otherwise it is likely to affect the past, unable to get the information you want.

  But who can think of the first thing that Mu Yu passed through was to fall into the Red Dust Girl Pool?

  This is already a sensational whole red door!

  "I am really embarrassed!"Mu Yu spread the hand, UU reading Looking at the red dust door female disciple flying fast from the side.

  Xiaoshuai is looking at the passing woman with enthusiasm and pointing: "This is Apple, this is Litchi, ah, this is catching up with the big watermelon!"

  The so-called apple litchi watermelon is the standard that Xiao Shuai himself invented to measure the size of a woman's soft front.

  Long Teng was also woken up at the moment, and he was commenting with Xiaoshuai.

  "Big mouse, what kind of fruit do you say in Miao language?"Longtan asked.

  "I just looked at it, it should be a pear!"Xiaoshuai said.

  "Nonsense, it is a coconut."Mu Yu immediately retorted.

  Then I found that this discussion was not quite right. Mu Yu coughed twice and said with a heartache: "Can you two don't have fruit and big fruit first, now it's time to find out the way! We are great young people, have ideals
There is a pursuit, righteousness, and grace, how can you not focus on making this kind of thing on the girl? As I usually don't care about these details. ”

  "Is it apple size?"Longteng Road.

  “It’s a coconut size!”Mu Yu said without thinking.

  Xiaoshuai and Longteng have laughed and leaned forward.


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