Chapter 666 guards the key to the big array

  Because there was a prodigal son, the whole red dust door was horrified, and the enemy was enemies, and the anger was raging. It was almost time to put the whole red dust door to the bottom. I don’t need to know what would happen if the person was caught by the red door.

  They went back to the past and participated in the past, so the people in the past would kill him, so Mu Yu could not take it lightly.

  Mu Yu is still feeling bad about seeing Miao language bathing, but Xiao Shuai has been comforting him. When they return to their future, everything that happens here will be erased, so don’t worry, Master. And the old man will not know.

  "So we can see people bathing everywhere, anyway, nothing will happen after we leave the past."Xiaoshuai twisted his buttocks.

  Mu Yu played a little handsome head, since the young master looked at the "Ximen unfortunate war Pan Yinlian" published by the evil school book bureau, it became old and unfair.

  "But then, where did the little devil go? Why didn't he come here with us? Also, why do we just fall into the holy women's pool? ”Longtan asked.

  "When you travel through time and space, because you add your breath in this time and space, time and space will regard you as a part of the world, but this time and space is not a trace of your existence, so you will be sent to this range and you have The person around you is treating you as that person."

  After a pause, Xiaoshuai continued: "The place we just settled on is probably the area under the jurisdiction of the Red Dust Gate. This area should be associated with us. It may not be born at this time. It was delivered to her mother."

  "Hey? Is there a rule for crossing time and space? ”

  Mu Yu can't smile, it is no coincidence that it is a coincidence to peek at the holy woman's bath. It can only be said that her own lady should not take a bath at this time. The sense of guilt in his heart was slightly reduced. I thought that what happened here would not affect his time and space, otherwise he would not know how to explain it to Master and the dead wood.

  "As you said, the little devil should also be sent somewhere near the Red Dust Gate. Then we need to find a talent line that is related to his breath."

  This is actually very difficult, because Mu Yu does not know who the ghost is. However, he also thought of this place under the jurisdiction of the Red Dust Gate. Perhaps a ghost disciple is working in a nearby city, so as long as you find the ghost door nearby, you should do it.

  Mu Yu is constantly moving through the woods, but the situation is very bad now, because the Red Dust Gate and the Dan Ding School are also the same, and they are guarded by a very powerful array. It is impossible to go directly by trees alone. .

  However, it is fortunate that the pattern of the Red Dust Gate is said to have been arranged by Zhuge Xiaosheng. Although Mu Yu did not come to the Red Dust Gate when he was in the sect, he carefully examined the guardian array of the Red Dust Gate. Later, I found that the chaotic yin and yang in my body can crack this array to a certain extent.

  Chaos yin and yang can only really exert their power when combined with the temple. Usually, they can only control some simple arrays. There is no way to manipulate very complicated large arrays and arrays with arrays. However, the array method is flawed. As long as the defect is found, it can be controlled by chaotic yin and yang.

  The red dust door array will have a short stagnation on the ugly night of the 20th, when Mu Yu has a chance to go out.

  Mu Yu does not know that today is the number,

He came to the grove of the foot of the Red Dust Gate through the trees, which is the weakest place in the mountain guardian. According to the activity of the formation, Mu Yu calculated that the time of the array stagnation should be three days later.

  Now that Mu Yu is out, he can only wait.

  In the process of fleeing, Mu Yu also had a bottom in the heart of the entire Red Dust Gate. The Red Dust Gate is also composed of several mountain peaks, but their peaks are several kilometers high. The palaces are bursting, gorgeous, and there are beautiful fairy ponds. The pool is green and transparent. I am afraid that the Western Queen’s Yaochi is no different.

  There is no man in this martial art. Usually, the visits of other martial art guests are only in a relatively grand temple at the foot of the mountain. The roads up the mountain are strictly guarded, and the outsiders cannot fly.

  Therefore, the sudden appearance of Mu Yu, the "Dengtu prodigal son" on the mountain, can be said to have shocked the entire red dust gate. This is the place where the disciples are derelict. At this moment, the entire red dust gate is full of people who are patrolling. I can immediately pick up a few women and grab him.

  The woman of the Red Dust Gate has searched the entire Red Dust Gate. The door has been alarmed by such a big thing, and the horrible power of a stock sweeps over the mountains.

  I thought that the doorkeeper personally arrested the gangsters. This gangster must have escaped. Who knows that the gangster is supernatural, and happily sees the sacred girl after taking a shower. This is a provocation against the majesty of the Red Dust Gate. They vowed to bring out the gangsters and peel them out.

  But no matter how the master of the door is arrogant, how can the red disciples dig three feet, anyway, the wooden feathers lie peacefully in the trees, listening to the small handsome dragon and the vine talking about the types of women who pass by the red dust door, occasionally inserting two sentences, Waiting for the red dust gate to protect the mountain and then leave here.

  He thought about using a soul to control a woman, and then let her run out with Muling, but these days the disciples of the Red Dust Gate have been banned from leaving the Red Dust Gate, no one is allowed to go out before the thief is rescued, so Mu Yu did not try this method.

  Three days passed quickly, and the Red Dust Gate was still on alert. When they didn’t catch people, they thought that the prodigal son should be
After escaping the red door, he began to check every road up the mountain.

  However, Mu Yu never imagined that on the night of the night, the weakest place in the formation had actually come to a cold-faced woman in the robbery period. It was the elder who saw it that day!

  "Damn, how can I forget it!"

  When the squad helped to establish this formation, he must have told the people of the Red Dust Gate the shortcomings of this formation. Since the 20th of every month is a weak point, they will definitely send someone to watch it every night on the 20th. Here.

  Lost Mu Yu is still stupid here for so many days!

  "It seems that we only have to find a way to create chaos from the exit of the Red Dust Gate."

  Mu Yu thinks, he has long wanted to try, but these two days, the red door keeps the door to death, the exit is still in the air, and even the flies can't fly in.

  But as he flew to the door of the Red Dust Gate, he saw a familiar girl drifting past.

  "Oh, my sister!"Mu Yu recognized the figure of Miao language at a glance. To tell the truth, Miao language is similar to the seven or eight points. Although he has never seen Miao language before, it is not difficult to see that figure.

  It’s already night, and it’s reasonable to say that many female disciples are already asleep, but it seems a bit sneaky to look at Miaoyu’s look. It’s also very vigilant to circumvent those same-night gates. It seems that there are things that are unspeakable. .

  Mu Yu pondered and couldn't get out of it anyway, and then followed the figure of Miao language.

  Miaoyu squatted quietly behind a stone halfway up the mountain. She sneaked a glimpse around and found no one. The hand flashed a ray of light. A crystal clear jade appeared in her hand. Yupei radiated this faint green. Light, there seems to be something turning inside.

  "This is not –" Mu Yu was amazed, this piece of jade exudes a strong pattern, the pattern is very pure, and the pattern of the red dust door is exactly the same.

  Miao language squats with jade, and in the void, Yu Pei suddenly rotates, and a glimmer of light shines, and then the original invisible guardian array method is actively manifested. The inscription on the guardian pattern appears to be summoned and gathered on the green jade.

  The green jade scatters a light that melts the formation into a small hole that is half a person high.

  "what? This is a battle of the sky! How can it still be applied to the guardian array? ”

  Mu Yu was shocked by this strange jade, he can be sure that this is not specially made by the sect, because the sect will not make such a key-like thing for any sectarian guardianship. Guidelines.

  Moreover, the pattern on the jade is very complicated, and it is obviously used to pass the guardian array. This jade Pei Mu Yu is estimated that even Zhu Ge Xiaosheng can't do it, and Mu Yu himself can't do it.

  "Is it Master or the dead wood to give to the teacher?"Mu Yu feels that this possibility is very big.

  At this time, Miao language has carefully crossed the small hole, this is the way out!

  "Do not close the door, the door is closed, there is another person!"

  Mu Yu did not hesitate to drill out of the trees at the moment. When Miao language turned and wanted to take back Yu Pei, Mu Yu grabbed Miao language's hand.

  "Who!"Miao language was shocked, she asked the geology. However, her voice was very quiet, because she was also doing something unspeakable, afraid to lead the disciples who were on duty.

  "It's me! It's me!"Mu Yu said quickly.

  He didn't have anything to fear, although Miao language screams if he yells at this time, he will definitely bring everyone in. At that time, Mu Yu can't escape at all, but he knows that Miao language will definitely not yell. .

  With this piece of jade, which is free to enter and exit the Red Dust Gate, it is a big crime of suspicion, and Miao language is in violation of the rules of the door!

  Miaoyu stunned the face of Mu Yu with a glimmer of light, and exclaimed: "Ah! You are the thief!"

  "Yes, I am the thief, oh, I am not a thief! I am a good young man with good sunshine. ”Mu Yu said in a serious way.

  "You, you, you are still…Let go of my hand! You are not afraid that I will find someone to catch you! ”Miao language thinks about the things that were originally seen, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com suddenly became a blush on his face and screamed in anger.

  "Then you come to catch me! It’s a big deal, we’ve been discovered together, and then I’ve given you out, everyone’s playing together! ”Mu Yu laughed, that is, did not let go, he found that when Miao language talked, even his expression was very similar.

  Miao language screamed at the wood feathers, and the threat of Mu Yu worked for her. If the matter of possessing this piece of jade is known to the elders, she will certainly be punished by the Red Dust Gate.

  "What do you want to do?"Miao language whispered in a low voice.

  "I just want to go out with you!"Mu Yu said very innocently.

  "No, you are good at us, I can't let you leave!"Miao language said solemnly.

  "Oh, that's how it is! Now that you are outside, I am inside, you will not let me go, I will not let go, everyone will be exhausted! . ”Mu Yu said.

  "You are shameless–" Miao language is red and red, and some are anxious. When it is dawn, it can be exposed.

  She hesitated for a long time, and finally nodded: "Good! Then you hurry up! Also, after you come out, you must explain things to me clearly, why should we arrogate our red door! ”

  "Tell me, everyone.
Home is a road. ”Wood Yu smiled, released his hand, and then drilled out.

  But he hasn't stood firm yet, and Miao language has drawn a sword across the neck of Mu Yu.

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