No. 672 Chapter Meng Pa (Part I)

  Mu Yu had wanted to sneak into the ghost door quietly. He couldn't cause any commotion. Otherwise, he might be amazed, and the people who came to steal the "hearts of the soul" couldn't start, so the wood feathers came to this time and space.

  Now that he has been discovered by Meng Po, who has been guarded by Naihe Bridge, he has no retreat. He can only join the ghost door first, take a step and count, and hope that the stolen sacred person who gets the "beating the soul" can not be badminton. The disturbance caused by the disturbance.

  Mu Yu must know who the "stolen saint" is. Only after returning to his time and space, he knows where to look for "the soul to return to the heart."

  Mulingjian turned into a blue light and the bridge was swept away. The bridge was not long. It looked like only ten meters. It was only a moment for Mu Yu.

  But when Muling crossed the bridge to Naihe, suddenly the scene around him suddenly changed, and he actually came under a bone mountain!

  There are thousands of shin bones piled up here. Some of these shin bones are only half rotted, and some are turned into forest bones, like a Shura hell.

  Fortunately, Mu Yu has experienced this kind of scene many times. It is not strange to say what the corpse bones have. It is experienced in dealing with these things, so he is not flustered. Thousands of shins suddenly climbed up from the ground and rushed toward Muyu!

  These cheekbones are all dressed in the costumes of the ghosts. They should look like ghosts and their own people. Mu Yu quickly thought of a possibility. These skeletons are very likely to be the twins of the ghosts!

  It is necessary to know that the ghosts cultivate their own disciples have always been cultivated by two or two. After a certain degree, they are allowed to kill each other. The surviving party can sacrifice the soul of the other party into their twins, and the twins I am afraid that I am abandoned in this place!

  Mu Yu thinks right, these are indeed twins killed by the ghosts themselves, their bodies are controlled by ghosts, used to guard the ghost gate. The ghost gate has developed for thousands of years, and the number of dead twins is countless. It is not unexpected to pile up such a huge bone mountain.

  However, these bones are now rushing toward Mu Yu, and watching their momentum is in turmoil, even retaining the cultivation before life, this is very tricky!

  Muling turned into a big tree, and all the bones were blown out. At the same time, the pure dead air of Muling instantly invaded the cheekbones and swallowed the ghosts on the cheekbones.

  What makes Mu Yu feel the most disappointing is that even after being swallowed by Mu Ling, these cheekbones did not lose their ability to move, but they rushed again by instinct.

  However, more and more sacral bones have come forward and rushed over, thousands of sacral bones are endless, and even the wood feathers are somewhat overwhelmed. The dense bones of the bones rushed up, and they couldn't die, so that Mu Yu had already felt very hard.

  The branches made of wood are shredded by those bones, and then grow and tear. There are too many bones. Mu Yu knows that this is not the way to go. He turned and glanced behind him and found that there was an empty stone platform behind him. It seemed to be where he came.

  He can only fly over the stone platform, stepping on the stone platform with his feet, all the bones and bones of the corpse have disappeared, and the narrow-eyed bridge is still in sight, but the bridge is still a deep abyss. There are still grievances floating.

  "I have said that if you don't drink Meng Po Tang, you can't cross the wooden bridge."Meng Po’s walking stick is still holding the bowl of red bubbling Meng Po soup, reaching out to Mu Yu, and looks strange.

I opened my mouth without teeth and smiled slyly.

  Mu Yu looked at Meng Po with vigilance and found that Meng Po didn't have any intention to do it. Even when he was hard-pressed, Meng Po didn't have any idea to stop him, as if he deliberately let Mu Yu go. The bones of the mountain, let him understand that there is no way to go.

  At this time, the ghost is always lying on the ground and unconscious, it should be cleaned up by Meng Po.

  “Can outsiders also drink Meng Po Tang?”Mu Yu asked quietly.

  He knows that this seemingly weak and powerful old man is not so simple on the surface, at least he is not sure to defeat each other. He now has only two choices to find a way to go through the bridge, or leave directly.

  "No matter who you are, you can only pass the Meng Po soup."Meng Po smiled miserably.

  “Do you need this too?”

  "You are not a guest, so you must drink Meng Po Tang."

  "If I don't drink?"Mu Yu asked.

  In the memory of the ghosts, Mu Yu knows that Meng Po Tang is not a good medicine. It is equivalent to giving the soul of each new entry to the soul of the door, binding the soul of the ghost door, so that they can not betray the ghost door. If Mu Yu drinks Meng Po Tang, then he will be bound by the ghosts, and the end will be even worse.

  "Don't drink, let my old man feed you!"Meng Po smiled, then a ghost came out from the top of her head and floated in the air.

  This is an old man with a black straw hat, a pair of eyes pale without a pupil, with a goat beard, the whole person looks very cloudy.

  Meng Po’s twin is Meng Gong. He looks at Mu Yu with a blank expression. His hand is lifted. The walking stick in Meng Po’s hand has been flown to him. Then the crutches are scattered from the middle and they are integrated. In the soul!

  Meng Gong’s dry hand gently shook his hand, and the bowl of Meng Po Tang was also caught in his hand, and he had already flew over Mu Yu, and Meng Po Tang, with red bubbles in his hand, poured directly into Mu Yu.

  Meng Po Tang crossed the stream in the air, like a
The dexterous long snake wraps around the face of Mu Yu and goes straight to the mouth of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu wanted to escape, but he suddenly found that huge pressure was on him, so he could not escape!

  "hateful! This guy really is the comprehension of the robbery! ”

  The soul device in the hand of Mu Yu flashed a strong soul force, which resolved the pressure of the road, and the body shape flashed back toward the exit.

  He can't talk to Meng Bomeng bus driver. If he doesn't say it, he won't beat it. Once Mu Yu has done his best, it will make a huge noise, attract more ghosts, and then it is really difficult to fly. !

  The ghost gate is the real tiger cave. There are countless hidden masters. If Mu Yu is caught here, he will not go back to the original time and space, and everything will be turned into a bubble.

  Mu Yu knew that he was too stunned to come alone.

  Meng Gong, who was thrown out by Meng Gong, turned a corner in the air and continued to entangle the wood feathers. At the same time, a dead hand has been caught in the shadow and wants to hold the throat of Mu Yu.

  Thousands of dead branches were unfolding in front of them, welcoming the Meng Po Tang, a red poisonous snake. Meng Po Tang dexterously shuttled through the gaps of the branches, actually avoiding the entanglement of the branches.

  However, the branches of Mu Yu are not vegetarian. Soon the dense leaves flew in the air, and the Meng Po soup was directly tied to death, and then the dead air spread, Meng Po Tang suddenly turned into a pool of blood "哗啦" Splashed on the ground.

  Meng Po looked at the branches of the sky and stared at Mu Yu: "You are Mu Youmeng!"

  Mu Yu did not explain, he could only flee from this place quickly, and then think of other ways from the outside. But Meng Po just appeared in front of Mu Yu in a blink of an eye, stretched out a palm, covered with wood feathers. Mu Yu had no choice but to retreat again and landed on the edge of the bridge.

  The road to go out has also been blocked!

  Meng Po re-raised, and Mu Yu did not hesitate to step on the bridge again and entered the pile of thousands of corpses. With the joint efforts of Meng Po and Meng Gong, Mu Yu is more willing to face these corpse mountains, at least there is still a line of life.

  After he entered the corpse of the corpse, Meng Po did not catch up, but the corpses were overwhelming again. Mu Yu had to fight again with the bones of the sky, and countless bones flew, and the trees kept him tight.

  "Do you stop!"

  Just as Mu Yu thought about how to break free from the sacral heap, a calm voice echoed in the whole pile of humerus. With the sound of this sound, all the skeletons stopped, and no more attacks on the wood feathers!

  "what happened?"Mu Yu frowned, and he carefully removed the branches and found that all the skeletons had retreated, and then opened a road.

  "Mu Yu, look! The skeleton that stood at the top did not look like Meng Gong! ”Xiaoshuai pointed and shouted.

  Mu Yu followed the direction of Xiao Shuai’s guidance. Surely, there was a figure with no hands on the top of the Bone Mountain. Unlike other shins, this shin was not completely rotted, and it remained the same as it was before. Meng Gong!

  Meng Gong was also sent here after his death, specifically for those outsiders who do not drink Meng Po Tang. But Meng Gong did not rush to the top like other skeletons, but stood there coldly watching Mu Yu.

  Meng Gong on the skeleton of the skull actually looks alive? How can this be! Here are the twin bones of Meng Zi, Meng Gong’s soul is drawn away and should be dead!

  Mu Yu looked at Meng Gong with vigilance, and there was a wave of ripples in his heart. Can this old guy control the bones here?

  Meng Gong slowly walked to the front of Mu Yu, he did not have arms, but his body still circulated a strong breath, it seems that death did not hinder his improvement.

  "Why do you have a strong death in your body?"Meng Gong asked faintly.

  "Then why are you conscious?"Mu Yu asked.

  In the eyes of Meng Gong, there is a strange light: "You are not a ghost, why come here?" Do you want to enter the ghost gate? ”

  Mu Yu did not answer, he is always ready to deal with Meng Gong's attack. No one is a trustworthy person!

  But Meng Gong suddenly said: "I can help you enter the ghost door. UU reading ”

  Mu Yu sneered: "You are a member of the ghost, what do you do for me?"

  Meng Gong took a deep look at Mu Yu and said: "I am not a ghost."

  "You are not a ghostman?"

  Mu Yu is really a bit surprised. It’s not that the ghosts are here. Isn’t the bones here more than just the twins of the ghost gate?

  "You don't have to doubt anything, I will help you, but I am asking for you. You have such a strong death in your body. It is the nemesis of the ghosts." You can help me take it back so I can leave this ghost place. ”Meng Gong glanced around the cheekbones around him.

  "You haven't answered me yet, Meng Po Ming has taken your soul out, why can you still keep your consciousness?"

  Mu Yu thinks that Meng Gong can control the bones here. It is certainly not an ordinary character. But if Meng Gong is not a ghost, why does he appear here? Why did he suddenly want to help himself?

  The most important thing is that this guy's soul has become the twin of Meng Po, but the body can still talk, it is strange!

  Meng Gong indulged for a moment, his face showing a scornful look: "I am a life-and-death door.
people. ”

  Life and death?

  How can people who die at the door come to the ghost gate?

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