No. 671 Chapter Mengpo

  There is a guardian array outside the ghost gate. This array is unimpeded for any ordinary ghost door, because they all have twins to pass directly.

  For those outside visitors or those who have not yet officially obtained twins, they must leave a path.

  Mu Yu can be sure that this lonely grave is definitely the entrance to the ghost gate, but he can't verify it.

  He has been lurking in the vicinity for a long time. He has seen many ghosts appearing out of the ridiculous plains, leaving the plains, and the ghost disciples who have returned from the outside to fly directly to the plains. They will disappear after the ghosts. not see.

  There are so many ghost disciples coming and going, and Mu Yu’s desire to be hard is definitely not enough. Although he does not belong to this time and space, but this time and space people can also kill him. In the face of a monster-like ghost door, he still can't take it lightly.

  "I know how to get in."

  Mu Yu looked at the ghost disciples who came and went from time to time. When they moved, they left the lonely grave and turned and walked away from the ghost door.

  He followed a ghost doorman who had just come out of the ghost door and didn't know where to go. This ghost doorman only had a period of cultivation, and his look was in a hurry, and soon disappeared into a forest, facing away. Going to the city.

  The little devil's figure flew through the woods quickly, but at this moment, I didn't know where to fly a tree root quickly, and wrapped it directly on him. He hadn't had time to react, the whole person. It has lost consciousness.

  "This just needs to let him take us in."Mu Yu looked at the ghosts who had been blinded by the eyes of the gods, and smiled at the corners of their mouths.

  "Do we want to hide in the woods and let him take us through the array?"Longtan asked.

  "Of course not. Even if we hide in the wood spirit, the ghost method can still know our existence, we must let him take us from the entrance."Mu Yu said.

  That array is very weird, and Wood Yu is not afraid to take risks.

  Shenshenmu let Mu Yu get a glimpse of this person's situation. The little devil is named Ghost, and it is a guardian of the Ghost Gate. This time it came out to find the seventeen souls who died in the Son. It is said to be a mysterious Sacrifice.

  As for what is the sacrifice, it is not enough to know the identity of the ghost. Mu Yu also asked about the "crossing the soul to the heart", but unfortunately this guy is also a question and three do not know, "to the soul to return to the heart" is really mysterious, only the high-level personnel in the ghost door know.

  "The ghost gates are still good, and they really laughed at the big teeth."Xiaoshuai was very happy with a steamed buns.

  "Dear in the child, don't worry if they are killed or die naturally?"Longteng asked disgustingly.

  Mu Yu felt very disgusted with the practice of the ghost gate, but thought that he came here only to find the whereabouts of the soul, so he could not interfere with the practice of this ghost. After letting the ghost doorman bring himself into the ghost door, Mu Yu must let the ghost continue to collect the seventeen souls.

  "We have to hurry!"

  Mu Yu pulled Xiao Shuai and Long Teng into Muling, because if you delay for a while, those who are stared at by ghosts may change. Once you change the dead, Mu Yu is not sure. Will affect the process of this time and space history.

  Mu Yu guessed it right,

Entering the ghost gate does need to pass through the lonely grave.

  Ghost from the good with a wooden spirit sword quickly came to the front of the lonely grave, he reached out and held the erected tombstone, a strange ghost poured into the tombstone, and soon there was a strange pattern on the tombstone Then the gray light flashed, and the tombstone slowly sank, revealing a dark hole.

  This hole is very deep, it is a stone ladder in a section, I don't know where to go. Ghost Cong was only coming in from this road when he first started, and then he continued to practice in the Ghost Gate until he got his twin son and left for the first time.

  Ghost has been through this road for 20 years and has not entered the ghost gate through this road. How big is the change inside, the ghost is not clear, the normal ghost doorman will not go this way, because there is no need, but the route is probably Still remember.

  However, Ghost said that the following passages are guarded by others, so Mu Yu must be vigilant. Fortunately, Shenshenmu can make people controlled and can't see the same. He feels that he should be able to get away with it.

  After walking down the ladder, I saw a long stone wall passage. On both sides of the stone wall, there was a miserable green fire, which brought the ghost from the shadow of the good. The surroundings are very quiet, only the voices of tick and ticking are heard from time to time.

  The ghost passed through the narrow passage, and then a narrow wooden bridge appeared in front. At the other end of the wooden bridge is the step up. In the memory of the ghost, as long as you walk through the wooden bridge, you can enter the ghost door after stepping on the ladder.

  There is no bottom in the bottom of the wooden bridge, and there are countless grievances floating in the ground. From time to time, there is a very screaming scream, which is endless, and it sounds creepy.

  "Which ghost camp are you, why should you cross the bridge?"

  A tragic voice suddenly appeared after the ghost was in good health and shocked Mu Yu. He discovered that in the dark corner of the side, he sat with a graceful old woman. The old woman's entire body is almost in the shadow. If she does not say anything, Mu Yu will never find that there is still a living person here.

  There is a stone basin next to the old woman, and the stone basin floats in the air.
It was filled with red liquid, and it was also a blistering blisters. There were four large bowls floating around the stone basin, which seemed to be used to hold the liquid in the stone basin.

  The old woman slowly stood up. Her age looked very old and her body was very thin. It seemed as if a wind blew her life. However, the faint scent of her body made Mu Yu feel a guilty heart.

  The repair of this old woman is probably far more than the fit period!

  The old woman is called Meng Po in the ghost gate. It is a disciple who is specially welcoming the new entry. Every new entry of the ghost disciples needs to drink Meng Po Tang next to her. As for what reason, I don’t know.

  Meng Po licked a bone cane, and the whole cane was suddenly and faintly present, especially the handle of the cane turned out to be the palm of a living person.

  This palm looks very rough and full of calluses. The palm of the palm is facing up, showing a state of virtual grip, and Meng Po’s hand like a dry orange peel is just in keeping with the hand on the crutches.

  Very strange phenomenon, it is creepy!

  Ghost Cong did not know that he was controlled. He only knew that he had to do this from the road, and that was all. As for why he should go this way, he can’t say it himself. It feels like it’s just a moment’s rise.

  "The disciple and disciple are from the 17th camp. It is because of…because……"

  The ghost couldn't answer, and he kept looking at the old man's hand crutch, and his heart was very upset. Twenty years ago, Ghostly Liang also drank Meng Po Tang as a new disciple of the Ghost Gate. That Meng Po Tang heard that it was a soup of dead bones. Only those who drank the soup of the dead were eligible to become ghosts. The taste is terrible, and he still remembers it.

  The ghost swallowed a good sip, even if they were ghosts, they were very afraid of Mengbo, who was guarding the bridge. Because almost everyone had tasted her Mengpo soup, it was not a delicious thing.

  Mu Yu immediately gave an excuse to the ghost.

  "When the disciples are performing tasks outside, their twins are frustrated and cannot pass the guardianship, so they can only enter from here."The ghost said quickly, and his eyes still couldn't help but see Meng's hand crutches.

  Meng Po coughed twice and nodded slightly: "This way! You seem to be interested in my crutches? ”

  Meng Po said from herself: "This is my common hand. After I killed him and made it into my twin son, I couldn’t give him up. So I cut down his hands and made it. Crutches, the only way I can be with him forever, holding hands."

  "I, I, I know, this story, you said it last time."The ghost said from the war.

  This story has been heard by all the ghosts, because this crutches is so strange, it is like a pair of old loving couples holding hands, every new entry ghost will involuntarily stare at the cane.

  He was scared not because of how terrible the story was. After all, the ghost gates have always murdered people without blinking, and there is nothing to cut a person's hands. The reason why he was afraid is because Meng Po Tang has long been a nightmare for the ghosts of the ghosts. Even if they see them again, they are very scared.

  Whenever someone looks at her cane, Meng Po will understate the origins of the cane.

  "Of course you have heard this story. I am telling people who have not heard it, right? Foreign friends, why do you want to enter my ghost door? ”Meng Po’s muddy eyes landed on the unremarkable grass on the shoulders of the ghost.

  "Damn it! It was discovered! ”

  Mu Yu’s heart was slightly shocked. Before he came, Ghost had told Meng Yu that there was a Meng Po Chennai Bridge. It was thought that it could be easily mixed in, but never thought that Meng Po was not a fuel-efficient lamp at all!

  "Where anyone wants to be my ghost door, UU reading is generally a test that needs to withstand Meng Po Tang. This Taoist friend, do you want to be a member of my ghost door? ”

  Meng Po is not in a hurry to force the outsiders to show their original shape. Instead, they pick up the crutches and slowly extend toward the stone basin floating in the air.

  Mu Yu discovered that the other end of the crutches turned out to be a dry orange-like hand! This crutches are made up of two arms of Meng Po's twins, one of which is used as a handle and the other is used to hold the ground!

  What makes Mu Yu feel incredible is that the other hand on the other end of the cane is still able to move freely. The other hand at the other end of the crutches grabbed a bowl in the air, and then smashed a bowl of red bubbling Mengpo soup in the stone basin. Meng Po slowly extended the crutches to the ghosts.

  "Do not drink Meng Po Tang, it is impossible to cross the bridge."Meng Po said calmly.

  The more the wooden feather looks at this scene, the more strange it is. A crutches made up of two arms are enough to make people feel creepy. Who can think that the arm of this crutches can still move. Meng Po Tang was firmly in the air by the palm of the crutches, and there was a feeling that the population was dry.


  Wood feathers can't be so much. He directly controls the ghosts to kill the past from the Liang Dynasty, while he controls the wooden spirit to fly over the bridge.

  "There is no Meng Po Tang can't live without it."

  Meng Po repeated again, revealing a weird smile, her mouth full of teeth has long since disappeared.

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