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Chapter 668, the beautiful valley

  “So is there a flower thief at the Red Dust Gate?”

  "Yes! It is said that I also peeked at the three saints taking a shower! Last night, I was bold and directly hijacked a saint. ”

  "How did he get in the place of the Red Dust Gate?" Are you sure this news is true? ”

  "Definitely! The granddaughter of the seven-year-old lord of my three-brother's neighbor's neighbor is a red disciple. This is absolutely true! ”

  "Yes, it can't be faked, because the Red Dust Gate has issued a killing order, rewarding five million Lingshi all-night flower thieves!"

  Dingyang City is not far from the Red Dust Gate. When Mu Yu was in the city, he found the Red Dust Gate people are checking it there. Now Miao language was robbed by the flower thief, not only sensationalized the entire red dust door, but also in the entire cultivation of the real world.

  Many people with lofty ideals stood up indignantly and vowed to arrest the thieves in the water and save the red dust fairy in the heat. The portrait of a piece of Mu Yu is also covered with streets and lanes. When walking down the street, I can blow a face from time to time.

  "Mom, can't they ask a painter to be a little better?" Draw me like this, can this catch me? And I am a flower-seeker who is clearly a child. How come it has become a flower thief? ”Mu Yu reached out and grabbed a wanted order from the wind on the street, screaming dissatisfied.

  "It is! It’s no good to draw it like this and you’re not so handsome. ”Xiaoshuai carefully looked at the portrait and said.

  "Are you looking for death? Am I better than a portrait? ”Wood feathers stare blankly at Xiaoshuai.


  Mu Yu brows one pick: "The chicken legs are now kept by me."

  "what! I looked carefully, Mu Yu, you are indeed handsome than the portrait. ”Little handsome immediately piled up a cute smile.

  "What do you say is true."

  Long Teng licked his tail: "I despise both of you."

  In short, whether it is a handsome wooden figure or a handsome portrait, this portrait is probably not much worse than Mu Yu, Mu Yu can only use the pattern again, and try to dress himself as a passerby. Feeling that he has to hide his identity every time he walks to a place, it is also helpless.

  On the street, I asked a person. Mu Yu learned about where the ghost door of Dingyang City stood, so he quickly came to the door of a small courtyard that looked empty and somewhat gloomy.

  The other people's homes in the eight gates are all magnificent little attices, or they are specialized in doing business. The only place where the ghosts are located is like the Yizhuang who specializes in laying dead people.

  The ghost gates are standing in a small alley, and the alleys are basically nobody. I think everyone will have nothing to do and will not come to this place to hang out. There is a spooky ghost guard around the station. These ghosts may be useful to others, but for Mu Yu, this kind of thing is to give Muling a nourishment.

  He entered the station directly. He hasn't taken two steps yet. A little devil has already jumped out.

  "Stand up, here is the holy gate of the ghost…"

  Let's go, people haven't finished the opening remarks yet, and Mu Yu directly controlled the little devil who had only been in the shackles. Then I rushed out a few little devils, the strength is too weak, and I did not enter the wood feathers.

  After all, this place is convenient for people in important cities, and those who are stationed at the station are generally not high.

It feels very rare to have a little devil in the outing period.

  "Is there a ghost to come here?"The soul of Mu Yu is not vegetarian.

  "I don't know the ghosts, but there is a large adult who did come here three days ago, but he left without saying anything."The ghost doorman who came out of the flood season said truthfully.

  "I didn't say anything?"

  Mu Yu pondered for a moment, and the ghosts and sorrows fell from the time and space cracks and appeared directly in this place, and he chose to leave directly, and did not even explain his intentions.

  If Mu Yu is not mistaken, the ghost should understand: Want to see "Soul Center" is stolen by who, he can't put "soul Center" will be lost this message warning this time of the same gate, otherwise this time and space people once get warning someone to steal "soul Center" words, I am afraid will be strictly guarded, At that time the thief will not be able to succeed, back to the original time and space, still can not know where the soul Center.

  This is a matter of two different time and space. If you want to know the true identity of the thief, you can't interfere with the process of time and space.

  This is a bit of a hassle. He doesn't know where the ghosts are going. He can't know who the ghosts are looking for. Is it really a secret visit to the ghost gate?

  Mu Yu couldn't find out what news from the ghost people here. He wanted to kill the ghosts here, but he thought that he could not interfere with this time and space, so he chose to erase their memories and follow the guidance of the ghost gates. The door will find out.

  The time of Muyu’s crossing was thirty-four years ago. During the thirty-four years, the triple continent did not change much. Although Muyu had come to the triple continent for a long time in the triple continent, in fact, the places he had visited were also counted.

  Mu Yu, the location of the ghost gate, had never been there before, and he vaguely remembered the approximate direction. After waiting for him to leave Dingyang City, he knew that he had made another mistake.

  get lost.

  "It’s really a dog. If you have to get lost once, you can’t let me take a trip?”Mu Yu shouted. r />
He originally thought about whether or not to return to Yangcheng to catch a little devil to lead the way, but thought that what he had to do was related to the ghost door, so he decided not to take the risk. In the event that the disappearance of this little devil caused the attention of the ghost gate, and delayed the supernatural plan of the Pirates, it would come.

  "You said that the thief had sneaked into the ghost door?" There must also be a period of catastrophe in the ghost gates. It is also a great treasure for them to return to the soul. It is also amazing that they can be stolen. ”Xiaoshuai said.

  "It's hard to say, it might be a ghost door yourself!"Longtan guessed.

  "It shouldn't be a ghost door. If they are stealing themselves, they must know who this person is, and listen to the ghosts and the twins. They don't even know who this person is."Mu Yu guessed.

  He now flies north in the direction of Miaoyu’s original direction, but a thousand miles is actually a few hours for Mu Yu, but he finally forked, letting a road go to life. The place to stroll, really can't afford to hurt.

  But as he walked around, the surrounding terrain became more and more familiar.

  "what! Mu Yu, how did you get to the valley of the dead wood old man? ”Xiaoshuai shouted in surprise.

  Mu Yu scratched his nose: "I said how this road is so familiar, it turned out to be like this!"

  He stood outside the dead wood valley, and his heart was mixed with feelings. When he first entered the dead wood valley, he simply sneaked into it and robbed the residence of the dead wood.

  However, at this time, the Deadwood Valley is not a place where the smoke is smoky, and even the scenery is beautiful and the scenery is pleasant.

  The dead wood old man has not been transformed here.

  "There are all coming, let's go in and see what's going on, and sneak a peek at the dead wood!"Mu Yu said and went to the valley.

  There is no formation in the valley, a clear stream flows around the valley. But when Mu Yu came to the place where the old demon tree was, he found that there is no shadow of the demon tree!

  "what's up? Has the dead wood old man not here yet? ”Mu Yu shouted.

  The demon tree was transplanted from other places, and the transformation was also carried out after the Miao language was imprisoned by the Red Dust Gate. It seems that this valley is still a land of nowhere.

  "What a pity! I would have liked to see what the dead wood old man looked like thirty-four years ago! ”Mu Yu said with some regrets.

  However, just as he was about to leave the valley, there was a strong sigh in the distance, and then the whole valley became a bit chilly. This breath was very familiar, and Mu Yu quickly reacted.

  "Oh my God! It is a dead wood old man! ”Mu Yu suddenly excited, once again saw the dead wood old man, he had an impulse in his heart to run over and hug the old man.

  But he resisted, looking for a tree, and quietly hid it.

  With the dead wood old man, it is a Miao language.

  The dead wood was very young thirty-four years ago, and it was not so ugly. If it weren't for his green hair, there was still a little handsome.

  Mu Yu has never known the true age of the dead wood, because the age of the comprehensible is difficult to say clearly, at least it can not be judged from the appearance, especially the Dan Ding people, know how to use herbs to maintain their appearance, like The look of cold and snow has lived for seven or eight decades.

  What makes Mu Yu feel quite unexpected is that the dead wood old man is actually laughing!

  The dead wood old man often does not return to Mu Yu's good face to see, always stunned, a pair of disgusting look. Mu Yu usually can see the dead wood and laugh, it is as rare as the sun hit the west.

  However, in the vicinity of Miaoyu, the dead wood old man even smiled very gently, and the gentle eyes made the wooden feathers almost unrecognizable.

  "A little bit uncomfortable! I think the smile of the old man is terrible. UU reading www. "Mu Yu is uncomfortable, and the affectionate expression of wood feather has never been seen.

  "I also think he is serious enough."Long Teng is often threatened by the old man to take medicine, although it is not true, but every time Long Teng is very scared.

  The dead wood and the Miao language squatted on the mountain next to the valley and found a stone to sit down.

  "what! Dead wood, this is the place you want to bring me? It’s so beautiful here, if you live here later, you must be very happy. ”Miao language said with a smile.

  Deadwood smiled and nodded: "You, like, me, can, transform, here, you, dream, house, yes, how?"

  The wood feathers on the side almost forgot that the dead wood old man used to be a stuttering old man. I am afraid that the old dead wood chose to be here, it should be because of the unintentional words of Miaoyu.

  "Let me think about it, I want to live in a huge tree. Going out is a small, across the river, so that I can listen to the birds singing every day, watching the waters rushing, big Practice under the tree, a wonderful life!"Miao language 嫣 exaggeratedly described.

  "Well, I know, now."The dead wood old man still smiles.

  Mu Yu sighed slightly, saying that the person was unintentional and the listener intended. As described by Miaoyu, the dead wood old man was later realized for her.

  But in the tree house, in the end, only the dead wood old man was alone.

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