No. 674 Chapter Ghost Gate Site

  The whole cave was returned to peace, and the whole battle was done only in the light of Flint. Meng Gong dumped all the hatred of so many years on Meng Po, Meng Po fell to the ground and was dying, and Meng Gong stepped on the foot.

  and Meng Pa body Dengbal, returned to the Mu Yu side. Mengpo Cane Two butt arm also automatically shed, was Meng Pa received his shoulder up.

  The people who are dead and dead are more like zombies. They are quite familiar with the various parts of their bodies. They don’t need to use the intermittent grass to pick up the cut shoulders. They are just two times, and they are already intact!

  Meng Gong took a look at his muscles and bones. His shoulders made a squeaky voice, which was very evil. He turned to look at the wood feathers, and then the whole body was shocked, and the appearance of the wood feathers on him all fell off.

  Mu Yu bite his teeth, although Meng Gong has not fully recovered at this moment, but it is not that he can compete. If Meng Gong wants to kill him at this moment, he has nothing to lose.

  "I talk and count, you want to sneak into the ghost door, just need to put those blood soup on the bridge, naturally can go in."Meng Gong glanced at Mu Yu with a faint look, dragging Meng Po to the corner, then sat down and began to adjust.

  "It seems that you are a trustworthy person!"

  Mu Yu breathed a sigh of relief. He found the unconscious ghost lying on the side, woke him up, then controlled him to forget everything to continue his mission, then turned and walked toward the stone basin floating in the air.

  Meng Po Tang in the stone basin exudes a smell of astringency, sour and stinky, as if it has been rotten for many years. In accordance with what Meng Gong said, he poured Meng Po Tang on the bridge.

  This time, when he stepped on the bridge, he did not enter the sea of ​​twins again.

  "Kid, what do you want to do to the ghost gate? Ghosts are not something you can enter at will. ”Meng Gong said faintly.

  "I have my own things to do, but if you hold Mongpo still here, don't you be afraid that the ghosts will come to you?"Mu Yu said.

  Mu Yu didn't want to explain too much. He assisted Meng Gong to win Meng Po. It was already a serious disturbance to the daily life of the ghost gate. He didn't know when the ghost gate man would find Meng Ma of the Nai He He Bridge to have an accident at the moment. If someone finds that they are sneaking in, the ghost gates strengthen the guardianship of "going to the soul and returning to the heart", then "the soul will return to the heart" may not be lost, this is not the result that Mu Yu wants to see.

  But Meng Gong is not worried at all.

  "Ghosts will not find it here. Usually, only the new entry disciples will come in. Other ghosts will leave directly from the outside. Once I leave Menghu with this, the ghosts will find something wrong. If you can get out of the ghost door before I leave, then you are lucky. ”When Meng Gong finished, he closed his eyes and began to adjust his interest.

  Ghosts do not have to worry about anything, because there is a guardian of Meng Po who is repairing during the robbery. Where do they think of the appearance of Mu Yu? I don't think that Mu Yu also helped Meng Gong to win Meng Po.

  Mu Yu stopped talking, walked directly through the bridge, stepped on the ladder, and entered the ghost gate.

  When I came out, I still climbed out from a grave. After Mu Yu gave me a magical array, I stood on a deserted plain. The ghosts here are so powerful that they cover the sky and the sun in the sky. The law comes in.

  This piece of plain is bare, except for the rock and some weeds that are very sulky.

There is no tree. This situation is very unfavorable for Mu Yu, because once he is discovered, the location where he hides will be blocked.

  "Mu Yu, I just thought of one thing. What do you say if we bring all the bones out of the twin bodies with dead air?"Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

  "I have also considered this question. If the bones of the twins are taken out by us, then at least the ghosts want to use the twins to fight is not possible! But this thing is still waiting for us to go back to time and space! ”

  He is now in the past, it is useless to kill the ghosts, and he will only be amazed. In the future, after returning to the original time and space, if you want to deal with ghosts, you can consider this method.

  Mu Yu slid quietly and saw many ghost disciples coming and going along the way, seemingly busy. He must hide his invisible patterns and not emit any strange fluctuations. Now it is deep into the tiger's den, and an accident will cause irreparable situations.

  "So where do we go now to find the soul to return to the heart? Also, we don’t know how to spend the soul in the end. ”Said Long Teng.

  "What we need to wait for is to steal the person who is going to the soul, instead of robbing the soul and returning to the heart. It is useless to get the soul in this time and space."Wood feathers carefully walked behind a relatively hidden stone and sat down.

  He has been observing the ghosts that have passed by in a hurry. Just look at their looks and know if there is any major event at the moment. Because if the important thing of "going to the soul" is taken away, the whole ghost gate will certainly be chaotic.

  "Ghosts must have sneaked into here. There are so many twins on him. The ghosts can't stop him. He knows his own door and knows where the soul is hiding. We can see if he can trace him. ."Mu Yu said.

  The goal of ghosts and sorrow is the same as that of Mu Yu. He only needs to know who is stealing the soul of the soul. It is not necessary to trace the remaining. Because after they leave this time and space, all the things that Mu Yu’s participation here will be erased, everything
Will return to the appearance of Mu Yu did not come here, so holding that person will not help.

  "But the ghost gate didn't know who the stolen saint was, how could we know his identity?"Long Teng is still very worried.

  The mysterious stolen sacred god who stole "the soul of the soul to the heart" can steal the treasure under the eyes of the heavily guarded ghost doorman, and the ghost doorman does not even know the sacred priest, which is enough to show that this person is absolutely extraordinary. .

  "It depends on luck. After all, we are now in control. The ghosts don't know that someone will come to steal the soul, and we know, so we can guard against him."

  Mu Yu’s idea is very simple. There is still a ghost and a life. It’s impossible to come here without any control. After you find the ghost, you can follow him secretly.

  "I don't want to understand that the ghost gate is a profound martial art. Most of us can get in because of luck. How did the stolen holy come in?" Who is so powerful in the realm of comprehension? ”Long Teng continued.

  "Do you say that you are a white-bearded old man?"Xiaoshuai asked excitedly, he said that the white beard old man refers to the sword shadow dust.

  "Master should have established a sleepy imperial prison at this time. His cultivation has been falling, and it is unlikely that he is."Mu Yu shook his head.

  "Is it possible that it is evil or not?"Xiaoshuai continues to guess.

  "You always guess what the singer does, then why don't you guess the dead wood? He is also very powerful! ”Long Teng whispered.

  "All the dead woods are in the hands of Mu Yu. Are there any evil things like the soul to the heart? Do we still don't know?"Xiaoshuai retorted.

  "Now it's not a good conclusion. Don't forget the existence of the no-family in the realm of comprehension. I think the suspicion of the no-family is the biggest!"Mu Yu guessed.

  For the strange race of the shadowless family, Mu Yu did not know much. The appearance of the day and night was very abrupt, and He Liankong said that the shadowless family was established to avenge the sword shadow dust, and has always been organized with the filmmakers. Right, they have such a great ability, and stealing a ghost door can actually be said to be true.

  In addition to this, in fact, there are still many sporadic repairs in the realm of cultivation, and it is also very against the sky. It’s just that the superb repairs that are generally superb are not going to show up at random, so it’s hard to tell who this Pirates is.

  The only thing that can be affirmed is that people who can steal the "hearts of the soul" are repaired at least during the robbery period, even higher!

  However, what makes Mu Yu feel helpless is that the ghost is cherished to know which day the soul is lost, and Mu Yu does not know the specific date, so he can only wait.


  This is seven days, hidden in a place where a bird is not shackled, and can't show up at will, and smashed the moving little handsome and dragon vine.

  "You said that the soul will not be lost a few days ago?"Xiaoshuai always wants to go out to the sun, but it has always been cloudy.

  "No, if the ghost gate loses the importance of the soul, then the ghost will definitely know, and the ghost gate has no movement, indicating that it should not be lost."Mu Yu said.

  In the past few days, Mu Yu has thoroughly traced the general terrain of the ghost gate. This plain is just the outer periphery of the ghost gate. Their real weight lies in the tiankeng in the center of the plain.

  The tiankeng is like a circular crater that is cut out by a huge meteorite. The pit is not deep at the bottom. It seems to be an underground lair. The specific details of the wood feather are not known below, but the wooden feather is only the circle. The diameter of the big pit is one kilometer!

  Because there are stalking ghost disciples around every day, there are many ghost guards, so Mu Yu can't get too close. He has been thinking about whether to find a way to enter the big pit of the ghost gate.

  However, if you think that "the soul is returning to the heart" is in the tiankeng, then the entry of the solid wood feather is useless. Because the mysterious Pirates of St. will surely leave the ghost door with the "hearts of the soul", so that the opportunity to stay in the outside is actually greater.

  On the eighth day, Mu Yu finally found that the ghost door seemed to have something different.

  All the ghost disciples began to guard, and the number of guardians was increasing. UU reading The yin in the air is getting heavier and heavier. It seems that it is specially prepared for why.

  Mu Yu occasionally listened to the ghost disciples who passed by and they seemed to have a very grand sacrifice. They needed to use many souls as sacrifices to summon what.

  Reminiscent of the next "Ghosts of the Heart" will be stolen, then Mu Yu can be sure that this sacrifice is to rely on the ghost door to the treasure "to the soul to return to the heart", and at that time should be the mysterious Pirates of the Stale to steal the soul "At the time!"

  In these few days, many ghost disciples have collected qualified souls outside. These souls are very demanding. For example, some souls are required to be born at the age of nine, just nine years old, and the time of death is also at the time of the sea. There are still some souls that must be natural deaths, and are no less than eighty-one years old.

  For this sacrifice, the ghost gate is afraid to kill countless innocent victims. These people have both self-cultivators and ordinary people. The only requirement is that the soul must be very powerful.

  Although Mu Yu is very disgusted with the practice of ghost gates, he can't interfere with these things. Those innocent victims must die to make all the plans of the ghost gates go smoothly.

  At midnight on the ninth day, a stunned ghost suddenly emerged from the big pit and spread all over the deserted plain.

  All guardian ghosts
They all sang in a low voice, as if they were welcoming someone’s appearance.

  It seems that the mysterious sacrifice of the ghost gate is finally about to start!

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