Chapter 67 Guessing

The tragic spider fell to the ground and its body was divided into two.

In the hands of the net eroded sword dripping blood, his face is sullen and terrible, Mu Yu has never seen him this look, he has been very easygoing before, never angered anyone, but at the moment he is really angry .

The tragic spider did not kill the wood feathers. When the millennium came, the promise arrived and killed it. If it is not timely, I am afraid that Mu Yu has been fierce.

"Master, brother, fortunately you are coming."Mu Yu wiped the sweat from his forehead and barely squeezed a smile.

"Go, leave here."The gaze of the words seemed to be raging. He didn't say much. He looked at the wound of Mu Yu and frowned.

"I am sorry."Mu Yu bowed his head, this time is his fault, he overestimated his ability, thinking that he will not go wrong, one person to chase the enemy, but did not expect to almost killed.

The speech did not speak again, raised the wooden feathers, flew up with the wooden feathers, solved the red geese, and then left the disgusting cave.

"Mu Yu, younger brother, are you okay? Blame me, blame me. ”

The red geese looked anxiously at the pale face of Mu Yu, and blamed herself. Mu Yu’s injury at the moment was caused by her. She did not expect that she would be taken away by a monster in the darkness. In the black light and bonfire environment, she did not know who was attacked, and who was in that situation would not be able to match the sudden monster in the dark.

"Red geese, you quickly fly to the sky, looking for other people's light, I let them in the sky."The words are heavy.

"But, Mu Yu, the younger brother–" Red Goose looked at the situation of Mu Yu, she wanted to stay and take the lead to see if she could help.

"Don't make extra money outside, you go there and find them all over!"It is indisputable to say that his voice is no longer as mild as it used to be, but it is very cold, like a cold metal, which makes people invisible.

The red geese looked at the words of the words, did not dare to say anything, looked back at the wood feathers with a worried look, and thought that the master of Mu Yu, should not have an accident. Then she set foot on her own magic weapon and rushed to the sky, and soon disappeared.

Mu Yu feels nerves are numb, and the poison of the face is all over him. He wants to detoxify and must integrate into the trees. However, he was hesitant in the face of the promise. He did not want his brother to know his talent for controlling wood. He did not want his brother to look at him with a strange look.

Master knows his talent because Master has his own reasons, but Master tells Mu Yu not to let other people know about this ability. This other person naturally includes his own brothers.

"Enter the trees!"The words lowered the voice.

he knows! He actually knows the power of Mu Yu!

"Brother, you -"

"Less nonsense, hurry up."It is said.

Mu Yu stunned. He didn't understand what was going on. Why did the brothers know their abilities? But the numbness of his body became heavier and he no longer hesitated, struggling to get into the trunk and quickly assimilated the trees.

He breathed a sigh of relief and slowly left the toxins in the trunk and fell out of the other tree.

Mu Yu gasped and gasped, even though the body's poison had already been solved, but he also spent a lot of spiritual power, still very hard. He sat up and looked at the words after a long time.

"Brother, you, you know?"Mu Yu asked bitterly.

"Don't have it next time!"The voice of the promise is still so hoarse.

"Brother, how do you know -"

"I know a lot about things, and you have the ability to be careful."

The prophecy does not intend to explain anything. He knows that Mu Yu has the ability of the Muyou Mozu, but he and his master have chosen silence, not to pursue it. Maybe he knows something, but he will not say it.

"Senior, sorry, it is my fault…"

"Master's business, Qingmei's business, I have been very troubled these days. I don't know how to do it right, but I don't want you to have an accident.

Understand? ”

The voice of the promised words restored the calmness of the past. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, slowly calming his mood, and did not say anything.

The suffering he suffered in these days has reached the limit. Some people are unfavorable to Master. He does not know who the person is. And he likes a woman, but the woman may bring danger to Master. As a master, he has to choose to consider Master's comfort and can only refuse to accept Qing Mei.

When he saw the horrible spider in the evening, he waved his knife to Mu Yu. His heart was cold. He was afraid that he would die if he came late, and Mu Yu would die.

He hates that he has no ability to change these things. If he is higher, all things may not happen. He won't go to Yumu Yu, Mu Yu has a very experienced experience, and his curiosity about the world is very strong. Even if he does something, it is only because of impulsiveness. He is a master, always keep calm, and anger is reserved for outsiders, not his own brothers.

"Brother, I won't do it again."

Mu Yu knows what the Cheng Yan is thinking at the moment. He made the Cheng Yan make a difficult choice between Master and Qing Mei. This has made the Cheng Yan difficult to accept. His evening affairs are undoubtedly adding trouble to the Cheng Yan. The creed has always been taking care of his younger brothers and sisters. He never complains and likes to resist everything. He feels that he is a master and has the responsibility to do so.

Mu Yu understands that sometimes he should learn to take care of others.

The night was very unsettled, and the lost people were found one by one, gathered in the air, and then fell into the woods, looking for a relatively safe place.

No one has thought about sleeping, and this kind of thing happened for no reason, no one thought of it.

"How come the demon family here?"

Hao handsome is hard to have a hippie smile. In the evening, he and Cher have encountered another tragic spider. Fortunately, at that time, he promised that he had just left, and soon he returned, killing the tragic spider and saving them. One life.

"I don't know, the two bad faces should be together. The only ones that attacked both of you were females, and the females’ hunters like to eat male prey. It was about killing Cher, then catching you and treating you as dinner. ”The slogan gave a meaningful look at Hao handsome.

Hao handsome stunned his body. He was covered in fat. No girl could see him, but his fat body would be seen by a female demon. I don't know if it should be happy or sad.

"Speaking brother, how do you know?"Cher asked curiously.

Many comprehensions only know the evil of the Yumeng Mozu, but they know very little about the Yaozu, because the Yaozu has disappeared thousands of years ago, and there are not many records left. Even the disciples of these Damen have little knowledge. .

"The tragic females only eat male prey, the males only eat female prey, they will kill irrelevant prey, and catch their own preferences, so it is very easy to identify."

It is said that the dead branches in the handle are thrown into the fire, and the dead branches creak in the fire. The danger of everyone in the evening is solved by him alone. If it weren't for him, everyone would be in a situation at the moment and there would be something wrong.

Lonely Sky snorted: "You know it is quite a lot, and you have been stunned for so long. Why are you not talking about the Jin Dan period?" What do you care about? ”

β€œI have said that I have cultivated it as a foundation period?”The replies faintly back.

Others have a glimpse, indeed, the rumors have never said their own cultivation, in fact, because of the age, no one will think that the rumors are the Jindan period repairers, plus the words have not been obvious, the atmosphere Also maintained in the base period, so no one doubts him.

"Brother, don't say it again, if it is not a brother tonight, I will be dead."The red geese blame the lonely day for not knowing the current affairs. This time it is still so straight, it is really a rib.

"The talent of Cheng Yan brother is probably not much more than the white wave. Your brothers and brothers are really buried people."

Hao handsome could not help but sigh, who can think of the dusty faction at the bottom of the past will have such a talented disciple? A wooden feather, only two years of practice, swept the disciples of the major martial art, another rumor is that at the age of 20 has entered the Golden Age, this horrible talent is unique.

Hao handsome even began to suspect that the dust-scraping party at the bottom of this year will not be secretly accumulating, want to revitalize the martial art?

"Be careful not to talk to your dad, or he will slap you and make you less joke."Mu Yu remembered the silent man who said that they were swearing, and wondered how he came out with the handsome fat man Hao, who did not inherit the dead brains of the silent people, and talked to the thief.

Hao handsome smiled slyly, he could not squat on the sect, and he must report it when he returns. It’s just that he really doesn’t know how to explain it to his dad. His old man has always said that the dust-slaying faction is a sinister evil. It is estimated that he will not believe it. But this is also the future, and there is no need to think too much for the time being.

"We came here to find the Yumeng Mozu, but accidentally found the Yaozu, plus the abnormal habits of the animals in this forest, I always feel that something is wrong. If the Yumeng Mozu is also here, how can the Yaozu coexist with the Yumeng Mozu? Is the Yumeng Mozu acquiescing the existence of the Yaozu? ”

Hao handsome touched his chin. Although his appearance was sloppy, his mind was not simple, otherwise his old man would not be relieved that he would bring his sister out.

"We also only saw two demons, which may be the wisdom of these two demons. However, have you ever thought that if there is a Yumeng Mozu and a Yaozu, it is not normal in itself, if the Yumeng Mozu intervenes in the Yaozu–"

Mu Yu suddenly thought of a possibility. He and the confession looked at each other. Obviously, he also knew what Mu Yu was thinking.

"If what you think is correct, then isn't it true that the Yumeng Mozu and the Yaozu are going to–" Hao handsome is not stupid, he immediately thought of what Mu Yu thought.

Others didn't have their three brains turning so fast, they didn't understand what the appearance of the Yumun Mozu and the Yaozu meant.

Cher kicked her brother and asked, "What are you three talking about?" Speaking only half of the butt will be sore. ”

"Explain this! The Yaozu evolved from the monster. UU reads Just like our human beings, we need the guidance of our predecessors to enter the realm of comprehension. The beast wants to be a demon and needs guidance to open the intellect. The Yaozu has disappeared from the millennium. We have only fought with the Yumeng Mozu for so many years. The number of the Yaozu is too small to be able to insert. That is to say, without the guidance of the Yaozu, the monster is difficult to open the mind. ”

Mu Yu stopped and found that the three of them still did not understand, and continued:

"The Yumeng Mozu and the human beings and the Yaozu are hostile. The Yumeng Mozu always wants to make a comeback and subvert the human race, but it has never been a human opponent. This time they may be planning to combine the Yaozu to fight against humanity. However, the Yaozu is almost extinct, so the Yumeng Mozu is likely to act as a guide for the monsters, guiding those suitable monsters to open their minds and evolve into the Yaozu.

Perhaps the Yumeng Mozu found control of these demons who helped them to open their minds, so the Yaozu will coexist here with the Yumeng Mozu. ”

β€œIn a nutshell, we suspect that the Yumeng Mozu is helping the Yaozu to expand their power and then deal with us humans together.”The words said in a word.

This explanation is even more simple, and everyone will understand it at once.

"Umo Mozu and the Yaozu collusion? This is a big deal, then we have to inform the teacher of this news quickly! ”Cher exclaimed.

"We have not yet determined whether the Yumeng Mozu is here. Besides, this is just speculation. Maybe the two demons have nothing to do with the Yumeng Mozu, but they are lucky enough to open their own wisdom. ”Mu Yu shook his head. I haven't seen the Yumeng Mozu, but I just got the news of the Yumeng Mozu. I can't make this conclusion because I found two Yaozu. It is too hasty.

Everyone doesn't talk. If this guess is correct, then this thing really has to be taken seriously!

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